Fashion King: Episode 4 Recap

by: Raine

At the ratings are back up at 9.2% for episode 3. I’m not sure if it’s cause Love Rain has caused such a negative commotion or what. Perhaps having Yoo Ah-in naked in every episode contributes a point percentage point per ab appearance?

This episode was still wild and crazy plot-wise but we’ve come to expect that and I think I might stop commenting on that…maybe. That kiss was hot and we got to see Yu-ri’s acting chops and how they get the foursome back to Korea…sort of.

“Best Decision” –  Lee Hyun from 8eight (from the Fashion King OST)

(What is that? Do they actually consider that clothing? According to the drama, it’s from Michael J. Lauren’s new line…of ponchos?)

episode 4 recap

After his meeting with Michael J. Lauren, Young-gul is floating on clouds and literally runs into An-na. While helping her pick up the garments, he notices that she’s been crying. He thanks her for her help, but she is lost in her misery of being cast aside for the unknown Young-gul.

There is more Baroque music that sounds like a rip-off of the Bach Invention in Bb. Anyone else notice this?

Young-gul buys groceries, whistles on his way home and in generally way too happy. Why? The drama gods are coming to get him. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

At a meeting with a bunch of horrid American actors, the American presenter is dissing J Fashion’s and the Korean fashion industry’s attempts to break into the global fashion market, so Jae-hyuk has him fired. Hee. Hee.

Can I fire the Stateside casting director? PLEASE. Or sic a rabid sheep on him? Please continue to read to see the sheep of which I speak.

Jae-hyuk meets with a man from the Korean consulate who hopes that Korea’s fashion industry will soon have the same place in the world as its highly ranked electronics industry. Well, at least that’s his cover. He’s really digging around for information on the “criminal/fugitive” Kang Young-gul, mutineer, murderer and thief.

A bit surprised and taken aback, Jae-hyuk denies knowing him even when the consul points out that they attended the same high school. The consul received a phone call from Korea regarding a student that Jae-hyuk helped who was involved with the fugitive. He wanted to meet Jae-hyuk before speaking with her. After one last inquiry, the consul leaves and Jae-hyuk smiling painfully.

Ga-young carefully makes her way home, wary of followers who could get Young-gul arrested. Turns out, she ain’t wary enough and the devil’s spawn Jung-ah has spotted her entering an apartment building different from the one Jung-ah had visited.

When Ga-young opens the door, she is greeted by a grinning (AW!) Young-gul and a candlelit steak dinner. He’d promised her meat every day after all.

Be still. My. Heart. I LOVE steak. Young-gul, marry me. And feed me steak. And ice cream.

Young-gul playfully evades all of Ga-young’s questions as they eat and take adorable photos of themselves. He explains that Michael offered him two options: his have own fashion line or to meet a buyer. A buyer would allow Young-gul to sell his clothing in a department store, which is great, because it’s really difficult to get such spots in Korea.

A knock on the door jars them out of their jolly mood. They still and Young-gul quietly checks the peep hole to see who it is.

It’s handsome Jae-hyuk, which makes Young-gul scowl, yank the door open and trade words with Jae-hyuk who has come to see Ga-young.He barges in, makes a snide remark about their small apartment and cuts to the chase: are you in love with Young-gul or does he have dirt on you? Why are you putting everything you’ve worked for on the line for that jerk?

As he speaks, Young-gul tries to interject, but Jae-hyuk ignores him, speaking only to Ga-young who is still as a board. Jae-hyuk wants Ga-young to be considerate of his position since he helped her get into the school. He also thinks that Young-gul should just confess and stop bothering someone who has a future. Or, should he just call the police? Young-gul curses at him and Jae-hyuk punches him in return.

So Jae-hyuk doesn’t have as much self-control as I thought….

On his way out the door, Jae-hyuk thanks Ga-young for the shirt with his name, a parting shot at Young-gul. He leaves and passes two suspicious men climbing the stairs.

Yup, you guessed it. They’re cops and when Young-gul furiously yanks the door open to chase after the insufferable Jae-hyuk he is greeted by a badge. It’s the po-po, yo.

