Favorite K-drama Moments: Introduction

by: Raine

(Flower Boy Ramyun Shop‘s Lee Chung-ah as Yang Eun-bi. Image courtesy of MadDino.)

There are so many beautiful moments in K-drama. They are what make you sit down time and time again to suffer through the exhausted tropes and infuriating endings. They suck you in and cause involuntary replays. I want to share my favorites with you because they are what draw me to K-drama and keep me coming back for more, more, moar!

(Song Joong-ki hamming up the bromantic love for Yoo Ah-in’s hand in Sungkyunkwan Scandel.)

To define “a moment” is a difficult thing to do. What makes a moment special? It’s dependent upon the individual but the basic premise is the same.

A moment” is a scene, or part of a scene, that jumps out at you. It seems to be suspended in time. You react to it without realizing. It reaches out, grabs onto you and doesn’t let you go. “A moment” produces a knee-jerk response: tears, laughter, awe, jaw-dropping, horror, surprise, infatuation, goosebumps. The actors lose themselves in their characters; the on-screen chemistry is intense; the moment is as real to you as your heartbeat.

(Kang Ji-hwan and Sung Yu-ri in Hong Gil Dong.)

How do I go about choosing my favorite moments?


I follow my gut.

When I look back on a drama, which moments still make me tear up? Which moments still make me laugh? Which moments still leave me in awe of a character’s growth? Which moments stayed with me long after I finished the drama?

As I began planning for this series, I discovered that the most powerful moments for me centered around character development and parent/child interactions. You would think a sap like me would choose the sexy, steamy kisses or the back hugs.

I didn’t.

Well, I did choose a few…

Anywho, I also discovered that a few moments were strong as I watched them, but didn’t come to mind when I was through with the drama. I’m not going to include those, but if you experience them, they deserve applause and re-watching.

Some dramas didn’t leave any impact on me at all. As I tried to recall a juicy moment, I drew a blank. They are stricken from the awesome moments hall of fame. (Like Lie to Me. Poor Kang Ji-hwan. I love you, but that drama is exiled. It doesn’t get a link. Don’t ask for it or I’ll sic Bitter on you. Mwahaha!)

As always, this is an interactive series. Share your favorite moments and explain why and how they lodged themselves into your memory. I will include them here!

From the 2010 K-Drama Secret Garden starring Hyun Bin and Ha Ji-won:

“Secret Garden”Instrumental. No composer found. I’m trying to contain my ire. This drama has my favorite OST. It’s so well written and listening to any song off this album elicits a strong emotional reaction.

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22 responses to “Favorite K-drama Moments: Introduction”

  1. so many korean drama moment that I loved… But I’m afraid it will spoiled you if u plan to watch particular show….

    from que sera sera:
    – que sera sera ending
    – All kiss in QSS.. They are all awsome LOL

    – When EC knows MH condition… It so heartbreaking
    – MISA Ending… (it makes me dehydrated…. )
    – Ramen eating scene

    Prosecutor Princess:
    – Three OTP kiss (including in the forehead)
    – tomatoes scene
    – alarm clock scene
    – Ma Sang TAe breakdown…
    – elevator scene in epi 14…

      • there are so many korean drama moment that I loved.. but the one I remember are very few.. haha … I watched alot of old drama this year…. they are all so good! I become so addict to watch old drama… I open Thundie’s kdrama rating for reference…. And I really trust her taste when it comes melodrama…
        So glad you consider my PP fav scene.

  2. I could not agree more. But more specifically ==== when Jong looked at Princess Kyung Hye and their eyes met – just before his execution. That was a MO.MENT. Even with just THAT scene when the credits rolled, it jerked a tear out of my Seungyoo/Seryung loaded heart.

      • Hrm…has it made my list? I’ve already made it for all of the shows on my “Things I’ve Seen”. Mwahaha!

        But I agree those two were a POWERHOUSE pair.

        BTW (Deeno…is a chick :D)

    • That was awesome, but what my cry even more were his happy moments. To see him so happy when I knew he was about to die. It made the happy moments all the more precious.

  3. Coolness! Raine, you rock the hut, woman. Where do you get all these great ideas? I wouldn’t be able to pull it off, seriously. K-dramas, for me, are pretty inexplicable. You do a great job of un-inexplicablateing it. (Haha, check out that new word. I didn’t wanna use ‘explaining’)

    • Both you and Bitter really love inventing words. You could make a dictionary between the two of you.

      I had this idea this morning. But I didn’t want to get up to write it, so I used my voice recorder on my phone and typed it up later. At the beginning of the recording I sound drugged out ’cause my voice was all hoarse. Haha.

      I’m glad to un-inexplicablateing it. It’s a bit difficult with one eye (see Bitte’s post day 8), but I think I’ll manage.

      But ya, I wish I would STOP thinking up more work for me to do. Cause even though it doesn’t feel like work, in terms of time, it is work…because it eats time for breakfast, lunch and dinner…

      • That’s a great idea, to get your idea down while its fresh. There are so many times when somethings occurs to me, and I’m super excited, but by the time I’m at the computer, I lose steam and and fumbling for words. I shall think carefully and try to gather my scattered thoughts to think of my favorite K-drama moments. They’re so many. Must get em all down, then put them in order of awesomeness.

        • If you have a smartphone, you most likely have a voice recorder app or you can get one. Actually, even if you don’t have one, you probably have one. I did on my old phone.

          I love the voice recorder. I put down ALL my thoughts that I wanted to include in my TPM review while driving. It’s how I record all my new ideas.

          Can’t wait to hear yours.

  4. LOL @ ‘Sic Bitter on you’


    I’ll stop now.

    My favorite moment? When crazy horse discovers that big thing is actually a girl. I have more and I’ll come back and add them here.

    • HICCUP! Don’t worry I’ll get to SKKS 😀

      I thought you’d like the sic’ing part.

      For some reason it asked me to approve your comment. I’ve only ever had to approve 1: the first one. Bizarre…

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