Fashion King: Episode 9 Recap

by: Raine

Ratings rose according to AGB Neilsen from 9.0% to 9.7% for Episode 8. I bet it has to do with the OTP finally getting some screen time together and showing a bit of chemistry..

This is the episode where Young-gul and Ga-young’s romance could’ve started. But a few monkey wrenches get thrown in. I’m sure we will have a whole mess of misunderstandings caused by secrets and lack of communication starting next episode. As for this one, I should hate Jae-hyuk. I really should. And I should think Young-gul’s jealousy is stupid because he doesn’t say anything to Ga-young. Should. But these boys are too cute. An-na is pathetic. Ga-young needs to step up and affect change herself instead of riding the tide.

“I’ll Be Waiting” –  Seohhyun of SNSD (from the Fashion King OST)

episode 9 recap

Michael has called “Young Girl” and their conversation wakes Ga-young who excitedly listens to Young-gul’s side. The sketchy designer wonders if Young-gul can be in New York the next Monday. Although Young-gul’s calendar is full, he agrees.

Yoo Ah-in’s English is so adorable. He can even acted when speaking stilted English. American actors in Fashion King, take note. A Korean man who has trouble speaking English out-acted you. Shame.

Anyway, Young-gul is so happy he’s on the verge of tears and so is Ga-young. They feel like this is their big break. And it would finally be something not tied to Jae-hyuk. High on emotion, Young-gul hurries into the workshop and shines the light of a pendant lamp on their new fashion creations.

Oh, fashion creations. What do you think of THAT for the name of a brand? Okay, it sucks, I know. But when you say it out loud it’s kinda delicious on the tongue.

Young-gul, overcome with emotion, grabs Ga-young’s face in his  hands and promises that the first thing he’ll do when he’s rich is to buy an apartment for her.

He is looking so tenderly at her, my heart lurched. We all hope that it’s the moment he admits his feelings and kisses her, right?

Nope. It’s our meek little Ga-young who throws her arms around his neck and plants one on him – and he responds!

They pull away awkwardly but his hand is still on her arm. He tells her this can’t happen between a president and an employee, pats her arms and stiffly walks away. Alone, both of them reel from the impact of the kiss. They press their hands to their chests, hearts pounding and shocked by the chemistry.

I love how much of a shock his reaction is to him! She is super embarassed and jumps on her bed to hug her blanket to her. Come on, Ga-young. Do it. You know you wanna. We all do it enough. You know you wanna… *squeeeeeeeee*

She does, but not aloud. She needs squeeing lessons.

Also, there’s a dandy little cello solo in the song. Yay cello! Represent, my sexy instrument!

Speaking of kisses, Jae-hyuk is sitting in his personal theatre (how ridiculous does that sound?) watching…dun, dun, dun….the Titanic kiss scene with Celine Dion crooning in the background. He’s remembering kissing Ga-young and all of their cute moments. And then he remembers his promise to protect An-na.

How cheesy is this? We get it. He’s in kiss-y mode. Also, did he get a hair cut? Nom, nom nom.

An aside: During this part, my brother, who was watching the Heat game (which we won over the Jersey Nets, BOO YAH!), paused the game to call out, “Is that Titanic? WHY the hell are you watching Titanic?” And I cackled and answered that it was in one of my dramas. “…oh….”

(Check out Jae-hyuk’s duds. Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice…)

Back to Fashion King. Jae-hyuk, possessed of a decision, finds An-na at the company’s mall and they head to the fancy restaurant for an awkwardly stifling meal. She asks after his health; he asks if they should get married.

Say wha’?! She looks as shocked as I feel. But then again, this IS Jae-hyuk, king of randomness. He has a real emotion and counters it with an idiot, irrational move. His modus operandi thus far. This boy needs to learn to deal with emotions in a big boy way.

They debate marriage as though it were a business transaction. Do you want to? If you want to? Then, let’s do it. Then let’s. When shall we set the date?

Sure, marriage ain’t no big deal… Weren’t they passionately in love or something? If he’s her goal, then she’s not going about it the right way. Even if he’s unenthusiastic, she should be. it sounded like they were trading cattle…or sheep. Maybe that’s how he got those sheep…

(I will comment on Kim’s outfit later…)

Before they can set a date, Daddy Jae-hyuk and white-haired Design Director Kim show up and they have tea together.

