Rooftop Prince: Episode 7 Photogallery Part 2

by: Raine

Here’s part 2 of the Episode 7 photogallery. More cuteness, funniness, beautifulness, and awesomeness.

This post, by nature, contains spoilers.

His royal pandaness decides to take his turn ringing the doorbell and gets more excited than a kid on Christmas. But this time a man comes out and his dogs are barking something fierce…

…but they get all cute and giggly anyway!

Park Ha didn’t find her name on the school register and the prince figures out the hanja symbol for her name is pronounced Bu Yong, like her doppelganger’s name. He’s hopeful she is the incarnation of Bu Yong, but fails to answer his riddle about what lives when it dies and dies when it lives. In fact, she gives him some stupid answers like: Life and Vegetative states. So he flicks her and she chases him.

After their fun chase, they stop at the top of a slide and Park Ha suddenly feels the pain of failing to discover anything about her past. As her face falls, so does Lee Gak’s. She turns to cry, but he doesn’t let her suffer alone. He pulls her in to give her a comforting hug. It’s such a gorgeous scene and Han Ji-min rocks it. Micky seriously just let himself get carried away by her emotion and reacted perfectly. Loved. This. Scene.

Baddies sharing a cute moment until bad daddy comes to give them a bad time.

On the bus ride home, Park Ha realizes she’s fallen asleep on the prince’s shoulder so she sits up. But he gently pulls her head back down and they both smile. It’s so cute how he takes care of her. She’s a strong independent woman but it’s so nice to have someone on your side.

The Evils are evil to each other and break up. Yu-mi really makes the best faces. And yummy Tae-sung.

Park Ha doesn’t want to be late for her first day at work for Tae-mu’s company so she leaves without Team Joseon. However, they make fun of her short legs and use their long legs to bypass her. Then they race to the finish!

Mr. Pyo tells Tae-mu he’s onto he’s scheming with Chairwoman Jang and his lies about not seeing Tae-yong in New York. It’s such an awesome clash of strong wills and the scene is set so well. Darkened room, smirks, veiled threats, stealing pens and jokes of fiction.

Mother Hen and her chicks plan for a housewarming party. Chi-san warns her against crab because the prince choked on it once…wuss. Yong-sul is still nervous because of his huge faux-pas earlier in the episode.

Thanks for perusing my favorite screencaps! Did you like this project? Should I do it in the future with episodes that I particularly love?

Production Details

Episodes: 20

Broadcast network: SBS

Broadcast Period: 3.21.12 to 5.24.12

Air Time: Wednesday & Thursday Night 21:55

Director: Shin Yoon-sub

Screenwriter: Lee Hee-myung

Recaps of episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

Character Introductions.

Episode 7 Screencaps.

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