Park Shi-hoo the Mini-series: Leading Ladies

by: Raine

(This smile is why we love him. It’s charming, sincere and hot as hell.)

After bromancing Park Shi-hoo last week, it is only logical to follow up with the romancing. Shi-hoo is not a lead usurper for nothing. He has shattered not one OTP, but TWO.  This is a phenomenon known as the “Park Shi-hoo Effect“. It results in heart theft and epic rises to stardom. Shi-hoo may seem a quiet, innocuous sort of fellow, but once you put him on screen, as Girlfriday says, “he’ll make a fan out of you”. How does a leading man stand a chance against the Park Shi-hoo Effect? Writers find their pens moving to accommodate his greatness. Leading ladies are swept away. Fangirls fall at his feet.

(Park Shi-hoo modeling for December 2011’s Marie Claire Korea. He looks so good with long hair.)

What are the makings of a good OTP?

1) Ingredient #1: Park Shi-hoo. He loves and honors his family. He is humble, intelligent, handsome, sexy, magnetic, talented. He has a beautiful smile, a great body and an intense work ethic. He treats cast, crew, colleagues and fans with respect. He appreciates his fans.

2) Ingredient #2: A powerful leading lady. She doesn’t necessarily have to play a character as quietly strong and courageous as Moon Chae-won’s Lee Se-ryung or as bubbly and determined as Kim So-yun’s Ma Hye-ri. She just has to equal Park Shi hoo’s ability to capture scenes and hearts. She needs to be a mature actress who is comfortable in her talent. This does not mean she has to be a noona to him like Hwan Tae-hee in Queen of Reversals. It means she must be a hard-working, gifted actress who takes her job seriously. It also means that she enjoys her work as much as Park Shi-hoo does.

3) Ingredient #3: Chemistry. As much as we like to say that it doesn’t matter, that two strong actors can overcome a lack of chemistry, it isn’t true. They can deliver a great performance. They can convince you that their characters love each other. They can make you laugh and cry and scream at your television screen. However, the pairing that lacks chemistry will never reach out their arms and grab your heart. Chemistry draws the actors to each other and that is what captures an audience.

Chemistry is not just sexual either, although that is a main component. Does the pair truly enjoy being together? Do the smiles that the script asks for begin as acting and then become real? Does the pair enjoy working together? Do we have affirmative replies to all of these? Then, ladies and gents, we have some sizzling chemistry.

(Speaking of chemistry, Park Shi-hoo’s radiant smile even made the camera happy while it was taking this photo.)

And now for the women we cruelly envy and for those who we shall masochistically pair with Park Shi-hoo because, sadly, they are more likely to be paired with him than we are.

Park Shi-hoo’s Ladies in K-dramas:

(Bae Doo-na as Jung Yoon-hee to Park Shi-hoo’s Yoo Joon-suk  in How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor.)

A) Bae Doo-na: She is the first lucky lady to be stolen by second lead Park Shi-hoo. This pairing was the first time any K-drama viewer suffering from “Second Lead Syndrome” had been cured by the “Park Shi-hoo Effect“. (This also doubles as a syndrome as we K-drama lovers always have to be suffering from something. It’s part of the K-drama lovers’ code.)

Park Shi-hoo’s stony chaebol , Yoo Joon-suk, is won over the spunky Jung Yoon-hee, breaking the strict laws of K-drama land. Although I haven’t finished it yet, from what I’ve seen thus far, the chemistry is sizzling. Bae Doo-na reminds me of Lee Min-woo in that she lives her character. The emotions are so real, I find my facial expressions mirroring hers. Her scenes with Shi-hoo are electric. I feel like I’m invading their space when I’m watching. They make me squee when they’re together.

Bae Doo-na is such a natural actress who has such a huge range of expressions. I really adore screencapping her because she never fails to give interesting, emotive material. And the smiles she’s able to pull out of Park Shi-hoo are so real. Doo-na really knows how to bring out the best in her co-stars.

(Kim Nam-joo as Hwan Tae-hee to Park Shi-hoo’s Goo Yong-shik in Queen of Reversals.)

