Park Shi-hoo the Mini-series: The Kisser

by: Raine

(Kim Seung-yoo kissing Lee Se-ryung’s scar from when she took an arrow for him in The Princess’ Man. In case you didn’t know by now, that’s uri Park Shi-hoo and Moon Chae-won. )

And now for our favorite installment (or perhaps I’m projecting): the smooches. As I was preparing for his post, it hit me how many lucky ladies were blessed by the lips of Park Shi-hoo. The chick in Family’s Honor was the real winner in terms of quantity. Since I haven’t seen it (yet), I searched on the trusty Youtube to find clips. I did that for How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor as well. When I watch them, I will come back and edit all posts containing them because it is my solemn duty to provide you with as much biased info on Park Shi-hoo as possible. *Holds up right hand and commits herself to this prodigious task.*

(Prosecutor Princess. Kiss covered below.)

What is the perfect kiss?

How to answer this? I was scared of this post because it’s such a difficult question to answer. Here is what I came up with: it depends on the moment.

I know it seems like a cop-out, but it really isn’t and I will prove it to you.

1) The chaste kiss: Now all K-drama fans have a bone to pick with the limp-fish, no lip movement involved, face-bumping kisses. (Please see Boys over Flowers for several examples that will make you wince with the complete lack of emotion.) These kisses look like the couple accidentally touched lips – a drive-by lip graze if you will. Actually, it’s an insult to real kisses to call them kisses. They are now to be known as “drive-bys”.

But this isn’t what I’m talking about. The chaste kiss is a beautiful thing. It is a sweet gesture of affection that does involve the lips, but only the lips. These are often overshadowed by their counterparts, the full-blown kiss that gets a fancy name by K-drama fans (i.e. the Cola Kiss from Lie to Me and the Game Over Kiss from Personal Taste.) It says, “I adore you. I cherish you.” It’s not a lusty kiss. But a kiss to make you melt. There are examples of these to come.

2) The hot kiss: We all know this one. It’s the one that earns a nickname. It’s the one that has you replaying it and fantasizing that it was you. It’s got hormones, hormones and more hormones. This is the kiss that makes you HATE the limp-fish kiss because you were denied the awesomeness that is a good kiss. No, a great kiss.

These kisses are not just tonsil hockey and sucking face. No. The mood is established with intense gazes, slow approaches, and unbearable anticipation. They are caused by physical closeness, declarations of emotion, relief, desperation, happy endings and any other activity that induces a rush of love and hormones.

These kisses combine techniques. They explore. They convey “I love you”, “I want you”, “Don’t leave me”, and “I have no words to tell you have I feel ’cause I’m a man so I’ll just show you instead.” SHOW ME! PLEASE SHOW ME!

The hot kiss must be qualified. The man can’t be doing all the work. This is an equal opportunity kiss – full involvement for all. It is consensual. It’s no fun if the guy is making move and the girl is just standing there. What the hell kind of kiss is that? We won’t be talking about those in this post. In fact, we shall shun them. They are hereby shunned.

3) The stolen kiss: This is when he just can’t help himself. Or she. But more often he. It’s sexy when a man takes over. The stolen kiss can be of the chaste or hot variety. It just requires surprise – no premeditation. Those involved are so overcome with emotion that they can’t control themselves. Examples include You’re Beautiful‘s kiss between Jang Geun-suk and Park Shin-hye and Sungkyunkwan Scandal‘s kiss between Mickey Yoochun and Park Min-young.

When a man steals a kiss, it’s just overpoweringly sexy. It’s declares, “I’m a real man”, “I’m taking control”, and, most importantly, “I can’t resist you”.

Park Shi-hoo has masterfully performed all of these, which will most definitely be shared. Please feel free to stare for hours. Perhaps you should wear a bib. Replay the Youtube links that I’ve provided. You will squee and keep your very special status as a fangirl.

(Queen of Reversals. Kiss covered below.)

And now for some delicious kisses. Park Shi-hoo, you need to ask me out already.

Park Shi-hoo’s Sizzling Kisses in K-dramas:



(Bae Doo-na as Jung Yoon-hee to Park Shi-hoo’s Yoo Joon-suk in How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor.)

A) Bae Doo-na: I have just started this one. This woman has amazing lips! Park Shi-hoo must’ve really liked kissing her. I’m just sayin’.

Her character, Bae Doo-na, is quiet and shy and just letting the kisses happen to her. I get the feeling that the power of the moments she shares with Joon-suk awes her.

