Padam Padam: Episode 9 Recap

by: Raine with comments by a most awesome recapping partner, MadDino

Raine: Almost paradise! Almost…

We get some cute and then some REALLY cute and then they drop us off at the city limits of Angstville.

This episode was so amazingly fun to recap. Because Deeno is crazy and I may just be crazier…

Deeno: There you go praising me again.

“???”??? (from the Padam Padam OST)

There are no additional tracks. *sob* I’ll stick it in when more of the OST comes out! But seriously, the show is on it’s last week and no OST?????????

episode 9 recap

Raine: Young-chul leaves a sleeping Detective Jung a note and quietly leaves Ji-na’s.

“Father, I’m going home. The promise I made with you to protect Ji-na, I will keep it. Don’t worry.”

Why does Detective Jung trust Young-chul with his daughter when the guy cheated on her?

Deeno: Because that’s what violent men do? Idolize other creeps?

Raine: A lovelorn Hyo-sook barges in while Mi-ja is readying for bed asking after Kang-chil only to find out he’s out with Dr. Jung. Hyo-sook is not a happy camper.

Deeno: She should turn to Gook Soo and get some loving.

Raine: I agree. Yesterday…when he yanked her into the bathroom half-naked.

Deeno: Today is fine, too. As long as he’s half-naked.

Raine: Deal.

Raine: Kang-chil pulls away from his sweet kiss with Ji-na and they’re both adorably awkward. Like the woman with avoidance issues she is, she wanders over to the window and observes the rain has stopped.

But she spoke too soon because the rain starts up again and Kang-chil suggests she stay there longer.


Here begins the usual Kang-chil babble – he goes on and on, assuming what she’s thinking and working himself up. “That’s not what I meant! You really can’t go. The truck gets stuck in the mud.”

Uh-huh. Whatever.

Deeno: He knows he wants her.

Raine: If she doesn’t want him back, can I have him?

Deeno: Now, now, my little pervert, you can’t have every man. Which would you rather have Kang Chil or Gook Soo?

Raine: Seriously? I have to choose?

Deeno: Yes! Choose, my perverted friend. Mwhehehehehe.

Raine: *hangs head* Park Shi-hoo.

Deeno: He wasn’t on the list? How can you choose him? Cheater! Fraud! Cellist!

Raine: I have a sharp end pin and I know how to use it.

Deeno: I have the mighty powers of the web to unleash on you. I shall make lame LOL cat jokes about you…I totally lose don’t I?

Raine: Yes. Yes, you do. *walks off into the sunset with Park Shi-hoo oppa.* CONTINUING ON!

Raine: After a few minutes of Kang-chil’s bumbling explanations, Ji-na can’t contain her mirth and smiles, informing him that they can leave when the rain stops. He looks happier than a kid/Raine in a candy store and covers her with a blanket.

What did she think about for a whole week? he wonders to which she replies, “Nothing.” He points out that she had a lot to think about considering the facts that he’s poor, uneducated, an ex-con and terminally ill. At her look of surprise, Kang-chil explains that Young-chul told him that Ji-na was the person who hit him with her car so she must know about his cancer.

How can he talk about it with a smile? she asks. Why? Should he cry? he wonders and tells her that he is better now. She insists he get treatment and he wants to know what he gets in return. That childlike smile crosses his face as he watches her watch the rain.

Deeno: I think it’s completely normal to smile when confronted with death. Well someone else’s that is.

Raine: No comment.

Raine: D.A. Park Chan-gul and Oh Yong-hak meet at a traffic circle in the dead of night to make an exchange: cash for the knife. Chan-gul’s lackies lie in wait as he and Yong-hak make the trade. When Yong-hak opens the case, he discovers the stacks of “cash” are actually just paper topped with real money.

Suddenly, he gets taken out by a white jeep.

Deeno: Wait, he’s dating a jeep? He’ll easily be crushed by the thing.

Raine: BWAHHAHAH! This is why I’m friends with you.

Deeno: And you thought I’d jump to the logical, violent conclusion. Ha!

Raine: One lackey helps the other climb out of the jeep and they leave a bloody, twitching Yong-hak clutching the stack of paper. What is it with this show and hitting people with cars?

Deeno: We have angels, why can’t we have at least one lightsaber duel?

Raine: The rain continues and Kang-chil and Ji-na are having trouble staying awake. It’s a losing battle and, in a very, very, very, very obvious play on the director’s part, they fall onto the bed in the perfect spooning position.