Again with the Bach. This is going to drive me bonkers.

Young-gul and Ga-young get hauled out of their apartment and Jae-hyuk watches in confusion – and could that be some worry for uri Ga-young? When Young-gul sees Jae-hyuk, he lunges at him, thinking that Jae-hyuk called the police because of his earlier threat. He is forcibly dragged into the police car and exchanges desperate glances with Ga-young whose big doe-eyes make me want to give her a hug. I think Jae-hyuk wants to hug her, too.

They are carted away in separate vehicles with a helpless Jae-hyuk watching. He spots a suspicious figure in the crowd and recognizes it as Jung-ah – and she’s smirking.

This spawn of Satan really needs to die. First of all, she’s mean and vindictive in a big way. Second of all, she only shows up to shove the plot forward and gets no personal development. I’m not a fan of those kinds of characters. Boo.

An-na shows up at Jae-hyuk’s and they have something strong to drink. She is quite pensive and admits that she came looking for him because she hoped he was still looking for a designer. When does she want to start working? he asks.

Do you still love me?

That was the right question because he finishes his drink, sets down the glass and kisses her. And it’s a steamy, wicked kiss and I’m uber jealous of Yu-ri.

Thank you SBS for avoiding the drive-by kiss and giving us a REAL hot kiss.

Before the moment can develop, Jung-ah appears and interrupts them by clearing her throat. Jae-hyuk responds by peevishly telling her to find a hotel to stay in from now on.

I laugh gleefully at the poopie face Jung-ah makes. And then even more when An-na asks who she is and Jae-hyuk says, “No one.” Jung-ah doesn’t think it’s as funny as I do and screams her frustration.

Assistant Kim drives Ga-young back and he’s nasty, nasty, nasty. What happened to the funny, sassy assistants of yesteryear? Anyway, he tells her to stop bothering the director who only helped her because she is talented.

Yeah, right.

This is also the last chance they’re giving her so she better not show up in front of Jae-hyuk again. He drives off and she enters the empty apartment and cries over the table set for two.

Hwang Tae-san, leader of the loan sharks, is watching the news with his lackeys and an airhead. The leader of the mutiny has been arrested. He had a beautiful lover who attended a famous New York fashion school and helped him secure a place.

Say wha’? How did this falsehood come about?

Tae-san worries about his “pretty” who is nowhere to be found.

The authorities deport Young-gul and the judge rules him not guilty of leading the mutiny or of boarding the boat with intentions to steal. Because he was threatened, he sold the boat and illegally entered the U.S. He called the embassy, but in the end did not reveal himself so he receives a year-long jail sentence.

No! No! No! No! No! Seriously? ACK! GRR! RAWR!

Jae-hyuk introduces An-na as the new designer at J Fashion much to Assistant Kim and the board’s displeasure.

In New York, Michael J. Lauren is holding a runway shoot in front of critics who whisper approval of the coats – the samples that Young-gul brought him.

Young-gul wallows in prison and An-na designs at J Fashion and prepares for a fashion show.

And this is for Mystisith: “Yay! Fashion porn!” Even if it’s ugly fashion, we can always make fun of it. We’re women. We roll like that.

So the fashion show is underway and Jae-hyuk keeps watching Michael J. Lauren for his reaction. A reporter interviews people with varied opinions, but Michael says, “It was terrible.”

You’re terrible, Michael. What do you think about my knee to your ‘nads, you thieving jerk?

In prison, poor, pretty, pretty Young-gul gets picked on and is forced to do all of the cleaning.

You can’t be that pretty in prison and not get picked on.

Anyway, in order to work out his frustration, he does push-ups and remembers all the times Jae-hyuk slighted him, turning him away and saying he has no money for HIM. Young-gul also recalls that Jae-hyuk said he would call the police and the fury within him builds.

Young-gul is working on sewing panda costumes when he gets a visitor – Jang Il-gook, his “friend”. Il-gook offers to send men to America to take care of Jae-hyuk, but isn’t really serious. He also warns that his boss, Tae-san, is waiting for him to come out. Why is the man so stubborn? Young-gul wonders.

