Park Shi-hoo the Mini-series: Introduction

by: Raine

(In Bali for a vacay after filming The Princess’ Man. Live shoots are grueling and he, and the rest of the cast, needed the break!)

As though I have any more time to spare, I decided to start a mini-series about one of my favorite actors. He is not only part of this exclusive Raine club because he is bloody gorgeous, but because he is truly talented. There is a reason he is a leading-man usurper: it’s he undeniable magnetism as a man and as an actor.

Like few other actors, he becomes his characters so that you forget that he’s Park Shi-hoo, the actor, and actually think that he is Kim Seung-yoo, Goo Yong-shik, and Seo In-woo. When you see him in an interview or at an awards show after watching a drama he’s been in, you feel surprised he is not behaving like the character you’ve just become invested in.

This is the magic of Park Shi-hoo that we will be exploring in this series. It is an interactive series in which I will post polls, ask questions, ask for feedback and update each post according to viewer responses. It will be posted once a week on Fridays.

Some info on the man of the mini-series. Give it up for:

(Screencap I took from the SIA [Style Icon Awards] yesterday [11.3.11] where he won the “SIA’s Discovery” award.)

박시후 Park Shi Hoo
Real Name:박평호 Park Pyung Ho
Birth Date: April 3, 1978
Birth Place: Buyeo County, South Korea
Star sign:Aries
Blood type:B
Family:Father (fashion/CF model), mother, younger brother/baseball player Park Wu Ho
Talent agency:EYAGI Entertainment

TV Dramas
2011 – KBS  The Princess’ Man as Kim Seung Yoo
2010 – MBC  Queen of Reversals as Goo Yong Shik
2010 – SBS  Prosecutor Princess as Seo In Woo
2008 – SBS  Glory of the Family as Lee Kang Suk
2008 – SBS  Iljimae as Shi Hoo / Ja Dol
2007 – SBS  How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor as Yoo Joon Suk
2006 – MBC  What Star Did You Come From as Han Jung-hoon
2005 – MBC  Let’s Marry as Jae Ho
2005 – KBS  Delightful Girl Choon Hyang as Chae Rin’s boyfriend (cameo, ep1-2)

2012  I’m a Killer as Lee Doo-Suk
2007  Mr. Bullet

Haru: An Unforgettable Day in Korea
SK Telecom
LG Electronic
Korean Lessle
Lotte Confectionery
SK Ok Cashbag
Ho-ya Lens Korea
Venus Scolpio
DHC for Men (2007,2008)
PAT for men (2008 – 2011) CF1 CF2 CF3 CF4


2009 – Kim Bum Soo, “Taste of Separation”
2006 – Alex and Ji Sun, “I love you” and “Very Heartbreaking Words.”
2005 – Gavy NJ, “Happiness” and “I Will Still Live.”

2010 – MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Actor (Queen of Reversals)2
009 – SBS Drama Awards: Special Production Actor Award (Family’s Honor)
2007 – SBS Drama Awards: New Star Award

First Poll. Let’s rock it people.

(Vote for me!)

Park Shi-hoo Quotes

About the extension for Queen of Reversals: If there’s one downside, it’s that I’ve shot this drama for so long that I think it’s going to be hard for me to break out of Yong-shik’s character. Park Shi-hoo

End Park Shi-hoo: the Miniseries, Introduction

Music to bring you back to Park Shi-hoo’s most recent character, Kim Seung-yoo.

From the 2010 K-Drama The Princess’ Man starring Park Shi-hoo and Moon Chae-won:

“Yearning”Yoon-hwa Jae-in

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64 responses to “Park Shi-hoo the Mini-series: Introduction”

  1. Hi Raine,
    You mean you haven’t watched SKKS? But I have already watched it 20 times and bought 3 sets of DVD. One set to keep, one to lend to others and one I have given away. All in the name of spreading SKKS love.

    I like sageuks ( I am not even Korean and don’t understand a word of it). And had thought SKKS was the best ever until I saw The Princess Man.

