Rooftop Prince: Episode 9 Recap

by: the Madcap Duo, Raine and MadDino

Raine: Ratings went up again to 12.0% for this episode, but the three Wednesday/Thursday dramas are really really close each week, so it’s really hard to tell what the final outcome will be.

MadDino and I, contrary to popular opinion, really like Se-na. She kinda rocks the bad guy role and makes this story interesting. Just enjoy the build up. When she falls, she’s going to fall…HARD.

“Wounds” –  Instrumental of song sung by Ali (from the Rooftop Prince OST)

episode 9 recap

Raine: Grams slaps Park Ha harder than I thought an old lady could muster because she thinks Park Ha is lying about knowing Tae-yong before she took him in. And then Park Ha gets called “Evil One”. Sorry Deeno.

Deeno: Why does Park Ha get all the good nicknames?

Raine: Do you want her other ones? Peppermint? Lotus? Pond Lily?

Deeno: Fine. I just want that one…

Raine: Grams storms out with Aunt Wang, fuming at the injustice as Se-na tries to contact “Tae-yong”. She gets him and then heads in to flaunt her “victory” in Park Ha’s face. There is to be a showdown at Grams’ house to tar and feather Park Ha and Se-na’s loving it. Note the smirk of vile satisfaction. Is it noted? Good, you’ll be seeing it quite often in this episode.

Deeno: Isn’t the smirk so pretty?

Raine: It gives me major willies. Like Free Willy sized willies.

Raine: At Grams’ mansion, Lee Gak tries to defend Park Ha, but Grams and Aunt Wang counter his every word. Finally, he says that he likes Park Ha, which shocks everyone. Because he liked her, he followed her to the rooftop.

Deeno: Wait does he like like her or is he just saying this?

Raine: He’s just saying it. Park Ha knows he’s just saying it to protect her, but she still reels from the admission while the ahjummas use the shock as fuel for indignation. Grams thought they weren’t in a relationship and kicks Park Ha out of the rooftop apartment and out of the company; then she kicks them both out of the mansion.

Raine: His pandaness is feeling the weight of Park Ha’s sacrifice – because of him she suffered. Her reasoning for keeping Lee Gak’s secret is that he risked his life to become Tae-yong.

The Panda Prince’s face hardens with resolve and he sends her home before kneeling on the grass in front of the mansion to beg for forgiveness in the humblest of fashions. The cherry blossom leaves fall around him. So pretty.

Deeno: Like cotton candy falling from the sky.

Raine: I love cotton candy. Pink cotton candy. It looks like clouds!

Deeno: My cloud castle is made of cotton candy.

Raine: Wait…the fluffy cloud castle?

Deeno: What other castle would I have?

Raine: This is where I turn things over to my answering machine.

Raine’s answering machine: …I don’t even want to go there. Put me back in the shed. No fluffiness for me. You deal with it yourself, Raine.

Raine: Unfaithful machine! *throws against wall*

Deeno’s kamikaze toaster: *shudders, sparks, flees to the bathroom*

Raine: Back at the rooftop apartment, the Tracksuit Trio tries to comfort Park Ha with tea and taking the blame. Well, Man-bo takes the blame, Yong-sul smacks the table and scares the crap out of Man-bo.

The prince waits all night as a cello solo spurs him on. ROCK ON CELLO SOLO! Even though Aunt Wang asks Grams to relent, the old bat won’t budge.

At least she doesn’t until the morning. She calls him in and he limps on over. After he apologizes, grams makes sure that he won’t marry Park Ha. But no, he has someone else he wants to marry.

This is where I sob as well as cheer. Why cheer? I said it before and I’m saying it again: I love how steadfast the prince is. Just wait ‘til he realizes Se-na is the devil incarnate and turns that attention on Park Ha!

Deeno: His loyalty is nice, but can’t he be loyal to Park Ha. Until she dies that is. Then he can go to the future to investigate her death. Lightsaber-wielding panda. O.O

Raine: Lightsabers are always more fun when you have a partner dressed like Princess Leia. Park Ha would rock that metal bikini. He can even have the collar on her.