The grief that these characters go through makes these hot kisses even more powerful. They are not just sexy but sweet, full of the tender love that relieves the moment of all bad things going on in life.


(Stolen Kiss.)



(Hot kiss.)

(Kim Nam-joo as Hwan Tae-hee to Park Shi-hoo’s Goo Yong-shik in Queen of Reversals.)

B) Kim Nam-joo: This is an older actress and you can see her experience in these kisses. Not just in the kiss itself, but in the way she holds herself, approaches and reacts to her man. She may feel butterflies in her stomach, but she lets herself enjoy the moment for what it is. She knows moments in life are but moments. They are fleeting. But they can be beautiful.

The first two pictures show a stolen kiss. He has been pining after this woman for a long time, nearly twenty episodes. He’s truly in love with her: her fighting spirit, her intelligence, her beauty. They argue and he just can’t help himself. He grabs her and kisses her – an act of desperate need. She, who thinks she doesn’t have time for this, tries to slap him, but he catches her hand and and steals another. Of course, she puts on an angry face but we all know that she’s shaken.

That stolen kiss holds us over until the last episode, episode 31, where we finally get another kiss. This is is a hot kiss. This is Yong-shik’s way of saying, “I’ve waited long enough. I’m going to make you mine, and you have no say in the matter.” He takes her face in his hands, waxes poetic, sheds a tear, waits a tense moment and then the fangirls get what they want. Tae-hee didn’t know she wanted it but she is the lucky recipient of a Park Shi-hoo hot kiss.



by: MadDino

(Stolen Kiss.)



by: MadDino

(Hot kiss.)

(Kim So-yeon as Ma Hye-ri to Park Shi-hoo’s Seo In-woo in Prosecutor Princess.)

C) Kim So-yeon: This woman knows how to return a kiss. In terms of reciprocity, she really delivers. There were no NGs (no goods) in filming. Just lots of takes for different angles. They sure seemed to enjoy it. I know I would’ve.

The first kiss is one of my absolute favorite stolen kisses. Seo In-woo is helping Ma Hye-ri make her crush jealous. We all know he just wants to kiss her. Anyway, he slides his hand behind her neck and pulls her to him, softly telling her that he has a plan. What? He shows her with a mischievous smile and a single word – it’s a steamy, stolen kiss.

But that smile just before made this “smile kiss” memorable. In an interview he explained that he came up with the smile to make the kiss more interesting. As he has a stunning smile, it most certainly caught MY interest. And I’ve watched it 100,000 times. To ensure the quality of this post. I swear.

The second kiss is one of the hottest hot kisses of them all. Our leads know that their love cannot be. They’ve been avoiding it, ignoring it, running away from it. But it is no use. The bond between them is too strong to deny.

This is is an act of desperation. It is the admittance of love as well as its end. It follows a declaration of love by Ma Hye-ri that Seo In-woo can’t ignore. Thus, we have an amazing kiss to rewind and enjoy…and enjoy…and enjoy.


 (Stolen chaste kiss.)



(Sweet hot kiss.)


(Desperate hot kiss. Wedding night hot kiss.)

(Moon Chae-won as Lee Se-ryung to Park Shi-hoo’s Kim Seung-yoo in The Princess’ Man.)

D) Moon Chae-won: She is a sweet, gentle woman. Her appeal as a kissing partner is her femininity and her natural chemistry with Park Shi-hoo. It isn’t that fiery mess of hormones that Hyun Bin and Ha Ji-won are in Secret Garden, but a subtle connection that draws them together. Combine this with her character’s quiet strength and a strong bond forged in troubled times, you have the ingredients for some awesome kisses. These two are friends, comrades and lovers. We have kisses that highlight all of these.

The first kiss is an adorable kiss that is a stolen chaste kiss. Seung-yoo and Se-ryung have just finished a most wonderful date and Seung-yoo is a happy little boy. He’s been unable to stop thinking of this free-spirited woman. He has her in his grasp so he does what any self-respecting love-sick puppy would do: he steals a kiss from the beautiful damsel he is wooing. Said damsel is embarrassed but extremely pleased. Her teacher and friend has turned into her lover.

The next kiss comes after the couple has gone through hell and back. Seung-yoo has lost everything. Se-ryung has been disenchanted with her father. Together they heal each other through constant support, compromise, and loving strongly. At this point in the story, they have come to accept each other, not only as lovers, but as comrades. This kiss begins sweetly as he kisses her forehead, eye and cheek. He is appreciating her. Then he kisses her and we are left fanning ourselves. He wants her. He finally has come to accept her despite all the obstacles. It shows in this kiss.

