Rooftop Prince: Episode 6 Recap

by: the Madcap Duo, Raine and MadDino

Raine: Sadly, ratings for episode 5 dropped to 11.2% *sob* BUUUUT, this episode bolstered it to 12.5% to NUMBER 1, passing former #1 King 2 Hearts’, which came in at 12.1%.

The boys look so amazing with their new hair, Han Ji-min is adorable, Micky Yoochun is amazing at how well he’s overcome his personal issues to bring us an AMAZING Lee Gak, and the storyline is getting better….EVEN better I should say. HUZZAH.

MadDino and I, the Madcap Duo, seriously love bringing you these recaps. We have such a blast and hope you do, too. We also have a little somethin’ somethin’ planned for ya’ll.

Here’s a shoutout to my blood crazy, Tae-mu lusting dongsaeng! May your rabbit army live long and prosper.

“Happy Ending” –  Jay Park (from the Rooftop Prince OST)

episode 6 recap

Raine: Park Ha and Lee Gak, the Panda Prince, share an AMAZING hot kiss and he takes her home…

…in my dreams.

Deeno: You have odd dreams.

Raine: I have sexy dreams. And let me just say his name now. Park Shi-hoo. He is sexy.

Deeno: I don’t dream about Tae Mu, but I want to. Even if it’s a nightmare.

Raine: I’m sure a murderer like him can make that happen.

In actuality, Lee Gak is walking her back to the rooftop apartment and they happen upon the Tracksuit Trio, minus silky tresses and sporting some pretty sexy new ‘dos. She beams at them and they are pleased with her unspoken approval.

Yes, you’ve made Mother Hen happy. You made Raine happy, too. *drool*

Deeno: I don’t like yellow ahjussi’s dye.

Raine: But, he’s yellow ahjussi, Chi-san. Now everyone will remember which tracksuit he wore.

She and Lee Gak keep exchanging the most adorable looks. Can he forget about Se-na now?

Raine: When they arrive at the rooftop apartment, Park Ha is shocked to see a work crew there and the Panda Prince looks mighty pleased with himself. Why? He is having the billboard of the tropical beach placed on her rooftop!

OMG! He bought her a billboard FOR REAL! And, and, and, he’s renovating the place. *squee* Now this is how to start an episode!

Deeno: He looks so pleased, and I’m proud of him. All grown-up and impressing women with his credit card. Wait…

Raine: Well, she IS impressed. And frankly, so am I. No, for realz. He was being sorta not selfish. Except for the fact that he’s TOTALLY leading her on and not realizing that he’s in love with her and not the evil step-wench.

Raine: Grandma Yeo arrives with evil step-sister, Se-na, to see the rooftop apartment and gives some money to Park Ha so that she can deck out the place. When grams asks about Park Ha’s family, Se-na shoots Park Ha a look of death so Park Ha only mentions her step-mom, Gong Man-ok.

YAY! I have her name. YAY!

Deeno: Weirdo.

Raine: “Tae-yong” must also start work the next day.

In a coffee shop, Se-na waits, water in hand. As soon as Park Ha sits, she gets water in the face.

Deeno: Can we go back and replace the water with blood?

Raine: I want to make Se-na bleed. Oh. My. God. I am so livid right now. What right does Se-na have after all the crap that she’s pulled? How dare she feel like Park Ha slighted her. So now it’s my turn. I would like a cup of acid. Or a red-hot poker.


Wasn’t Park Ha supposed to be on a plane to America by now? Se-na demands, so angry that she is ready to cry. When Park Ha tries to explain, the evil step-witch cuts her off and stalks away.

Hand me a dull spoon, Deeno. I’m going to carve out her eyeballs.

Deeno: That’s kinda disgusting.

Raine: You wanted to splatter Park Ha with blood.

Deeno: A little blood never hurt anyone.

Raine: But it made them puke.

Deeno: And carving someone’s eyeballs out doesn’t make you puke?

Raine: Nope.

Deeno: You really, really scare me.

Raine: BOO!

Deeno: *Hides behind the Tae Mu.*

Raine: Then, we get utter levity, which my heart needs. The Tracksuit Trio, looking fine with their new haircuts, enter an RV and clap at its magnificence before greeting Park Ha. They explain that the Panda Prince bought the RV as her temporary abode while the rooftop apartment is under construction.