Deeno: Pervert Unni’s getting kinky again.

Raine: Hey! He’s always saying he’s going to punish her…I can’t be the ONLY one thinking he wants to do it himself…

Deeno: *crickets chirp*

Raine: *sob*

Anywho, Grams wonders whether Tae-yong is a player like his grandfather. Bwahahaha. Actually, Grams, his heart is a two-timing bastard but hasn’t let his brain in on the action. In any case, she decides to forget Park Ha’s banishment ever happened.

Not that easy, Grams.

Raine: After the ordeal, the Panda Prince limps  to the street and finds Park Ha waiting for him. She is shocked to hear he waited all night and immediately helps him walk when she notices he’s hurting.

In a park, she rubs stinky ointment on his ankle that stings his eyes when he sniffs it. He apologizes on his grandmother’s behalf. Although he promised her good memories when he held her back from going to America, she had to go through this bad experience and he is ashamed of it.

Park Ha tells him to forget it and he takes her hand. “I am sorry,” he says sincerely, which makes her tear up. To escape embarrassment, she pretends there’s something in her eye. But, as she is rather ditzy, she wipes her eye and gets the stinging ointment in it.

Deeno: Ha! Serves you right Park Ha…for stealing all those men. And hurting your wonderful sister.

Raine: I will defend Park Ha so she can have a torrid romance with his Pandaness! It’s not her fault that she has a harem following her around and protecting her.

Deeno: But…she should share…

Raine: Who says she doesn’t? She’s sharing Man-bo with that crazy webtoonist downstairs, Lady Mimi. Well, if he noticed her for longer than a second…

Deeno: He should…

Raine: Tae-mu finally gets a scene in this episode, so enjoy uri dongsaeng, because he shan’t be seen again until episode 10!

Glorious-looking Tae-mu brings Se-na breakfast and she isn’t happy about it.

Hold. The. Show.

Who isn’t happy about a tall, muscular, handsome, rich man bringing you breakfast and declaring his love for you on a daily basis? This girl is SERIOUSLY psycho. Forget sabotaging her sister. This is just plain offensive.

Deeno: I would love to eat breakfast with Tae Mu everyday. I’d serve up some panda steak with a smile on my face. I’m sure if I shrunk a foot and dyed my hair red I could kill Se Na take her place and no one would be the wiser.

Raine: I don’t think you’d look good as a redhead. Just kill Se-na. then you wouldn’t have to wear her 5” heels.

Deeno: I like five-inch heels.

Raine: For stabbing?

Deeno: To tower over my prey.

Raine: We little people nip at heels and rip Achilles’.

Raine: Tae-mu notices that Se-na is wearing the Hong Kong Chairman Jang’s ring. When Se-na mentions wanting to get to know Jang better, Tae-mu muses that Jang’s part of the company would go to the lost daughter if she were found. The shares must come to Tae-mu’s side, not Grams’. Of course, Se-na isn’t happy to hear this bit of information and has one more reason to make Park Ha miserable.

Deeno: So once Tae Mu finds out Park Ha is Jang’s daughter he can just marry her and dump Se Na. Yep that sounds like motive for murder right there!

Raine: Marry her, murder her, marry Se-na. I’m still wondering if he’s got a doppelganger in Joseon. It’s weird that the other three mains do, but he doesn’t.

Deeno: It’s odd that Tae Yong was murdered here, but the princess/Se Na was murdered in Joseon. If it’s Tae Yong’s relative now, then would it be the princess’ relative back then? Like her father?

Raine: I was thinking that Crown Princess/Hwa Yong/Se-na’s father had something to do with it since he was explaining the whole thing away. Too many excuses.

Deeno: But what could he gain from that? Or was he dealing with some blackmail?

Raine: Good question. I have no idea. You’re the detective. Haha. I’m along for the ride…in a car…on the back of a tow truck…

Deeno: Are you saying it was the tow truck driver? Gasp! You’re a genius! It all makes sense now!

Raine: YES! No need for a twentieth episode, people. It was the tow truck driver. He backed over the Crown Princess’ face and that’s why we never saw it. No one wants to see that.