    And of course, Park Shi Hoo. Boy! That man really rocks. Whether his facial feature, hard abs, dazzling smile or expresssive eyes, I just can’t describe how charming he is. The more I watch his acting, the more I fall for him. He is talented .

    To appreciate his charisma,he needs to be peeled layer by layer. And that was what TPM did to me. I never expect that my first time watching him in TPM can be that devastating for me.

    He has that WOW! factor that I just can’t begin to describe.Maybe, you can do that for me, Raine. LOL!

    O, I love your mini series on him.

    • This mini-series is for you Hottie!

      And I’m watching SKKS now. I have it downloaded:)

      Ya, he rocked TPM but it was so well rounded for me in almost every way. As Javabeans says, “It hit me RIGHT THERE.”

      Which is why the review is taking forever to write.

      That and I’ve been running my dad’s business a week longer than expected and have no time or energy to do the thing justice.

      • Raine, sorry I didn’t know you are running your dad’s business besides doing your own music thing. You must have tons of energy. Where do you find the time?

        Do you sleep? I don’t when I have loads of K-dramas to catch up on. And I have OCD – I keep repeating the shows I like. For example, 20 times of SKKS , 7 times on City Hunter and am now in my 4th round of TPM.

        I don’t need a shrink’s couch to tell me I have obssessive disorder. K dramas is a good clinical tool.

        O, oI am so grateful to you that this PSH mini series is for me . Exactly what the doctor prescribed.

  2. I start to love him in Prosecutor Princess, Not because of his acting ( I’m more impress with KSY’s acting) but because of his charm and his character has written…… he is leading male quality… It’s when he plays Seung Yu, I acknowledge his talent as an actor… He is so intense in TPM… He has improve alot…

    • missjb – He was amazing in PP. That was the first thing I saw him in and I really appreciated his subtlety because so many people overact these days. (I think KSY is adorable and a great actress!) He is MOST definitely a leading man.

      He was amazing in TPM as Seung-yoo.

      • I absolutely agree with you Raine. He was “god like” in his acting skills in TPM. I have just finished my 3rd round watching it last night and starting my 4th round soon. Call it TPM or PSH obsession. No cure in sight.

        I studied and rewind practically every tender moment between the couple to see his facial expressions. That SMILE (whether it’s a sweet smile or showing his dazzling teeth ” is a killer for me.Made me go soft in my knees.

        He may not kiss as passionately ( like Lee Min Ho in one City Hunter scene where he was already dating the leading actress Park Min Young ) but I still like the way he expresses his tenderness to the princess. Especially his kissing her arrow wound is more touching than sensual.

        Sigh……….I could go on and on but this is your blog. LOL!

      • He’s one of those dudes who you wonder what people see in him…until you see him acting on screen. Ugh! So hot!! I love his bod….I mean his smile 🙂

        That one? I liked that comment and I like the name:) J’aime les francaises! Et la langue…et les hommes…:D

        • Oui, ce commentaire a écrit par moi. Tu sais le francais?! Super!
          Mais…(renverse à l’anglais…) Ironically, my French is really bad….très mal…mais je t’aime la langue…haha

          • I once had a friend teach me the phrase. Ma mère est un poisson. In Spanish. Mi madre es un pescado. In English. My mother is a fish. I once knew it in Japanese. I’ll have to ask my little brother again. I was saying this long before I read “As You Lay Dying.” I still think it’s my personal phrase.

            Talking about fish. Something morbid to make you smile.

          • Ouais. Je l’etude depuis 5 ans a lycee et l’uni. En 2006 j’ai visite paris (et un peu du nord de la france). Mais, j’ai pas le practiquer depuis longtemps. Mon accent et le grammaire et le vocabulaire…et tous! mdr.

            Si tu veux, nous pouvons parler en francais. Maintenant, j’ai un penpal avec qui j’ecris en japonais! Ce m’amuse bien mais, encore, mon japonais et MAL.