Of course, the Panda Prince looks quite smug.

And then Park Ha as Mother Hen is back. w00t! She takes them to the mall from some awesomely schmexy new duds. They also get phones, which they completely drool over as the women drool over them.

I drool over them, too. And rewind. I think I write that every recap. The sad thing is, I don’t write it nearly as often as I rewind…

Deeno: I’m going to watch them all again so I can steal Tae Mu’s soul and put it in some aniGIFs.

Raine: I bet you can use a vacuum cleaner to suck his soul from his ears.

Deeno: I have a “Brave Little Toaster” vacuum cleaner for just that reason.

Raine: They really need to put that on the box. It’s the best part about having a vacuum cleaner.

Anyway, Park Ha is proud of her chickies and shoves her chin in the air.

Seriously, love the chin thrust as a pride motif, but now it’s turned into pride over her chicks rather than aggressive pride against an invading Team Joseon.

Raine: *sings* Who let the dogs out?!

Pyo Taek-soo, the dog man, gets another visit Aunt Wang who is sick of begging him to return to the company. But he refuses again. He won’t return until the president forgives him for harming the company. Aunt Wang reminds him that she lives in her sister’s house and that she’s tired of hearing about the “secret love affair”.

Oooooh, love affair? With who?

Deeno: Hamburger.

Raine: Now I’m hungry. I should ask Jae-hyuk to make me steak. Wait, that’s Fashion King. Well, a hot man in the kitchen is a hot man in the kitchen.

Deeno: Tae Mu. Shower. Good.

Raine: I’ll start a petition to the writers. Or you can go back to episode 2 and re-watch.

Unexpectedly, Yong Dong-man, Tae-mu’s greasy father, shows up. Aunt Wang flips out and Taek-soo shoves her into the dog house that he’s building.


Deeno: I can think of another princess that should be shoved in a dog house.

Raine: Wait, who’s that?

Deeno: … My perverted unni of course.

Raine: Ooooooh. Will Park Shi-hoo be there?

Deeno: No, but I can put Dong Ah’s dog in there too and perch it on the edge of a volcano.

Raine: I’ll conjure up Park Shi-hoo. You killed that dog ages ago.

Deeno: Why do people keep insisting you can’t kill someone twice?

Raine: Touché.

Raine: A douche-y Dong-man throws papers from the president at Taek-soo’s feet – she wants Taek-soo back. Dong-man leaves, but not without rubbing Taek-soo’s drop in status in his face. Apparently, Taek-soo was an executive back in the day and after losing the company $10 million, he became a security guard.

After Dong-man leaves, Aunt Wang informs Taek-soo that Tae-yong has reappeared and has finally decided to work for the company.

Raine:At the airport, Dong-man and Tae-mu wait for a regal looking woman, a president Jang. She’s come from abroad.

She heads straight to Man-ok’s fish stall and greets Man-ok as “unni”. “Unni” is not at all happy to see this “dongsaeng” and tells her to leave. But Jang has come to look for her daughter and will compensate Man-ok well.

Man-ok turns into a hysterical woman, calling Jang less than human and throwing ice and foam cartons at her.

So which daughter belongs to Jang? Se-na or Park Ha? Where’s Sherlock Holmes when you need him?

Deeno: Wait, why would it be Se Na?

Raine: Why would Jang, if she was Park Ha’s mother, call Se-na’s mother “unni”? I suppose that’s what is confusing me.

Deeno: I don’t know, but story wise it doesn’t make sense for her to be Se Na’s mom. Maybe they are step sisters. This is just another level of reincarnation or something?

Raine: I was wondering about the lack of blood relation. Hrm…will Park Ha call President Jang “mommy”?

Deeno: My gut tells me that Park Ha belongs to President Jang. I’m going with that.

Raine: See, and I was hoping there would be one nice parent in dramaland and Man-ok step-mommy was totally it. But now we get mean deserting mommy.

Raine: It’s time for another lesson with Mother Hen who is instructing Team Joseon on how to behave with other employees. They are so ridiculously adorable as they repeat after her.

She also decides that they need to get their honorifics straight. Guard Yong-sul is hyung or sunbae as the oldest, Man-bo is maknae, or the youngest, and Chi-san and his royal pandaness are the same age, so they’re friends. They should address each other with “ssi”.