Dad heard through the grapevine that Jae-hyuk was ill.

And now I understand why Jae-hyuk is so messed up. The grapevine? Seriously, daddy? You need daddy school as much as Jae-hyuk needs big boy school.

Moving on. Kim asks Jae-hyuk if he’s solved his “problem” and Jae-hyuk shares a panicked glance with An-na. This is news to dad who is immediately curious. Jae-hyuk tries to play it off, but Kim has an agenda and pushes the subject. He ends up explaining that a girl stole An-na’s designs and sold them in Dongdaemoon. Where did he hear it? From Attorney Kim.

Daddy is shocked and looks as though he’s going to beat Jae-hyuk raw later

Raine’s issue. This show really deals with legalities inappropriately and takes ridiculous liberties with them. Lawyers by definition are two things: slimy and required to keep attorney/client confidentiality. What about that strange serving of the Notice of Intent to subpeona to Ga-young…

(Striking similarity, no?)

In his office, Jae-hyuk, still dressed as Beetlejuice, is brooding when Director Kim comes in dressed as…a PANDA! NOOOOO! Pandas belong in Rooftop Prince!

Kim’s Panda costume makes his hair look like teeth stained yellow…

So Beetlejuice sits down for a heart-to-heart with fake Panda. Panda finds out the girl stealing the fabrics is the designer and thinks she’s a genius. He wants her brought to the company to boost his career. He needs people like that genius girl working for him. Although it may be uncomfortable for An-na, it can’t be helped. When CEO Daddy Jae-hyuk retires, Kim will have a hard time taking care of himself.

This fake Panda may be nasty, but his agenda is quite clever. He’s trying to forge an alliance with Jae-hyuk to kick An-na out and bring real talent in. Cover his own ass. This caters to Jae-hyuk’s plans. Hrm…

Assistant Kim is hovering nervously as a humming bird outside Young Young Apparel to speak with Ga-young who is none-too-happy to see him. She refuses the invitation to meet Jae-hyuk because she’s preparing for a flight to America the next day. And…she doesn’t want to meet him.

HA! Can you blame her? Jae-hyuk really hasn’t treated her right. Please grow up, Hyukkie.

Kim tries to stop Ga-young’s retreat when Young-gul comes out and scares him away. He’s wearing stripes like a Zebra. Beetlejuice, Panda, Zebra…

Anywho, Kim returns to a coffee shop where Jae-hyuk looks disappointed that Ga-young isn’t in tow. Kim fearfully delivers the news and then flinches, shielding his face, when Jae-hyuk picks up a glass of water. I would, too….

Jae-hyuk looks absolutely crestfallen. Although he deserves it…

The seamstress ahjummas are packing while Young-gul supervises and Ga-young double checks everything. He’s ALL up in her space and she’s feeling the heat. Phew, is it hot in here? ‘Cause I’M feeling the heat!

But Young-gul seems cool as a cucumber. I’m not sure if he’s oblivious or just pretending to be.

The nosy ahjummas mention that it’s like a honeymoon and are sure something happened between them. Ga-young blushes and Young-gul glances at her nervously. Oooh, he DOES feel something.

Il-gook shows up with a hundred dollar bill for Young-gul from Tae-san. Seriously loan shark? That’s just cheap.

On the plane, Ga-young anxiously stares out the window, so Young-gul takes her hand like a brother would, slapping his hand atop hers and thanks her. She tries not to cry.

I think he doesn’t know what to do with her. He’s attracted but doesn’t understand it. I think he considered her a sister type and is now dealing with the jealousy brought on by the appearance of Assistant Kim and his new found feelings. He may have been a playboy, but that was sex. This is looooooooooove.

In his snazzy apartment, Jae-hyuk drinks alone, trying to deal with his heart break. he calls Ga-young and leaves a heart felt message.

Jae-hyuk: This is Jung Jae-hyuk. Isn’t this too much? You don’t want to see me? Sure. I’m certain you don’t. But why do you only think of your own scar? I know you have it tough but this is too selfish. You have to at least give me an opportunity to say I’m sorry. Aish…”

He hangs up and chugs from the bottle. I think he might, maybe, possibly be growing up a little, teensy, tinsy bit.

