Fashion King: Stills, Teasers, Fan Video

by: Raine

Hello all! Since I’m going to recap Fashion King, I figured I put together some fun things to look out during the interim. We all know that it FEELS like forever until all the new dramas come out, especially with this whole MBC fiasco.

Clockwise: Yoo Ah-in, Lee Je-hoon, Shin Se-kyung, SNSD’s Yu-ri.

Thanks to Goodange from Couchkimchi for finding this poster. Pretty schmexy, no? I’m going to translate it as best I can using google, my weak grasp of Korean and current character profiles. If you can improve upon my translations, please do so!

Yoo Ah-in’s Panel:

“내일을 향해
세계를 향해
뛰고있는 젊은아들의
도전과 성공
사랑과 욕망”

“A Young man
Moving towards tomorrow
Towards the world
Challenges and successes
Love and desire.”

Shin Se-kyung’s Panel:

“사랑에 대한 집착과
끝을 모르는 욕망을 통해
부침하는 인간군상의 이야기”

“Of love and obsession
They do not end with desire
To the ups and downs
The story of a determined woman.”

Here are character stills from the SBS website. (Which I will try to translate when I have time!)

Yu-ri, Yoo Ah-in, Shin Se-kyung, Lee Je-hoon

Yoo Ah-in as Kang Young-gul

Shin Se-kyung as Lee Ga-young

Lee Je-hoon as Jung Jae-hyuk

SNSD’s Yu-ri as Choi An-na

While Fashion King was filming in Brooklyn, NY, a lucky and camera savvy fan, eklipzesl, did some filming of her own…

A nice little video of the poster photo shoot can be seen on Couchkimchi‘s Youtube channel, Tiffanyworld801.

Of course, we can’t forget the 35-second official teaser and the epic “AMERICA!!!” at the beginning of it.

Production Details

Episodes: 20

Broadcast network: SBS

Broadcast Period: 3.19.12 to 5.22.12

Air Time: Monday & Tuesday Night 21:55

Director: Lee Myung-woo

Screenwriters: Lee Sun-mi, Kim Ki-ho (writing partners for nearly 20 years)

12 responses to “Fashion King: Stills, Teasers, Fan Video”

  1. Thanks for that 😉 Still I´m not sure if I´m going to watch it, at least I´ll give it a try for Yoo Ah In´s sake, let´s hope for the best. It seems that Ah In and Yoochun are going to compete again… hahaha, only for ratings this time, not for a girl ;Þ

  2. Thanks Raine^^ I love Yoo Ah In… but I don’t know… all the fashion related dramas kind of have disappointed me up to this point… Fashion 70s, Style (this one was the worst- it made me hate the word “edgy”), even what little I saw of Baby Faced Beauty wasn’t appetizing to me… Cinderella Man (not even my love for Song Chang Ui and his adorable baby face could make me stay to the end),

  3. I haven’t thought about Fashion King, as I’ve mainly been keeping an eye of Rooftop Prince, and catching up on my J-, TW-, anf TH-dramas.

    I guess I’m just in Prince mode nowadays on more than one level – lol.

    Still, I totally enjoy your recaps, so if it sounds like a fun ride, I’ll climb aboard and keep my hands and arms inside at all times until it comes to a full and complete stop. lol

    Thanks, Raine!

    • I’m keeping my fingers crossed cause the trailer seems cute but it also has the potential to be complete vapid, cotton candy fluff. Or full of contrived angst (WR). BUT I’m hoping not! GO FK!

  4. Yay! It’s nice to know that both of us are going to recap this! I’m glad I find someone that has an interest for Fashion King as much as I do. ^^ At least now, I have someone whom I can compare my thoughts about this drama. 🙂

    • W00t! Ya, I started gathering things to post and I’m TRYING to translate stuff, but since I’m effectively monolingual with merely itinerant knowledge in about 7 other languages, it’s hard. I don’t know WHY i didn’t have your blog in my blogroll. But it’s there now!

      • That’s impressive! Hehe ^^ I’ve read a lot about you in MadDino Asylum. It’s nice that we’re now exchanging messages. ^^ I always lurk around your blog! I really enjoyed your post about What’s Up! I love that drama to bits. 🙂

        • Oh yeah? Thanks! That What’s Up? post really holds a near and dear place in my heart. You are welcome to lurk to your hearts content! Yay! More Drama addicts!

            • I’ve only seen like 3 or 4 K-movies and so far my favorite is Ahjussi. I’m going to start watching movies with the Dramabeans OT this week and then I wanna get on Chilling Romance. Hopefully it’ll be subbed soon since the raws came out…

  5. Thanks for the appetizers Raine. I’m currently clearing my tablets, finishing a few mildly interesting dramas at light speed. I loved YAI in SKKS but the others are unknown to me. I don’t have particular expectations for this one, but i will come and see your recaps anyway. 🙂

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