Rooftop Prince: Episode 4 Recap

by: Raine and MadDino

Raine: Not only can this show do funny, but it can do serious, mystery, weave complicated plot elements together and completely engage both Deeno and I.

This episode delivered so much and writer-nim gets TOTAL props.

Also, also, also AGB Nielsen reported that episode 3 of  Rooftop Prince hit 11.2%! ASA!

“Wounds” –  Ali (from the Rooftop Prince OST)

episode 4 recap

Raine: At the end of the last episode, the fashion show is rockin’ Britney Spears’ Toxic. It’s the pop song I am shamefully in love with.


Deeno: I’m scared.

Raine: You should be scared. I scare myself.

Deeno: I’d heard the song before, but identifying it much less who sings it is beyond me.

Raine: *shakes her bootie*

The Crown Prince finds his princess’ doppelganger, attacks her with a tight hug and is dragged away by security, calling out for his Crown Princess. He gets thrown out and a line of security bars his re-entry.

Deeno: The bars where security guards drink?

Raine: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a comedian in our midst.

Deeno: I couldn’t help it…when I read bars I first thought of prison bars. I was confused.

Raine: I was suffering heartbreak for poor Lee Gak. He really loves his princess and both past and present incarnations were devious wenches. *Sob* Poor thing.

Raine: Park Ha hangs the radish the prince won for her in her new fruit store: Park Ha’s Fruit Store. Not the most creative name, but at least she has a store.

Or does she?

Deeno: Princely pears, peaches, and persimmons…

Raine: But then what would she do with the strawberries?

Deeno: Scholarly strawberries…

Raine: Stop while you’re ahead.

Deeno: Murderous Mangos!

Raine: *sigh*

Deeno: You know you’re laughing.

Raine: The president comes to collect the deposit and sign the lease and Park Ha discovers that her check is gone. After waiting several months for the deposit, the president is unwilling to give her anymore time and orders her to move out of her shop immediately.

Raine: She desperately calls Se-na who ignore the call with a satisfied smirk.

I’m imagining my hands around her neck right about now.

Deeno: Just strangulation? How about locking her in the sewers. She can live on rat flesh ‘till they feed on her flesh.

Raine: We keep mentioning eating human flesh, have you noticed?

Deeno: I’m a dinosaur, what else would I eat? Mangos?

Raine: If they’re murderous.

The tracksuit trio returns dressed in animal costumes as Park Ha sinks to the floor. Tears come unbidden to her eyes. Then, to add insult to injury, the truck with her half-priced strawberries arrives.

Raine: Our heartbroken Crown Prince waits outside the hotel for his Crown Princess and tries to run to her. Again, he is stopped by the guards who also prevent him from calling to her. Ack, my heart is hurting so badly for him.

Park Ha runs to her step-mother for help, but the woman is unable to help and scolds her for being careless. If Park Ha can’t pay back the credit union, she’ll lose the deposit. Can her step-mother help her get $40,000 by the morning.

Wow, that’s a lot to ask. She doesn’t have anyone to turn to and the poor thing is desperate. Too bad Se-na has seen it all and takes her for a talking to in a coffee shop.

Raine: Se-na basically says, “I told you so.” She warned Park Ha that at the first sign of trouble she’d turn to her step-mom. Did Park Ha not understand her first warning or did she just not want to hear it? Emotionally exhausted from the entire ordeal, Park Ha tells Se-na that she is going to leave if Se-na will not help her.

But Se-na will help her. If Park Ha takes the money and goes back to America; if Park Ha goes back to the way things were two years before. They were strangers.

Deeno: But if they’re strangers, how will they kill each other?

Raine: However they so choose. Se-na is pure evil so I’m sure even a stranger will find good reason to take her out.

Raine: It is raining when Park Ha leaves. Suddenly, she remembers the huge shipment of strawberries and runs to protect them from the rain. Then she also remembers that she promised to pick up Lee Gak – who is shivering in the rain, waiting for her. She told him to wait and promised him omurice for dinner.

Deeno: I like that she remembered the strawberries first.

Raine: Me, too. I was almost positive she was going back for the prince. Hehe.

Deeno: Me, too! Mwhehehehe.

Raine: Park Ha arrives holding an umbrella, feeling quite guilty when she sees him shivering in the rain. He glares at her and she apologizes – something urgent came up.

Deeno: Shouldn’t there have been some shelter from the rain?

Raine: There should’ve, but it’s more dramatic for him to be standing and shivering in the rain. He’s a diva like that.