The last two photos above depict a desperate hot kiss before he goes off to fight and a hot kiss that holds a promise of a beautiful wedding night. The desperate hot kiss scream, “Come back to me”, “I love you”, “I support you”, “I don’t want to leave you” and “I understand”. It holds so many meanings because the depth of their relationship. The wedding night kiss is beautiful. They are committing to each other knowing that the future is grim. They are living in the here and now. How romantic. This princess is happy.




(Yoon Jung-hee as Ha Dan-ah to Park Shi-hoo’s Lee Kang-suk in Family’s Honor.)

E) Yoon Jung-hee: I have not yet seen the series. It’s next after I finish How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor. But I’ve watched many of the kisses. As it’s 54 episodes long, we BETTER be getting quite a few kisses. Pictured above are six of all sorts.

Yoon Jung-hee has this regal quality about her. She lets Park Shi-hoo initiate but her aura draws him in and she’s an active participant. In the screencaps you can see how reverent her character is. This relationship means the world to Ha Dan-ah. When Kang-suk kisses her, the world disappears. Check out the second picture in the second column. Her eyes are closed and she is enjoying the sublime moment of a stolen chaste kiss.

(A good kiss from Park Shi-hoo makes any woman do this as it did to Kim So-yeon in Prosecutor Princess.)

What is your definition of the perfect kiss? Which of Park Shi-hoo’s sexy kissing scenes was your favorite? If you haven’t seen them, choose from the screencaps that I had way too much fun taking.

I will be adding more examples in the explanation of kisses as I come across them. I will also elaborate on the shows I haven’t seen when I finish them. For now, check out my photobucket of unused photos.

Park Shi-hoo Quotes

When asked on Guerilla Date, “Are you a good kisser?”

“I’m pretty good.” Park Shi-hoo

End Park Shi-hoo the Miniseries: The Kisser

From the 2011 K-Drama The Princess’ Man starring Park Shi-hoo and Moon Chae-won:

“Resent you, Love you”Instrumental version. I don’t know who arranged it because, as you know, K-dramas fail to credit the awesome musicians who put their time into arranging the music that makes your heart pound.

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44 responses to “Park Shi-hoo the Mini-series: The Kisser”

  1. You’re great at describing the kisses Park Shi Hoo did with his leading ladies. Even if one is not romantic, your descriptions make him/her feel those moments. And, even if it’s only The Princess’ Man i’ve watched so far among PSH’s dramas, I am now one of his fans. I agree that he is a great kisser.

    Thank you for sharing. Please continue your work.

  2. I’m from românia. I watch k dramas with the same passion as Raine. By the way you have an interesting name. It’s obvious why I’m replying. I too love PSH and I’m curious about the songs from the princess man

      • Raine, really? What is it that you dreamt about? Was there a loud booming voice amidst thunder and rain , commanding you “You shall be called Rain or Thunder. Now, choose.”

        You obviously were wise enough to reject “Thunder” but added an “e” to Rain for good measure.

        • It was actually the basis for a story I’m writing and the character’s nom de plume of sorts is “Raine”. So I’ve used it as mine ever since.

          I’m kinda digging Thunder for my pony tho….

  3. i loves the kiss between PSH and MCW and i agree with raine i think it was excellent kiss. it looks like they are real couple. MCW is such beautifull, sweet, gentle women eventhough she is brave and firm. PSH is so lucky because he can kiss MCW even it was just an acting. they are great together.

    • They really did have some sizzling chemistry. Plus, PSH really did think she was very beautiful as he mentioned (while blushing) in interviews.

  4. I can’t vote.i don’t have the strength after seeing those psh kisses!damn those super lucky chicks!!!i don’t even want to think about it!!i’m so envious…but thank you for this psh are awesome,raine.<3 🙂

    • Thank you soo bin! I’m glad you enjoy the mini-series! I’m enjoying writing it. I’m working on the next one, but it takes a lot of picture research.

  5. Hi Raine, I simply love your posting on PSH’s kisses. You describe all of them so vividly. Kudos to you.

    Most PSH fans love that famous Prosecutor Princess you also happen to like.

    But I personally find his kisses with MCW in The Princess Man the most touching. Especially that kiss of her arrow wound on her bare back. Somehow his taking off her coat builds up the intensity of the moment .And his lips touching her bare skin was so sensuous, my heart began to paipitate.