Um, he’s a loan shark in a psycho k-drama. It’s his job.

Visiting time is over and Il-gook mentions Ga-young, which riles Young-gul up. It’s nothing, Il-gook replies. Fighting!

In a workshop, a manager is yelling at an ahjumma. Ga-young works up some courage to ask him for her paycheck, which is late. The jerk tells her that she’s too careful in her work and her output isn’t high enough so he fires her. He’ll have her check ready as soon as possible.

And she’s in Korea, too? How? When? Why?

In the sewing room, Young-gul works on another panda outfit and remembers that Il-gook mentioned that Tae-san is looking for Young-gul’s “girlfriend”. It’s safe to say that Young-gul is FURIOUS.

He carefully finishes the panda costume made of spare material and offers it to the jailer with a new baby. The jailer likes it. Step one in winning someone’s favor.

In New York, with more flippin’ Baroque in the background, Jae-hyuk broods over the horrible reviews of their fashion show. He visits An-na who apologizes to him and asks to be left alone. Instead, he invites her to move back to Korea with him. He leaves and she watches him with conflicting emotions.

I see a war with parents coming. Not my favorite source of conflict.

They climb on a plane. She’s nervous but rejects Jae-hyuk’s attempts to comfort her. That’s a solid way to re-start a relationship.

And our main quadrangle are now all back in Korea. HOORAY! No more bad American actors. Let’s hope there are no bad Korean ones…

The jailer with the newborn asks Young-gul to make a jacket from a picture. Turns out the picture is of Young-gul’s work that Michael stole. But Young-gul doesn’t seem to realize it. Does he think Michael is still going to buy his work after debuting it? HA!

While waiting to be interviewed, Ga-young watches the Michael J. fashion show and recognizes the coat she helped work on. Michael takes credit for it in an interview. Then, Ga-young gets rejected in her interviews because she doesn’t have enough education. They don’t even bother to look at her portfolio.

Frickin’ elitist snobs.

(These are the sheep that I mentioned earlier. See the sheep? THE SHEEP!!!)

Jae-hyuk has given An-na a fancy new apartment decorated with…SHEEP! Seriously? Sheep? I cracked up and then shared screencaps with friends because it’s so ridiculous. This whole scene was completely ineffective because of those damn sheep. But I guess I should write about it anyway.

She thanks him for the gesture, even though it’s too much and he actually smiles! *squee* But when he turns, his face drops. He’s worried. And she can feel it. She asks if they are really starting over and he faces her with a fake smile. “Of course.” Again, when he turns away, he looks really unsure. The girl ain’t dumb. She can tell that you’re worried.

(L O_O K! It’s a bug! Oh no, that’s just Jae-hyuk’s mother.)

Madam Jo visits Jae-hyuk’s mother, the president of a mall, and mentions that a luxury shop is moving next door and Madam Jo does not like that. With a sugar-sweet smile, she mentions that “that girl” is back in Korea. The president is angry but Madam Jo has the upper hand and knows it.

Can I choke her with the strap of her purse? I bet the president would like to as well. She calls someone, probably Assistant Kim, and yells at him for not solving the “problem” with An-na.

Fresh from the shower, An-na sees the same news report as Ga-young but doesn’t seem surprised that Michael stole Young-gul’s ideas. The door beeps and she goes to greet Jae-hyuk – but it’s his mother. They trade venomous glances and sit on the sofa as far away from each other as possible.

Mom starts in on the threats, but An-na holds her ground. She even picks up the phone and calls security: there’s a strange person disturbing her.

Asa! Go An-na! Best scene of the episode.

Of course, mom is furious but An-na smirks and asks her how she likes being treated that way. “You made a mistake today,” mom threatens before going.

As soon as the door shuts, An-na’s brave face cracks. Her breathing becomes heavy as tears fall and she takes some pills, probably tranquilizers of some sort.