Come here, baby. I’ll comfort you.

But he doesn’t hear me and instead books a flight to New York. O_O Oh the things you can do for puppy love when you’re rich.

Young-gul is grinning like a fool and looking quite hot as he watches Michael’s fashion shoot where men wear bright lipstick. Michael greets him happily as “Young Girl”. Young-girl introduces Ga-young who is the most adorable English ever. ACK ACK ACK ACK! CUTE! *pinch cheeks

As he dresses for a dinner, (no, he didn’t start from bare skin. BOO!) Young-gul removes the ring on a leather necklace and stares at it thoughtfully before pocketing it. In her own room, Ga-young readies in this PINK, frilly number that completely drowns her slight figure. There is a knock on the door and she opens it to reveal..


He looks silly with embarrassment and the awkward atmosphere is so cute. He really is a little boy. They’re both shifting their weight from foot to foot nervously and twitching their fingers and hands.

He questions her about her business trip and she about his. They got introduced to a buyer. He ALWAYS flies back and forth between Seoul and New York…for business. And fancy that, after a bit of questions on Jae-hyuk’s part, his flight home is the exactly same time as hers!

I love this side of Jae-hyuk. He’s contrite, and nervous and so eager to please. Good puppy. Keep learning. Guess all that conscience watering really worked!

He wonders if she uses the same room as Young-gul to which she blushes and he hesitantly makes his way to the door. We all know who’s on the other side.

Young-gul and Jae-hyuk have a mini-stare down as Young-gul, newly possessed of realization that he has some kinda feelings towards Ga-young, fights the green-eyed monster that threatens to emerge. Young-gul hides the necklace he was going to give to Ga-young as Jae-hyuk leaves and curses him.

Okay, this necklace is the one he received from that little girl who begged a woman for that, remember? He did the magic tricks for her. This ring belongs to that girl who is most definitely Ga-young. Ah, the story went there. Childhood meetings that preempt future interactions, i.e. love.

Jae-hyuk changes his flight to Ga-young’s even though he has to kick someone out. OMG, he has it so bad. Please let it make him a better human being. Or as I used to say when I was a kid, “Human Bean.”

Young-gul is pouty on the plane and shoots down her desire to visit their old place. He leans back to take a nap and a flight attedant tells Ga-young that someone wants to see her. Ga-young hesitates, but goes and Young-gul opens his eyes to watch her.

It’s Beetlejuice, looking all shy and embarrassed (probably for being such a stalker). He asks if economy is uncomfortable, but this time he’s just looking for conversation. If he was like this before…

Anyway, he met with the head of the New York Fashion School who will think about re-accepting her. Jae-hyuk says he thinks she should go back to school because connections are everything.

Not long ago, she thought the same, but now isn’t the time for study. She thanks him and apologizes being unable to accept his efforts and he looks troubled and then says…

Jae-hyuk: You don’t need to be sorry. It’s your choice to accept it or not.

OMG BABY STEP!!!!!!!! He never woulda said that before. He had to get DISSED first.

He wants her to sit beside him, but she takes her leave and asks to meet when they get back like a hopeful child. Then he says “ahnyong” with an adorable little wave.

OMG I LOVE THIS JAE-HYUK!!!!!!!! Kill me now for liking a selfish jerk who tried to sue her and is flirting with her when he asked someone else to marry him to get over her….but OMG. He’s so adorable. He’s already changing for the better. YES. When he gets rejected by Ga-young, I’ll pick up the pieces of his heart.

Oh yeah, Jung-ah, Madam Jo’s evil spawn, is on the plane. Way to bring back a character to completely dropped for several episodes.

Ga-young returns and covers Young-gul who isn’t sleeping with a blanket. I can tell ‘cause his jaw is set. Jealousy….oh jealousy… He demands softly to know where she was and she gives him an evasive answer but he knows Jae-hyuk was there. He scoffs and settles back. That kinda hesitation is bad.s But I can’t blame her. Every time Jae-hyuk is mentioned, Young-gul flips out.