When he awakes, it’s morning and he takes the time to watch Ji-na sleep. Then, with the pleasure of a child, the measures the length of her body with his hands. Oh, you’re such an adorable man-child.

Then, he spots a baby boar sniffing around.

Okay, what is it with k-drama and boors? My Girlfriend is a Gumiho had one. You’re Beautiful had one. Padam Padam has one. At least this one isn’t about to murder someone.

Deeno: There was also one in Bad Couple, but it interupted some sexy fun times, so I’m opposed to it. Seriously though, what’s with all these animals? And what’s with all of them being alive? Show, please go Wild Romance on me.

Raine: Anyway, he wakes her up and they decide to watch it until it leaves. In his excitement and because of how he feels so physically and emotionally close to her, he says in his babbly manner:

“Oh, by the way, I love you. I wanted to say it, but I didn’t know when. Was it not supposed to be this way? Was it weird?”

Is this guy adorable or WHAT? Ji-na thinks so, too, and tells him that it’s, “Okay.”

He wraps his arms around her. “Let’s stay like this until he leaves.”

Let the snorting begin! Kang-chil starts the animals sounds and Ji-na joins in a totally adorkable version of adult “Old McDonald”.

Deeno: Wait, did this really happen or is this some fantasy ramblings of my perverted Unni?

Raine: Well, it wasn’t EXACTLY like “Old McDonald” but they were snorting at each other while spooning…can’t get anymore adorkable than that!

Deeno: You’re making stuff up again. Next thing I know you’re going to say is Gook Soo an angel and PSH is hot.

Raine: Gook-soo is an angel and PSH IS HOT!

Deeno: I knew it!

Raine: Small pooch of destiny appearance as he sits beside a depressed Young-chul. What role will depressed and jealous ex-lover play oh great pooch of destiny?

Raine: Next we find out that Yong-hak isn’t such a dummy either and has given Chan-gul a fake knife with ketchup on it. There is a note inside that says, “I don’t trust you. Ketchup seemed like real blood, right?”

Deeno: Ketchup doesn’t seem like blood. Blood is beautiful, while ketchup looks like tomato vomit.

Raine: It DOES look like tomato vomit…I’m sticking to mustard on my hot dogs…

Deeno: Don’t forget Sauerkraut and Pickles! I’ll pass on the blood though.

Raine: It has a rather metallic taste…

Deeno: Robot! Robot with blood? I must see this.

Raine: Furiously, Chan-gul shoves the knife inside an envelope and suspiciously scoots down the hall to deposit the knife in a janitor’s garbage can.

Okay, is this guy REALLY a prosecutor? Shouldn’t he know not to open up a package with a MURDER weapon in his office and that it’s pretty stupid to dispose of it in a common, well-watched area? Are there seriously no cameras in a justice building?

Deeno: Perhaps he’s not a prosecutor. Perhaps he’s just a prosecutor groupie.

Raine: The lawyer who is suspicious of everything Chan-gul saunters up and smugly compliments him on all the big drug cases he solved. He puts the fear of god in Chan-gul when he throws away a bit of paper in the trash can before the janitor rolls it away. *snerk* He is also thinking of taking on the Yong-hak case because it’s interesting. After laughing evilly, he walks away.

Raine: In the farmhouse, Kang-chil and Ji-na are painting the walls and they giggle together about the difficulty she’s having reaching the higher parts. Kang-chil has gotten a job in Pusan where Ji-na goes to study, which secretly pleases her. When he tries to show her how to properly paint the wall, she protests that she’s doing it correctly.

In order to retaliate, he makes her believe she has paint on her face and pretends to wipe it off. Instead, he actually smears green paint on her face. He laughs at the fact that she fell for the oldest trick in the book.

Deeno: Why green? Red! Red would be perfect on her face.

Raine: ‘Cause red isn’t cute.

Deeno: But PSH looks better with blood on his face. Doesn’t everyone look better that way?

Raine: PSH…*drool*

Deeno: PSH with blood on his face *devours*

Raine: Step away from the k-drama star and put your hands in the air.

Deeno: *puts my hands in the air and starts dancing!* Come to me, with my dance of seduction all ye beautiful men. Why do I feel like Raine is starting to pollute my mind?

Raine: Uh…because I am!

Deeno: *glares while I try to regain my insanity*

Raine: Here a the cute part. (As if there weren’t enough already.) Kang-chil suggests they speak in banmal because they are closer now. *SQUEEE* She immediately lowers her speech and grins. Again, when she falls silent, he begins his infamous babbling. “You don’t like it? You want to take it back? I’m a man of my word. I don’t take anything back…yes, take it back.” Kekekeke.