Jae-hyuk is meeting with his father, Jung Man-ho, who is not happy that Jae-hyuk “wasted” money on a failed show. Is the friend he brought back the “friend” from that time? Is he personally attached to her? How much money did he waste?

When Jae-hyuk replies, his father brutally beats him, ordering him not to make a mistake using his money again.

Do ya’ll remember how quickly Jae-hyuk apologized to the white-haired design director, Director Kim? He’s terrified of and desperately eager to please mean dad. Actually, complete douche dad.

On his way out of the office, Jae-hyuk passes Director Kim as he straightens up his collar and wipes off the blood. He only gives the director a passing acknowledgement who responds with a smirk and, “I sent you there to learn, but you’re still arrogant.” With venom in his gaze, Jae-hyuk apologizes for disappointing him.

He heads into his office and furiously throws his nameplate on the floor. Mr. Cool-as-a-cucumber is starting to crack as well.

He receives a call and hurries to An-na’s apartment. She’s lying on the floor, depressed and looks a bit drugged out. He pulls her into his arms and she sobs into his shoulder. The poor thing doesn’t think she can do it and wants to go back. All Jae-hyuk can do is hold her.

Bravo Yu-ri! You’re convincing! Not a genius, but convincing. And, I love seeing a scene like this. It’s genuine and raw. We need more of this and fewer crazy antics.

In his cell, Young-gul is meditating. HAHAHA! Then, he finds out he’s been released and gets paid a little by the nice jailer for 180 days of work on the coat. Young-gul also gets his necklace back, which wipes the smile from his face.

I’m not sure if a year has passed or only a little more than 180 days or what. In any case, it’s been at least six months. And, I actually don’t mind this time skip/fast forward.

At the prison entrance, he is met by Il-gook holding some tofu and cronies. Young-gul only manages a bite of the tofu before he is seized by the cronies to go see the boss.

Now that’s REAL friendship right there. Il-gook even tries to explain himself: friendship is friendship. Work is work. Boy, at this rate, you’d betray your own mama.

Young-gul wonders if Il-gook will at least send men after Jae-hyuk. Why? Il-gook wonders. Jae-hyuk is back in Korea.

Dun. Dun. Dun.

The car stops at a red light and Young-gul seizes the opportunity and bolts.

If I ever need lackeys, I’m not hiring them. Have they EVER heard of child-lock?

In a nice bit of product placement, Jae-hyuk has a security system set up in An-na’s apartment so the mothership can’t invade. They couple stares out the window as she leans her head on his shoulder. YAY! I love moments like these. Gimme MOAR!

Jae-hyuk drives An-na to work and she softly apologizes to him, which makes him smile *squee* Then, she sits quietly while listening to him discuss business in Korean and English.

Sooooo cute when he speaks English. Fangirlspazzzzz!

Assistant Kim shows An-na her new office where there are neon green chairs. Do not look directly at the screencaps or they may blind you. Turns out Jae-hyuk organized and decorated the whole thing himself.

The boy needs some serious taste adjustment. First the sheep, and now the neon green chairs.

Director Kim shows up, smug-as-you-please. He would’ve fired her for the failure that she had in New York and marvels at her audacity in returning to J Fashion – Seoul. When he asks if she’s in a relationship with Jae-hyuk, she asks him to focus on work matters.

Then the director reveals why he is so antagonistic towards her. She toiled  hard to get to New York and ended up working for Michael, right? With a look of pure malice, he reminds her that she is the “seller”, even if other people don’t know.

Wait a second. So did she sell his designs/J Fashion’s designs to Michael to get her job in New York? If so, does that mean she helped Michael steal Young-gul’s designs

Jae-hyuk has rented out a theater in his mother’s mall and is brooding while a classic plays on screen. (Does anybody know which movie it is?) Young-gul materializes and pokes fun of Jae-hyuk’s money. The movie is stopped and Young-gul demands an apology. When Jae-hyuk refuses, he gets punched.

After everything that has happened, I think Jae-hyuk is ready for a fight so he takes off his jacket and proceeds to beat Young-gul to a pulp with some pretty sweet moves. While they’re fighting, Young-gul accuses Jae-hyuk of reporting him to the police.