The plane arrives in Seoul and the Dragon, with a new haircut, surprises Jung-ah who is less than thrilled to see her. Jung-ah also wearing the biggest metal contraption around her neck. She has a ton of baggage from “shopping”. Of course, Dragon lady sees Young Young disembarking and gets an evil glint in her eye.

Jae-hyuk goes to see mommy dearest and flops tiredly onto the sofa. She flips over his New York trip. He was just recently ill and now just expended a lot of energy traveling. Mommy is embarrassed that Jae-hyuk used the New York office to find the whereabouts of a woman who already has a man. Even An-na is better than this. Marry her. He said he was going to register it anyway.

He looks COMPLETELY affronted and storms out.

Wow, instead of pissed, I pity him. He’s so confused. Whereas he didn’t fight for An-na before (what is up with them not sharing their background story?), he is now fighting for Ga-young, the obvious result of her influence on him.

The ahjummas and Bong Sook gossip about the Young Young pair. They argue over who likes who more. One ahjumma thinks that Young-gul likes her more ‘cause he’s so bossy with her and even beat up the rich guy for visiting her late at night. They all dream of being in a love triangle.

Young Young return and send them into stunned silence.

Young-gul unpacks and finds the ring. He pulls out some liquor and grins. Aw, he’s excited to give it to her. I’m really starting to like this character again. So now I like Ga-young and Young-gul. I’m just obsessed with Lee Je-hoon’s hotness and his character’s random growth. Young-gul seems to be more linear as does Ga-young…sort of. Well more than anyone else.

Ga-young checks her messages and hears Jae-hyuk’s heartfelt plea. He sounds so pathetic.

Young-gul interrupts her contemplative state and suggests a celebration. They toast and she mentions that they drank together the night he made her steak. She really liked that time in New York. He didn’t want to think about it because of the cops and Jung Jae-hyuk.

Then she apologizes because the person who reported him was Jung-ah, not Jae-hyuk. The girl followed her home from school. Young-gul is pissed she’s telling him now, thinking she’s trying to defend Jae-hyuk. Does she think he hates Jae-hyuk because he thought the guy reported him? He storms out.

No, you  hate him because Jae-hyuk is going after your woman and she seems to reciprocate. If you admit to yourself that you think of her that way, it would make your life easier, Mr. Young Girl.

He storms off and throws the ring he was probably going to give her into a drawer. Then, he broods about all of the times Jae-hyuk suggested that Young-gul stop bothering her because she has a future, unlike Young-gul who is poor trash. Young-gul probably thinks she wants a better life with Jae-hyuk and he can’t blame her and hates himself for it. But think a second, Young-gul! She could’ve been with Jae-hyuk by now if that was true.

I love his emotional growth, too. He’s learning how to care for someone other than himself. Even this jealousy is a step. He’s not being too irrational about it…yet. We know this show is gonna get crazy. It always gets crazy.

Assistant Kim tells Jae-hyuk he’s positive the clothes in Michael’s show are Young-gul’s. Michael is helping put Young-gul’s designs into department stores. They also have a brand, YGM, “Young-gul and Ga-young Mode,” which makes Jae-hyuk scoff. YGM has the possibility of being a global brand from the start, which will make it easy to return to Korea as a luxury brand. Kim muses that they should’ve done it, but they failed. At Jae-hyuk’s glare, he looks wickedly ashamed. Haha.

Also, if people find out Young Young Apparel is partnering with Michael, they will want a piece of it. It’s better for Jae-hyuk to partner with Young-gul now. That makes Jae-hyuk blow his top. Young-gul is a temper aggravator, you should know this Assistant Kim.

We finally get the anticipated meeting with dad, whose fury is shimmering on the surface on his calm exterior. Jae-hyuk is as meek, fearful and contrite as Ga-young, sitting straight backed and stammering responses.

I’m totally not excusing his behavior, but it’s easy to see how Jae-hyuk takes out his rage on other people when he has to bottle up everything and pussy foot around a father who knows little more about his son than his name. He also beats him senseless when he messes up.

Dad is pissed Jae-hyuk didn’t report so Jae-hyuk quickly says he heard that there may be a partnership with Michael. He’s trying to dissolve it and will get back to his father within the week. Daddy does not look happy, but at least he didn’t beat Jae-hyuk.

By the way, the actor who plays the dad is awesome. I can feel his evilness. It’s awesome.