B) Kim Nam-joo: What a refined beautiful woman she is. Despite the ahjumma hair she sported most of this drama, Kim Nam-joo was a strong lead from her first moment on screen. She portrays a 30-something divorcée with grace, passion and dignity. She brought out a side of Park Shi-hoo I’d never seen before: pure, childish abandon. His character, Goo Yong-shik is an immature chaebal (a familiar trope), almost disappointed me in the beginning. I feared he would remain a narcissistic brat that would leave Park Shi-hoo’s talents untapped.

But what makes writer Park Ji-Eun (who also penned Queen of Housewives) so brilliant is how she twists the trope and delivers an adorable puppy in love instead of a perpetually arrogant jerk. Park Shi-hoo gave us sheer exuberance when he was onscreen with Kim Nam-joo. This noona-killer saved Hwan Tae-hee from the mire that her broken heart and marriage had left her in. Together they were adorable, heart-wrenching and sincere. That sincerity is what makes this drama.

(Kim So-yeon as Ma Hye-ri to Park Shi-hoo’s Seo In-woo in Prosecutor Princess.)

C) Kim So-yeon: Prosecutor Princess was my first exposure to Park Shi-hoo. Before this I thought that he was handsome enough and had an unusually captivating smile, but he didn’t stick in my mind. *gasp* I started the drama because Kim So-yeon looked so adorable in all of the posters and there was a cute guy right behind her.

I know many people think that her Ma Hye-ri was too over-the-top, but I was completely charmed by this actresses ability to poke fun at herself and at the stereotypes her characters represented. And the chemistry, oh my god, the chemistry. From that first hysterical moment in the hotel to the last scene by the lake, she and Park Shi-hoo were on fire. I could feel their relationship gradually change throughout the drama. As antagonistic acquaintances in the earlier episodes, they were delightfully hilarious.

As they fall for each other, he aware of his feelings, she completely unaware of hers, I crept along the romance path with them. And of course, my heart now belongs to Shi-hoo oppa. So does Ma Hye-ri’s.

(Moon Chae-won as Lee Se-ryung toPark Shi-hoo’s Kim Seung-yoo in The Princess’ Man.)

D) Moon Chae-won: Where do I begin? The writing and direction of this drama were so fabulous that it elevated the romance aspect to new heights. The romance was only one of many, many, many wonderful things about it. Not only do Park Shi-hoo and Moon Chae-won have amazing chemistry together, but with the rest of the cast and with the story. That means their chemistry was extra sizzly.

This couple is beautiful – pure eye-candy. But more than that, I could feel the actors grow closer as the characters grew closer. The love between the characters blossomed as the actors became friends. It was obvious that they loved their characters, the script and the work they were doing. And HOT DAMN, was Park Shi-hoo one sexy, deeply-troubled rogue assassin. (I’m sure Moon Chae-won thought so, too.)

Watching Se-ryung bring Seung-yoo back from despair really embodied the definition of love: accepting a person in his entirety. Working for him and together with him. Having faith and understanding.

(On a side note: I Moon Chae-won’s speaking voice. I actually didn’t recognize her face as the step-sister from Shining Inheritance when I watched The Princess’ Man. It was her lovely voice that gave it away. She could read me a bedtime story any day.)

Park Shi-hoo Fantasy Leading Ladies:

(Talk about a perfect body!)

A) Ha Ji-won: If we were to stick Park Shi-hoo in an action drama or film, this would be his lady love, hands down. Ha Ji-won has the most spectacular muscle structure and wonderful physical prowess. Put that together with Park Shi-hoo’s glorious body and physical ability and you have one kick-ass (literally and figuratively) couple.


(I’m totally straight, but I’d be a liar if I said that I wouldn’t stare at her if I saw her on the street.)

B) Song Hye-kyo: I admit, I chose this one just for the pretty. Can you imagine what their babies would look like? She is as graceful as he is masculine. Her classical beauty belies her spunkiness. As an actress, she’s full of surprises and I really enjoy that about her. I think Park Shi-hoo could really draw a lot of wonderful moments out of her and she would foil him rather nicely.

(My post, my fantasy. Who said his leading lady had to be Asian, huh?)

C) Raine: The woman is talented, Raine is. She plays the cello, she writes blogs, she watches K-drama. She learns languages, she loves cats, she teaches kids. She loves Park Shi-hoo. Who better to pair with our leading man, hm?

D) Sohn Ye-jin: I cannot express how wonderful I think this woman is. She is completely free when acting. She, like Kim So-yeon, brings a refined quality to her acting. I especially love her comedic skills: innumerable silly facial expressions and impeccable timing. Park Shi-hoo little-used comedic ability would be well show-cased with Ye-jin by his side. Plus, she’s a hottie.