The fight ends when Jae-hyuk throws Young-gul over his shoulder and pins him to the ground with his knee – by Young-gul’s throat. Jae-hyuk looks absolutely savage as he orders Young-gul never to appear before him again, or he’ll kill him.

At that moment, I believe him. But Young-gul is a street kid and pretty darn tenacious. He declares that he’ll buy a theater bigger than this one and watch porn on it! BWAHAHAHA!

Deeno, we need to find Dong-ah and Robot and invite them to this new theater.

I another turn of rotten luck, Ga-young gets locked out of her apartment because she can’t pay rent. Outside, she trips and everything falls to the ground, including her tears. She picks herself up and trudges down the street where she sees a help-wanted sign for Young Girl.

NO! Don’t do it! Things NEVER look up in this drama! NEVER!

She hurries over to Young Girl where there are new employees and a new president. When he figures out that she was the female employee who “helped” President Kang out, he starts pulling her hair and yelling at her. It’s their fault that he and the shop suffered
What the hell is this violence? Not cool.

Young-gul is meandering the streets and sees a commotion at Young Girl. Before he can check it out, a cab drives up and Soo-ji, Tae-sun’s girl, disembarks. Young-gul hides while Soo-ji goes inside Young Girl. The employees are dumping Ga-young’s things out of their bags when Soo-ji marches up and starts giving Ga-young the what for and a hardy smack across the face.

Turns out the woman has been hiding at Hooksan Island waiting for Young-gul’s return. She starts yanking Ga-young’s hair.

Young-gul sneaks a peek into the fray and is shocked to see a mob of angry seamstresses and Soo-ji beating up Ga-young. He stands around like a bozo, trying to figure out whether or not he should help. But a team of Tae-sun’s goons spur him into making a decision – run away.


The guilt tears at him as his rides a bus away from the woman he should be helping. At the next stop, however, he gets off and…

We have to wait ‘til next week.


Here’s a pretty screencap for all you Je-hoon fans. Yes, please thank me. I like to be thanked. 😀

Oh words. How to find words to talk about this drama. I love it ’cause it’s crazy entertaining and I hate it ’cause it’s so crazy badly organized.

Yu-ri gets some mad props. I’m still thinking Shin Se-kyung needs a meatier character to play with although she is soooooo flippin’ cute and pitiful as Ga-young. Yoo Ah-in is killing his ridiculous character and Je-hoon’s smile ALMOST rivals uri Park Shi-hoo’s. Almost.

As for Young-gul’s move at the end. I’m actually not surprised that he left even though I’m not happy that he did. He’s a hustler to live, but he’s not really a go-getter and never really lived for anyone else. He’s more of a “flight” when one speaks of “fight or flight”. Even in the last episode, if An-na had resisted him more, I don’t think he would’ve pushed to meet Michael. It’s how he is. I do think, however, that watching Ga-young’s quiet tenacity thus far will have him go back for her. At least…I hope he will.

And An-na. What’s her role in Michael’s thievery?

And what about the time skips? They’re fine and all if you know exactly what’s going on. A little “six months” later subtitle would be great thanks.

And, and, and, how did Ga-young get back to Seoul? When? Why? What happened to school?

Will these questions be answered? Stay tuned for next weeks sure-to-be crazy installment of Fashion King.

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  1. Thank you for the recaps. It is appreciated. Not many on this drama and so far this drama is a difficult one to follow, at least for me. Glad I found this site.

  2. great recap!
    this show is surprisingly turning out better than i anticipated… the fashion industry is a lot more violent than i thought… you’d think young-gul would’ve learned how to fight better after all that time in prison… haha…
    i wanted to punch my tv when shin sekyung went back to the shop and everyone was beating her >=O

    and i’m no fashion guru but all these clothes these designers make look so hot.. i’d totally wear that weird poncho thing… just jokes…

    anyways… i hope they go back to nyc soonish… i enjoyed their awesome engrish skills.

