Fashion King: Episode 10 Recap

by: Raine

Episode 9 came in at 10.6%. This show is really bobbing and weaving in ratings, just like the plot and the character development. After this episode, I have no idea what will happen.

This episode was all about Ga-young for me. Shin Se-kyung seriously stepped up her game.

Special thanks to Hitomiakiko from Akiko’s Morning Coffee for doing some spot translation for me!

“I’ll Be Waiting” –  Instrumental of Seohhyun of SNSD’s song (from the Fashion King OST)

episode 10 recap

We start out with Jae-hyuk prettifying himself. Doesn’t he know that he could crawl out of bed and everyone would drool? But apparently he prettifies himself, not to go to work, but in order to brood over what An-na said – that he’d protect her and that he wouldn’t make the same mistake twice. The image of An-na “kissing” Young-gul in the elevator is seared into his mind.

Even though Jae-hyuk doesn’t love her anymore or even care to be in a relationship with her, I do understand this feeling. The relationship was huge in his life. He once loved her. It’s hard to let go. However, we all know what happens once Jae-hyuk declares something his…

Young-gul, tired and probably hung over, walks home and pauses before the door. He fixes his hair and braces himself.

At least the boy as the sense to know that he did wrong. But maybe that’s worse. He knows and he still does wrong by Ga-young. Is it so hard to say that he had a drink with An-na to listen to her Jae-hyuk woes? I suppose it is.

Inside, he finds Ga-young cleaning up and casually asks what happened last night. She ignores him and he asks if she’s mad. Why should an employee be mad at his lifestyle?

He understands that she’s angry and turns to find the entire staff watching. They quickly resume cleaning.

An-na is late for a meeting in the mall with the president and a slew of other businessmen. Jae-hyuk is uber pissed and the president doesn’t look pleased.

Okay, that is not acceptable. No matter what your personal issues are, please take your work seriously. I know she’s a thief, but at least pretend to have some semblance of professionalism. Or call. She uses her phone for everything else…how come she can’t pick it up now?

She changes into a skirt that shows off Yu-ri’s legs for days. Mr. Drapery_Jae-hyuk storms in demanding to know where she was (drinking with a friend) because this was a planned meeting and she showed up reeking of alcohol. Is she cheating?

When she snarks that he loves as he wishes, he grabs her arm and shoves her against a mirror. Why of all people is it Young-gul? he demands. Furious, she tells him never to touch her again.

I agree. Manhandling just because you’re pissed isn’t good. Now if he did that to kiss her…RAWR.

So now Hyukkie is pissed and he always does something stupid and irrational when he’s pissed. This time he calls and plots the utter demise of Young-gul’s business and wants Assistant Kim to hit the factory, suppliers, and buyers.

At Young Young Apparel, Bong Sook negotiates an order for fifty pieces, which doesn’t thrill the staff. They were hoping for something larger. But she’s excited and runs to tell Young-gul. In a random bout of slapstick, he opens the door on her face and she falls over. No one bats an eyelid save for Il-gook who fusses over her.

Then, Young-gul starts to feel the aftereffects of Jae-hyuk’s rage: rent on the building goes up, loan shark Tae-san wants his “investment” back and the fabrics dealers won’t deliver unless paid cash. As always, Young-gul calls his go-to man, Chil-bok, for some fast cash.

Assistant Kim holds up garments for Jae-hyuk to choose from – the ones that Ga-young designed – and he chooses the destined garment once worn by Michael Jackson himself.

No wait. It just looks like that one. Ga-young, you design thief.

Anyway, Jae-hyuk is happy as a clam when the person on the phone confirms that the Young-gul was indeed screwed over.

On his way out, Assistant Kim bumps into An-na, who is confused by the rack of clothing. However, when a garment falls and she sees the label on the inside, she totally gets it.

She’s not so dumb after all. Honey, get a little smarter, and you’ll leave him, move back to New York and stop being a smirking door matt. No one likes door matts that smirk. It’s just unpleasant.

Young-gul heads out, a bit under the weather, and when he’s gone, they ahjummas asked Ga-young if she has any money.

Um, are they serious? She had to live on the streets before. How much could she have saved with all the shit going down?