Jae-hyuk broods in the bathroom, looking like he’s wearing a three-piece suit made of tacky curtains. But, he makes tacky drapery look sooooo good.

He receives a text from Ga-young.

Ga-young’s text: I regret that I sought you out only when I needed help from you. The hurtful words I said, please don’t take them to heart. If I caused you pain, I’m sorry. Sincerely, Lee Ga-young.

His euphoric smile is stunning.

Young-gul hands out business cards to everyone but Chil-bok who complains, but he already has a card. Young-gul’s name on the card is “Young Girl”. Hehe.

Their first paycheck will only be about ten grand, which is chump change, but it’ll take a while to build. The important thing is that they started trade and the money will increase later. Ga-young gets a call and leaves. Young-gul watches her forlornly, knowing who it is.

It’s Jae-hyuk, no duh, thanking her for her text. He hangs up, leaving her to think as the ahjummas and Bong Sook look on.

Fake Panda prances out to meet Jae-hyuk who is smiling after his phone call. He wants to know what the status is with the girl he wants brought to the company. Then he makes a huge show about telling Jae-hyuk a bit of news: Did he hear about An-na’s elevator incident?

Jae-hyuk heads to the security room and watches the footage. It really does look like they’re making out and Jae-hyuk is furious. I can understand why. Even if he kissed Ga-young, it still feels like betrayal. Not that it’s fair, but it’s understandable. No one should kiss anyone else when in a relationship. Even if it’s a terrible relationship.

Great, there’s an even bigger reason for a divide between him and An-na, a reason to chase Ga-young and to hate Young-gul.

An-na waits tensely at Jae-hyuk’s place and they glare at each other. She’s wearing a shirt that got thrown up on by pink and orange paint.

She wants to talk about his trip to New York to see Young-gul. She’s pissed because he asked her to marry, he promised to care for her, he took her from a good life and now he’s pretty much leaving her hanging. He used the same words on Ga-young that he used on her: you’re talented. Jae-hyuk is making her miserable, An-na confesses.

At first he looks guilty, but we know what happens when he feels genuine emotion. He masks it in anger and hurtful words. Are we the same? he demands. Basically that means: I’m better than you and I can do what I want.

He stalks away, leaving her in tears and the emo music starts. He strips and then stops when she leaves. Boo. If he’s going to be an ass, at least let us see him nekkid.

I have to give An-na props, she tried. She should’ve kept going, because he was about to crack. His face was wracked with guilt while he was changing. It’s the post-anger realization. That’s when you need to get him!

Ga-young and Young-gul are doing inventory and the air is tense. She asks if he’s angry but he evades her question and sends her to bed. Then, he gets a call from An-na and says he’ll be back in a bit. Ga-young is heartbroken.

Oh misunderstandings. So easy to clear up…remember those strange things called “words” I mentioned before? Yes, people. this is what happens when you don’t talk. Misunderstanding occur when you concoct your own version of real life.

Anyway, An-na is outside and tells him to get in the car. (She’s playing Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”. SWEET!) Ga-young watches them go.

He makes her stop the car when she won’t tell him where they’re going. She had no one to call, so she called him. She just wants someone to spend time with her in her loneliness and emotional turmoil. He thinks it’s amusing that the person who made Jae-hyuk her goal would do such a thing. I also think he’s amused by the fact that  Jae-hyuk’s “woman” isn’t happy with him.

They head to a hotel room for some drunken commiseration. She started as a sales person and now the employees talk shit behind her back – she got her position because of Jae-hyuk. Fancy that, she did. He comforts her by saying a junior’s joy in life is gossiping about a senior.

She asks about Michael and is obviously tiredly envious of Young-gul’s success. Young-gul then mentions that Jae-hyuk came to their hotel. Isn’t that why An-na wanted to meet? She deflates and mentions that Jae-hyuk wants to marry and starts crying. It’s hard to stay with him because he makes her feel miserable and dirty. That’s why she didn’t want to come.

Um, then you shouldn’t have come…

By the way, with Yoo Ah-in, Yu-ri’s acting improves.

An-na sobs that she really loved him. How did it turn out like this? He listens while she sobs, probably thinking about his own love issues.

