White Christmas: Character Introductions

by: Raine

I marathoned this the first time I watched it. It was so brilliantly done that I sat in front of my screen in a daze when it was through. Then I searched the ‘net to see what other people thought of it only to find that reviews were few and far between. So I’m going to one up a review – I’m going to recap all eight, awesome, action-packed, well-acted episodes!!!

This show’s cast is POWERHOUSE and each cast member has gone on to do bigger and better things. Not to mention that the production value, the cinematography, the direction and the writing are all stellar.

Basic premise: It is winter break at Soo-shin, a prestigious high school in the mountains where students get but one break a year. Seven unfortunate students stay behind for winter break as the rest of the kids flee. One student has received a letter that suggests the possibility of a murder on the last day of break…

character introductions

Park Moo-yul

Actor: Baek Sung-hyun (Damo, Queen Insoo)

Nicknames: none

An honors student at the prestigious private high school, Soo-shin. He received an angry letter that threatens murder and so he stays behind, worried for the future.

He is a fastidious student and a former love interest of Eun-sung. He takes a special interest in investigating the dark letter.

Jo Young-jae

Actor: Kim Young-kwang (Triple, Take Care of the Young Lady, Bachelor’s Vegetable Store)

Nicknames: The Plague

A hot-headed kid who likes to tease and bully to hide his cowardice. His special victims are Kang-mo and Yoon Su.

Yoon Su

Actor: Lee Soo-hyuk (Tree Deep with Roots, What’s Up?, Vampire Idol)

Nicknames: Angel

A withdrawn teen who gets picked on by Young-jae and who finds salvation in listening to music. He takes medication, probably for depression, and uses harder drugs to cope with his hallucinations of “the corner monster”. He is from a rich family and was nicknamed “Angel” for donating the money to build the dorms.

Yang Kang-mo

Actor: Kwak Jung-wook (The Devil, Queen Seon Deok, Shut Up: Flower Boy Band)

Nicknames: none

He is mostly deaf and requires the use of a hearing aid. He videotapes everything that’s going on but feels isolated from the world. Young-jae often picks on him and he always verbally fights back.

Lee Jae-kyu

Actor: Hong Jong-hyun (Oh! My Lady, Warrier Baek Dong Soo, Wild Romance)

Nicknames: none

Moo-yul’s friend who is a rather quiet boy. He seems uncomfortable in his own skin. He is Moo-yul’s right hand man in the investigative process.

Yoon Eun-sung

Actor: Esom

Nicknames: none

She is the lone female of the seven students who stayed behind and rarely seems to smile. She loves to pick on Young-jae and has a complicated past with Moo-yul.

Choi Ji-hoon

Actor: Sung Joon (Lie to Me, Shut Up: Flower Boy Band)

Nicknames: none

A robotic genius who seems apathetic towards his peers.

Kang Mi-reu

Actor: Kim Hyun-joong (Vampire Idol)

Nicknames: Mad Mi-reu

He’s nuts and he hates Young-jae.

Yoon Jong-il

Actor: Jung Suk-won (The World that They Live In, Shining Inheritance, Dr. Champ, Midas, Rooftop Prince)

Nicknames: none

The lucky teacher chosen to stay behind and watch the kids who didn’t go home for break.

Kim Yo-han

Actor: Kim Sang-kyung

Nicknames: none

The victim of a car accident who was found by the kids by the gate of the school.

Oh Jung-hye

Actor: Lee El (The Princess’ Man, Wild Romance)

Nicknames: none

An extreme hiker who happens upon Crazy Mi-reu as he’s leaving the school.

Production Details

Episodes: 8

Broadcast network: KBS2

Broadcast Period: 1.30.11 to 3.20.11

Director: Kim Yong-soo

Screenwriter: Park Yeon-sun

Recaps of episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

20 responses to “White Christmas: Character Introductions”

  1. Thanks so much for writing about this drama! After reading your posts, I decided to check it out and WOW!! I marathoned the whole series in a day, literally couldn’t pull my eyes away…it’s just that good. I recommend everyone to watch it. I can’t stop thinking about it so I’m going to give a rewatch and look for all of the things I might have missed the first time. Looking forward to more of your recaps and further discussion!

    • Daine – MWAHAHAHAHA! Another WC convert! *Rubs hands together evilly* So glad to draw you into the fold! I’m stoked that you enjoyed it! I’m working on the 2nd ep right now!

  2. Whimseyful recommended this one, so I watched it. I ended up marathoning the episodes traveling between my home and New York City in January. An awesome awesome gem. I’m glad you’re recapping!!

    • Shuk – JoAnne unni recommended it to me and it’s been my favorite show ever since. Everything is just so immaculate. Even the reused plot elements have a fresh twist that make them so AWESOME.

      Alua – It’s FANTASTIC. You would appreciate this greatly. I actually hoped you’d watch it. I actually posted other things the actors appeared in because of your comment. Take a look!

      Shirin – Unni! This cast reallllly branched out. They pretty much rock dramaland. This show is a gem.

      • I haven’t yet… but I think it actually might not be bad time to start this drama. Wild Romance just finished after all and I’m really only watching “Shut Up Flower Boy Band” and “Seinaru Katutsubachi” (which only 1 ep a week) at the moment. (Although I still haven’t gone back to Padam Padam, which I was half way through and I did have Moon/Sun on my to-watch list as well…)

        Ha, you adding the other things the actors appeared in just reminds me of more dramas I have been meaning to watch. Veggie Bachelor Store. Tree with Deep Roots. Rooftop Prince (once it starts airing). Who did Sung Joon play in Lie to Me? Really don’t remember but than I hated that drama and stopped being very attentive…

          • I don’t remember AT ALL! jajaja… which really says everything about how terrible that drama was. made. no. sense. whatsoever. Except, wasn’t there a semi-robot manager and a handsome guy on skates? (I tried googling… but it seems I am confusing dramas.)

            • LOL His assistant was adorable..I think the same guy as the creepy manager from WU. But ya, not a shining moment for any of the very good actors in it.

  3. Lots a familiar faces (What’s Up! Wild Romance! Shut Up Flower Boy Band!)… that make me want to watch this, apart from the fact that it sounds awesome!

    • This drama will blow your mind and you’ll never get it back. Most definitely watch it. Be prepared for a bit of mind twisting!

      Plus, you’ll see the actors in this in ALL sorts of stuff. They’re all brilliant.

  4. *****5stars – my personal rating.i sooohh like this drama that i got the dvd for my fave kdrama collection.thank you that you have touched this one.kinda underrated but it’s worth watching.

    • Kinda underrated? I think it’s criminally underrated! It’s so amazing. Touching this makes me feel really heavy responsibility to do justice by it! I’m glad you love it too!

  5. Yessss you’re recaping White Christmas! This is awesome–there’s so few reviews/recaps about it online. And I agree, the cast did extraordinarily well for a young cast consisted mainly of models with little previous acting experience. I’m not surprised so many of them have gained recognition in other roles since.

    Re: nicknames. I believe Jo Young Jae’s nickname is The Plague and Yoon Su’s is Angel.

  6. How glad I am you have watched this awsome drama. Can’t wait to read your recap about this one…. Just love all the cast and the cinematography is awsome….

    • Isn’t it? That’s really what I’m getting the second time around…how well it’s shot. I’m mind-boggled!


      HI! *waves*

      For some reason your comment went to spam! It never does…:'( I saved it!

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