AND I forgot to mention this last recap, but when the ahjummas got their cards they asked what they were going to do with them. They’ve never had cards before. Should they use them as toothpicks? The chattiest ahjumma is indeed using one as a toothpick. and they ARE! Finally, some plot followthrough! AMEN and HALLELUJAH! Wait, I’m excited because they followed through on a toothpick

Yay, toothpicks!

Anyway, the ahjummas want to know why the rich guy doesn’t come ’round no more and then, lo and behold, he calls.

He invites her to his personal theatre, decked out with plush love seats, where a French film starts to play. (Which film is this? Does anyone know?)

Jae-hyuk is super nervous for this date of sorts and Ga-young is completely out of her element as he watches her fondly.

Now for my Jae-hyuk spiel. I’m assuming that he never worked this hard for An-na. Sure, he probably romanced her, spouted pretty words and gave her a good roll in the sack, but I don’t think that she affected change in his worldview as Ga-young has. Ga-young is more than a new toy for him, but someone he actually respects and *gasp* apologizes to.  With An-na he makes excuses or covers his guilt with anger.

That said, just because he’s changing in one area, doesn’t mean he’s a good man for Ga-young even though they look ridiculously cute together. He needs a 360 personality makeover. He’s started with the whole shy-school-boy-in-love bit, but it has yet to pervade his being. In the end, despite my hankering for Lee Je-hoon, I hope he learns to be a better person from Ga-young.

Back to Jae-hyuk and Ga-young in a dark theatre. Jae-hyuk cries during the film and dabs at his eyes with his hanky. Teehee. Ga-young…falls asleep. When she wakes, the film has ended and she’s horrified that she fell asleep and quickly turns away to wipe away any possible drool. He smiles ‘cause she’s cute.

I smile because it’s another plot consistency. She drooled in an earlier episode. Heehee. Toothpicks and drool comprise the total plot consistency! w00t!

They head off to a lunch of pork and lettuce wrap where he hands her a bag. It’s Michael Jackson’s jacket! Production on the line is finished and it will be delivered to stores next week. He has her check the label and she’s stunned to see her name. It’s to pay her back for the shirt she made him, he says.

WOW! Some pay back. That’s what happens when you date a hot chaebol. I’m a musician. I’ve resigned myself to a life of poverty, but if you could hook me up with one of those…

Ga-young blusters that he didn’t have to do this and he replies that it should be under her label next time. This is a souvenir for her first project. Also, does she ever want to work with J Fashion again? He’ll even let Young-gul tag along.

She, as are we, doesn’t think Young-gul will go for it.

Then Jae-hyuk digs a little about the state of business and she evasively replies that the president is taking care of it. Jae-hyuk catches on and says that they won’t receive a proper order unless the buyer checks out the factory and financial situation.

O_O You naughty, naughty puppy. BAD PUPPY!

But Karma’s a bitch. The food comes and he drops a splotch of sauce onto his lapel. He’s mortified and makes all sorts of ridiculous faces as he tries to scrub it off. Then he calls for an extra jacket to be brought from his car. Ga-young is surprised, but Jae-hyuk is in the fashion business.

He then asks her what she, as a designer, thinks of his style and she thinks it’s plain.

She makes Michael Jackson jackets and things with sequins. Of course she thinks he’s plain.

Although affronted, he quickly turns the situation around and asks her to help make him less plain.

Slick dude. Super slick.

Next we get a role reversal. The woman is, for once, dressing the man. It’s still on the chaebol’s dime, but I’ll take what I can get.

She’s in heaven dressing him up and he’s completely shy and awkward as she passes all personal space barriers in order to fix collars, handkerchiefs and ties.

Come on, Jae-hyuk, you know you like it.

Ga-young, of course, doesn’t notice their proximity until they accidentally come face to face. The way he looks at her is so cute. Just break up with An-na so I can feel good about your crush on her. PLEASE!

Oh yeah, he looks delicious in a black suit. DELICIOUS!

Back at the factory, Young-gul is waiting impatiently for Ga-young and immediately attacks when he finds out she was with Jae-hyuk. There’s a limit to pretending not to know how he feels, Young-gul comments bitterly.

In an attempt to stand up for herself, she tells him not to get angry. It was a business meeting. But Young-gul won’t hear it. Does she have any pride as she comes and goes at Jae-hyuk’s bidding? When he spies her bag, he tells her to stop hanging around “outside” because orders came in.

Oh, you so jealous ‘cause you thought she got a present from Richy Rich. And, you do the SAME EXACT THING to her. Get off your pedestal.