Deeno: But his hair wasn’t wet. Or wig. Or beaver hat.

Raine: Hehehehehehe.

Raine: Tired, cold and pushed to his royal limits, he takes out his frustration on her. Was her promise to him not important? What was so urgent? Close to tears, she tells him it was nothing. Still hurt by Se-na’s rejection, he hollers that he has no importance in Park Ha’s heart.

But Park Ha has nothing in her heart right now. It was hard enough to come pick him up. Hurt, he snaps that she is a lowly peasant. She turns and walks away, fighting tears.

Deeno: Can I strangle him?

Raine: Only if you don’t actually kill him.

Deeno: Only if you back away from Tae Mu.

Raine: Bring it on, sister.

Deeno: Is that permission to kill?

Raine: That’s permission to try.

Deeno: There is no difference when you wield a lightsaber and the dark side.

Raine: Back at the rooftop, the stuffed radish is soaked and lying pitifully on the ground. The emotionally wounded prince angrily lays into Park Ha. She didn’t keep her promise because she only has money and the shop in her heart.

She wonders how he dare speak to her that way if he knows nothing about the situation. The prince harshly declares that because she cannot keep a promise, her business will never prosper; she will always fail.

No more misses nice Mother Hen. She snaps that he is the lowly peasant with no respect and no power in this world. Right now, he’s the idiot. He calls her a wench. She tries to slap him. He catches her hand. They glare.

The whole fight was a battle between wounded animals. For once I’m not screaming, “Tell each other!” They are in the midst of emotional turmoil and don’t know each other well enough to share. It’s actually semi-realistic. Bravo, show.

Deeno: That near slap was fantastic. I could imagine what that would be like if the tracksuit trio was there. Good thing the prince is slightly more grounded. Just a smidgen.

Raine: Maybe only half a smidgen.

Raine: In Joseon, the prince finds the Crown Princess after a desperate search and hugs her, despite her worry that people will see them.

Awwwww, he loves her. He’s so sweet. I want one. Where can I buy one?

Deeno: It will cost you…

Raine: I’ve already sold half of my liver for top secret information on Park Shi-hoo…

Deeno: Who would want your liver?  Weirdo.

Raine: Park Ha’s ringtone kills the moment and she orders him to begin work, dragging him away from his princess.

BWAHAHA! That scene was needed after the intense fighting.

Deeno: He’ll never win as long as he’s in the modern world.

Raine: I want to put him back on an elevator…

Deeno: You just want him half naked again.

Raine: …and the entourage, too.

Deeno: And Tae Mu…

Raine: *drool*

Raine: Of course, the prince wakes up in the rooftop apartment in his red tracksuit. She is most definitely getting to him. Hurry up and fall in love with her.

Park Ha stalks out of her room and right out of the front door. Team Joseon is rather indignant that she neglected to make them breakfast – omurice.

Hehe. Comfort food.

Deeno: I’d be upset, too. Don’t mess with a hungry dino.

Raine: I better not mention any more human flesh in this recap…

Deeno: Poor human…

Raine: Anyway, the prince declares that they can find food on their own and Guard Yong-sul immediately decides to go hunting. Scholar Man-bo wisely stops him as he would only find people outside.

And the first thing that popped into my head was that Yong-sul would decide to go hunting for people.

Deeno: Me too! That’s really the only option.

Raine: And here I just promised not to mention any more human snacks…

Deeno: You keep forgetting these things. Some day you’ll end up diced into to chopstick sized pieces.

Raine: Just wait until this drama is over. I want to live until then.

Eunuch Chi-san just wants some cup ramen, but the prince has no money.

Raine: Park Ha meets her blond, American friend Amy and her new hubby at a hotel. They sit down for coffee and Amy informs Park Ha that she quit the place they used to work at. She brought Park Ha her time from her locker.

Yay, more bad acting by Americans. Couldn’t they find some who can act?

Deeno: Then who would we mock? Everyone else is rocking it.

Raine: This is true…

Raine:The tracksuit trio then gets hauled off to their part time jobs by Becky, which confuses the prince. When did they get part time jobs? Instead of answering, they shove him back into the apartment and leave.

Heehee, Mother Hen is rubbing off on them. Me likey.

As can be expected, the trio fails utterly when they try to work part-time.

Deeno: The car wash made me cringe.