(KAWAII!!! I know it’s Japanese, but that’s what I think when I see her! Kawaii desu-ne?)

E) Shin Min-ah: How can a woman be so pretty and so adorable all at the same time? I haven’t seen Shi-hoo with someone adorable, yet. Imagine puppy Shi-hoo from Queen of Reversals with cutie Min-ah. Those drama recaps would be filled with the word “cute”. And because she’s a solid actress, they could pull off something as fun-loving and interesting as Flower Boy RAWRyum, er, Ramyun Shop.

Park Shi-hoo Reader Suggested Leading Ladies:

To be filled in by YOU!

Let’s hear it people. Who do YOU want to see Park Shi-hoo paired with? Why do you want to see them together? Would it be  for the insane amount of hotness? Would it be for  their combined acting prowess? Would it be for the hilarity that would ensue? Let me know, and I’ll stick her in!

Park Shi-hoo Quotes

When asked what he thought when he first found out Moon Chae Won would be the female lead, Park Shi-hoo replied, “I was happy. We already knew each other…And because Moon Chae Won is pretty, I believed that I could portray the emotions [of a tragic love] well.” Park Shi-hoo

End Park Shi-hoo the Miniseries: Leading Ladies

The Princess’ Man OST is one of my favorite OSTs. It relies mostly on instrumental music and the k-pop songs used are tastefully chosen. Now all we need is the COMPOSER‘s name and we’ll be fine.

From the 2011 K-Drama The Princess’ Man starring Park Shi-hoo and Moon Chae-won:

“Waiting”Ha Dong Kyun and Lee Jung

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29 responses to “Park Shi-hoo the Mini-series: Leading Ladies”

  1. I think kim nam joo and park shi hoo had the most chemistry between them, really natural from his heart that he loves nam joo so much and the real person too even though she’s married
    I wish they can be partner again in another drama, can’t wait

  2. There is one more leading lady that has not been included in the poll, Yong Jung Hee in Family Honor! However, it will not change my vote which goes to MCW in TPM. This is the best OTPs I have seen in Kdramas with awesome chemistry.

    Thanks Rainie for the great work in putting together this mini series. Really appreciate your efforts and make my day. I fell for PSH since FH and he just get better and hotter in subsequent dramas until he now become my no 1 idol!

    • Thanks! I’m going to add her in. I’ll add more info once I finish watching Neighbor and FH and Iljimae.

      Next installment is: the Pretty. Which is about how hot he is. I don’t want to be that shallow, but a fangirl can’t help but go there.

  3. I’m haven’t watch TPM so maybe my vote abit off. Always love love love his chemistry with Kim So Yeon… Their interaction, their bickering, their romantic scene, can;t get enough of it…

    • Hey missjb! How you been? any vote is welcome. And here is the point where I say WATCH TPM!!!! Hehehe.

      Wait ’til tomorrow’s post. I really love his chem with KSY too. It’s amazing. That desperate kiss was AWESOME!

      • I have been stuck till 14 epi… SO i can’t judge it yet… … But I still love his chemistry with KSY the best… Maybe because I love KSY – PSH cute chemistry the best… I love when a couple make me happy while watching them before the storm… Their bickering is so real… And I can connect with their relationship.. It help they look so compatible together… Oh yeah, the sorry kiss is one of my fav kiss so far..

        • I still like tragic love, I’m sure PSH and MCW will blew me away…. I have to finish TPM soon…. I have watch so many tearjerker drama this year… I have become exhausted right now, LOL

          • I know what you mean. After I watched “Sang-doo Let’s go to school” I was so emotionally drained.

            Ya I LOVE PP kisses. I just wrote a post about kisses. You should check it.

  4. Dear Ms. Bitter who has cruelly taken over an unsuspecting KDJ,

    We will, of course, have to take action against such nefarious plotting. Our people will contact your people with all of the necessary paperwork. Then we will hire our best lawyers, save Raine from jail and lock you in Rapunzel’s tower that is a shining marble monstrosity decorated with twinkling lights, pink wall paper and sparkly pink, plastic silverware. (We know better than to hand you real silverware.)

    Please be prepared and hire a fitting lawyer.