Deeno: Then he hopped into his delorean and came back to the present after stealing a few of those persimmons.

Raine: Did Michael J. Fox come, too?

Deeno: Just his inside out pants.

Raine: Which Chi-san would totally covet and then wear with his sparkly gold shirt.

Raine: And back to Se-na. Have ya’ll noticed that she brought this ALL on herself. She is the queen of scapegoating. But I don’t care. She makes for damned good entertainment.

Park Ha is a chaebolette in disguise if her mommy is Chairman Jang! (Let’s conveniently forget that Se-na is the other abandoned child.)

Raine: Tae-mu changes the subject to Park Ha and scares Se-na for a moment before he asks if Park Ha was really fired.

They arrive at work to see Park Ha walking in with Tae-yong, laughing like old chums. Well, if you count reincarnation, they are really, really, really old chums

Since the queen of the episode is Se-na, she now meets with Aunt Wang and finds out that Tae-yong knelt outside all night to ask forgiveness for the woman he likes, Park Ha.

More fodder for jealousy driven vengeance. This woman really knows how to play every field to her advantage.

Deeno: Bamboo fields?

Raine: You can beat someone silly with bamboo. It’d be a good field to play. Or she could make a reed flute and Pied Piper them into certain death.

Aunt Wang wants Se-na with Tae-yong, but she doesn’t have to worry. Se-na will try to manipulate the situation to make it go her way.

Raine: Song Jae-hee makes another cameo as Park Ha’s match date come to deliver a present: a cake. Aw! I want a man to come to my office to give me a present. Who wants to volunteer?

Deeno: I’ll deliver you a “present.” Would you like it frozen or still beating?

Raine: Frozen lasts longer. Just wrap it well. I don’t want it smelling up my freezer.

Deeno: But that’s where I hid the rest of the body.

Raine: Is there room left for my icecream. You know how I get about my icecream.

Deeno: I tossed it out. It’s now a puddle in the dumpster. The one with feet sticking out from underneath.


Deeno: It wasn’t me. It was Dorothy. And that little dog, too.

Raine: Well, I’d want a cake bearing hot man if I didn’t have a protective Tracksuit Trio of an oppa and dongsaengs intimidating the poor guy into leaving. While Yong-sul threatens to break his legs, they discover that it’s Park Ha’s birthday the next day. Chi-san wrestles the cake from match date who quickly books it.

Deeno: Blue Ajussi you can come up with a better threat than that.

Raine: The thing is, when most people say it, it means nothing. When Yong-sul says it, it’s something he’s already done once or twice in his life.

Deeno: That makes me so happy…

Raine: That makes me a little queasy…

Raine: It’s now time to see more of Se-na’s cleverness. Tae-mu’s father asks her quite rudely to leave the company and to leave his kid alone. But Se-na does not take kindly to these words and pulls out a zinger: There are a few choice documents missing from company that could put him in a sticky situation if they were to come. And they would, if she left. She just thought he should know.

W.O.W. This woman will really do anything. That nagging conscience that crops of every once and a while must’ve died somewhere along the line, after being smothered to death.

Deeno: She’s so awesome!

Raine: You can’t smother Jiminy. He’s too cute. And he has an umbrella!

Raine: Now that the trio has procured the cake, they have to find a way to get rid of it. Pyo Taek-soo happens by and they play rock-paper-scissors to see who gets to give it to him.

Chi-san is the lucky eunuch who delivers the cake. It expresses feelings that he couldn’t convey before. Taek-soo is stoked and thinks Chi-san is cute until he reads the card.

‬The first time I met you, I was fascinated by you. Every morning I open my eyes and I want to see you.

Taek-soo looks up and Chi-san clutches his heart dramatically and walks away.

Bwahahaha! Poor Taek-soo is more than a little creeped out. Now I want to see Chi-san dress as a chick again. That was kinda awesome.

Deeno: No cross-dressing please. I’m kinda getting sick of that trope. Curse you, Ti Amo!

Raine: But Chi-san’s a spy when he cross-dresses! And so cute decked out as a gisaeng.

Raine: Se-na happens to see Park Ha delivering a catalogue to Tae-mu’s father and scowls. She’s probably imagining all the nasty things that Park Ha could be planning against her.