The next morning, Ga-young wakes to find Young-gul hasn’t yet returned and cries.


Thanks for your patience. Work has been insane and as you know, these things take me usually five hours to prepare.

Okay, predictions (I don’t watch previews): Jae-hyuk won’t let Young-gul succeed and he won’t let him have Ga-young. An-na is also going to try to take Young-gul or hurt Ga-young. The partnership between Fake Panda and Jae-hyuk is gonna get back to An-na and really throw another wrench in the works.

I think that Young-gul is going to be stupid for a while and treat Ga-young like dirt before his feelings come out. I think that Jae-hyuk is going to do some major flirting while trying to marry An-na. I think that Ga-young will continue to let herself be used.

Oh yes, something bad will happen with the deal with Michael.

The end.

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  1. Thank you Raine,

    Just finish watching epi9 with translation, An na , she says she loves jae hyuk but how could she play fiddle with those who are connected with ga young ?.
    an na should work on her love for jae hyuk but I know jae hyuk put much time and effort to get ga young’s attention and also to work for his company after even being bitten-up by yang gul and this pissed her off to do all those effortless things to get back at jae hyuk.

    I think jae hyuk would want to tell his parents first about the final break-up, he still respect his parent even though his mom is not on his side about an na. I could be wrong on this !.

  2. yeah many people would say Anna is a bitch,untalented,not pitiful,could say she’s a schemer too, and pushing herself to a man who doesn’t love her anymore even a bit..their past relationship was a bad one..JH mom’s was against their relationship..JH couldn’t even fight for Anna that’s why they separate their ways and Anna went to America to achieve her goal to be a successful Fashion designer and so she did bcme wht she wanted..but it didn’t bcme an easy thing for her where it is survival of the fittest if you’re not that competitive and tough enough you will bcme a worthless fellow ..say how wll not Anna bcme like that?when being tough is the only way she could survive, when being cold-hearted is the only way she could hide her true feelings.. she could reject JH’s offer to go back with him if she really wants to.. but JH gave her a very nice can she refuse it? i don’t care if Anna don’t end up with anyone i just want her to have a good separation with JH and get over with it..she doesn’t deserves any of those one does really understand what she really feels!!why she’s acting like this and that..only see her wicked attitude..all she needs is someone to love her..someone who could understand and listen to all her thoughts..that’s all..but no one did made her feel secure and love..that the only choice that left is to rely on herself by being tough and cold-hearted…i have empathy for An Na..she’s a pitiful soul..!! as much as i feel pitiful for GY, i feel more pitiful for Anna..

  3. Hey, I’m having trouble replying on twitter, it’s not loading somehow… Alright, I understood 90% of it! 😛 And YG shouts at JH saying “Are you going to continue … my worker?” The word he uses in the middle is Chappillae and I’m not sure what it means… :/ But I guess the sentence can translate as bother then as in, “Are you going to continue bothering my worker?”

    Sorry I couldn’t help more! My Korean still lacks a lot! <_<

  4. Hi Raine and commenters,
    Although I didn’t watch lie to me but that suit above is from that drama, I had seen it before. As for their Y&Y apparel, their second season fashion – lame, I think it is not to their expectation although it is successful. Ga young’s first attempt was much more spunky although she was drinking in both sessions to sketch her designs.

    This episodes the twist is – MISUNDERSTANDING from the 4 characters and also the turning point for jae hyuk and yang gul. The kiss from ga young, I felt like a huge pacifer was placed in his mouth – he ! he !.

    Oh ! the titanic anniversary included in this episode and oh the titanic kiss !! and also look at jae hyuk’s facial expressions while travelling to NY and the message he send to ga young so much PAIN ! to get her response and the AGONY and anticipation – flying for many hours from SK to NY ? – 8-9 hours? We also spotted jae hyuk’s new hairstyle and he also lost weight, and his character change too after the rebuffed from ga young why ?…. I hope for the better, but he still has thIs bad habit – wasting precious WATER !!
    Ga young looks like one – samoenyim all right in that pink dress but without jewellery. I don’t see any intimate gestures from ga young to yang gul after that kiss. Do you think so ? or am I bias ?