    The Management

  5. I vote for you Raine,relationships need dedication and you obviously have a fair amount of dedication towards him! though I would like to see him in a drama with Shin Min Ah, though all evil beings (Deatheater Bitte) may just die from the cute!

    • I would die from the cute. I would love to see him in a plain ol’ rom-com. He always chooses things that are a bit darker. Not that I’m complaining. I’m just lookin’ towards the future!

      I am just a LITTLE dedicated to PSH. I still don’t adore him like those who dedicate pages to him. But there’s a fair amount of fangirl in me.

  6. I voted Raine as the leading female I want to see featured in a PSH drama. Because she dedicated this mini series to me. But really, Raine has such a nice cello any man wants to kiss.

    No, no, the truth is Raine is such a sweet , genuine, sincere girl who is my competitor for PSH’s attention, I have to watch her closely. And what better way than to montor her closely on screen.

    I love the way you call him a “lead usurper”.Most 2nd lead do not get their lady except PSH as 2nd lead.

    After watching Queen of Reversal and Family Honour, I don’t know wher

    • sorry….something seems to be wrong here as my comments were posted even when I didn’t click “Post comments”. Continuing…

      After watching Queen of Reversal and Family Honour, I don’t know whether the script changes along the way, to develop PSH’s screen character as the later episodes concentrated on his characters despite his not being the main lead.

      Amongst all PSH dramas I have seen, I love the chemistry between him and MCW in The Princess Man best. I would rewind and replay all their tender moments to savour the sweet and yet enduring love of Kim Seung Yoo and Lee Se Ryeong. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet did nothing for me in my Literature class. If they had made us study TPM in school, I could score distinctions hands down and quote the entire love dialogues backwards. LOL!

      Thanks Raine for an interesting post again. I enjoy it.


    • Aw thanks! Raine appreciates your vote. We will submit the votes to the Please let me meet PSH foundation and see what we can do for our winner! 😛

      I know QoR had changes made to accommodate the reversal in leads. (pun intended)

      KSY and LSR are great together. I really adore that pairing. I bet you one day students WILL be studying TPM along with Shakespeare.

      It has begun!

      Until next week, Hottie. (If you know anymore PSH fans, send them my way!)

  7. I NEED to start watching his dramas, like YESTERDAY. If your aim and mission in writing this series was to render readers powerless to fight the Shi-hoo Effect, consider it done. You have DEFINITELY piqued my interest and whetted my appetite for more PSH. I want to see him in action for myself

    • I’m glad to hear you’re joining the dark side! I certainly am quite powerless to the PSH Effect. Seriously though, I started How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor, and although a little slow right now, oppa is doing well! The Princess’ Man is SO amazing. But I would start with Prosecutor Princess. Queen of Reversals is good, but it focuses a lot on the divorce which many don’t like. I do, because for once we see a realistic portrayal of a relationship. The office politics…well, those got crazy, but whatevs, right? It’s K-drama, there has got to be some crazy up in there somewhere. Save TPM. Watch PP and then indulge in TPM. I’m 1/3 through my notes for the review. I can’t make up my mind whether I want to include it all and write a novel, or cut some of it out…haha.

  8. Dear Post Author,

    Your love was practically pouring out of the post. You actually made me want to watch some of his dramas. In fact, I will watch Princess Man soon (very soon).

    As for the girl I would pick. I pick Raine. Rain is the girl I would pick. I don’t care for any of the Asian girls, but Raine – yes Raine would be perfect for PSH. She’s pretty, she plays the trumpet, and she’s got a heart of gold.

    – Mistress of Magic, Bitter

    PS. Keep a warning next time on your posts. Too much love can kill me you know.

    • Dear Becoming Bitter,

      You’re probably not alive to read this message, which is quite sad because you were a nice evil, mistress of magic. The author of this post is now in jail for your murder by way of a cello endpin, in the kitchen. Apparently she really despises the trumpet. I hope in the world beyond pleases your death eater sensibilities.


      The Management

      • Dear Management,

        I made a horcrux using a fluffy pink bunny before Raine “killed” me. So, technically even though my body was… disposed of, I am still very much alive. My soul has taken over another K-drama junkie’s (KDJ) body who just happened to be visiting this site. Since Raine is now locked up in jail, I would request her trumpet be sent to me. I would like to use that to make a second horcrux.


        Bitter (who is inside a KDJ person)

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