And, since she’s older than everyone but Yong-sul, they should call her…NOONA! Lee Gak’s glare is so epic. But that’s okay, ‘cause he’s a total noona killer.

Come to noona, little chickadee.

Deeno: I could imagine you demanding Noona-hood,

Raine: I feel like I should be knighted. “You are hereby proclaimed noona to yummy man-boys.”

Deeno: Yummy man-boys? Really?

Raine: It feels weird for me to call a 21 year-old a man. Or are they 22?

(Check the sweater, peeps.)

Raine: Next is training for the most important events at a company: staff dinners. First, they eat pork belly and drink soju/beer cocktails. Then, they head to a noraebang. If they can’t sing, they can display a talent. She tries to demonstrate by doing a voice imitation of what sounds like an 80-year-old smoker. I’m sure Koreans know the reference, but I’m not Korean, so it’s beyond me.

Deeno: Well see…she’s acting like that one Korean person…you know…the Asian one?


In any case, Team Joseon is embarrassed by/for her and I laugh…quite heartily.

Oh yeah, Deeno. Chi-san’s sweater looks like a stained glass version of a skull.

Deeno: Skull! I missed a skull?

Raine: The Trio play with their phones inside the RV and Park Ha enjoys a warm drink. Lee Gak interrupts her to ask about the voodoo ornament. How does he tie is for love? She smiles, probably thinking he means it for her and she ties the legs just as the Trio begins to clap over a find on their phone. A clever little move on the director’s part.

Yes, the love prayer should be for Park Ha and Lee Gak, but we all know it’s for Se-na. *gag*

Raine: PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deeno: Here little puppies! Come to me, I have a nice chewy panda.

Raine: Leave my Panda alone! MY PANDA!

Deeno: It even squeaks when you bite it.

Raine: So Pyo Taek-soo brings these puppies to work. Except they’re not puppies. They’re really big dogs who snark and bark at Dong-man when he shows up. Taek-soo praises them when Dong-man leaves.

Heh. Heh. Good puppies.

(Here come the Men in Black. Galaxy Defenders!)

Raine: Park Ha chauffers Team Joseon to work in her new RV and they march inside, looking snazzy. Lee Gak fails to say goodbye, which leaves our heroine-with-a-crush quite miffed. But can you blame her? He has late night soju and whipped cream with her, chases after her, hugs/chokes her to save her from imagined suicide, chases after buses and buys billboards for her.

Heck, I’m crushing and he did it for another woman.

Deeno: Crushing him like mud between your toes?

Raine: I was thinking something a bit more…pervert unni like.

Deeno: Like blood between your toes?

Raine: Just keep pretending like you don’t understand. It’s better that way.

Raine: Inside, the trio flips out over their phones and Dong-man thinks these connections of “Tae-yong’s” are rather pathetic and as out of it as Tae-yong seems to be. Dong-man also promises his son that he won’t let Pyo Taek-soo do anything.

What sort of power does Pyo Taek-soo have in the company, I wonder?

Lee Gak clears his throat and the Trio line up for their very important first day at work. They are greeted by a man, Bang Su-bong, with a sign that says “Tae-yong and 3 others”. Hahaha. Tae-yong is shown up to the president’s office while the others are given an exam on English and “come on sense.” I think he meant to say, “common sense”. Needless-to-say, the Trio has no idea what to do.

Deeno: Well, why would they hit on the man?

Raine: If he looked like Park Shi-hoo…

Deeno: *hides from the pervert*

Raine: In the president’s office, Panda Prince is enjoying pineapple juice.

YES! I LOVE pineapple juice. This show is rocking all the things I like.

The president has heard that Taek-soo became a canine expert. He expresses his desire for death after what he did to the company, but the president brushes him off. Deeno, however, probably has several methods for helping him fulfill his desires.

Deeno: I’m too busy hiding from the pervert to think of any.

Raine: I’m not that scary. I wouldn’t let them do that. I promise. Because they’re MY sexy Tracksuit Trio.

Deeno: You can have them. I don’t want them. I only have eyes for Tae Mu.

Raine: That he’ll keep in a jar.

Deeno: You’re so creepy!

Raine: Anyway, Taek-soo has been called back to train Tae-yong to be a good worker. As for someone to show him the ropes, Panda Prince asks for Se-na, who has come with news that the Trio has failed the exam miserably. After assuring the president that the Trio are top talents, Se-na takes him on a tour of the facilities.