Se-na, sweetheart, that’s only you. You’re paranoid.

Deeno: But Park Ha is plotting against her. She actually remembers Tae Mu and is seducing Panda to get Se Na to drop the bone she already has. Then Park Ha can share Tae Mu with me! Till I kill her.

Raine: You just want an easy target.

Deeno: But I made my version of Park Ha more cunning. More of a challenge. It will be more exciting when her warm blood cools on my face. Ooooo.  Goosebumps…of joy!

Raine: Is it good for your pores?

Deeno: It’s a good monthly regiment to add to your beauty routine. I do it a bit more often because I love the feel of it.

Raine: Do they make a facial scrub?

Deeno: Well if you grind up the bones…

Raine: I’m sticking to Cetaphil…

Raine: I hate that I’m saying this, but the next scene is so cute. The prince is practicing squash and Se-na comes to teach him, getting all handsy. It’s so heartbreaking how Lee Gak just melts and stares at her so lovingly. And I hate how she KNOWS how he feels and totally plays him. But the writer in me loves the creation of this character.

Deeno: You love the shark/guppy combination.

Raine: I’d rather be the shark at that particular moment. Handsy with my panda.

Deeno: How do you manage to make everything sound so dirty? Do I even want to know?

Raine: Let’s just say it’s a special skill and leave it at that. 😉

Deeno: Can you have a normal skill? Like being good at checkers?

Raine: Checkers…where you check out pandas? Or strip checkers where you get bonus points for being crowned…

Deeno: Bad Unni!

Raine: They have a grand old time playing and then have some drinks while cooling off. She laughs at how he sounds like a man from ancient times when he speaks…

…that’s kinda like that line that writers pull in EVERY drama. “This isn’t a drama, y’know.”

Anyway, Se-na’s sweating like a pig and the prince offers her a hankie. But not just ANY hankie. The hankie that Bu Yong embroidered and Hwa Yong claimed credit for. The hankie with the butterfly of destiny on it!

Deeno: We already have a mystical time travelling panda. Can’t we get rid of the butterfly already?

Raine: Go do “it”. You know what “it” is. I give you permission…you can pluck its wings.

Deeno: Can I feed it to a monkey?

Raine: Panda Prince makes monkey noises, does he count?

Deeno: I want to see him make an “ick” face after eating it.

Raine: That would actually be SOOOOO cute!

Raine: Se-na thinks the hankie is pretty and the prince pushes her to see if anything about it is familiar. Nope, but she knows how to use it to daintily mop up her sweat.

She drives him home and asks to come in for some water. Or to be evil. But being evil is tiring business so maybe she is actually thirsty.

Deeno: Blood thirsty.

Raine: True dat.

Park Ha is doing laundry and is stopped unpleasantly, mid-chore, by the sight of her personal tormenter. The prince insensitively orders her to get water for Se-na and to clean his hankie. She tossing it haphazardly at the laundry basket, telling him to wash it himself, and it lands on the corner of the donated clothing box instead. Then she leaves to dump the donated clothing.

Ruh roh.

On the way out, she hears them flirting and scoffs. She also drops the hankie onto the front deck without noticing.

Raine: The Trio heads to a cake shop where they can make their own cake. They want to make a huge cake for Park Ha. They’re so cute!

Se-na ices the prince’s muscles for him and he falls more in love with her and she knows it. She’s playing him so bad that dirty, dirty…it’s not kosher to say what I want to say.

Deeno: Waffle?

Raine: Not quite, but I’ll give you a cookie for trying.

Deeno: Do you know what you call a dirty waffle?

Raine: A…dirty waffle?

Deeno: A sandy Eggo (San Diego) Bwhahahahahaha! Sorry! It’s my only joke.

Raine: If I say I’m laughing, you’d never know that I wasn’t. That’s the beauty of the internet. Unless you’re creepy and have your satellites watching me not laughing.

Deeno: I know everything you do. I know when you sleep. I know when you eat. I know when you’re leaving comments instead of writing.

Raine: You gave me that link to peruse! You caused the problem in the first place!

