Padam Padam: Character Introductions

by: Raine

Come meet the wonderful cast and cast of characters of Padam Padam. I’m unsure as to a few of the actors and, as always, I will constantly update this with more information, better pictures and any other tidbits I come by. I will include a few spoilers that will be written in white between two black parentheses like this: (Stuff written in white means SPOILER.)

character introductions

Yang Kang-chil

Actor: Jung Woo-sung

Nicknames: none

He was recently released from prison after a sixteen year sentence and doesn’t think he’s ready to handle the world. His time has disillusioned him. He doesn’t think there is a point to his life because everything has gone wrong and now he is powerless.

Despite this, he has a fiery temper and pride, he’s good with his fists and has a strong sense of right and wrong. He delights in the small things in life because to him, it’s all he has. He lives in the moment and doesn’t care to think about the future. He is also absolutely smitten with Ji-na.

He is, in one word, awesome. And so is Jung Woo-sung, the man who brings this character so beautifully to life!

Jung Ji-na

Actor: Han Ji-min

Nicknames: none

A beautiful but stony veterinarian who uses logic to a fault. She is defensive and suspicious of everyone’s motivations. She is both intrigued and frightened by Kang-chil. And of course, there is that awesome, undeniable attraction to him (that she, of course, denies).

Her modus operandi is to shut down and decline to talk when she’s confused, stressed or angry. Kang-chil brings out her smile and the playful side of her.

Her relationship with her father is very strained over how he treated her mother.

Lee Gook-soo

Actor: Kim Bum

Nicknames: none

A cheery young ex-con who was in jail for attempted robbery. He was trying to get money to buy medicine for his sick mother. His mother once told him he was an angel and he has always wanted to be one to make miracles. He believes he’s turning into one and is destined to protect Kang-chil. He gave Kang-chil an angel talisman that did some freaky cool things. I tend to believe his crazy talk. Or maybe it’s cause Kim Bum smiled while he was delivering those lines… That, and he has some glowy wing-like things on his back.

He’s not the brightest crayon in the box, but he is absolutely devoted to Kang-chil and to making things right.

Kim Young-cheol

Actor: Lee Jae-woo

Nicknames: none

An ex of Ji-na’s and a fellow veterinarian. He is extremely jealous of Kang-chil and close with Ji-na’s father Min-shik.

Park Chan-gul

Actor: Kim Joon-sung

Nicknames: none

The true murderer of Jung Min-ho (Ji-na’s uncle) and the man who framed Kang-chil and kept him in jail through nefarious means. He is now the DA and his father is up for an important position. He let Kang-chil go free without framing him again because he hopes Kang-chil will lead him to Yong-hak.

Detective Jung Min-shik

Actor: Jang Hang-sun

Nicknames: none

Ji-na’s violent tempered father. He is a cop whose been on the beat for a long time. He beat Kang-chil when he arrested him for Jung Min-ho’s murder, smacked around his wife for defending Kang-chil and smacked Ji-na for saying that he killed his wife. The man sucks up to DA Park, trying to prove his mettle (probably because he’s getting on in years). Despite it all, he adores his daughter, he just goes about showing it in the wrong way.

Kim Mi-ja

Actor: Na Moon-hee

Nicknames: none

Kang-chil’s mother who didn’t pick up the phone the day he was stabbed and Min-ho was murdered. She is poor and works hard day in an out. We can see he gets his attitude and temper from her as she yells at the other ahjummas and picky customers.

When Kang-chil comes home, she is ecstatic and shows it by going all Korean momma on him: chastising, yelling, smacking and feeding.

Min Hyo-sook

Actor: Kim Ji-yoo

Nicknames: none

Kang-chil’s childhood girlfriend (which was more a crush on her part, I think, than anything.) She is a cheerful, divorced, single-mother who is the only supported in Mi-ja’s life after Kang-chil is jailed. His time in prison was definitely hard on her. Her prickly demeanor belies her heart.

Warden Kim Jong-gook

Actor:  Yoon Joo-sang

Nicknames: none

The warden is the only authority who believes Kang-chil was innocent and pulled strings for him to have a few days on the town before his release.

Im Jung-hee

Actor: Choi Tae-joon

Nicknames: Jung

Kang-chil’s son. He has an attitude just like his dad. He is the brightest kid in his school and loves his adopted aunt. He cared for her despite her terrible boyfriend.

Oh Yong-hak

Actor: Kim Hyung-bum

Nicknames: Cap

Yong-hak was the witness to Min-ho’s murder and the man who provided the eye-witness testimony that got Kang-chil sent to prison for sixteen years. He seems to have evidence that makes Chan-gul guilty as sin.


Actor: Park Jung-woo

Nicknames: None

A fellow inmate of Kang-chil and Gook-soo’s who tried to provoke Kang-chil into misbehaving so he wouldn’t be released. He knew that Kang-chil had a strong sense of justice and that could incense him by picking on the weak inmate, Tae-min.

Yang Kang-woo

Actor: Cheon Doong

Nicknames: none

Kang-chil’s older brother who died sometime before Kang-chil was sent to prison. He died protecting Kang-chil.

Yoon Mi-hye

Actor: Kim Sung-ryung

Nicknames: none

Ji-na’s mother who died from an asthma attack brought on from the stress of being yelled at by her husband and the heat of summer. She adored her children and took lots of abuse from her husband. She supported Kang-chil by visiting him in jail and getting him a lawyer and her husband resented it.

Jung Min-ho

Actor: Unknown. If you know him, let me know!

Nicknames: none

Detective Jung’s younger brother who he raised like a son and Ji-na’s uncle. He was also a “friend” of Kang-chil’s. Kang-chil was framed for his murder by Chan-gul. He stabbed Kang-chil just before Chan-gul stabbed him.


Actor: Unknown. If you know, send the info my way.

Nicknames: the pooch of destiny.

A dog that Ji-na is training to be a guide to the blind. He always manages to show up right when something important is coming our way. He is the pooch of destiny. Watch for him. He will not fail you.

Fish Ahjumma

Actor: Unknown

Nicknames: Fish

The nosy neighborhood ahjumma who runs a fish stall next to Mi-ja. She is always ragging on Mi-ja and bragging about her children. She’s too nosy for anybody’s good.

Prosecutor Joo

Actor: Unknown

Nicknames: none

A prosecutor that has it out for Park Chan-gul. I really hope this guy bring that slimy Chan-gul down.

Judge Park

Actor: unknown

Nicknames: none

Park Chan-gul’s father who was just appointed judge. He’s a very serious and upright man.

Production Details

Episodes: 20

Broadcast network: jTBC

Broadcast Period: 12.5.11 to 2.7.12

Director: Kim Kyu-tae

Screenwriter: Noo Hee-kyung

Episodes 1 (MadDino Asylum aka MDA), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (MDA), 9, 10 (MDA), 11

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    • I was thinking of you as I searched for the names. I still haven’t found a few of them. I’m sure info pages will be better updated as the drama progresses. but please do keep it open! I definitely started writing all of them for you. As soon as I post my episode 2 recap i’m going to read yours. I:D

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