Raine: During the tour, Se-na yabbers and Lee Gak stares, making her quite uncomfortable.

Good. Squirm evil creature. SQUIRM!

In the studio, an idiot with a ladder almost takes her out but Lee Gak pulls her into a hug to save her.

DAMMIT! She’s not dead AND he pulls the same moves he pulled on Park Ha. FAIL! Those moves are for Park Ha! I will beat you with the ladder!

Lee Gak asks Se-na if they’ve met before and she thinks he’s just trying to hit on her and brushes him off.

Raine: Taek-soo takes the Tracksuit Trio to a restaurant, charged with discovering what their “top talents” are. The trio takes it as an opportunity to use what Park Ha has taught them. They drink soju/beer cocktails, get sloshed, go to a noraebang where they create beards out of seaweed and begin to show off their “talents”. Man-bo recites all of the train stations that he’s memorized and Yong-sul shows off his muscular prowess.

Raine: While they’re having fun, Taek-soo is simmering and eventually explodes. They are behaving completely inappropriately, like bad employees of twenty years.

HAHAHAHA. Oh Park Ha, what did you do?

Taek-soo says that they are an embarrassment to Tae-yong and are not liked by the other employees because they got their positions through connections. They are less than dog poop and if they were born in the Joseon period, they must’ve been bastards or eunuchs.

Poor Chi-san. 😦

Deeno: Bad Nostachio!

Raine: Dong-man and Tae-mu eat with President Jang. Dong-man decides to use a cake as a lame metaphor to ask Jang to sell them her quarter of the company so that they can control it. Although his father tries to shush him, Tae-mu, cold and calculating, tells her that they are planning to sell the company and delve into another business arena with a larger market.

Park Ha has brought Lee Gak to the mall so that they can get the 10% couple discount for a pre-ordered television. Deciding to aid her in her plan, he offers her his elbow. She is TOTALLY ready to squee, but manages to hold it in. However, she is quite the airhead and gets distracted by a 50% off sign.

Deeno: Don’t leave the panda for the TV. Someone will steal him. He’s an endangered species after all.

Raine: I will take him for my collection.

Raine: Panda Prince, a bit embarrassed by the sudden abandonment, turns to a television. He tries to shrink the image with his fingers like on a smartphone, but it doesn’t work. Then, he tries it with both hands and is utterly confused when it doesn’t work. HAHAHAHA.

Deeno: I was so confused at first. I thought he was trying to pinch them and lift them out of the TV.

Raine: When they first got their phones, he kept enlarging and shrinking things on his phone.

Deeno: Yeah, but it’s something I would never even think of trying. The writer was brilliant.

Raine: Agreed. My belly still aches from laughing.

Raine: At a cute jewelry shop, Park Ha admires a bracelet with ornaments that look like her voodoo prayer ornament. She tells Lee Gak that women of this day and age love getting these things.

We all know he’s gonna buy it. And we all want him to give it to her…

Deeno: And we all know he’s going to fail.

Raine: *sob* Go get him for me, Deeno. Mean panda bear.

Deeno: I have my own grizzly teddy bear to capture.

Raine: Once you get your eyes back.

Deeno: My eyes are not gone…Blasphemy!

Raine: That’s what he WANTS you to think. He’s a clever grizzly, he is.

Deeno: I’m fairly certain I can see Park Shi Hoo behind you.

Raine: Oooooh…

Deeno: And that, my friends, is how you regain your stolen eyeballs.

Raine: The prince is faced with another cultural dilemma as he grapples with “a three-headed spear”; i.e. a fork. He wants chopsticks, but Park Ha shows him how to use a spoon and fork to eat spaghetti while making a little sound, which he so adorably imitates.

What do men and women usually do for fun in this day and age? he asks and when she lists coffee and dinner, she also adds that those are too ordinary. So what would SHE want to do?

Raine:Ride a bike in tandem/couple bike of course. Heehee.

So they head to a park where she tries to teach him to ride. He falls and makes a huge deal of it like a baby. He makes her promise to hold on the next time and, of course, she lets him go.

He succeeds and his smile is sooooooo beautiful. YO QUIERO.

Deeno: Escuchan al pepino.

