Classical Music in Pop Culture: Introduction

by: Raine

(Nodame and Chiaki in the anime “Nodame Cantabile”)

This blog series was inspired by a conversation with thejawavillager. We were talking about music and I decided to share a link to a piece that I love. I thought at that moment, “Wow. The music I love is in the media that many people love. Now I can share classical music with others in a way that they can understand and appreciate.”

Each entry will focus on one piece or song that is in a popular source such as film, drama, commercial or even in pop music. Much of it will focus on music in K-drama because, well, Raine loves K-drama (and talking about herself in the third person). I will give you some background on the music and composer in digestible bites and give you links to enjoy.

(Song Ok-sook and Kim Myung-min from Beethoven Virus)

I’m stoked about this series because I get to research music, write about it, listen to it, share it and get feedback from non-musicians. It is my world and I want to bring you into it. I want you to understand that its not all stuffy snobs and boring music. I admit, some of it puts me to sleep and I refuse to listen to it, even when I had to play it as a part of a class back in college and graduate school.

If there are classical pieces or songs you hear in a drama or film that you would like to learn about, let me know. Anyway, chances are that I’ll be learning something, too. I’m a chronic student and it’s a happy thing.

P.S.  A piece has no lyrics/libretto and a song has lyrics/libretto. I hate when people use the word “song” for everything. It’s a pet peeve of mine, and I suppose that puts me into the “snobby musician” category. I liken it to people who cannot stand sentences ending in prepositions or incorrect comma usage. Indulge me.

(This is how I like my Jang Geun-suk – manly with a little meat on his bones. Yay, Beethoven Virus for bringing this to Sukkies everywhere.)

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And now for something completely different…

From the 2011 K-drama Heartstrings starring Jung Yong-hwa and Park Shin-hye:

“You’ve Fallen for Me”Jung Yong-hwa (C.N.BLUE)

(I’ve included this in the Ranting about Life half of Raines Dichotomy because by definition it is a rant: to speak or declaim extravagantly or violently; talk in a wild or vehement way. I am extravagantly in love with music and will always speak of it vehemently.)

7 responses to “Classical Music in Pop Culture: Introduction”

  1. I’m thinking of working on posts only a couple times a week or I might go crazy with keeping up everywhere…and when will I actually get to watch dramas? I listen to OSTs while cooking/cleaning/working out (must lose baby fat!) Bitte 14th century lady you are!

  2. OH YAY! I love this! I inspired this? *blushes* This is all you, dude. I’m stoked about it too, because I’ll be learning something too. I love music and I’ve always noticed how I don’t know anything about classical music. There have been pieces I enjoyed but they remain anonymous to me. Thank you for helping bring them out of obscurity. I think loads of people will be interested on what you have to say, especially since you’re such a good writer ‘carnal knowledge of the human condition’ *silently awed* Keep up the good work, Raine

  3. Ranting Cello – I have learned the error of my ways.
    Songs – w/ Lyrics
    Pieces – w/o Lyrics
    I do not find classical music stuffy at all. I love the stuff. Can I play it though? Heck no, but I do enjoy good songs…err pieces. *Smiles as the 14th century woman pictured by Raine*
    I will come and “ask” you if I wish to learn about a specific piece. Thanks for offering.

    • thejawavillager – Yes, you inspired it with your picketing and curiosity. I finally have something to really give to the drama community. I wish I had written down all the pieces I recognized in the dramas I watched! >:-O If not I can always do songs/pieces that take classical influence (like most of TPM and City Hunter). Again you two make me blush. Thanks for the support! You’re still rockin’ the hut, chingu-ya.

      Bitte(r) – You have been properly schooled. Don’t forget it, or I shall haunt you, 14th century style. BTW, your comments rock my world. It really helps to know what works when starting a blog. I’ve only been at this since September and I’ve never had a blog before. It’s so much to juggle! Especially as I’m working on a non-drama entry right now. I’ve neglected that side of my dichotomy. If I’m to be a proper bipolar princess, I need to visit both halves of my insanity.

      • Both of my K-drama WP chingus receive plenty of Bitter’s love. No one save for one person that I talk to loves K-dramas and music (that we like). She’s really busy right now with her studies, but she’ll be happy to follow both of you. I’m sure.

        Villager – I’m thinking of posting weekly instead of daily. I want to be able to read other people’s entries as well. Now it’s your turn. No more laziness! Post away.

        Raine – I’m always willing to learn something. You always have something to teach me in your posts. Knowledge is power and I want all the power in the world. *Muahahahaha*
        By the way, I love your description of me. It sounds mysterious and sexy.

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