Deflated after his angry lecture, Ga-young can’t sleep and pulls out the MJ jacket. It makes her smile.

After Jae-hyuk got dissed, he’s really starting to treat her right. Save for that fact that…y’know, he’s still in some kind of…relationship?…with An-na.

Jae-hyuk is dressing for work and finally decides on a crazy suit that looks like the designer ran out of cloth and patched it together

At J Fashion, he runs into Young-gul who is more than annoyed that they have to meet again. He’s discovered that Jae-hyuk caused all the problems for Young Young Apparel and Young-gul is livid. Jae-hyuk has just cut off the livelihood of the people depending on him. How could he do that?

Hrm, he’s got a point Hyukkie.

But uri chaebol is still stuck in the throes of vengance. He declares Young-gul hateful for not knowing his place and chasing “any girl” and making the same mistakes. That’s why he’s trash.

Ah ha, he stole the woman you declared yours, did he now Jae-hyuk? Um, just by the way. We’re not property. He doesn’t treat Ga-young like property anymore…why is he only growing up in bits and pieces?

Anyway, Young-gul will not let it go and pauses on his way out, “You really don’t look good in anything.”


(The director really does have a sense of character placement, but those neon green chairs are giving me a headache.)

Jae-hyuk chaebol struts into a design meeting and is complimented on his dress. Director Kim and An-na notice as well. She asks for a chat.

In her office, Jae-hyuk turns a chair away from her to sit down and refuses to look at her. An-na declares they’ve reached the point of no return. With a cold smirk, Jae-hyuk tells her that the issue lies with her. He’s still willing to go forward.

Then she declares that she doesn’t love him anymore and wants to end it.

Good for you! Finally, finally, finally.

Jae-hyuk rises, pissed, and tells her it’s not that easy. Everything she has is because of him. An-na wants everything to stay the same save for their relationship. He, however, is on a power trip and tells her that it’s his decision.


I can’t process that comment. Warning. Warning. Malfunction.

Jae-hyuk storms out and An-na looks deflated. She obviously still loves him and was trying a new tactic. Boo, I wish she’d been serious, especially after that chauvinistic move.

Ga-young gives Young-gul her bank book and her savings (around $1,000) and he feels guilty and half-heartedly refuses her. She tells him to pay her back later and finally he asks for her pin.

Before she can give it to him, a reporter comes to interview him. She was referred by An-na and is curious about the partnership between him and Michael J. Young-gul weaves a little yarn in and out of the truth about his meeting with Michael and the ahjummas watch with some surprise mixed with admiration.

Jung-ah is meeting with mom who is not happy. Apparently, Evil Spawn has been kicked out of school for low grades, which mortifies mommy Dragon Lady. Evil Spawn wants to lie that she graduated with honors since she’ll take over the business anyway. The Dragon has to stop herself from smacking her spawn and demands water from poor Miss Go.

Then the Dragon asks to find the whereabouts of Ga-young and hears that she went to America for business. An-na shows up.

So the Dragon heads to Young Young Apparel and Ga-young is extremely unhappy to see her. The woman is simpering and so falsely sweet that it’s disgusting.

In Young-gul’s office, Madam Jo makes a show of taking care of “uri” Ga-young. Then she drops the bomb: how about partnering with me?

Why should we? Ga-young snaps and I cheer. The Dragon tells her to butt out but Young-gul says that Ga-young is the chief designer and vice-president.

OMG, this woman is so vile. I prefer men who don’t know that they’re being idiots.

Anyway, vile Dragon Lady explains that she’s a top domestic figure and has been preparing for the international market for quite some time. She wants Young Young Apparel to be her influence overseas. If they work together, they’d get an astounding result.

Ga-young thinks the Dragon is shameless and the Dragon replies that she would benefit from it, too. Then she slides a manila envelope with her blueprint to a “fashion empire”.

Is it possible that this blueprint could’ve been what Ga-young’s mother created before Madam Jo stole/took over the business?

While Madam Dragon tells Ga-young “Fighting” as she departs, Ga-young pointedly ignores her, then glares at Young-gul.

Young-gul goes for another think session with Chil-bok and Il-gook over a meal. Il-gook is again dreaming of Bong Sook while Chil-bok, the shrewd businessman, tells Young-gul to go for it. Madam Jo can help Young Young Apparel accomplish a luxury image. She funds; they design and sell.