Raine: So now I’m a cucumber?

She smiles to see him having so much fun and pride in his accomplishment. I think again that they should go have some babies.

Raine: Lady Mimi is creating a manhwa of Man-bo when Becky comes in saying that a “rooftop oppa” called. Which? That one, Becky says and points to the screen, which Lady Mimi hysterically tries to hide from view with her body.

Somebody’s got a cruuuuush.

Deeno: It’s so adorable.

Raine: I really think she’s a cute side character. And I like how used her to “create” the real manhwa on the SBS site.

The Trio has been tasked with memorizing the personnel of the company. Genius Man-bo has completed the task after glancing over the paperwork once and the others test him with awe.

Lady Mimi calls to give Man-bo dinner and giggles at the hotness of Lee Min-ho with a snazzy new haircut. The meal on the bottom is for him; she made it extra special. He totally doesn’t see the crush and thanks her formally.

Deeno: Making omurice, oh yeah! Especially, when there is a hot boy in the shower. Well, not as hot as Tae Mu would be, but he’s decent enough.

Raine: Especially with his new haircut, Panda is.

Deeno: Who cares about a haircut? Tae Mu was hot from the beginning.

Anyways, Park Ha finds the bracelet and voodoo ornaments with Panda Prince’s clothes. She guesses that they are for her, and is a bit giddy. When Lee Gak exits the shower, he’s not playful and loving. He just sticks a paper bag over her head so he can change. She imagines him taking it off and giving her the bracelet. She giggles and swoons only to jolted out of it by Lee Gak’s commanding voice. No trinket of love for her today. Think Park Ha, a little threat with that knife might get you what you want!

Raine: I think you’re right. Even better, take Se-na out with it and you can call him yours!

Deeno: Take him out with it and you’ll get your precious.

Deeno: The boys put their late night studying to use as they greet every employee that enters the building. Grandma and Nostachio look on amused.

Raine: This is so cute. Their over enthusiasm reminds me of the grade school kids I teach.

Deeno: Panda Prince takes Se Na on a date. He convinces her to ride the bicycle by telling her that their shopping network may start selling product. He’s clever and obvious like that.

Raine: I really, really hate how much he loves his wife and how badly he’s getting played by both incarnations of the vile witch.

Deeno: But it makes you wish you were his wife so he could be that devoted to you.

Raine: It’s so ridiculously true. *sigh*

Deeno: After their ride, he stares at her. She’s uncomfortable because from her perspective it’s more like a glare. She asks him if he will start interrogating her. He tells her that one does not need to know a flower’s past to admire it. That would be a million times cuter if he said it to Park Ha. She’d smile and giggle instead of staring at him like he’s a freak.

Grrr…Se Na, stop making Lee Gak all cute.

Raine: No, keep doing it! The cuter he gets, the more wicked Se-na seems and the more I hope he ends up with Park Ha…or me.

Deeno: You want her to be more wicked?

Raine: It makes her easier to hate and more fun as a villainess. I always dig a good villainess.

Deeno: He watches her take her shoes off and relax in nature. Instead of interrupting, he admires her calm smile. He thanks her being so relaxed by phone as he leaves. If she’s thirsty there is something behind her, a soda with the bracelet wrapped around it.

Raine: I KNEW IT! No, no, no, no, no. The little men on the bracelet means it’s Park Ha’s! Give it back!

Deeno: I thought they were robots…

Raine: Robot, voodoo men…whatever, same concept as that prayer ornament. Let’s steal it back!

Deeno: Robots have lasers…

Raine: Pansy!

Deeno: Not afraid…just fixated on the robots.

Deeno: It’s been two years since Park Ha’s father died and she visits his memorial with her step-mother. Stepmom gives Park Ha a picture of her real mom, but her head’s been ripped off. Sorry, I was hungry.

Raine: I have a million screencaps of Se-na that you can eat.

Deeno: No, I ate the head.

Raine: I’m going to continue to misunderstand that.

Deeno: Step-mom recommends that Park Ha go to a tofu shop her father craved before his death. At the same time, Jang is headed to the airport after she makes a stop. Hmm. Could it be the same shop that Park Ha is at? Tae Mu and Se Na are going to intercept Jang. Hmm, the possibilities.