Raine: I laughed in horror as Chi-san used the hose on the exterior…and on the leather interior…

Deeno: I just can’t laugh at that, but I can laugh when people die…hmm…something is wrong here.

Raine: The first step is admittance…

Deeno: I didn’t say I was the wrong one…

Raine: *rofl*

The tracksuit trio finally tells the prince that they went to earn money because Park Ha’s business went bankrupt. He is shocked and thinks she’s an idiot. Then he remembers his cruel words from the night before and feels like a douchebag.

Yessir Mr. Prince sir, you were a royal douchebag.

Raine: Lady Mimi finds the soaked radish on the roof and squeezes the water out. “Since your owner failed, you’re shedding tears, too.”

She’s so weird, but I love it.

Becky shows up to pick up the trio for work and Lady Mimi wonders why the prince doesn’t work. He’s perfectly healthy, is he not? She tsks and hands him the radish. “It cried all night. Go comfort it well.”

Plot commentary via stuffed animals makes my day.

Deeno: I loved that part! Animals should cry.

Raine: Wait, it’s a stuffed vegetable. My bad. Should veggies cry, too?

Deeno: Should vegetables even exist? They’d probably cry if they heard me say that. And it would make me smile.

Raine: Park Ha and the bad actress Amy part ways. Amy notices Park Ha’s somber mood and reminds Park Ha to think about what she said.

Raine: On the bus home, Park Ha is clutching the tin and remembering that Se-na wants to send her back to America. Then, she recalls what Amy said: Come back to America and open a restaurant with us. “We can work happily together as before.”

Seriously, who wrote the English dialogue? Did the American actors not say anything about how awkward that sounds?

Park Ha climbs up the stairs to her rooftop apartment and looks at it with eyes full of tears. Inside she spots the radish hanging up to dry and smiles when remembering the prince.

Aww. She’s going to miss having fun with him. I don’t think she likes him romantically all that much…yet.

Raine: On a playground, Becky does a sexy dance and the tracksuit trio, decked out in animal costumes, hilariously try to copy her. They are so goofy.

I’m seriously busting a gut. No, Deeno, you cannot use my blood to paint Tae-mu’s face.

Deeno: Pretty please? I’ll be gentle.

Raine: I only share blood with my beloved.

Deeno: Note to self. Turn Park Shi-hoo to the dark side.

Raine: Now, Crown Prince Lee Gak is watching the dancing lesson and decides to try out the moves himself.

Micky Yoochun, you are so funny! I watched this scene…too many times. My stomach hurts from all the laughing.

Raine: Lady Mimi arrives, orders the trio to change and dance like crazy. It doesn’t matter if they’re embarrassed because the heads of the costumes hide their faces. And when in costume, they must BECOME the animals so there is no talking.

Deeno: If they become one with the animals doesn’t that make Blue ahjussi Dong-ah’s dog?

Raine: Dong-ah would LOVE to put a collar on someone that fine…

Deeno: Bad…bad…must wash my eyeballs out after reading that….

Raine: The heads go on and they waddle on over to the prince and bow, asking for permission to go, which he gives. Again, she tsks at his laziness which affronts his royal pride.

Raine: Turns out they are dancing like crazy in order to sell all of Park Ha’s half-priced strawberries. Except they’re not dancing like crazy. They’re kinda lumbering around like idiots. A panda walks stiffly over and Lady Mimi looks relieved – it’s Becky. She wants Becky to stand before them and show them how it’s done.

Now we all know that when someone walks up and their faces are hidden, it’s a main character in disguise. Besides the panda is waaaaay too tall to be Becky. So it’s the prince-y prince, finally swallowing his pride to work for something.

Deeno: It’s amazing how much he acts like a girl though…

Raine: Park Ha totally wears the pants.

Raine: The music plays and the Panda Prince shows the other animals how to dance all crazylike. A crowd gathers, full of smiles and ready to buy some strawberries! Lady Mimi is pleased

How cute are Team Joseon shaking their booties in animal costumes? *squee**pinch furry cheeks*

Raine: Daddy Tae-mu runs like a buffoon to find Tae-mu. Even though Tae-mu employed models for today’s wedding broadcast, Aunt Wang is furious because Tae-mu dropped her son for a better model. Daddy Tae-mu tries to placate her, but she doesn’t want to hear it. She leaves in a huff, feeling unappreciated.

Deeno: Tae Mu! My beloved! At last I can talk about you.

Raine: I bet he doesn’t want to talk about you.