Deeno: Can you prove that? Can you prove that I left you in the back of the truck with only a carton of milk? I don’t think so!

Raine: Hahahaha! Nice!

I have to say (again) that I love how faithful Lee Gak is to his wife, and to Park Ha. He didn’t let her get hurt and I know some people are going to say he’s leading her on, but its not purposeful. They’re just naturally matched and it’s not an emotion he thinks about. In his mind, he’s there to find his wife, not his DESTINY (i.e. Park Ha!!!!…at least I hope…) BUT HE WILL LEARN! He’s still in love with his wife. If he dated Park Ha now, it wouldn’t be him.

When Se-na finally leaves, she spots the hankie outside and takes it for her own evil purposes.

Deeno: After Se Na departs with the handkerchief she visits her mother. Things get a bit awkward when Park Ha shows up to her own birthday party. Se Na tells their mom that Park Ha disowned her after making up some crazy stuff about Se Na abandoning her as a child. Then she storms out like she’s the queen of the house.

Raine: She’s queen of psycho land.

Deeno: Not my psycho land. The other one.

Raine: She just may beat you out for the Springtime Psycho Queen crown.

Deeno: Go, Se Na, you tell that uppity Park Ha’s what’s up. Don’t let her worm her way into your mother’s heart. Protect your territory! Be evil! Make evil Tae Mu babies! Kill Park Ha! Let your beautiful grin be improved by her blood splattered on your cheeks. Mwhahahaha!

Raine: Leave my Park Ha alone! She would actually laugh at your waffle joke!

Deeno: I tell that joke every time someone steals my blood. Put the nurse at ease. That I won’t kill her for being so rude as to take my blood.

Deeno: The tracksuit trio prepare Park Ha the biggest cake possible. Then they stuff it in their fridge and it seriously just barely fits. Panda Prince complains about the cake being too large, but Blue Ajussi jumps in and tells him that was the only available size. A lie about the cake or is the cake a lie?

Raine: I’m stuck on cake. I’m so hungry for cake. I want cake. And icecream. You owe me icecream.

Deeno: Why would I owe you ice cream? It wasn’t me. Remember?

Raine: Hi Dorothy. Have you heard about what I did to my answering machine?

Dorothy: It’s not in Kansas anymore?

Deeno: Panda Prince is satisfied that the cake will be enough for a party, but the boys don’t listen and consult Becky and Mimi. They are taught that they must sing to her and they try to mimic Mimi’s happy birthday song, but they do it all wrong. But they do it was snazzy hand motions so it’s all good right?

Raine: I am way too amused by the three stooge routines they pull, but its soooooo funny! I bet they NG’d that one like crazy!

Deeno: Park Ha searches frantically for the handkerchief while being yelled at by a panda. I don’t know about you, but panda screams only motivate me when they are dying. Then I cheer for their death! Screams about a handkerchief being more important than Park Ha’s life make me happy, too.

Raine: Again, I dig that he’s so invested in his wife. However, when pandas yell at my poor Park Ha, they might get hurt before I nurse them back to health.

Deeno: Panda! Panda! Panda!

Deeno: The boys pick up other items for Park Ha’s birthday, hats and fireworks. Blue Ajussi tries to help but instead of hats, he brings a bag of chips, and instead of fireworks, bean porridge. Poor Blue Ajussi can’t get things right in order to please his love.

Raine: He got the words for chips and hats confused and the words for fireworks and bean porridge confused. He’s a little slow on the uptake, but so adorable. *pinch da cheeks*

Deeno: Park Ha goes to the clothes donation site, thinking the handkerchief is there, among the mounds and mounds of clothing. She has to search all of them by the morning or the clothes will be shipped off. While she searches, Se Na smiles at the butterfly while Panda Prince awaits Park Ha’s return.

Raine: Please check the bottom of this post for a special edition of “Where’s Waldo?” But this time it is, “Where’s Park Ha?”

Deeno: Face down in a pond?

Raine: How many times do I have to say it? Leave my Park Ha alone! My Peppermint! My Lotus!

Deeno: Your corpsey poo?