            • Désolé…je suis en retard avec ma réponse…
              J’ai visité La France aussi…quand j’avais 6 ans avec ma famille 🙂
              Je veux le visiter un autre temps…
              Tu as un penpal japonais? Chouette!

            • First I cut off their heads and I pull out their bones. It’s amazing the things you find watching a movie you haven’t seen in years. As a kid I imagine that accent was near impossible to decipher, but the actions were loud and clear. Now I love this song, but before I love the loud crazy chase scene after the song.

            • I sing this song to myself ALL the time. Now I know I’m not the only one! I find all sorts of things all over the place in Disney that I never noticed before and it rocks my flippin’ socks.

  3. About Park Shi Hoo, I’d say that I like him, but not enough to watch Princess Man. The whole Saguek thing frightens me. I’d have to have a young cross dressing cast to enter into that genre again.

    • MadDino! TPM is intense but very good. I’m not a huge Saguek person either. But it was so good. It sucked me in and I couldn’t help myself.

      • Maybe I’ll try it. I’m sure I’ve already watched it in a parallel universe. I did watch the first two episodes, but I got swamped and forgot about it after that.

          • But it’s a sagueky death. I’ll put it on my list of dramas to watch. After I finish the 10+ I’m currently watching and any new dramas that come out while I’m watching those and after I finish the Skip-Beat! manga. Once I become a robot and stop interacting with human beings. Once I can produce a decent recap in an hour or stop recapping altogether. I probably would have watched it already if I hadn’t started recapping about then. Imagines my alternate universe where I can watch 8 hours of drama a day without writing a single word about any of them. Sorry, I’m tired and cranky and I already want to go to bed. 7 hours before my regular bed time.

            • I know what you mean by cranky. I’ve been going for 2 weeks straight. I really want to get into establishing my blog but real life is anti-Raine’s blog and anti-Raine catching up on Drama’s…and anti-Raine having her own life…

  4. Haven’t watched any of the dramas he’s in. :S
    Must fix that immediately. And I second what Bitter said, I liked it because of the way you conquer all other opinions and convince us readers that he is awesome.
    (unrelated to above) You guys are like super-commenters. I’m convinced you guys have super-commenting abilities. Every time I log on I see whole conversations between you two. I feel left out. 😦 LOL, not really, but I think the time zone difference between America and here is the main cause. Oh well.

    • I think they are super commenters too. Super abilities. It always makes me happy reading the e-mails for each comment as they come in. Makes work better even if I can’t comment back.

      • Thank you Lady Dino. How very kind of you. I’ve checked out your website – I’ve haven’t officially subscribed yet, but I will be dropping by from time to time. I will subscribe eventually… because I too hail from K-drama or rather Asian-drama land.

        • I will eventually recap a Kdrama. If I find one I like that’s not being recapped by Koala or Dramabeans. The whole two times a week thing may be killer though.

          • I like recapping an older drama for that reason. I can take my time. I don’t have good enough screencapping software to make it worth my time. I’m still exploring my options! I’m totally going to read your other recaps when i get around to watching those shows!

            • I’ll be honest the only one I’d recommend is In Time With You. Office Girls is cute, but I haven’t liked it much. Material Queen is a disaster and

              The problem with watching old dramas is that most people aren’t interested in them. My Kimi wa Petto recaps don’t get much love from anyone, but you so it’s harder for me to recap. I weigh spending 8 hours recapping versus 8 hours reading manga or programming and I just can’t do it.

            • So true, Deeeno. I am gonna finish Pasta as my first project and then maybe try a currently airing one. But I want to get my method and my formatting and my screencapping down first. I’m not nearly quick enough to be able to do it right now. I will definitely start In Time with You next week!

    • Got it! Dude, that’s flippin’ AWESOME. What amazing editing.

      Rain has got the sex appeal and really good moves.

      But Michael Jackson, that man can control every ligament in his body, holy crap!

      Put them together and you get =AMAZING!