But how did she know about their situation, Young-gul muses.

Hrm, An-na showing up right before Madam Jo gives us just a little hint.

Later that night, Ga-young is brooding on a workbench with her knees to her chest and crying. She remembers how the Dragon smacked her then cruelly kicked her out.

This is how Young-gul finds her when he returns and his face is suffused with guilt. Ga-young tells him that she doesn’t like Madam Jo. He knows what kind of woman the Dragon is but his experience tells him that there are no friends or enemies forever. So why not work with Jae-hyuk? Ga-young asks.

It’s impossible to work with him and…he HATES him.

Hrm, this is a twisty argument, don’t you think?

Anyway, Ga-young reiterates that she hates “that woman” and Young-gul pulls rank. To soften the blow he mentions that maybe they could get her mother’s factory back.

Wait, he knows that this woman jacked the factory and is still doing this to her? Did he not promise to care for her? He’s doing the same thing to her as Jae-hyuk is to An-na.

In the morning, after some agonized thinking and a perusal of the impressive business plan, Young-gul goes to Jo Boutique for a public contract signing. The Dragon is insufferably pleasant.

Ick. I wanna throw up.

Jae-hyuk and his daddy find out the news through the papers and daddy is more than disappointed. He thought Jae-hyuk had been aggressively working to stop this guy from partnering up. Although Jae-hyuk is great, he always has problems. He was watching movies and running around shopping.

Nothing escapes evil daddies.

Daddy gives son a little lesson on business: minimum input for maximum output. When you mess up, we have to put in maximum input. Madam Jo beat us to this so now more people are going to try to hold her hand – we just became one of those people.

By the way, An-na is good at golf.

Just rub a little salt into the wound why don’t ya? Actually, please do. A kick in the ass always seems to help Jae-hyuk.

Young-gul gives a completely lethargic, apathetic and depressed Ga-young a phone as compensation for signing a contract with the devil. She’ll need it for their international business and trips.

Yes, because a shiny new PINK phone rights all wrongs.

He makes a show of calling her and she reluctantly answers and he tells her, “Let’s work hard!” Then he slings an arm around her and brings her to the workroom where everyone toasts to their good fortune. While they eat, Ga-young drinks.

After the meal they head to a noraebang where everyone has fun save for Ga-young, who has some more to drink.

Young-gul sees her and grabs her hand, pulling her up and hugging her tightly to him. Although she tries to escape his drunken embrace, he won’t let her go.

We can all see how much he cares and how sorry he is. It’s written all over his face. Dude, stop letting jealousy make your decisions and be rational. You love the girl, so TREAT her like you do. Jae-hyuk the temperamental learned to do it. So should you.

Ga-young and Young-gul drunkenly walk home and he tries to speed her up by grabbing her hand, but she won’t budge. Does she want a piggy back?

Nope, she wants to tell him that she’ll quit if he partners with that woman. He gets frustrated and tells Ga-young that she doesn’t have to meet with her. Her history with the dragon is in the past and she should learn from it. They have to look to the future.

Okay, my issue is this. It may be in the past, and leaving the past in the past is GREAT. IF that past stays in the past. Confusing? Let’s put it another way. The dragon from the past is coming to mess up Ga-young’s future. It’s not staying in the past where it belongs. I can’t blame Ga-young for wanting to quit. I think she should.

She tries to explain she lived with that woman for ten years feeling like that. He counters that it was the reason he ran away from his aunt’s house. Everyone has scars. She’s not the only one in pain.

Um, his aunt isn’t there. The dragon is now her boss again. Jus’ sayin’.

He takes her hand and croons, “Don’t cry. Don’t cry.”

An-na is waiting at the door for them and wants to go somewhere else to talk. Ga-young asks nastily what An-na thinks is wrong with this place. Young-gul tells her to go inside and leads An-na away. She comments that “[Ga-young] has a temper.”

WENCH!!!!!!!! Okay, fine. I’ll say it. BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ga-young: You’re not coming back today are you?

Young-gul: What does that have to do with you? Are you my wife?

Wait, is this the same guy who was hugging her so tightly that she couldn’t push herself away?

An-na glares and the two leave Ga-young sobbing.

Young-gul goes to drink EVEN MORE with An-na. She asks if Ga-young was angry because she came.