  • Park Ha notices Se Na wearing Lee Gak’s bracelet and rips it off her arm. Or rips off the whole arm.
  • Tae Mu finds out that Park Ha is the rich lady’s daughter and decides to woo her instead of Se Na. Se Na gets jealous and poisons Park Ha’s tofu.
  • Tae Mu notices that he left his phone in Se Na’s mother’s bag. He waits till Se Na’s mother is alone to slit her throat and reclaim the cellphone.

Raine: No one is left standing at the end of Deeno’s version of this story. Except Tae-mu. And he’s crying…tears of blood.

Deeno: Tears of joy for having found his true soul mate.

Raine: Whose eyes he wants to keep in a jar. Maybe he’ll pickle them later.

Deeno: Something is wrong with you…………………………..

Raine: Anymore dots to add worshipper of blood?

Deeno: I was thinking………………………………

Raine: I was daydreaming of Tae-mu…and his scowly face.

Deeno: That’s my job. Grumble. Grumble. Unicorn!

Raine: Oooh! Shiny!

Deeno: Glowing daisies, you complete me. You make me smile as I admire you. I want to scoop you up and prance through the meadow with you in my arms. Till trip over the corpse.

Raine: And she thinks I’m creepy. I’ll take eyeballs over corpses any day.

Deeno: Dismemberment is just plain nasty. I prefer my bodies in one piece.

Deeno: The tracksuit trio is having drinks with Nostachio and the prince when another employee joins them.

Raine: That’s Bang Su-bong, some kind of assistant or secretary.

Deeno: Nostachio?

Raine: Yes. I know, I’m asking for revenge when I mention names, but…it had to be done.

Deeno: Grumble. Glare. Gummi bears!

Raine: I still totally dig Murderous Mangos that you came up with last recap. Park Ha should totally name her shop that.

Deeno: Nostachio suggests they loosen up by taking three minutes to let loose their inner thoughts. Yellow and green ahjussis are fine and use the time to target Nostachio. He takes it well, but still blue ahjussi can’t take it and leaves the table. Yellow tries it on Lee Gak, but he doesn’t take it well. Matters are made worse when Blue returns and lets loose about the prince’s noble birth and his age.

Raine: I loved the manhwa-i-fying of Yong-sul’s shame (blue ahjussi). He is so mortified. And then the Panda wants to cut off his head for the insult. Oh you big baby. Take it like a man.

Man-ok, Se-na’s mother, sees Jang at the restaurant and bolts.

Deeno: Oh, Se Na’s not wearing the bracelet and her mother’s toting around another bag. My dreams are dashed. And then Tae Mu murders Se Na’s mom! Mwhahahahaha! Mwhehehehehehe!

Raine: Again, I’m creepy?

Deeno: Again, the corpse is in one piece.

Se Na witnesses the car accident, but doesn’t even approach. She can’t give up Tae Mu to rush her her mother’s side. If we have time travel, can we have some soul swapping? She can switch souls with her mother and be trapped in an ahjumma body, while her mother can have a new life and hit on the tracksuit trio.

Raine: I second this idea. And third it.

Deeno: Yep! I’m a genius!

Raine: Intermittently.

Deeno: Tae Mu and Park Ha rush to the hospital. Tae Mu promises to help with the hospital bills and they find out that there are no fatal injuries. Just a concussion. Lame.

Raine: Yay! The nice parent lives! Well, she ain’t awake yet, but here’s to hoping…

Deeno: …that she dies.

Park Ha gets flashes of memory back. Specifically the car accident and her sister abandoning her. She calls Se Na to start the grand confrontation. Somehow setting it in a dark abandoned studio seems like a bad idea.

Raine: Will Park Ha throttle the betraying, lying, selfish, Panda-stealing wench from hell?

Deeno: My guess is no.

Raine: No fun.

Deeno: Park Ha starts her accusations and the two slap each other.  Wait, why is Se Na wearing the bracelet now? She wasn’t wearing it in the car before. Park Ha stops Se Na’s second attempt to slap her and the bracelet falls to the floor. I wouldn’t be surprised it she ripped her arm out after finding out about Lee Gak’s betrayal too. That’s definitely a back-breaking straw.

Raine: Park Ha is really receiving the brunt of all the mayhem going on. But, I do appreciate that she isn’t a wilting flower. I hope she keeps her backbone.