  3. I love ep 4 for that KISS between Yuri and Lee Je Hoon, hotter than hell! thanks for the witty recap raine. love it !

  4. Oh God the storyline and the violence… I guess it’s safe to say that I only stick with this show for the four gorgeous charming leads – they have potentially interesting character too, imo. Thanks for the recaps and the pretty Jehoon’s screencap! 😀

    The kiss scene! How could I feel jealous for both of them lol, I think I ship Jaehyuk and Anna already. I wonder how the love line will go, though. Jaehyuk seems interested in Gayoung and from the next week’s preview it seems Younggul is getting closer to Anna? Hmm.

    I feel like a proud momma for Kwon Yuri. The running joke is, you have to enjoy getting loads of second-hand embarrassments to be a fan of Kwon Yuri. She’s an adorable fail of extremely cheerful goofball who always (almost) ruins SNSD’s attempts at pranks and making serious music videos with her extremely awkward acting lol. It’s so relieving to see her actually doing well on her acting’s foray. Not superb, but definitely much much better than what her own fans expected lol – especially considering the character is her exact opposite.

    • I love the kiss. She does okay in this show. I’m not completely appalled.I’m enjoying her cause she’s graceful, has a lovely speaking voice and a nice glare. And she gets to kiss Jae-hyuk…

      • Yeah, I guess it’s just that her fans have really low expectation of her acting so we’re just glad that she’s not utterly embarrassing and not getting harsh criticism for her acting or anything.

        Have you seen Lee Je-hoon’s movie, “Just Friends?”? He had much hotter make-out scenes there… it’s a gay movie, btw. That movie really left me a deep impression of Jehoon lol.

        • I saw a video of one scene that db5k shared. so sexy!!! The man is so versatile!! It was a very raw scene. I think right before a mother catches them. He can kiss me like that!!

  5. In the 3rd episode did you noticed how anna choi walked along the passage way,
    her pelvic (buttock) was swaying up and down. Is she formerly a model before becoming a fashion designer, don’t look like one either. ?

    • I think she’s a promotional model but I don’t know about professional. All I know is she is very very graceful and lovely to watch.

      • Raine, thanks for the info. I asked because in epi 4.
        choi an na make a comeback as Jfashion designer, I don’t see her doing any sketches or choosing the materials but seeing her monitoring the working team for the show.

        As for the white long dress and accessories she wore, that is not cheap to own unless she borrowed it, so the word she is a “seller” in epi.4 ( her past, vague info), is she a scoop seller for clothes or she get commission for selling un brand clothes to “top” designer whom she rub shoulder with ?. thank you.

        • Arlena wow – I think Yu-ri is a promotional model. As for An-na, the descriptions tell us that she’s a designer, but it looks to me like she’s part of a design team in NY and the head of…something? at J Fashion. The White haired director kim is the design director so perhaps she is just the designer of one line under J Fashion. I’m not sure. It’s very unclear and…I’m not super fashion savvy. DB5K seems to know more about this stuff!

          • tq Raine,

            I know a litle about Miss Shin, Mr Lee and Mr Yoo
            Kdramas but I don’t know Miss Yuri’s kdrama at all
            so do excuse me for lack of info about her, thanks.

  6. I’m not sure if anyone mentioned this yet — but Ga Young is back in Korea more than likely because she was aiding and abetting a felon. My guess is that JH got her out of jail but due to the situation she was forced to leave the school as well as got deported back to Korea, where unfortunately, her life took a really bad turn for the worse 😦

    • Brian – I figured, but a little part of me hoped that this drama would yet again ignore what would happen in RL and grant my desires to keep a talented woman in school. Poor thing is living the hard-knocked life right about now.