Oh, don’t pretend like you don’t know.

Turns out An-na was the one who gave Young-gul the heads up about Jae-hyuk’s nefarious dealings. Young-gul doesn’t want the help and wonders why she gave it. She just wanted to.

Uh-huh. Sure.

She mentions that she broke up with Jae-hyuk and that’s why he’s acting like that. Why didn’t An-na introduce Young-gul to someone who doesn’t have a relationship with Ga-young? An-na is pleased that Young-gul sees things as she does; he reads his employee well. He has to – she makes money for him.

I’m stopping now. No more analysis of this psycho, psycho character. Young-gul, you’re fired. From Life.

An-na broke up with Jae-hyuk and wants to change her goal. She eyes Young-gul pointedly. And then who should call but Jae-hyuk. She asks Young-gul if she should take it.

Seriously? Make your own damn decision.

She decides to ignore the call and Jae-hyuk immediately calls Young-gul who is fed-up with the whole situation. An-na answers and says she’s not drunk, she’s sober. Yes, she knows what she is doing. And she hangs up on him.

Jae-hyuk is practically giving off steam, he’s so furious and he storms out, tears in his eyes.

Here’s a taste of your own medicine. Bitter, isn’t it?

Then An-na apologizes for using him and he smirks at her admission.

At least she admitted it.

Ga-young is sobbing, drinking and writing Young-gul a letter:

‬To a president who is like my family, Sorry for writing to you like this. You don’t know my relationship with that woman but, I would rather die than partner with someone like her. If you knew what I’ve suffered in her hands, I think you would understand my decision. However, I can’t block your bright future ahead. So I’m leaving. I don’t have anyplace to go but I’m sure we will meet again. Thank you for everything. Sincerely, Lee Ga-young

Jae-hyuk storms in and she quickly shoves the letter in her pocket. Is she alone? Why is she crying? He asks permission before downing some soju and cup ramyun.

Did she tell Young-gul about the offer? Yes, and he refused it. He demands if she really wants to live in a place like this, eating crap like cup ramyun. He slaps the cup the the floor and she immediately jumps up to clean it.

Jae-hyuk’s jaw works and he forces her up by the wrist. He’s going to offer one last time: leave with me or stay with Kang Young-gul until she dies?

A furious Young-gul has seen everything. Why is Jae-hyuk always hitting on and bothering his worker?


I’m annoyed at this show.

Jae-hyuk and An-na: From the beginning of this second start, it’s been about him using her and her loving him. She has been slighted despite the fact that she coulda said no. The man she loves and who supposedly loves her should be taking care of her, verbal promise or not. It’s just getting worse between them as the truth of his intentions are coming clear. She needs to cleanly leave him and stop this revenge business. It’s the only way she’s gonna heal and he’ll get over his possessiveness…I hope.

The Dragon: She made her move and I think she and her spawn will probably make Ga-young’s life even more miserable, which was her goal. Seriously woman, you have everything. She has nothing. Get over it.

Ga-young: I pity her. I really do. But in the end, she needs to really give Young-gul that letter and walk away. She needs to refuse Jae-hyuk and she needs to make a decision. I understand that it’s hard for her to refuse the man she loves and Jae-hyuk, who has given her a lot and who she is probably fond of. Who wouldn’t be fond of someone who treats you like a treasure? (At least, now he does…) And also, she keeps going to Jae-hyuk when she knows Young-gul hates it. That IS kinda annoying although I know she has a hard time saying “no”. The only time she said “no” was when Jae-hyuk wasn’t there in person.

Young-gul: The man is so confusing. It is true to form that he signs the contract with the Dragon and Ga-young should know this. He’ll do ANYTHING to better his position. He’s a scavanger who takes what he can get. And that was a pretty big offering. At the same time, he knows he’s hurting Ga-young and should just tell her what he’s doing with An-na. But then again, he knows she likes Jae-hyuk….O_o

Ga-young and Young-gul: This relationship is fraught with silence-based misunderstandings. They may like each other, but right now, none of the leads are good for each other…despite their sexual chemistry.

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  1. A good soul from DB brought me here. Bless Mystisith!

    I definitely agree about SSK! Ga Young is definitely an enigmatic character to me. I can’t guess her. I don’t know what she is. But she’s good!

