Ericka Puyat
Ericka Puyat

“I have worked alongside Lisa for five years at Kpopconcerts.com where she serves as senior editor. While we operate in various time zones, Lisa has always been responsive and mindful of tight and competing deadlines. Her keen attention to detail, dedication to her craft, and strong grasp on the English language guarantees that all content meets our outlet’s standards of journalism. With every piece that she is assigned, Lisa provides insightful feedback and support to our writers to help them reach their full potential. I feel fortunate to have worked alongside Lisa and to have her part of the team.”

Ericka Puyat, Editor-in-Chief | Kpopconcerts.com

“Working with Lisa has been a privilege and a pleasure. The amount of passion, respect, and dedication she displays for her work as a journalist are rare. She tackles challenges head on, has vast knowledge of and experience in the Korean Wave, builds rapport like nobody’s business, and creates quality content with ease.”

Vasileia Tolou, HanCinema | Content Curator

“While working with Lisa, I have personally witnessed her editing and organizational skills, her ability to work extremely well under pressure, the ability to take preemptive actions in an effort to bolster management solutions, and her long-term abilities to manage multiple projects with various deadlines and requiring communication between many parties to a successful conclusion. She is a self-starter with vast amounts of writing and editing knowledge, on top of which she has a very good head on her shoulders with a team-player attitude, which makes her an excellent manager for both projects and people.”

Alice Weaver, eCommcerce Operations Coordinator | F+W Media

“I personally had a wonderful time working with Lisa. She’s a great team player and a manager. She was very keen on organizing things on a daily basis and never failed to send us updates while keeping constant communication with the whole team to ensure that the job gets done. Lisa’s writing and editing skills saved us a lot of time and effort!”

Daniel Alinsub, Project Manager | The Daebak Company

“Lisa is a competent and talented writer, journalist, and editor. Not only is she able to write about and manage a wide variety of topics and content, but she writes insightfully and eloquently. In her interviewing work she is personable and professional and sets others at ease, helping her to interview celebrities and others with intuitve and astute questions. Lisa is also a proficient manager and educator. Whether training or educating fellow writers, journalists, or music students, Lisa brings knowledge and harmony wherever she works. Lisa brings an informed and open perspective to every environment she works in and is a valuable contributor to any team she joins.”

Eleanor Clarke, Educator | Visiting Professor, Kyunghee University