  7. w0_ow… thanks for the recap, they are great and fun. i was watch until ep 3 with sub, and look for ep 4 recap. thats the way i found ur site ^ ^ I hope the rating will be growth, even kim hyo sun had verry good acting on TMTETS, but Yoo ahin do better here, and the story line is…. oh God, icant describe it.. hahaha.. rooftopprince is funny, i like it either, but FK have some thing too… *the adorable male actor with great acting will be the first of the list ^__=
    i bookmark your site Raine… for next episode recap.. 🙂 thanks for your hard and fun work ^__^

    • Nana – thanks for visiting! I try to make my recaps easy to search for. I know there aren’t too many of this one out there.

      and yes, sexy male actors are making this drama SO much better. The ratings did go up. I didn’t check episode 4s yet.

  8. According to AGB Nielsen, Love Rain’s second episode suffered a drop in ratings, from 5.8% to 5.2%, while Fashion King’s fourth episode enjoyed a boost. It’s strange though, because according to TNmS, Fashion King’s ratings have dropped. According to TNmS, FK ep3 got 12.4% and FK ep4 got 11.6%. There’s also a significant difference in AGB and TNmS ratings: AGB ratings for FK are in the 9% range while TNmS ratings are in the 12% range. I heard that AGB’s ratings are more accurate since they use a larger sample size. Can I ask how you find ratings on AGB’s site, because I can’t find them for the life of me -_-”

    I love reading your recaps because I watch FK raw and I often miss all the details that you provide!! This episode was crazy hectic. I swear, FK’s script writer must be on something >_> And thank you for that screen cap of Je Hoon’s gentle smile. I can’t stop myself from murmuring, “sooo dreaaammy,” even when I’m just looking at screen caps of Lee Je Hoon. (I also loved your The Kisser post.)

    Young Gul’s character in this episode leaves a lot to be desired. Personally, I agree with Jaehyuk. Young Gul has placed Gayoung in a really difficult situation, i.e., shacking up with the member of the opposite sex, extra living costs, risking deportation, etc. Can’t wait to see his character growth!!

    Random Comments:
    *I love Spawn of Satan because it’s fun to cackle at all of her frustrated attempts.
    *I’m also confused as to why Gayoung’s back in Korea. I guess Secretary Kim could only help so much. But why did those Young Girl workers start beating up Gayoung?
    *Anna steals/sells designs? Okay, it’s a pretty safe bet that Anna will steal Gayoung’s designs in the future. I don’t think Anna will ever completely go over to the dark side, though.
    *I think the film playing was The Artist.

    Fashion Segue:
    Michael J. Lauren’s runway pieces actually represent Fall/Winter 2012 menswear trends: long shearling coats and deconstructed motorcycle jackets with extra zippers. And those Chanel sunglasses were made infamous by Nicole Richie.

    • DB5K – I actually don’t use AGB Nielsen. I peruse blogs and news sites and compare and then report. Not the most ACCURATE way, but I haven’t found too much discrepancy between the numbers reported from the AGB site.

      I might make an aniGIF slider of a few Je-hoon pictures for all ya’ll Je-hoon lovers. Heck, I’m doing it for me too!

      I agree with Jae-hyuk too even though his reason for disagreeing mostly comes from petty jealousy. But he has a point. YG is leeching and making things dangerous for her and as you know, her life did take a turn for the worst.

      Thank you for the film and the spelling errors! Haha, again with the spelling…

      How do you know this fashion stuff? I’m so clueless. I just say…ooh pretty. Or eww ugly. Haha

      As for aniGIF I don’t have the software for make to make one of a kiss, only sliders…Imma research how to do it on mac…:D:D

      and yes, those licks were like O_O. The thing is, they looked so happy together so it was even sexier.

    • You’re welcome! I can’t help myself. When I first started recapping, I tried to keep the snark out, but it kept creeping in and then I met Deeno and it was all over.

      • No need to keep it out! Seriously! As DB5K said, it’s the fun part! 😉 Without the comments and notes, its kind of bland! (Which is what I think of my own efforts! <_< Gotta improve!! 😥 Uh, with time, I guess, hehe!)

    • Raine’s comments are freakin hilarious!! I giggled nonstop while reading this recap. Actually, everyone on this site is really funny~~ It’s also a joy to be around fellow Lee Je Hoon lovers, so much so, I don’t mind sharing, lol. Should we refer to Lee Je Hoon as uri Je Hoon from now on, or is that reserved for PSH ^^?