Raine: Corpses poo? Ew…

Deeno: She returns the next day, worn and defeated. Panda Prince tells her that she tried hard enough. She barks back her surprise that he didn’t yell at her this time and goes to bed.

Raine: Now that’s real friendship right there. He may have been pissed but he knows how to forgive. Wait…is that some semblance of maturity I see?

Deeno: Panda Prince may have calmed down, but he gets upset again when he finds the tracksuit trio drinking water instead of eating. He asks how Park Ha can be so lazy and is shut up when Green Ajussi tells him that Park Ha got a fever.

Raine: No! Poor little peppermint!

Deeno: And it’s all Panda’s fault! Mwhahaha! Don’t you go around saying lives are less important than handkerchiefs again or she may really die. Actually, perhaps you should say that.

Raine: It’ll take more than a time-traveling hankie to beat down my Pond Lily!

Deeno: Tae Mu, I miss you! Come here. I’m tired of this Park Lily Candy nonsense!

Raine: You have to wait until next episode, my bloody friend.

Deeno: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Deeno: Panda Prince checks on Park Ha. He takes her pulse and when she asks what’s wrong with her, he tells her that her disease consists of her talking too much. He writes some herbs down and tells Yellow Ajussi to find them.

Raine: Funny story about talking too much. I had surgery when I was ten and I was babbling at the surgeon. I asked him when he knew I was asleep and he told me, “When you finally stop talking.”

Deeno: Ha ha.

Deeno: Tae Mu’s father bullies Tae Mu’s assistant into telling him where Tae Mu and Se Na’s apartment is. Se Na’s mother happens to be visiting and when she can’t get in because the passcode has changed. She borrows a pen from Tae Mu’s father. When she leaves he reads the note and finds out her identity.

Raine: FINALLY someone has some kinda leverage against Se-na. She’s as slippery as an eel.

Deeno: The shrieking kind?

Deeno: Panda Prince makes Park Ha medicine and talks to her as she falls asleep. He notices the postcard in her room and wonders what happened to Tae Young between the time that he sent the card and the time he was supposed to meet Park Ha. One guess, Panda with the handkerchief at the pond.

Raine: Tae Mu with a lightsaber in an asylum.

Deeno: *drools* That may just make up for his disappearance in the last half of this episode.

Deeno: Tae Mu’s father tells Se Na that he found out about her mother. With this piece of knowledge, he can spin any lie about her that she wants and no one will believe her. Se Na remembers Park Ha talking to Tae Mu’s father and suspects that Park Ha revealed the truth. She goes to the rooftop house to kill her sister.

Unfortunately, before killing her sister, Se Na gets distracted by a sticky note. It asks Park Ha to meet Panda Prince at the Han River at 7. Don’t do it. It’s the river of tears it will make you cry.

Raine: So I really want her to go meet him and have her relationship with Lee Gak doomed. And, she has no consideration of personal space. Seriously, if someone barged into my room like that, I’d take a cello endpin to them.

Deeno: I’d pull my AK-47 out from under the bed.

Raine: So not creative…

Deeno: I can see your jealousy…how many people do know who own AK-47s.

Raine: I used to date a Marine…

Deeno: Did he have an AK-47?

Raine: His roommate and a few people in his barracks did…His roommate was…strange…

Deeno: Good strange or bad strange?

Raine: Creepy bad strange.

Deeno: But people with AK-47s are cool.

Deeno: Se Na confesses that she likes Panda Prince right after he admits that he would marry her if she said she liked him. Yeah, that’s not sketchy at all. She also returns the handkerchief claiming she spent all night looking for it.

Deeno: Right as Park Ha arrives, she hugs Panda Prince.

Raine: That glare she gives is soooo creepy. I wanna watch episode 10 now, but I have to finish up this post…

Deeno: I’m going to start it while you’re typing up those comments. Ha!

Raine: *sob*


Raine: Let’s get shallow…er, shallower. I love alllll of Lee Gak’s jackets. They’re so cute. I want to buy them and wear them even though I’m a chick.

Deeno: I have that problem too. I always envy the guys clothes more often. And their haircuts.