Ji-na: Why? Am I too cute?

Kang-chil: Yes, it makes me want to sleep with you. I can’t take it.

That stuns her and cracks me up. He’s so frank that it’s refreshing. Normally such a bold statement would be creepy, but because his character is established as brutally honest, it’s rather endearing.

He continues, “Don’t try to know what men are thinking. You’ll be surprised.” She laughs because the guy is seriously adorable. I’m also really enjoying this relaxed side of her.

Raine: As they part ways, they make plans for Kang-chil to call her first. They drive their separate ways but Fish Ahjumma spots them smiling and laughing. Woman, keep your mouth shut.

(Rawr, men at work.)

Raine: We get the menfolk, Kang-chil, Gook-soo and Jung-hee, working at a construction site. Jung-hee is doing seven days of volunteer work because it’s better than apologizing to Yu-jin when he didn’t do anything wrong.

Then, Gook-soo gets nosy about Kang-chil’s night with Ji-na. He’s severely disappointed when he hears that the clothes stayed on. He doesn’t even want to talk about it anymore. Kang-chil frets about Jung hearing but mostly I think he’s just embarrassed.

Living vicariously much, angel Gook-soo? I’m loving the unconventionality of this show.

Deeno: Angels should have love interests. I volunteer myself. It’s a sacrifice, but it has to be made.

Raine: See that ladies and gents? That’s called the influence of Raine. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Deeno: But it’s Kim Bum. I always had a soft spot for him. This one is all me. Oh no, now I’m making up excuses for myself. I must be strong. Must not cave into the pressure of man flesh.

Raine: Man flesh…

Deeno: Bad, Unni. So easily hypnotized.

Raine: Sidling up to Gook-soo, Kang-chil asks if he’s really not interested. Angel boy replies that he’ll listen if Kang-chil wants to talk. When Kang-chil says he kissed her, Gook-soo gets excited ’cause a happy Kang-chil means Gook-soo’s gonna be an angel!

Raine: The moment is interrupted when Jung gets a text from the bully Yu-jin who wants to fight. Kang-chil steals the phone and makes plans to meet him. He and Gook-soo agree that Yu-jin needs an ass kicking. Warily, Jung eyes them both. “Are you really my father and my uncle?” At the same time, Kang-chil and Gook-soo reply, “Probably, right?” They guffaw and Jung just looks worried.

Raine: At the clinic, Young-chul is pissed she “spent the night” with Kang-chil because he thought that she was a girl who thinks. But she’s decided not to think now. She did enough of that with Young-chul and look how that ended.

But you did think…for a whole week…

He asks about Ji-na’s schooling in a year but she will think about it then, which angers him further and he stomps away.

Raine: And then we find out that Fish blabbed to Mi-ja as we expected her, too. She criticizes Mi-ja for letting Kang-chil see Ji-na.

Lady, how is it any of your beeswax?

Mi-ja retorts that she doesn’t like Ji-na either and that Kang-chil is going to marry Hyo-sook who just happens to show up at that moment. Fish asks if Hyo-sook will marry him and she will if he wants to – she also suggests that he get rid of Ji-na first because he looks like a two-timer.

Raine: Kang-chil and Jung-hee are ambling along the seawall towards the fight with Yu-jin. A jolly Kang-chil is singing (badly) but Jung is really worried.

He’s right to be worried because when they arrive there is a whole group of armed high schoolers. Gook-soo didn’t come because Kang-chil didn’t think they’d need him. Jung understandably replies, “I hate you.”

Deeno: Are angels allowed to fight? Their wings might become stained with blood. Which is not a bad thing. Not a bad thing at all…

Raine: If angels AREN’T allowed to fight, Gook-soo is in trouble.

Deeno: Yay! This sets a good precedent for red-winged angels.

Raine: The gang of pubescents tease Jung for bringing his father – no one will believe thug Kang-chil’s story when the whole class saw the fight. When someone takes a swing at Jung, Kang-chil blocks him and takes the blow. They fall in, beating him as he cocoons Jung.

Then, surprisingly, he hollers, “Gook-soo! Are you done?”

Raine: From a nearby stairwell, Gook-soo holds up two phones with a look of utter glee on his face while the gang stares in open-mouthed shock. Gook-soo takes his time and makes a big deal out of sending the video files to Yu-jin’s parents. When he calls the cops, the gang disbands in a hurry, but Kang-chil doesn’t let Yu-jin leave. Gook-soo tells the cops that it was a prank call. Can’t have cops coming when two ex-cons are involved.