      • haha, I ended up laughing out loud and having my mother turn to ask me what had happened! 😛 I’m new to Raine’s site but I’ll stick around and look forward to making new friends! Where are you from DB5K? I’m from Pakistan. As for uri Je Hoon, Raine’s the authority on that! Wouldn’t want to come between her and PSH now, would we?! 😛 haha!

  9. Je Hoon is a strange fellow. His face is half “I can kill you on the spot” eyes, and half “don’t try resisting me” smile. Oh, don’t worry! It never crossed my mind.
    Those plushie sheep would look much better in my house. Gimme, gimme! I love farm animals plushies. And anyway, i should hide them from Deeno before it’s too late. We can’t trust her when cute things appear on our screens.
    I will never wear that horror of a poncho, even if i freeze in the streets. I’d rather have the bird poop shapeless military vest of Young Gul. The grey ensemble is nice. Not super original, but at least wearable. Très Parisien.
    The luxury theater with 3D and THX sono to watch gorgeously filmed erotic movies? Yes, please. The weird couple would totally dig this, and i could watch with them actually. With soju and popcorn.
    Young Gul meditating: Someone has watched Fantastic Baby too many times. Where are the camo monks with their breathing masks?

    • Did you see that video that DB5K posted of him in the film Just Friends? in my recap of ep 3? The man is sexy as sin. I would not resist either.

      The sheep are cute but just so random. Deeno already plans on making them bloody. But too bad, they’re a part of MY army…of CUTE.

      I put that poncho pic up JUST for you. 😀 Ouais le style est tres parisien.

      Soju, popcorn, porn, Dong-ah and Robot with their blood inducing kisses. Sign me up! Except…Je-hoon has to come along. I’ll take care of him while Young-gul pretends to be in FB!

      • I saw the steamy vid (thanks DB5K). A man who makes love with a big unapologetic smile on his face is a keeper.

        • That video was too hot not to share with everyone ^^


          My possessive inner fan girl totally took over me, because I became insanely jealous of his co-star. I was all like, “no, no, Je Hoon, you’re mine, you should be doing this with me.” But yeah, I can’t say my jaw dropped at all the intimate licking scenes. I watched some parts with my eyes wide shut *^_____^*

  10. Ahahahaha! You read my mind about the school thing (did she quit? was she expelled? Why?) and the violence thing. (the slapping/beating needs to stop NOW) Thanks for the pic of JH, he’s a handsome devil! I can’t stop watching this one and keep asking myself why? (LOL)

    • The beating was infuriating. She’s not a pinata.

      Your welcome for the pic of JH :D:D:D

      I’m guessing a band of sea pirates kidnapped her to mend their undergarments, sailed her to Italy where she met a gondolier who moved her to Busan to make soju. She got tired of making soju and decided to go back to making clothes to show Michael J. Lauren that ponchos never really ever were fashion.

      • Ahahahaha! Sea pirates & undergarments…Okay, I just snorted my Monster energy drink through my nose and that burned like hell! (it’s all your fault) WHY are these English actors so beyond horrible? WTF?

  11. hey !thanks for the recap,got this off soompi.Im with you on the horrible structure of the drama,finally got to dig a bit further and I think its because the director,producer and the 2 different screenwriters are very dissimilar and have too diff takes on things.i went through a bit of their previous works,which is why i’m so worried because this drama does have the potential.

    i actually like the initial coupling.i hope they don’t give us the typical love triangles or square.the chemistry between anna and Jh would go to such length of waste.sigh

    hope for the best for next week?

    and my god am i not falling in love with Lee je hoon,so THANK YOU:)

    • 😀 You ARE welcome. Je-hooooon!

      I did the same and I was hoping for it to work out. But you may be right, their approaches may be so different there is no way to find a happy medium, so we get a mishmash of nutty and nuttier.

      I love the initial couplings, too but I see JH as having some interest in GY. I hope he stays with An-na even though she’s kinda a downer…for understandable reasons

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