    The YGM co will be the next twist plot because remember it is –
    “yellow great mountain” and who is the owner- the loan shark tae ran which yang gul still has not fullfill the business agreement and also the NY stint with michael….

    Some comedic moments dodge from and Jae hyuk .
    Quite obvious – Miss Shin and Mr Lee are left handed and Mr Lee’s palm is huge – probably living in a farm during his younger days, milking …

    • Titanic, YESSS!!! And the second movie when Ga-young falls asleep is the French movie Les Intouchables. Someone wants to be on my nice list. Hehe. I love all the black and white shirts of Jae-yuk, he is a bit sexier than Beetlejuice though… Ga-young is the key to all the problems: Pick a boss, pick a man, and pick a place to live. But misunderstandings are so much better ( and we have 11 eps to go)… Young-gul is starting to irritate me: Another one who doesn’t know what he wants. GRRR. By now, An-na is a totally non existent character for me, even if i guess she will cause troubles later.

  5. I just watched this episode. Oh, I’m half way through your recap and it really has me smiling. About Young Gul’s jealousy, I was in Ga Young’s position at one point. 2 years ago I had a crush on someone and I told my boyfriend (because I try to be as honest as possible) and he was JUST like Young Gul. Say anything even slightly related to the other guy and he flips out and immediately thinks that I’m thinking about him. How Ga Young is acting is exactly how I was. Damn scared to even say the name!!! Lol. No matter how much I tried to distance myself from the guy, my bf would see otherwise and the strangest coincidences would happen that fed his imagination. So I feel it for Ga Young. As for Young Gul, Anna and what’s his name (I like him though!) the fact that they are swaying SO MUCH really annoys me. Young Gul, who you want, really? I KNOW it’s Ga Young because if he ever lost her that man would get really depressed. So please Young Gul, put your heart before your d**k before you regret losing the one you want later on. Warning you. Anna… help. I can’t even bother to try and pick at your mind. Jae Hyuk (that’s the name) you KNOW you like Ga Young. You KNOW you don’t want Anna anymore and guess what, that’s OK. Well. No it isn’t because I want YoungXYoung to get together. But if this was real life and you were my friend I would say leave Anna, and get over Ga Young. But don’t feel guilty over Anna. You make mistakes then you learn from them. And….that is my paragraph. I always write blocks of texts, my sister says it turns people off (sad)…

  6. I’m here to join Raine’s FK ep9 fiesta!!!

    Sadly, my interest in FK is starting to slightly wane as the focus shifts to Young Gul and Ga Young’s relationship. I want more hot flipping-kiss-scenes with my Beetlejuice-attired-baby-loan-shark-zebra and Gayoung!! I must confess; I’m a drama quitter. I only finished watching 2 dramas last year, Brain and Tree with Deep Roots, though I started watching at least 20. But I will finish FK for you, Raine, and everyone else in Raine’s FK fiesta 🙂

    I think Anna was happy to hear Jaehyuk bring up marriage, but she kept a calm outer appearance because she didn’t want to scare Jaehyuk off. It seemed like she was testing the waters when she tentatively asked if he wanted to marry her (though I think she knows deep down he doesn’t). She was pretty assertive when she said they should set the date. It seemed like she was challenging him. JH looked a bit startled by how easily she agreed to marriage.

    And I love baby loan shark, but if JH is a total jerk to Anna, what’s to say he would act differently to Gayoung a few years down the line? Also, he treats Gayoung nicely, but he treats everyone else like crap, so he’s still a bad person. I don’t see much evidence that shows his relationship to Gayoung has changed him or his character flaws, such as his temper, ego, etc. Maybe he’ll truly change in the end, and everyone will be on good terms and we’ll get a happy ending~~ That being said, I honestly don’t feel bad for Anna when JH mistreats her, and overlooking JH’s flaws comes very easily and naturally to me ^^

    • And yay!! There’s less than 8 hours left until the next episode of Rooftop Prince!! I’m excited because I just found out that it’s possible to live stream SBS shows on my iphone. Just use the free KoreanTVPro app. For KBS shows, you don’t even have to use an app. Just visit this site on your smartphone: It literally takes 2 seconds to start streaming KBS on your smartphone!!