      • Yay! I’ve got more goodies where that came from, but I’ll be posting them in your comments section some other time.

        That was my gift to you my Ranting Cello. *Smiles 14th Bitte style*

      • Lady Dino you’re referring to the Flavor of Life correct? This song is very dear to heart. It’s just beautiful.

        • I actually meant the DJ Masa one, but I love Flavor of Life too. Yes it’s in my contest. The results are going to be posted in a few minutes.

          Then I’m going to write a post about awesome deaths in dramas.

            • No, I tend to avoid movies that are rated R. I know that the rating system is messed up, but I’ve found that I’ve enjoyed very few movies that are R.

              Donnie Darko
              V for Vendetta

            • My friend suggested I watch V for Vendetta ages ago. I likewise told her to go watch Smokin Aces. She watched it and loved it. I still haven’t watched mine. You know what? Imma go watch it now. Will share my thoughts with you too, since you enjoyed it.

          • The results are officially out. I’m also planning on making it more of a series about tropes in Asian dramas that goes though classics like Jane Austen and Star Wars and points out drama that have similar tropes.

            • Niiice. Imma go check your page now. I don’t like sad endings, but I keep watching the dramas that have them because they’re so good. I can’t bring myself to put What Happened in Bali on my list yet. I loved all three of the movies you listed by the way, MadDino.

    • sorry for cutting in on this convo! but this, this is sooo friggin’ awesome! MJ + Rain – I think I might have died while watching!!

      • Why thank you Min. I’ll drop by your blog and leave more information on DJ Masa and more video links if you wish. By the way, feel free to read “The Bitter Me” on my blog page. It will give you the most accurate description of my blog.

      • No problem. Oh you never answered my question… do you know who DJ Masa is? If you don’t – I’m going to post a video. I’m guessing you’ll like it or at least I hope so.

        • Oh sorry! No, I don’t know who he is. And dude, I just got inspired and totally deleted the whole post and started again. 😀 Have I mentioned I LOVE AIME AMO SARANHAE DAISUKI LOVE LOVE LOVE writing about music? Hehe. You’re dangerous to my time, did you know that?

          • I love being dangerous. Okay here is another video for to just enjoy! I hope you like it …
            You have to let me know what you thought of this or I’ll go crazy:

  5. 14th Bitte – I don’t mind at all. I love his work even though I haven’t loved some of the works he was in. I’m only the egg-throwing type if you bash. Besides, this mini-series is about all opinions and it would be boring if all were the same, non?

    As for Yoo Ah-in. Who DOESN’T love that adorable fellow? Maybe my next mini-series will be on him. I’ll have a vote at the end of this one. I have a feeling this will be a long series but I’ll see how much it is liked before I choose its length. So far I have 13 topics to post on but I may combine a few. But I can always do series on as many men, and women, as I want. Rain, Yoo Ah-in, CSW, KJH. Kim Sun-ah, Gong Hyo-jin, Sohn Ye-jin.

  6. Do NOT throw eggs or shoes at me Ranting Cello or Villager!
    I don’t like this actor – I’ll be honest. No! That’s a lie – I have no opinion of him. I didn’t like any of the dramas he was in not because of him, but because of the plot. I have yet to watch The Princess Man though.
    A favorite k-actor of mine is Yoo Ah In. I especially loved his role in Sungkyunkwan Scandal as Crazy Horse. He looked positively manly.

    Don’t hate me because… I love you both chingus. Let’s not be mean to each other. I would also like to add that Ranting Cello I can totally tell you love him. That’s why I liked this post because I feel love radiating off the post. You’ve commented on wanting him before anyway.

    • YOO AH-IN….I loved him in SKKS. I loved that drama, period. The fact that I still love it despite firmly being on team Crazy Horse to get the girl and then dying a thousand deaths when she went to nerdy ol’ Sun joon is just proof of how much I loved it. Yoo Ah-in was just waaaaay too gorgeous in that show. *fond memories*

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