Raine: And what the hell is this BS about marriage? MARRIAGE?! You want to tie yourself to THAT?! Maybe ‘cause you noticed she hasn’t taken the bracelet off yet? Or maybe ‘cause you haven’t noticed she’s always making Park Ha cry.

One thing I don’t want is a dramatically stalled wedding ceremony. No jilting. Please. So lame.

Deeno: But Se Na looks to pretty as a bride…and Tae Mu makes an awesome groom. Since Tae Mu was missing I’ll go watch that aniGIF a million times to make me happy.

Raine: I also hope Park Ha doesn’t just leave the scene of the hug and makes a liar out of Se-na, but you know she will.

(Instead of “Where’s Waldo?”, let’s play, “Where’s Park Ha?”)

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Character introductions.

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  1. I didn’t watch episode 10 yet ( i know 11 and 12 are already out) , i just wanted to say (Maybe some people think the same as me) , i have a feeling that this drama would into:

    1- First i have to say that i assume that the princess was killed by her sister in the past (jealousy and hate).
    2- And whats going on now is nothing more than repeating what happened in the past , sena has already grew the hatred on her sister heart , and if the prince end into marrying sena i bet her sister would kill her.
    3- i don’t know why the prince didn’t read about his past xD he may find out how his princess was killed (we already saw park ha reading about it)

    sorry for my bad english and thanks for your recaps , i read them after each episode i finish ^^”

    • after watching episode 10 , more people enter the possible killer list: sena BF , Sena BF father (but a replacement to these people hard to be find in the past)

  2. I agree with Sena being a psycho for not really paying attention to Taemu. She’s wasting him. Will Deeno be available to catch Taemu when Sena decides to ditch him? Hehe.

    Lee Gak’s sweet scenes with Sena gets to me. I mean if Sena is our heroine and she’s not a bitch, I could just melt with Lee Gak’s ‘love’ for her and actually cheer Lee Gak on going after her. But of course she has to be the villain. I hope Park Ha will get a good dose of wooing from Lee Gak when he finally admits his feelings for her.

    You’re comment on Hwa Young’s murderer might be a relative like Tae Yong’s quite a good one. Many speculated it was her father who did it, but it’s really hard to justify that. I’m really curious as to how the murder-case part of this drama will unfold.

    I just noticed, too late probably, but Raine is indeed one perverted lady. The same with Deeno, talk about your love for gruesome things haha. It’s really amazing how you two can turn a conversation in either a perverted or a killing-fest one. Nyahaha.

    Oh Raine, that surgeon is a really smart one. Haha.

    • @bluetsukky You KNOW you like the perverted killing fest that is the Madcap Recap. 😛 Or you’re just jealous of our special talents. :P:P

      As for wooing Park Ha. She better get triple, quadruple, quintuple what Se-na gets. AND THEN SOME! Plus marriage and babies and time travel and butterflies.

      They’ll probably really get into the murder around 12 or so. episode 10 and I think 11 will be pivot episodes regarding that. We already starting seeing a bit more of Joseon talk now that Team Joseon is more settled into modern life.

  3. I can’t stand Se-na.

    Not the tiniest bit. I don’t care whether she makes a good villain or not, she’s just an awful person that Park-ha needs to permanently get out of her life.

    Unfortunately I don’t think she’s going to fall hard, my hunch is that she’ll be forgiven in the end and that she’ll get her rich mommy and all (she might reject the rich mommy, but that’ll still be no satisfaction, as she shouldn’t even have the option of a rich mommy).

    • I pray to god she goes down and down and dies! I don’t think she should change and have redemption. her character is all about refusing to be redeemed. About ignoring everything good in her. If she changed, that would be the worst character follow through ever.

      • She might not change.

        Park-ha might simply end up being too nice and forgive her (you know, if she ends up with the prince) without any real changes in character. Se-na could end up with Tae-mu, go to live in Hong Kong, but they might part on terms of forgiveness (not BFF-like sisterly relationship but with Park-ha having no bad feelings towards her).

