Happy Birthday Park Shi-hoo!!!

by: Raine

Today is Park Shi-hoo’s 34th birthday! His Korean age is 35. As I’m on the other side of the world, his birthday is almost over. He spent his birthday at a Fan Meeting in Japan that lasted about 2 hours. The man is dedicated.

Again, to remind you why I adore this guy.

1) He is humble and he words damned hard. I cannot tell you how important that is for me when I look at him as a professional actor and as a man. We’re alive and walking the earth so we should be doing things and trying out best. He does.

2) He respects his family and his colleagues. We live with people. We eat with people. We talk and play and fight and work with people. To be able to get along with them and with those who are closest to us in our lives is extremely important. If I’m going to admire an actor, he better have these qualities and Park Shi-hoo does.

3) He’s good looking. I admit it. I like to look at him. But even more than he’s good looking, he takes care of himself. You can see it in how he presents himself: his dress, his smile despite his level of fatigue, how he keeps in shape. It’s all telling of the kind of person one is and he is a pretty awesome guy.

4) He’s good to his fans. I mean, the guy is holding a fanmeet on his birthday. You rock, Shi-hoo ssi!

For all that I fangirl in my posts, I really am not THAT psycho. I appreciate this guy and my wishes for his birthday are this: to have a wonderful year. To find a woman who understands and supports him. To find more success in his work and that he continues to enjoy that work.

I have to share what the parksihoo4u.com members have done for him (Ashley, Hottie, Songielove and Wilma). For months they have planned and toiled to make him an international scrapbook of well-wishes for his birthday. It’s ridiculously awesome and makes me feel like my adoration of him is miniscule indeed.

Happy Birthday 1 from parksihoo4u.com – PSH’s birthday presents!

Happy Birthday 2 from parksihoo4u.com – 90 birthday messages

Happy Birthday 3 from parksihoo4u.com – More on the scrapbook by Songielove

Happy Birthday 4 from parksihoo4u.com – The future Mrs. PSH. HYSTERICAL

Happy birthday from Miami, Florida Park Shi-hoo!

생일축하합니다 박시후씨!!!!

9 responses to “Happy Birthday Park Shi-hoo!!!”

  1. Raine, you are such a sweet person. Park Si Hoo would be so proud of you if he knows you are his fan. Compared to you, I have done nothing for him ; not in the way you have so lovingly started a mini series on him despite your busy schedule.

    And I love your writings. You are talented and hilarious.

  2. Hey I’m late for this party! Happy birthday to the perfect man! I need another Princess Man or Prosecutor Princess drama with Park Shi Hoo in the lead.

  3. The one thing I enjoyed the most was that 100 questions he answered…Nº40 Where would you visit? Answer…”I want to do Spain” Ditto. Palli palli “uri Shiú” (Spanish pronunciation) Madrid kayaseo (attempt at korean) =0)

    Now seriously, he is one fine, fantastic actor. We need him in a new drama. Soon. I enjoyed his Family Honour’s character so much…well to tell the truth there’s no role of his I haven’t enjoyed thoroughly!!!

    • I actually enjoy watching him VISIBLY improve throughout all of his work. That’s what impresses me the most about him. He’s like me, he has to work hard and hopefully I, like him, reap the results of it.

      I need to read those…I’m bad. I haven’t read the entire interview.

      I only briefly traveled through Spain and I really want to go visit. But my Spanish needs some major work.

      Zgzunni! come help me!

      • Come visit any time. Spanish is not a major deterrant =0) I need to learn Korean, just so my appetite isn’t whetted without hope when there are dramas I want to see and nobody is willing to translate i.e “you don’t know women” But. I’ve been thinking I might be hearing impaired; for ages I understood “Bigú” when ever any drama had US migrants and yesterday I found out its in fact Migug…I swear they supposedly use a lot of m’s and I keep hearing b’s bu the bucketful =0)

        • I do too. The word “what” sounds like ‘bo’ but it’s ‘mo’. water ‘mul’ but its ‘bul’. But since I’m a nerd I looked them all up.

          I actually had a “Spanish conversation” today where the woman spoke to me ins Spanish and I spoke to her in English. But that’s common in Miami. Haha.

  4. Happy birthday Park Shi-hoo!
    As you said, he deserves respect for all the work he’s doing. Making viewers cry or smile is not an easy task for an actor, but he does it so well.

  5. yup!it’s our si hoo’s existence day!and we thank God for giving us this extraordinary guy.the actor with the most captivating smile in hallyu.and we are all bedazzled!from wherever we are, let’s be happy for him and wish him the best today and the years to come.let’s disregard the time differential.cheers!

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