    • Are we blind? Why can’t we see JH’s flaws? Or maybe his flaws shine so bright that they are blinding us……

    • @ DB5K

      yes jae hyuk has many flaws so too with yang gul, but there is one thing jae hyuk has for ga young, trying to get her out of the “barter trade” that she is always falling into the trap and he wants her making on her own not under yang gul’s wing, like during their teenage days he saw her design sketches when ga young was collecting food for her mum’s anniversary, he knows she has a tough life before and I don’t know MAYBE he is beginning to love her too.

  7. thanks again for your hard work, rainie!
    i love you both, you and deeno, recap…I like deeno’s as fast and madness, and I enjoy yours as it is more detailed and funny.. 🙂

    Could I make a request? Can you put a photo of the YAI i give you the link in my comment on the recap ep 8?? pleasssseeeeeeEEEEEEE…

  8. Thanks for the awesome recap! I totally agree with you that Jae-hyuk’s did show off his stunning smile after getting the text from Ga-young, that cute smile can totally melt your heart. That said I will definitely stick with the show till the end just because that bright smile,that classy three-piece vintage suit and that cool hairdo in ep 9. BTW, he looked ridiculously good in that three-piece vintage, I really don’t think anyone else could pull that off other than Lee Je-hoon wearing that three piece vintage. He is amazing in the show. To be honest I did not pick up the show until the 7th ep, just because I was not sure about the show since I was not familiar with the actors other than Ah -in. It was Lee Je-hoon his near perfect performance caught my eye, also I think he certainly has the exquisite taste in clothes. Korean actors are always on good style of clothes, better than most Hollywood actors, but only Lee Dong Wook and now Lee Je-hoon I see has reached the exquisite level in my view. Justin Timberlake is the only Hollywood actor I see has a pretty good taste in clothing, others I don’t know, it is just too sad even to think about it. Anyhow, back to our big arsing star Lee Je-hoon, he’s cute sexy clear manly voice is also something many actors desire for. In the best, Lee Je-hoon is a very gifted and talented actor. Not following ill pattern that second male lead will never get the good girl pattern, I do hope Jae-hyuk gets the girl in this K-dreama, he and Ga-young look very cute together. Jae-hyuk and Anna does not look right together, I don’t know if it is because of Yori’s big baby face or what, she looks good next to Kang Young-gul though.

  9. Hi Raine and commenters,

    The NG’s are really funny, I heard lee je hoon saying ai…..gooo and
    yoo ah in gently pushing yuri away, too much for his palate ?.

  10. I have to agree with your comments — there’s still 11 episodes left, their deal with Michael J can’t possibly lead to instant success. I did watch episode 10 raw, so I don’t really know what’s happening, but it’s not quite what I expected.

    • It’s just a strange…strange show. Predictable in its craziness. I want the women to step from the shadows. they seem like they will and then get snuffed out by one cruel word uttered by one of the men. I’m intrigued to see what Madame Jo and Director Kim will do.

  11. Thanks for a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry funny recap!
    I am laughing and agreeing and laughing again!

    Plus, I TOTALLY get points for saying out loud with my mouth “Raine – cello solo!” when it played. I said it! I did! 🙂

    I screamed when she kissed him. I was proud proud proud. She doesn’t say a lot, but who needs words at that moment?

    YAI has the best lips on the Kplanet, btw!

    YJH is beatiful in every freaking shot. I can hardly stand it anymore.

    • I’m glad you liked it. I was typing so fast trying to get it out. AND YAY FOR CELLO SOLO!

      I was proud of her but now I want her to leave both of them behind.

      And yes, I stare at LJH the whole time. It’s sad.

      • I’m here to create some noise!! hehe

        For me Ana is nothing worth fighting for, no talent, dull personality, going around wilh her long faces, very arrogant, look at the way she treated GY. Poor JH. I hope they don’t finally end up together..

        • Katrina! YAY NOISE!

          I hope they end up going separate ways but on good terms, learning from this relationship and seeing it as a stepping stone. But we’ll see. she blames him for bringing her, but she could’ve said, “no” and is swayed every time he throws a fit!

          • They were in love and they had a long history together. I think it is going to be tough for them to go separate ways peacefully. I want GY with JH, they look so adorable together, But I am afraid he is not able to protect her from his evil parents, she is so naive and not scheming like Anna.

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