        That’s what happened in A Thousand Kisses essentially – the antagonist character never was ‘punished’ for her evil deeds (okay, she didn’t get the guy, but there were NO consequences for ANY of her evil behaviour and the suffering lead didn’t definitely get the guy either). Well, Park-ha will have a happier ending than that but I don’t like how in one episode (can’t remember which one) she tells Se-na she will not forgive her, but that the toughness she showed in that moment isn’t visible at all any more. She’s just… feeling hurt and not doing too much about it. If I were here I’d leave the rooftop and tell the prince, “sorry, I can’t support you if you are going to be with this person, because I can’t have that person in my life”. And go off and live my own life…

        • This is true. She has been alone her whole life though, no? For once she has people who genuinely return her affection and that may be something she’s unwilling to lose. That’s my take. She’s just a lonely soul.

          I want Se-na to BURN. It’s fine if she’s forgiven. Fine. That’s the style of Park Ha’s kinda charcter. But she can still be forgiven, then run over by a car…

          • Yeah, I’m sure the longing to have a family after having been alone your whole life plays a big role. But she needs to realise that ‘blood’ doesn’t mean ‘family’ and that friends can make better family. Like the F3 boys, or Mimi and the other girl.

            Don’t want Se-na to be forgiven at all… I don’t want to be run over by a car either – I just want her to go wherever, because who cares….

            • Oh, I definitely meant she found family in Team Joseon and her step mom. She hasn’t been lonely one second since they came…annoyed however…Se-na isn’t familiy. She’s a creature from the dark side.

              As for Se-na…I’ll wish for the car on behalf of all haters. And fight Deeno for her death.

  4. excellent recap yet again! I’ll try not to reveal anything just in case you haven’t seen ep 10 yet.

    I’d have to agree that Sena makes a great villain. It gives me a great sense of relief knowing that her Josen self has already been killed off lolol… But it’s nice to see such a contrast in roles from when the actress was in dong yi.

    We were also wondering if Tae moo had a “doppelganger” in Josen times.
    Back when he killed off Tae yong on the boat, my dad speculated that Tae moo has some josen doppelganger and he is probably the one who killed off the crown princess and once our heroes figure out that present day tae moo killed tae yong the truth of the crown princess’s murder will be uncovered.

    But then again this is what dad thinks and I think he’s wrong because it seems pretty far-fetched to link 2 separate murders from 2 separate time periods together.

    One of my friends thinks that there is some sort of tae moo josen doppelganger and they faked the crown princess’s death by killing off the sister and using her as a decoy by burning up the rest of her face beyond recognition and then ran away together.

    I don’t know what to think anymore… I still have doubts that there actually is a Josen tae moo just because none of our heroes recognized him when they saw him. But I’ve heard so many different opinions lately and everyone seems to have reasonable theories… Oh well I guess we shall eventually find out what really happens 😀

    • I’m just working on the recap for ten now with Deeno.

      Se-na is a great villain, but I still want to sic the Inquisition on her.

      That’s interesting about the theory your dad posed. I think since the incarnations personalities are the same, Tae-moo’s should be pretty self-serving and capable of murder.

      Your friends theory made me laugh out loud. (Scared my cat.) I didn’t even think of Tae-mu’s doppelganger as being in love with Hwa Yong…HRM….interesting.

      I am a really bad k-drama detective. I even get fooled by super formulaic dramas…haha.

      I seriously can’t wait for 11 though.


      I know he’s gonna reject her emotions, but if Se-na moves in, I’m going to have a baby cow. No, full grown cow.

      • hahaha yeah… my dad’s theories always tend to be wrong… but you never know… My parents are retired and they spend all their free time in front of the tv and my dad tries to theorize what’s going to happen in every single drama,,,, he’s bound to get one right someone day hahaha

        As for my friends theory I don’t think its very possible because there’s no way the power hungry crown princess would run away with taemoo’s doppelganger unless he wielded even more power than the prince… hrmmmm… unless………. the king has a sekret son stashed away as a backup heir which is taemoo!! GASPERS!! mystery solved!

        hahaha ****spoiler*****
        if that heppens i’m gonna have to shoot that full grown cow >=(

        on a side note… the panda princes’ awesome sidekicks need moar screen time 😀

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