    I guess that change in the High and Mighty Chaebol and everyone noticing it could be symbolic…and when Young Gul notices his change in style, does that mean he’s indirectly telling him that he and Ga Young ain’t good together?

  2. this drama makes me SNORE VERY LOUD lol. i was looking forward to it in the first maybe 5-6 episodes but the characters just DO NOT GROW UP. i mean one could argue that choi anna is stepping up her game but ultimately she is still selfish and wants to step over ga young.

    my biggest problem with this drama is GA YOUNG. i mean everyone else has been selfish, so they can continue to be jerks. however, ga young is like a talented angel but she JUST doesn’t learn how to be independent and ASSERTIVE. please do something for yourself and stop letting others control you.

  3. I found this symphony orchestra that I like but it is a different version and from asia, and also Raine, I think if the instrumental song I’LL BE WAITING could had included the celo and the erhu strings for the song how melodious would it be instead of the low pitch arrangement . Have a nice day to all !.

  4. Thanks for the recap, Raine!
    I’ve been watching FK – it’s a conundrum, to say the least. The plot just keeps spinning it’s wheels in the same mud hole – we need some traction here to escape this rut. I really want to see some designing going on, clothes creation, backstabbing, runway shows and world-class fashion. What I don’t want to see is that horrific tattersall 3 piece suit or that weird color block suit – those suits were wearing JH. Also, does this drama have the smallest amount of dialogue ever written, or what?! YG barely opens her mouth, other than making a sulky/sullen 4 word statement. Whodathunk that Yuri would have more speaking lines than YG? And, speaking of Yuri, I know I’m impressed at the acting she’s doing. These SNSD girls are stepping up – Yoona is doing a fine job over in Love Rain. The only stinkaroo was Jessica in WR.
    Having said that, I’m just going with the flow for FK and watching it for the animal it is….

    • CHINSIA! You’re at my blog *FLIPS OUT!* Yay!

      Yes, this show is a complete bafflement but so addicting anyway. I would love to see some real designing too. Those suits were not only wearing JH, but eating the poor, beautiful man alive!

      Not only small bits of dialogue, but its at times nonsenscal…or maybe those are translations, but I dont think so….

      Jessica was HORRRRRRRRRID

    • Oh yes, SNSD girls are stepping up alright. Yuri is surprising because she was absolutely horrible (she was the worst actress among SNSD, even the girls used to make fun of her acting lol) and Yoona really improved a lot – which came in surprise because the girls have crazy overseas schedule with their US TV debut and Asia tour. This is also why I let Jessica’s (rather unexpectedly) horrible acting pass, her schedule was the most packed when WR was filmed… she mentioned that she was casted abruptly and didnt have time to prepare, to her regret. She even almost missed SNSD’s late night show debut at David Letterman because she had to film the drama the night before the performance. But yeah, she shouldn’t have took the role imo, But then again, it’s obvious that SM is pushing the nine girls to do dramas and variety shows so that the homeland wont forget them as top girl group by the time they’re back to focusing on US and Japan again.

  5. once again thank you Raine,

    The intensity of this drama will go on till epi 20 !. Firstly, sec. Kim from now on don’t leave jae hyuk to drinking and nareabang instead drag him to all the fashion shows that you can think off !, I know you got talent ! FBI will definitely rope you in but stick on to jae hyuk because he needs you and he is going to be very very miserable soon after this.

    They should play the song “the way we were” by BS when they part esp. for jae hyuk. Definitely ga young will stick to yang gul no matter how painful and agonizing and yang gul knew that an na had broke off with jae hyuk so will the two heads reverse and twist the script again ?.

    Now the character is reverse, yang gul – knight in shining armour and
    jae hyuk – darth vader.

    I like the cinema and shopping scenes, ga young and jae hyuk’s body language – although still clearing his throat when with ga young, they were having sweety time for themselves – a very fine day to spend time with your girfriend ? , and leave all their woes temp. behind and just enjoy that moment they have, they are like themselves and the label lee ga young’s emblem = jae hyuk’s school emblem = memory ? ha ! ha! .

    This week is more of sunglasses day and mirror’s day so what’s next !.
    I like the sound when jae hyuk make when twice he drank the soju from ga young’s drink the sucking sound – very sexy !.
    That was indeed a spontaneous acting from Mr. Lee je hoon .
    Will jae hyuk call the final quits with an na ?.

