Park Shi-hoo the Mini-series: The Photogallery

by: Raine

(Gorgeous, even when not naked. Yes MadDino, I said that for you.

-Love, Perverted Unni)

So I decided to share the love. Here are pictures of uri Park Shi-hoo that I’ve pilfered from the internet. Oh, the glorious internet. I will, of course, constantly add.

(The second photo is on the set of I’m a Murderer.)

(Park Shi-hoo for Officiel Hommes.)

(Park Shi-hoo in the DARK knight for W Magazine.)

(Park Shi-hoo and the kitten he got at the beginning of 2012. He likes cats. That’s my kinda man!)

(Park Shi-hoo and his brother.)

(Baby Park Shi-hoo! KAWAIIIIIIII!)

(Park Shi-hoo modeling. *wolf whistle*)

(Park Shi-hoo for the Angel’s Campaign sponsored by InStyle.)

(Park Shi-hoo as a modelling badass – he oozes charisma and you can’t even see half of his face! This makes me more excited to see him as a villain in I’m a Murderer.)

(Park Shi-hoo modeling again. How does the man look good from all angles? Even professional models don’t have angles like that.)

(I’m seeing three! WEEE!)

Park Shi-hoo Quotes

When asked at a Japan fan meeting in 2009 ,”What was the response after Family’s Honor ended?”

“Very good.  I gained lots of ahjumma fans.  And after Prosecutor Princess, I’ve got many young fans. Park Shi-hoo

End Park Shi-hoo the Miniseries: Photo Gallery

From the 2011 K-Drama The Princess’ Man starring Park Shi-hoo and Moon Chae-won:

“I’m Loving You”Baek Ji-young

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23 responses to “Park Shi-hoo the Mini-series: The Photogallery”

  1. the reason that i like you is because you “rant” about kdramas and our man PSH in a cool (literally/figuratively) and open-minded are not so hyper about psh in a manner that could just push down someone’s spirit.but you,i and probably by now a million fans love this guy with the killer smile.when you read a comment,i notice that you are honest in replying without being judgmental outright.this is the reason why i will always follow you,agassi.our friendship is borne out of mutual love for psh and liking for kdramas and honest to goodness sense of being happy because we are fans!cheers!looking forward always for your blogs,etc,chingu!

  2. Hi Raine!
    I just uploaded a video of your Shi Hoo (Sigh,if only I was younger than you I wouldn’t have given him to you so easily…!).This is its link.I hope you like it:D

    • Unni! Thank YOU! You’re brilliant. I’m going to post a video post of PSH and I’ll include this 😀 Probably not soon, cause I have a lot on my plate right now, but I will. You’re talented!

      As for the video, MY FAVORITE SCENE of QoR is that remote one with Im Ji Kyu. One of my favorite things about PSH is his dumb face. LOVE the dumb face. It shows a certain ability to be comfortable in one’s skin…and it makes me laugh.

      What’s the song? I love it!

      • Yay,I’m glad you liked it.I love his dumb face too,it’s hilarious.
        The song is “Rhythm of love” by Plain white T’s.

  3. Thank you! I love every single pic, he is so beautifull and unique. i’ll happy to see the future Shi Hoo entrys.

  4. can’t stop staring at pictures of his side profile, they are perfect *___* SUCH A STUNNING AND FLAWLESS OPPA /fans self

  5. Okay, I stopped by, drooled over your boy, and now I nicely retreat back to my place. If I stay any longer gazing at him and might start considering stealing it from my dongsaeng, and that’s not an option. *I must not like him, I can’t like him, I shouldn’t like him*

    • Zgz and Shirin unnis – you may look, but I have indeed MINE’d him. 😛

      Zgz, you may stare and stare…and you should come back and stare, cause I will be posting more…and more.

  6. whhhaaattt can i say?!!!!!he’s just drop dead gorgeous.why is there a man like that on earth?!huhuhu!life is so cruel!he is the only one!and we are?!how many?!wanting this guy?!!!! ^.^

    • 😀 I knew you’d appreciate this, chingu! I already added some new photos. I only want to add the really awesome ones. If you have suggestions, I will most definitely add them.

    • I know. He totally rocks the guyliner. And I really love the monolid. I really really do. It’s just so darn schmexy. I think Imma update it again soon…just cause its fun to look at perty pictures….

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