Deeno: It’s a doggy! A vicious doggy. The kind I’d keep around just so it can chew on Se-na’s neck. This dog is owned by someone the crazy aunt looks up.

Raine: Person Pyo Taek-soo. Dog Lee Teuk-soo. Yes, I’m a freak about names. It’s driving me nuts that I don’t know the step-mom’s name.

Deeno: Seriously, she’s a freak about names. She’s crazy, while I tend to be lazy. Nicknames for the win!

Raine: Need. Names….

Deeno: You need names like a zombie needs brains.

The guy used to be tied to the company until two years ago and is reluctant to go back. He’s also the actor who played “Mustachio” in Man of Honor. So I’ll call him, No Stachio.

Raine: Sounds like pistachio. Yum.

Deeno: Tae Mu is planning a huge company event. Instead of using models he wants to use the company’s employees. He even goes so far as to recommend that Se Na play the lead role, a bride. When the two are alone, Se Na expresses her shock, while reminding Tae-mu that he needs to keep their relationship secret. Tae-mu gloats that it won’t be long before he’ll own the company. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was no longer part of your plans after you get your company. You’ll probably lock her in the sewer to be devoured by rats, while you walk down the aisle with me…

Raine: You might want to consult Mr. Dino on that one first…

Deeno: No, need to consult him. I’ve already killed him off in one of my stories.

Raine: At least you tied up all the loose ends…

Deeno: Park Ha finds Team Joseon selling her strawberries. She’s especially awed by the panda prince who has been giving his all. Giving his all to the point of collapse. Poor panda.

Blue Ahjussi, the murderer, carries him away, while the crowd oohs and aahs over the beautiful men finally unmasked.

Raine: Ooooooh. Aaaaaah. Yong-sul is one hot Blue ahjussi murderer. Nom nom nom.

Deeno: Pervert. He’s probably the one I like the least, which is odd because he’s a murderer.

Raine: He hasn’t gotten much development and he’s so serious. But he’s so hot…

Deeno: Not attractive at all…

Raine: *sigh*

Deeno: Blue thinks he should take off the suit, but as a gentleman can’t undress a woman. He asks Park Ha to help, but turns out he doesn’t have to worry after all as it’s finally revealed that the prince was indeed wearing the suit. He takes the head off to cool down for a bit, but has to put it back on when Park Ha enters the room. He can’t have her thinking that he’s uncool. As if he hasn’t already made a fool of himself a million times much to her delight.

Raine: And my delight. My extreme delight. Thank you 21st century and the invention of the “rewind” button.

Deeno: I use my rewind button for Tae-mu

Raine: And your screencap button. And your aniGIF button.

Deeno: I need a make out button.

Raine: Where can I get one of those?

Deeno: Park Ha thanks “Becky” for working so hard. Becky has been a pillar of strength when Park Ha needed it the most and the only way she can express this is by holding her hand.

The Panda Prince shies away from her and her grabby hands.

Raine: Me likes grabby hands and uncomfortable Panda Prince’s.

Deeno: You want to be the grabby hands.

Raine: *hangs head*

Deeno: Park Ha confesses that she won’t be staying in Korea very long. We can finally see the prince seep through. He’s upset and stand ups and crosses his arm in typical princely fashion. Park Ha asks “Becky” not to tell the boys since she wants to tell them at the right time.

I’m going to say now is the wrong time. He’s already dressed up as a panda, do you have to make his day worse? What can a panda do, but storm off?

Raine: Yes, yes she does. It’s her job to make everything as difficult as possible for him. She is Mother Hen.

Deeno: Meanwhile, Se Na and Tae-mu are preparing for a wedding extravaganza. Tae-mu asks the bride to meet him privately.

Raine: My mind seriously went straight to the gutter when he said that.

Deeno: It’s Tae-mu, my mind was already there.

Raine: I win. She has been converted.

Deeno: Tae-mu wins…

He pulls her close when they are alone and with a wave of the hand and a little panache he produces an engagement ring and proposes.

Let me take a minute to gush like a girl. I love that ring, and I love Se Na’s head band. It’s so pretty, this from a girl who would never ever in a million years be caught with a diamond ring. I might actually consider it for that ring. I’m so envious of Se Na right now. I want Tae-mu more than I’ve ever wanted a drama character. Sorry, Vanness.

Raine: He’s going to come after you, kill you, kill Tae-mu then whisk Se-na, her head band and her ring away. Then he’s going to try to recreate the absolute cuteness of the two evils being all cute and cuddly.