Deeno: Or he was calling someone else and not the police. Prank calling to the cops is a bad idea. Raine, I volunteer you to do it next time we need to. Probably when you go all stalker on PSH.

Raine: Call the cops on myself? That would mean no time with PSH…

Deeno: To divert their attention…Loose Zoo animals cause quite a fuss.

Raine: In Hyo-sook’s restaurant, Gook-soo eats, reveling Yu-jin’s worry and fear. Yu-jin’s phone keeps beeping and Kang-chil orders him to answer it. When Yu-jin replies in banmal, Jung most adorably scolds that he will not use it with his father.

YES! I love father/son moments.

Anywho, Yu-jin finally checks his texts and sees that the video was sent to him, not his father. Kang-chil warns that if he dares to touch his son again, he really will send it to Yu-jin’s father and the cops.

Yu-jin has had enough and rises. He is scolded again for not leaving with a proper greeting to Kang-chil and shamefully mutters it before booking it out of there.

Jung receives a text from his other possible dad, Lee Suk and goes to an internet cafe.

Raine: Hyo-sook then asks the question that has been plaguing her: Is Kang-chil dating Ji-na? Gook-soo prevents him from answering in the affirmative and replies that a thug needs to date a thug. He asks for more soup to get Hyo-sook to leave and warns Kang-chil not to say anything more about dating Ji-na. What if her dad finds out?

Deeno: If her dad finds out if would be bad, duh!

Raine: Gook-soo has found Yong-hak’s father and will visit him when he goes to see his dad so Kang-chil should keep quiet until they can prove his innocence. But, Kang-chil doesn’t like that idea – he’s sick of lying. Hyo-sook returns with Gook-soo’s food just after Kang-chil leaves and asks if Kang-chil loves Ji-na, which Gook-soo avoids by making his escape.

Raine: At the internet cafe, a conflicted Jung reads an e-mail from Lee Suk.

‬“Jung-hee ah, I got your email. I was really glad to hear from you. I know your mother, Lim Soo-mi, well. I want to see you. I have a seminar in Seoul next semester. I will see you then. I’m really sorry to hear about your mother.”

Raine: Kang-chil is trying to find an outfit for his date with Ji-na but his mother tells him it’s a one sided love. He, however, has never been happier. He has goals for his life. He loves her so much he would die for her.

To prove his point, he plants a big smooch on his mom’s cheek. His love is as grand as that gesture. Mi-ja thinks he was deprived of women too long in prison. Her son isn’t listening because he’s too busy feeling like he owns the whole world.

Heading to the kitchen, Mi-ja mutters that it’s not a crime to love Ji-na. Besides, it will be over soon.

Deeno: I hope over soon means that he’ll be finding a body.

Raine: Hopefully not Wild Romance’s Dong-ah’s puppy’s body…

Deeno: I was thinking Ji Na’s body, but the dog works, too.

Raine: In a mountain hospital, Gook-soo visits Yong-hak’s father who is nervous because Yong-hak told him not to say anything to anyone. Gook-soo tries a number of tactics to convince him to no avail. But the old man let’s it slip that Yong-hak said to remain silent so the evidence doesn’t get stolen. Gook-soo backs off with a grin of satisfaction. Just after he leaves, the nurse comes with news for the old man that his son was in a car accident.

Gook-soo calls Kang-chil and tells him that the old man has the evidence. They’ll have to find out but he thinks they can get him to talk.

Detective Jung and his partner watch D.A. Park on the news. The shifty D.A. has just made a huge arrest by giving the young guys drugs and then arresting them. It was all planned. But what can Detective Jung do now? He’s a paper pusher. Then, he picks up the paper and reads that Yong-hak, the young man who was there when Min-ho was killed, is in a coma.

Deeno: And he’s off to finish the job.

Raine: *snerk*

Raine: A ridiculously happy Kang-chil is picked up by Ji-na and they go to eat at a fancy restaurant. His unrefined manners embarrass Ji-na. But she doesn’t have to worry because now that he’s come here with a girl once, he doesn’t have to do it again. He pays for the expensive dinner with 1,000 won bills ($1). YES! You win, Kang-chil.

Raine: After dinner, the new couple takes a walk and they pass another couple making out in an alley. When Ji-na tells him that she’ll do anything he wants to do, he lights up and suggests kissing. HAHAHA!

He quickly defends himself saying that it’s been awkward since their last kiss.

