Cold Snap Go Away! BEGONE! 가라고!!!!!!!!

by: Raine

Anyone who lives in North America who experiences four seasons a year knows exactly what I mean when I say, “This cold shit needs to END!”It’s been cold, snowy, icy and subzero temperatures for a while. Yes, I know some places have it worse, but there is a reason I don’t live there! But, Raine, it’s Colorado. I KNOW! But my inner rant has been irked and must be set free.

Last week I had to miss work because there was over a foot of snow and the roads were death traps. You’d think that was a good thing, but I actually really missed the activity my job was hosting. Why? I love my job. I’m a cello teacher and I have fantastic kids who I enjoy seeing every week. I have wonderful co-workers who I see every week. They are experts in their field and knowledgeable and everything that I want in co-workers. They are genuinely good people who want the best for their students and my students. This is an atmosphere that fosters happiness and productive work. I WANTED TO BE THERE! How many adults actually like their jobs? I do. And I couldn’t be there because this weather made the drive impossible!

So snow and cold, let’s have a few words. You need to give me at least a day’s respite so you can melt off my sidewalk and stop trying to kill me, my back and my shovel. You need to give me time to go walking outside with Robotic Raven so that we can exercise, talk about writing and look at the beauty of the town and state that we live in without turning into human popsicles. You need to back the fuck off so that people stop breaking bones from slipping on things. You need to stop making a trip to the mailbox a fifteen minute affair ’cause I have to put on fifteen layers to go outside! I would like to breath normally when I go outside. Not gasp for breath and feel my nose hairs freeze.


All that said…it’s so pretty. Lookie!


(View from my bedroom window)

3 responses to “Cold Snap Go Away! BEGONE! 가라고!!!!!!!!”

  1. We are all waiting for winter & snow to be over with! Tho if u look at it positively…the snow helps water tables, right?

    I can’t remember what the groundhog saw…I don’t think there was a shadow tho…but calendar wise no matter what it’s 6 more weeks until the equinox.

    I have heard predictions of an early spring with temps hitting 40s by March, but we all know just how much we can believe such predictions.

  2. From FL to CO? Welcome to the Cold!! I hear you though! We have been switching between ice and snow with consistent colder weather. I’m tired of it too. Did Paxtutanny Phil see his shadow?

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