About Me

Lisa Espinosa

I’m Lisa Espinosa, a multimedia journalist and editor with over a decade of experience. I tell stories and create experiences, whether they be analog or digital. I love writing about music and arts – my specialty is Hallyu, the Korean wave.

I began my professional life as a classical cellist, but 10 years ago I had the unexpected opportunity to find professional fulfillment in letting my creative and passion flourish via the written word. My work has taken me to Korea where I have honed my specialty in Hallyu as a multimedia journalist, editor, and correspondent. Outside of Hallyu, my focus is the arts and other creative ventures.

I have a number of handy professional skills up my sleeves that help me both as a writer and an editor such as SEO-strategy, digital and content marketing know-how, and project management. My portfolio and resume reflect the digital age in which I work and the need for flexibility in my career. I have covered everything from the Busan International Film Festival, to K-pop interviews, to film and album reviews, to breaking news. I have hosted and participated in Hallyu panels all over the U.S. and have been invited as a Hallyu expert on Korean television. I am currently the senior editor for kpopconcerts.com where I am able to combine my experience as a musician with writing. I am looking to delve further into the world of editing and multimedia journalism. Please check out the my selected work and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.