Deeno: If Vanness killed someone or played a murderer, I’d go for that over Tae-mu. I think.

Raine: Just be greedy. Go for both.

Deeno: Murderer Vanness, here I come!

Deeno: Park Ha has a big dinner to thank everyone. Everyone is happy except for the prince. He’s upset that she’s abandoning them, but at the same time can’t tell her that he knows. His temper explodes and he strides out, his agitation evident to everyone, but no the cause.

Becky offers him coffee since she assumes he’s upset that he didn’t get credit for his hard work. He joins her for something sweet, but while drinking he notices Se Na on the television. Becky tells him that Se Na is getting married, but she doesn’t explain that the whole scene is fake.

Deeno: Se Na and Tae-mu on the other hand are being praised for their hard work. The wedding package has been sold out and Tae-mu is one step closer to inheriting the company. They congratulate each other privately, but things go awry when the prince shows up again. He goes after Se-na and Tae-mu in his fury punches the prince and the prince falls into the water. Tae-mu’s mind flashes back to when he killed Tae Young. Se-na watches terrified.

I’ll be honest, I laughed with glee at this scene. I loved the parallel deaths. I loved Tae-mu’s stricken face. A large part of me thought this would be a perfect ending, but then I wouldn’t get to see Tae-mu twice a week.

Raine: I really loved the parallels in the story here as well. I actually love all of them ‘cause there aren’t too many to be completely makjang. They’re really effective and make my heart beat really fast. I was screaming, “NOT LEE GAK!!!!!!”

Deeno: As the prince slowly sinks, his thoughts wander. Who is he? Who is Tae Yong? Who is the crown princess, who is not his crown princess? If they are reincarnations, then why was he brought here?

Raine: Don’t go towards the light! Back away from the light!

Deeno: Go to the light. It has yogurt.

Raine: You totally win…

Deeno: As the prince drowns, Park Ha goes through the tin from New York. Inside is the postcard with Tae Yong’s drawing of her on the back. Attached is a note asking her to meet him at seven at the location on the front. She’d gone, but by that time he was swimming with the fishies and unable to keep the appointment.

Raine: How irresponsible.

Deeno: How charming!

Park Ha also has a phone. A customer has switched phones with one of the guys. Does that mean that Park Ha has photographic proof that Tae-mu was with Tae Yong in New York? I want to see her discover that.

Raine: Me, too. I squee’d with delight when I saw the phone.

Deeno: She also pulls out an ornament of unknown significance, but it’s of a couple.

Raine: It looks like a pair of skinny voodoo dolls.

Deeno: The coast guard searches for the prince, while Tae-mu nearly has a panic attack. He can’t control his movements as his hand keeps twitching. Eventually, he realizes that he looks suspicious so he brings his hand down to squeeze it into a mighty fist.

I want to see those twitching hands and eyes brooding in a shower. This is me! I actually want him to have a shower scene. What am I doing? What’s wrong with me? Unni, stop corrupting me!

Raine: Mwehehehehe!

Deeno: I’m normally not into characters this much.

Raine: He tickled your pickle.

Deeno: They find the prince’s body and he’s rushed to the ambulance with Tae-mu and Se-na by his side. Might I just say that’s a dangerous place to put him, but he’s nearly dead so they’ll probably wait to see if he dies naturally before finishing him off themselves.

Tae-mu panics on the ride over there and things keeps getting worse.

Deeno: The doctors attempt to revive the prince, but they have no choice but to declare him dead! I’m so happy. Everything in the world is right. Tae-mu is having a breakdown and needs me more than ever, Raine is stuck with a princely corpse, all is good.

Until the prince comes back to life. Stupid prince.

Raine: It’s ALIVE! YAY!

Deeno: Grrrrr….Stupid movie magic.

I love granny’s parting words to Tae-mu, “You nearly killed a man.” If only she knew…

Raine: Lee Tae-sung totally KILLS this scene. He acts with every muscle in his face. It’s beautiful.

Deeno: Be quiet. That’s my man!

Raine: I’m greedy.

Deeno: You can’t be greedy with him, unless you want to die. Go play with your little Park Shi-hoo.

Raine: Park Shi-hoo!

Deeno: Park Ha worries when the prince doesn’t return. She heads out to search for him, but has no idea where to look. She finally gets a call from the hospital since her name and number were stuffed in the prince’s jacket pocket.  