    Ya, you should put links to his kisses.

    • Hola mamita,

      Thanks for stopping by. I thought you might like this and was wondering when you would see it!

      I really love that moment when he kisses her back. That’s pure worship and love right there.

      I’m actually working on videocapping those moments myself and I’ll put them in when I can. (I’m trying to teach myself how.) I want a particular moment and don’t like depending on Youtube. MadDino is a goddess for her aniGifs.

      • Hi Raine,

        Of course I would read everything you write on Park Shi Hoo. It’s just that I was away overseas on the Friday you wrote it. Just like I am now overseas and checking for more articles you may write on him.

        Thank you so much for writing the Park Shi Hoo mini series for me. I am so grateful as I really adore him.

        You write so beautifully and I am definitely dropping by all the time to read what you write on other issues now that the mini series on PSH hs ended.

        I hope to see your videocapping those kissing moments.

        Thanks again. You are wonderful, Raine.So glad to have met you and know of your blog.

  6. Hoho…i think the way psh kissing mcw is so different.i can feel how deef their chemistry is,and it seem so real for me.psh only suitable for mcw,different age is not a big problem. and please psh u cant see mcw as dongsaeng you know that she is mature now just dont let her go to another man.oh its realy make my heart bleeding if I see thos scene psh kissing with another girls oh nooooooooooooooo sorry my poor english.thanks raine…

    • I think by this age, the age difference isn’t that huge. She’s 25 and he’s 33. For me that’s fine 😀 My favorite kiss was with So-yeon personally, but he had amazing chemistry with Moon Chae-won.

  7. Hey, hats off to you for your awe-inspiring breakdown of K-drama kisses, general and Park Shi Hoo-specific. Genius, is right! For your breakdown of them, and his genius in administering them. BYOB means “bring your own bib” here.

    • Thanks for dropping by and I’m glad you liked it! I really, really, really enjoyed making it.

      And reading your byob definition really truly made me laugh out loud!

  8. OMHIGOD! You. Are. A. Genius. I’m fanning myself here. WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO VOTED FOR KIM NAM-JOO?? I haven’t watched any of the series he’s in, but damn, that description you gave of the QoR kisses seemed pretty amazing. ALL of them were amazing. You just concentrated hours of episodes’ goodness into a bunch of screencaps and descriptions. Oh my. How sweet is the second last picture???

    • To me that’s the best. When you can’t control your digits ’cause your just lost in it. I love the Kim Nam-joo kisses.

      I’m so glad you liked it. This was the hardest one yet. Cause kisses are so integral in a k-drama fangirl’s life. I’m thinking of starting a glossary of all the definitions that I come up with…haha

      ❤ Welcome back!

        • Yay! Lovin’ this series. I have to figure out my next one still…

          BTW I put up more FBRS screencaps and I’m going to do the SKKS when I can…I have WAAAY too many right now…it’ll take a while to sift through all of them

  9. I have watch family honor, and YJH – PSH kissing scene is not as hot as MCW-PSH and KSY-PSH kissing scene….. She was just stand there without any move…. But it fits her character though LOL

    But apart from kissing, he actually have great chemistry with Yoon Jung Hee…. They just looks natural together….

    • From all PSH dramas that i ever watch, my most favorite and i think he’s best in Family Honor. His kissing scenes in this drama maybe not as hot as his other dramas but still very beautiful and memorable.

      For me, his perfect leading lady is Yoon jung hee…i love kang suk and dan ah most…they really have natural and amazing chemistry.

      TPM obviously gave him many awards from local and international, but it’s FH whose made me interested with him.

  10. oooh kisses… sometimes I wonder how the actors & actresses avoid falling in love after sharing so much time and energy together filming and then on top of that have those hot kisses the fans just eat up and ask for more…

    • I think because it’s such a process in terms of filming. But even then you can see that they are affected. Well, some of them. Anyone who kisses CSW, PSH, KJH…hehe

  11. He looks so different with the shorter hair. I never thought I’d miss a mane of glory. I really want to watch that PP kiss again. It’s what made me watch TPM. I just wanted to see that man kissing and romancing.

    • He really does look AMAZING with the mane of glory. Now if he rocked the long hair, maybe he could show Jang Geun-suk how its actually done so that people don’t question your sex…

      I should put links to these kisses, shouldn’t I? I’m almost done downloading PP too or I woulda screencapped from that.

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