It’s my birthday!

by: Raine

It’s my 27th birthday and it has started out well. I was quite sick last night and I was worried I would be ill today. But it’s  beautiful day, I feel great, I’ve gotten tons of birthday wishes and I even had two poems written for me!!! I love poems!!!

My family is taking me to dinner tonight at an ocean-side restaurant for STEAK, my favorite food in the universe.

Then, tomorrow I’m going to see my favorite string quartet ever, the Miro String Quartet.

And here’s the most awesomest part: Deeno wrote me a birthday post!

I seriously love this post and it makes me feel so good.

YAY K-drama and blogging community.


(Birthday dessert and birthday beer!)

Since I believe in birthday weeks/months/years…today is still my birthday.

Yesterday was most awesome. The dinner was fantabulous. I had my steak mooing and totally grossed my mother out! SCORE!

(Hear it mooing?)

I got a charm bracelet. My parents bought the bracelet and my aunt, brother and sister bought me charms! My father even brought his TOOLS to dinner to attach the charms so they could all hand their gifts to me separately. (Except my sister, she is away college in Colorado so she was on the phone.)

(Daddy hard at work and wearing his “Dad since 1985 shirt”. Aaaaand….Pretttttty!)

When we got home, there was CAKE and ice cream and more horrible happy birthday singing – my sister was on Skype.

(Yummy cake! And my dongsaeng.)

Then, as if the bracelet wasn’t enough, my mom got me the BEST GIFT EVER…

A Korean cookbook!!!!!!! The Kimchi Chronicles.


And she got me the accompanying DVD and chopsticks. I have about 30 pairs of chopsticks now, but it was still most awesome. First up: radish kimchi. I’m popping over to the Asian store sometime this week.

(Best mommy evar!)

Then today I went to see my FAVORITE string quartet, the Miro String Quartet. They are super creative in their interpretations and it was wicked cool. (The snobby audience also inspired a rant that is to come.)

(Awesomeness in action! Beethoven Op. 18 no. 2, Barber String Quartet, Dvorak American.)

So again, to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, it really has been a rather AWESOME birthday.

THANK YOU! おめでとうございます!!! 감사합니다!!! Merci beaucoup!!!! Muchas gracias!!! Grazie!!!

(Me and my dongsaeng!)

20 responses to “It’s my birthday!”

  1. You are one sexy yoja and you’re all mine.

    To all the other men – back off or I’ll put you where you belong: in a coffin.

  2. You arez a bizzzatch!! You farted at me. And you just burped at me. Not appreciated! I’ll tell you what I’m typing bizzatch! once you read this! hehehehehehehehhe. I’m eviiiiiilll! I will capture your brain and perform experiments on it. Especially since you’re getting so old. You’re almost ancient. hehehehehheehehehehehehehehe. YOu’re looking at me funny. And I’m loving this whole confusing you thing. It’s fuuun. you’re confused! hahahahah! I’m rambling. And yes, I’m typing a novel. My goal in life is to mess with you. It’s way too much fun. And yes, I find myself incredibly funny btw.

    oh yeah….and happy birthday…….YOU OLD FART!!!! 😛

    • So you type to me at the the same time we’re on skype! You’re so flippin’ weird you wench! You are a total rambler…and a face maker…and a sister who can’t eat cake…unless you find a way to transport it through the computer.

      You think you’re SOOOO funny. Well it’s my birthday, so I declare you the unfunniest person everywhere…and I WAS confused. I’m replying to you as we skype…reply reply! You look really stupid right now! Haha your cheek is all squishy!

      (To all of you who are wondering…Sara is my sister:)

      • So you’re my real unnie. i’m pissed at you!!! and scolding you. and trying to get your attention. LISA! i’m pissed at you. so there. see! i called you LISA. RAINE!! me gusta!! hehehehehehe. hello! RAINE! unnie! weeeee!! (can you tell I’m procrastinating my hw much?)

  3. seng il chu ka ham nida,raine!whoa!february is a holy month!PSH’s bday is on feb 15(lunar but his registered bday is april 4).yours is just a few days ahead!anyway,jal jinaeseyo!cheers!!!<3

  4. Unnie!!! Hope you have a wonderful rest of the day… Steak sounds yummy^^

    can you believe I just woke up about an hour or so ago? I’ve been sort of under the weather (ear-aches, head-aches, and all over aches) and I’d planned to write something for you… but it wasn’t meant to be TT__________TT guess I’ll have to make you an happy un-birthday post to make up for not having one for your birthday!

  5. Raine, since you’re a musician, i HAD to attract your attention about a wonderful french quartet : The Quatuor. They have had a classical training, but they managed to dust off the classical music. It’s a mix of cabaret, orchestra, comedic show and clownerie. Those guys are incredible ( i saw them on stage ). They can play jazz, michael jackson, sicilian folk songs, all you can imagine, and in every position… I give you some links :

  6. happy birthday raine! It sounds like you have a lot of fun things planned!!! 😀 Hope you have a wonderful year!! 🙂

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