‬ ‪‬Ji-na: You kiss when it’s awkward?

Kang-chil: No, because I love you…Ah! You kiss when you love someone. Not when you’re awkward. I’m such an idiot. Can I kiss you now? I’m in love.

Deeno: Ji Na, just shut up and kiss the poor man!

Raine: I KNOW right. She’s such a TEASE!

So anywayz, they go back and forth because he’s confused why she won’t kiss him. Suddenly, a woman screams and Ji-na is worried. The woman from the alley is trying to tell the man that she doesn’t want to sleep with him, but he’s not interested in what she has to say.

Kang-chil tells Ji-na not to worry. Another inmate told him that when a woman says “no,” she really means “yes”.

Raine: When he said this, I saw red. But he redeemed himself. The man from the alley shoves the woman to the ground, shocking Kang-chil. Yes, idiot. Be shocked.

Deeno: I love his explanation. That he’s basically learned everything he knows about dating from rapists and thugs. Also, I like seeing red…

Raine: Ji-na rushes over to stop the violence and almost gets hit. Kang-chil saves the day and Ji-na calls the cops. Kang-chil panics. “No! I’m an ex-con!”

Wrong thing to say, buddy. The man hollers for help and Ji-na and Kang-chil run away, chased by the cops. “See how hard it is for me to live?” he asks as they try to elude their pursuers.

Raine: Laughing with exhilaration, they escape to a playground where Ji-na ensures that Kang-chil learned his lesson: when a girl says “no,” it really means “no” and he should always help a woman in trouble. For his correct answer, he earns a pat on the head.

Deeno: Lame!

Raine: I think he’s earned that kiss. Pucker up, baby.

A giddy Ji-na begins to plan what they could do together, much like Kang-chil did in episode four. She wants to do everything while they can. But he wants to draw it out. Why does she want to do it all at once?

She tips her head back to look at the stars and asks if he wants to learn about constellations. The change in subject jars him and he gets annoyed. Why must she always teach him something? Does he look dumb? Why won’t she answer him? He stalks away and sulks in the car.

Raine: Confused, Ji-na follows him and asked if she made him that angry. Is he angry because a girl said “no” or because she wanted to teach him about constellations? He remains silent and she continues on, doing his babbling thing.

Finally, he confesses that he really wants to teach her something like all the guys do on t.v. He uses a word incorrectly and she corrects him, much to his annoyance. “You’re doing it again!”

But true to his nature, he can’t stay angry for long and pulls out a carving he made of them. (Aha! that’s why he measured her at the beginning of the episode!) They have a cutesy she-grabs-for-it-and-he-doesn’t-let-her-have-it session before driving home. He gets his wish as he explains how he made it – replete with colorful language. She is amused by it and his embarrassment…and then pats him on the head when he corrects himself.

Personally, I think it’s a bit condescending, even if she really is proud of him for making small steps towards fitting better into society.

Raine: For some reason, Ji-na wants to stop at a convenience store but Hyo-sook shows up as a total mood-kill. Are you two dating? she wants to know.

Honey, you know the answer to that. It’s a girl’s sixth sense.

To Kang-chil’s surprise, Ji-na denies it and says they were together because she gave him a ride. She quickly departs, leaving Kang-chil hurt and confused.

Raine: Ji-na calls all night (disturbing Kang-chil’s family) but a very depressed Kang-chil ignores her. He continues to ignore her the next day at work until Gook-soo, driven mad by by the ringing of Kang-chil’s phone, tells him to answer it.  So he picks it up and she apologizes but doesn’t want to talk with the workers around him and hangs up, leaving him stranded…again.

Raine: A moody Kang-chil goes to his farmhouse workshop where deserter Ji-na is waiting for him. She claims a selfish nature and that she will continue to deny their relationship in the future. The week she was “thinking,” she wondered if she could tell her father and the neighbors about them. But she likes Kang-chil, so what should she do?

Deeno: Must not strangle. Must keep alive for experimentation. How can a girl be so dumb?

Raine: *points at Ji-na* Like that.

He realizes that’s why she’d mentioned that she wanted to do everything “I’m really thoughtless. I don’t know my place,” he says. With all that in mind, she still came to him?

Kang-chil: You’re dumb, aren’t you?

Ji-na: Nods.

Kang-chil: Do you like me that much?

Ji-na: Nods.

That’s enough for him. Loving in secret is still loving, right? Plus it’s exciting to boot. He steals a kiss because they “need to get even.” Yes. Yes, you do.