She rushes to the hospital and meets granny on the way up. Se-na and Tae-mu are shocked to find out that Park Ha is the prince’s guardian. They are in for a bigger shock though because when they enter the prince’s room, the price claims that he’s Tae Yong.

Oh my, I’m going to guess he’s faking, but what if there is some  time travelling magic and he’s suddenly been imbued with Tae Yong’s memories. That would be so cool!

Raine: I hope so. I was thinking the same thing. But I think he’s faking as well.


Raine: The conflicts in this episode are typical: jealous step sister. Neglected illegitimate child. But the way the writers make Park Ha a trigger for fear in both Tae-mu and Se-na is so amazingly clever and it just boggled my mind. The tension was sooooo delicious.

I also love the parallels between Joseon and Seoul. The prince calling out to the princess, the floating Tae-yong/Lee Gak.

The detail work is really incredible. The prince’s love for sweet things and small/large running gags: the tracksuits, Lee Gak’s love of sweet things, the omurice, use of solid colors for identity and humor. There is also the use of water as a spirit of change: floating in the water, the soaked Radish doll.

Oh yeah, I love me some radish.

Deeno: Ick! Radish is for rabbits… Maybe I need to get some after all.

Raine: And with that, we will leave you until next Wednesday. Drop us a line and let us know what YOU think will happen next.

Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

Character introductions.

Rooftop Prince Episode 4 Screencaps by MadDino.

17 responses to “Rooftop Prince: Episode 4 Recap”

  1. Excellent Recap!

    Anyone know where I can get that engagement ring that he gave her in Episode 4 at around 41:30 into the episode?

  2. awesome recap! i have a sudden craving for yogurt now. cant wait til wednesday for the next episode!

    • I know, I’m so stoked for this week! I’m eating yogurt now…with granola. Nom nom nom. Thank you so much for stopping by.

      Everyone, this is the person who supplies me with my raws on like 2 hours after live broadcast. (And later subbed) check it!

  3. This drama continues to rock and I continue to love it. Hope it has enough power to stay like that for 20 episodes, but somehow I´m pretty optimistic about that, due to the good acting and amusing plot. And thanks for your recaps, they´re indispensable part of the fun 😉

  4. Here we go with the telegraphic comments:
    I want that stuffed radish to feed my stuffed sheep. It works like a magic potion to turn them into soldiers. And i want real radishes for myself: Because I love veggies. Really! Must have been a rabbit in a previous life.
    “Murderous Mangos and Scholarly Strawberries” should be the name of a funk music band. It sounds ridiculously awesome.
    The Dramagods must be busy these days: I asked for dobermans in Fashion King, and they deliver one in Rooftop Prince. Tsk tsk. I will be nice for this one…
    Raine and Deeno, I want the make out button too. Wait. I want a special handmade keyboard designed by an Italian craftman, with keys installed one by one…
    The bad acting foreigners are sure becoming my favorite pet peeve. They should overtake the Noble Idiocy very soon. Maybe i should start a new career as a caucasian actress in SK. I promise i can do better. Just give me some kiss scenes please.

    I love the granny. “You nearly killed a man.”

    Tae-Mu: “Yes, I keep trying, but it never works. Do you have an idea almoni?”

    Ahh! Just ask Maddino. Simplest solution is always the best.

  5. I totally fell asleep after I stopped writing. I tried to wait, but my bed was so comfy…

    Hehehe. I’m so funny. You’re so funny. Together we’re funnier?

  6. another daebak recap from the madcap duo. i’m gonna run out of superlatives for the next recaps! can’t help laughing at yoochun’s funny faces when he tried to imitate the dance of the mascots. really loved that part, he’s got this innocent vibes! what do i think will happen next. here is my fearless forecast. i’m gonna fast forward to ep. 20 when
    lee gak goes back to the past with park ha as his crown princess because
    she is his destined partner until the evil sister intervened.lee gak timeslipped into the future to correct the mistakes of the past through their reincarnated selves or something like that. anyways deeno for the win with the line go towards the light it has yoghurt and the mention of vanness whom i truly love.

    • I about died when she wrote that line and couldn’t write for a while ’cause I kept cracking up.

      And Vanness better watch out. Lee Tae-sung is breathing down his neck…

  7. I liked more the recap and comments than the drama :)) Actually, i like them both. An A+ for this “Go to the light. It has yogurt.” and “I want to see those twitching hands and eyes brooding in a shower. This is me! I actually want him to have a shower scene. What am I doing? What’s wrong with me? Unni, stop corrupting me!”


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