Deeno: Give the wilting flower some blood and it will perk right back up.

Raine: You want Audrey II from The Little Shop of Horrors?

Deeno: I haven’t see that. I’m busy with my dancing cucumber.

Deeno: Park Ha leaves after disowning her sister. On her way out she passes Lee Gak. She doesn’t say a word, but he can tell something is wrong. He stares after her till Se Na arrives. Who will he comfort? If he goes to Se Na, I’ll kill him. Or I’ll set Tae Mu after him. No need to get my hands dirty when he looks so much hotter with blood on him.


Raine: I just see Lee Gak siding with Se-na and her weaving more lies to entangle Park Ha in. Like Park Ha forced her to keep silent. Park Ha ran away as a child. Park Ha forced her to lie and stole her mother’s affections…of course I hope he totally doesn’t fall for it.

Despite my utter loathing of Se-na and her Joseon counterpart, I adore how Lee Gak loves her so much and I would be disappointed if he totally fell for Park Ha right now, no matter how cute it would be. Part of his charm is his genuine devotion to his wife. That will also make Se-na’s/Hwa-yong’s betrayal all that much more devastating and his love for Park Ha more beautiful when it grows. (Here’s hoping!)

I also think that Se-na may genuinely fall for Lee Gak. He’s so passionate and real, the very things she is not. When he made that comment about looking at a flower without asking where it came from, she was absolutely floored.

The comedy in this show is so clever. It uses such regular conventions of modern day living and Korean interactions and turns them into hysterical scenarios. Like the t.v. shrinking Deeno mentioned or the proper way to behave with colleagues.

And then we have the storyline, which is just brilliant. I’m totally digging the mystery, ‘cause I can’t figure it out. Not that I am much of a sleuth, but I’m enjoying the journey alongside Team Joseon.

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Character introductions.

Rooftop Prince Episode 6 Screencaps.

(A little extra Tae-mu for you, uri dongsaeng!)

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  1. you guys are awesome!what a funny/crazy way to recap.thank you for sprinkling some hot condiment called PSH! love you,raine for that! now i will really watch this PSH-less drama.up to now,i can’t get over TPM.the seung yu syndrome is still there!!!actually the boys are “cute” and fine,but sadly to me,they don’t have enough magic to bring my spirit for a ride in and out of joseon as wonderfully as si hoossi!anyway,cheers to you,deeno and raine,awesome twosome!

  2. Hi Raine and Deeno, you two are just awesome. And Raine is clever to weave your Park Si Hoo love into your recaps, the way the scriptwriter has used comedy to tell a mystery story.

    I follow Rooftop Prince for Micky Yu Chun and I am happy that his performance here is so much better than that in “Miss Ripley”. He may not be in Park Si Hoo’s class just yet.But he definitely has the greatest potential amongst idol singers to succeed as an actor.

    Coming back to Rooftop Prince, do you think it wasn’t the Crown Princess who was murdered in the Joseon period?

    Once again, thanks for a brilliant joint effort in recapping. I love the way you both tackle it.


    • I definitely have my doubts as to who was murdered in Joseon.

      Yes, if you read all of our Joint Recaps, PSH is in ALL of them. Hehe.

      Thanks for stopping by mamita!

  3. Rainey and Deeno
    Awesome recap.So much fun.Thanks!
    Also, I think Tae-mu is going to fall for Park ha.There has to be a love triangle(square?!) at some point ,right?!

  4. Argh! I never thought the scrolling to get to the bottom of this post would ever end.

    Those three cheeky scamps in the top pic look well scampish. I have never met an Irish-Korean before but I reckon the one in the middle is one.

    I don’t know why though.

    • Yes, my recaps are long…and when they’re collaborative, they’re epic! And perhaps he’s Irish…but more likely he swallowed a large bag of carrots.

  5. yo raine and deeno, loving the convo within the recap convo and how you both totally rewrote some of the scenes while you were at it. waaah that’s some mad multitasking there! is the drama taking its leap into makjang land in the next episodes, I feel it coming like a tsunami. i hope the writers can keep up the funny and the mystery. hugs all around and thanks. here have some blood in a champagne flute!

    • That is quite elegant. You might need to give us two, because Deeno will want to splash hers on someone’s face…probably TM.

      I’m hoping it deals with makjang as it deals with the tropes…with a twist.

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