(How is she not peeking?)

Raine: He asks Ji-na to make ramen while he showers after his day of work. We only get to see his shoulders, but those are pretty hot.

Then, coincidence of coincidences, he forgets a towel and asks her to get one from the drawer. She goes through them and pauses at the second. The red and white pair of boxers with the cheestastic bow that she mailed is in there along with a pile of wrappings with her mother’s name on them.

With horror, she realizes that Kang-chil was the framed man her mother was trying to save. Kang-chil finds a towel and comes out of the shower.

Ji-na quickly hides the package wrappings behind her back.

Deeno: Well, that’s one way to kill a relationship. Without murder that is.

Raine: Considering that he was in jail for sixteen years BECAUSE of a murder, I think there is murder involved…

Deeno: Another murder then? One is too few.


Raine: Seriously loving me some Jung-hee. This picture is distracting me from the ending of this episode. Hi pretty! You are totally jail bait, but I can look without cradle robbing right…?

Deeno: You’re so impatient, but I don’t think I can prevent you from becoming a complete pervert.

Raine: It’s a hopeless cause.

Deeno: I don’t think violence can solve this one.

Raine: Nothing can solve this one. Just ask JoAnne unni.

Deeno: JoAnne unni, are you a pervert too?

Raine: Speaking of perverts, the romantic development in this episode was so flippin’ adorable. I squee’d so hard when they started in on banmal and then deflated at the first “yo” that my non-Korean speaking ears heard. I’m sure Kang-chil deflated, too.

As I’ve said continuously, Kang-chil brings out the spontaneous fun-loving Ji-na while she gives him hope for a future. He even told his mother he had hopes and dreams now and that’s because of how incredibly (and adorkably) in love with Ji-na he is.

Deeno: Meh. Not feeling the romance much.

Raine: The man of the episode for me was Jung-hee. How nice was it that we really got to see his character bloom? And even more, his relationship with his father is steadily improving. Well, the man I HOPE is his father. Jung seems very conflicted over the fact that his dad may be this other man who is currently just a name.

Regarding the wicked Chan-gul, he really is ridiculously ruthess. He felt relief once he believed he murdered a man. Shouldn’t he feel an even greater burden? In any case, this man is a formidable foe and I dread what nefarious plans he has for Kang-chil. How will Gook-soo deal with this?

Deeno: I’ve never had any qualms about killing things, but I’ve mostly stuck to small animals. I think I’d be some mixture of super excitedly savoring the moment and panicking.

Raine: Do you set fires, too? These are symptoms in the DSM-IV-TR.

Deeno: I don’t know what that is, but my greatest fear is being doused in gasoline and being lit on fire. So no, I don’t play with fire.

Raine: Back to Angel Boy. How hysterical was he as he reveled in Yu-jin’s suffering and in Kang-chil’s sex life, or lack thereof. What kinda Angel Boy is he?

Deeno: The kind of Angel Boy who murders people.

Raine: And, music. I have to mention it. The score is very string heavy and a lot of open sounding instruments, bells, glock, piano, guitar etc. Instruments that have a long of reverb! Lots of extended string techniques like pizzicato (plucking the strings) and col legno (hitting the strings with the wood part of the bow). SO COOL! Okay, done geeking out now.

Deeno: I’m scared. You make me scared of music and music nerds.

Raine: Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Deeno: Fear leads to hate. Hate leads to anger. Hate…leads to suffering. To quote Yoda. I’m thinking you’ll be the one suffering here.

Raine: And on THAT happy note (pun intended), I shall conclude this recap.

Deeno: I want to conclude it. And what pun? Is this that crazy music thing you keep talking about?

Raine: The beauty of being the one to post this is that I have the last word.


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  1. I get the feeling that your recaps are better than the actual show. Imagine if you did this with American soaps …

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      Mystisith – I like that, deomedia dell’arte! 😀 It was fun to make a different style of recapping!

      Ya, for real. The actors in it are fabulous. The chief of the bullies reminds me of something…I should go look it up, but I’m too tired! haha

    • oh and and I love Jungie!! see I’ve even nicknamed him ^^ and I think he’s 21 now…. seeing as he was born in 1991, so technically not jailbait? I think I have revised my previously negative views to a noona-dongsaeng relationship, I wouldn’t mind being his noona at all^^ kekeke

      • He’s younger than my sister! I’m totally into being his noona too….Jungie is so awesome. He keeps getting more awesomer!

        I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s a different take on recapping and makes it realllly fun. and Lessens the load.

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