  6. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy these delicious recaps!
    How this drama could have been twice as good as it is (but I’m still addicted).
    How much I wish the female characters were written better.
    How the charms of rich-bully-boy-with-a-pinched-face completely eludes me; which is good since he seems to belong to Ms. Raine.

    And last and not least:
    Raine, who, along with her many super-powers, also speaks French!

    Merci beaucoup d’écrire ces résumés d’épisodes, c’est un travail énorme et j’apprécie.

    • @msim Aww, merci beaucoup et de rien! Je parle/ecris un peu et je comprends beaucoup. C’est normale avec une deuxieme langue, non? Et…”superpowers” (superpuissances????) je n’ai jamais pense que je les avais, mais c’est cool! *fist pump*

  7. JH would’ve been the best option for GY if he didn’t say that foolishness to Anna after she declared them over. Yes, he has issues but I can see him changing for GY. YG……OMG I want to scream when I think about him. Grow a brain in that pretty head of yours. I said it in my comment for the last recap. Put your heart before your d**k before you regret it. To me, he’s more possessive than JH. For JH, it’s complicated with Anna and I can get it (well, I COULD until the part where she said let’s break up and he’s like hell no and I was like o come on!!). How I see it, JH is getting better, YG is getting worse and more selfish, Anna is getting worse (I use to feel sorry for her) and GY remains to be the best character in the show. She needs a backbone though, but I see it growing little by little in this episode.

    • JeAnn, you’re so funny! That’s the thing, I see JH changing, even if only a tad. YG SEEEEEEMS to change and then regresses, which amounts to no change at all.

      GY better reject both of them…

  8. Hi Raine and commenters,

    here is the latest ballad song we heard from epi. 9 and 10,
    sung by Lee Young Hyun – Big Mama- Love Like This.
    I don’t know the meaning yet but a sad song.

    • This isn’t one of my favorite songs in Fashion King’s OST, but I find the lyrics to be really moving. I wonder if this song is Anna’s theme song?

      Even if you hate me/ Even if you pass me by/ Even if you will only give me faint, overflowing yearning/ Love is like this/ Love is like this/ One day you filled up my emptiness/ Even if this leaves tears in my aching heart/ I’ll live embracing you/ Love erases tears/ You only feel sorry/ You only feel thankful/ From now on, only you can see my love/ Love is like this/ Love is like this/ One day you filled up my emptiness/ For me, love is irreversible/ Even if this leaves scars/ Love will cover them~~

    • They just came out with this for download 😀 I’ll put it in my next recap. Thanks for the lyrics and the post! (arlena and DB5K)

  9. Awesome recap as usual!
    This weeks episodes were so freaking annoying ROAR.
    Poor GY 😦 The evil dragon lady needs to die in a fire! and at the pace this is going younggul needs to as well >=(

    • Thanks for reading! I seriously feel like pulling my hair and I feel nauseous by how many times I bounce back and forth in how I feel and think. The only dependable thing about this drama is: its not dependable at all! And the toothpicks and drool…

  10. This episode deepen my confusion. But I will hang in there to the end! At this point, I don’t care who ends up with who! An Na is being dissed by JH; Ga Young by YG so who cares at this point. Not really in anyone’s relationship corner!

  11. Anyone know the name of that song during the scene at the karaoke? while Young Gul hugs Ga Young? Love that song!

  12. I decided YAI is the king of hugs. I love that word: Hug. You can almost hear the air being sucked out from the lungs.
    I do not fancy the Frankenstein suits, even if it’s a good symbol for our conflicted Jae-hyuk. The checked jacket is just good to play tic tac toe. I love when he is dressed up by Ga-young: She’s lost in her little girl’s bubble, then suddenly she realizes the model is a living, attractive and attracted one. So cute: I could almost hear JH begging for a kiss with his pleading eyes. Now, dressing him or undressing him… That’s a tough dilemma i would say.

    • Mmmmmmmm…What I liked about this scene is that while, yes, she is playing with a live Ken doll and doesn’t realize it, she is comfortable around him. VERY comfortable around him. I think this will lead to attraction to him eventually whether she wants it to or not.
      I WANT IT TO!

      • @jomo I want there to be attraction!!!! come on. Ken wants to play and he CAN play because he is in fact NOT a doll and has real live human parts. Hehehehe

    • @mystisith love hugs! He is GREAT at hugs. I really judge a person by how they hug. My best friend used to hug like a limp fish and I schooled her good!

      UNDRESSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They tease us so badly. Come on, get nekkid!

  13. Is it me or do YG and An Nah both seem like they like to use people as stepping stones? An Nah is using JH to get a better station in life and YG is using GY for fortune and fame.

    I think the reason keeps flashbacking JH saying he made a promise to JH to protect her is because sometimes, situations change and what was said at one point is making life difficult.

    GY and YG are doomed because of the way he thinks of himself first and throws a bone to GY when his conscious bothers him.

    JH needs to grow up and declare his feeling to GY before YG smartens up.

    • They both use people. That’s the point of YG’s character I think. And for her, she is such a chickenshit that she just flails about.

      I think the best way he can protect An-na now is to let her go. Help her find a new situation and let her go. But that won’t happen, not with her newfound vindictive behavior

  14. Yep. I’m still shipping GY-JH. I don’t get Younggul besides he’s a jerk. But, Jaehyuk, dude, Anna actually wants to break up with you and you said it’s your decision not hers even when you’re clearly after another woman? Wow. Just wow.

    Young-gul doesn’t want the help and wonders why she gave it. She just wanted to.
    Actually she said something along the lines of “because I’m partially responsible of what Jaehyuk has been doing.” Hmmm…

    • qwerty- she did say she was partially responsibile, but he still wonders why she’s butting in his business. my tke anyway.

      JH was unbelievable in this episode. So adorable and so vile. all at the same time.

  15. Thank you for the quick and funny recap!
    I’m not the only one that loves this show even though there is everything wrong with the plot, right?
    It is as if the director is very good at making each scene powerful and pretty, but notso good at connecting these scenes together as a coherent story.

    Not sure if they are doing this on purpose, but I also feel like these characters are playing “dress-up” adults rather than actually being adults.
    Especially JH, epecially when he is around Daddy. From the beginning, I have felt as if JH’s grip on his life, his happiness is tenuous at best, and uri young Master is headed slowly but inevitably towards a break down.
    This is what I like about the show, actually. The same way I loved JIS in Bali, and all the characters in Que Sera Sera.
    Even if little by little he is being nicer to GY, he still keeps lying and evading every else. Maybe Daddy knows this, and has enough money and patience to cover for him? Maybe Daddy is giving his son enough time to destroy himself so he can eventually ban him to the middle of [SK’s version of Siberia]? I dunno.

    Nobody seems to know what the hell is happening to them. Everybody is making it up as they go along. It is not about making the right decisions one at a time, but about surviving just long enough to face the next decision.

    The make-over was adorable, and I am still shipping GY and JH.
    Let everyone break up at the end of the drama, but then tack on a coda [musical term alert!] wherein GY and JH meet at a Fashion Show in Paris years later. She’s all rich and successful, he is waiting tables at a Korean makgeoli bar. She takes one look at him and cannot deny he meant something to her once, and they reconnect…
    Anna and YG can do the same in Madrid for all I care right now.

    Let’s hear it for the ONE WITH THE TALENT to cut off all the LEECHES and go off on her own. Who needs them, Ga-young?

    • I am in GY and JH ship too! All JH needs to do is to take GY to his home in the very beginning of the ep11 and live happily after in the next 10 eps. But dealing with JH’s parents is going to be tough for both of them, it really depends on JH to stand up for GY, YG certainly failed to do so. He totally let GY and everyone else down by bring in the Dragon lady back to GY ‘s life. How cruel is that considering what GY has done for him? And all he did for her was to think and treat she like money making machine? I will not be happy if script-writers give the go for YG-GY ship.

      • I dont like how they leave us to guess his motives and he just does as he pleases. He just kept saying ‘it happens to everyone. it happens to everyone’…

    • Jomo – you’re a crazy angel! Thats for the OT shoutout!

      I really like this show, but I thnk it’s cause I’m recapping. And you’re right about the individual scenes. Very powerful but dont make sense in context.

      JH really is a big kid. But so cute.

      MUSIC TERM ALERT! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! I like your coda. It rocks.

  16. The last line that YG said had the word “woman” in it, right?
    I had hoped he had said something like “Take your hand off my woman!”

    (The last time I checked this morning, it still hadn’t been translated on viki.)

    • One person told me it was ‘female employee’ so i just put employee. I hope it means woman. I’ll change it if it ever gets translated.

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