Fashion King: Episode 14 Recap

by: Raine

Episode 13 remained at 9.4% while episode 14 increased to 9.9 %. I’m actually happy ’cause this episode did improve! All thanks to Ga-young.

This episode really got to me and so I’m upping the rating on this recap for language. Prepare soap for your eyes. I love Young/Young even though the Young/Hyuk was ridiculously cute this episode.

“Music is My Life” –  Park Ji-min (from the Fashion King OST)

episode 14 recap

After the fashion show, Young-gul gives his employees a rousing speech about how much they rock. They have the “hottest Fast Fashion”. Il-gook asks what the “GG” stands for and Young-gul avoids the question, rousing An-na’s suspicions.

They toast and Bong-sook and Il-gook do a love shot. Everyone is happy save for Young-gul, who is pining for his doormat. He won’t answers An-na’s inquiry about the meaning of “GG” either before they head off for an interview. The ahjummas stare after them unhappily.

It says a lot when a group of gossipy ahjummas don’t like you, An-na. That means “go away”.

Jae-hyuk and Ga-young are in the car brooding over the fashion show showdown. Ga-young needs a drink so Jae-hyuk buys her one…or a million. She gets plastered yabbers on about Young-gul and Bong-sook for two hours. Apparently Young-gul told Bong Sook not to tell Ga-young anything.

Finally, Jae-hyuk shuts her up, unable to take hearing about Young-gul any longer and has to haul Ga-young to the car because she can’t even stand.

As they drive towards Dongdaemoon where Bong Sook’s place is, he tries to wake Ga-young for directions, but she passes out in his lip.

OMG, Raine is in dirty thoughts mode. Okay, I’m always that way, but the look on his face prompted it.

Young-gul arrives “home” to the apartment in Jae-hyuk’s building. It looks like Jae-hyuk’s designer decorated. Anyway, he broods over the fashion show hand hold.

All this brooding and not enough sharing. Seriously, it’s not just some random crap we tell our kids to do. Talking about emotions is a GOOD thing.

Jae-hyuk has brought Ga-young home and into his bed…no, not that way. She’s passed out drunk and he fixes the covers around her before caressing the hair off of her face. When she shifts in her sleep, he backs away and Lee Je-hoon really gets Jae-hyuk’s feeling of pain right on the money.

Young-gul is also in bed, trying to sleep, but he can’t. Ga-young’s crowned pillow bear is tucked in beside him and he remembers he sleeping with it.

AWWWWWWWWWWW1 I’m a Young/Young shipper. I can’t help it. As much as I love Jae-hyuk, I’m a Young/Young shipper. Perhaps ‘cause the feelings are mutual and I hate seeing them thwarted!

In the morning, Jae-hyuk wakes Ga-young who has shifted sideways in her sleep. He smiles at how adorable she is, but she’s embarrassed and wipes off her drool.

I like that she drools. Haha. It’s funny.

Jae-hyuk has brought her clothes and shoes to change into.

Speaking of changing, Young-gul walks into his new, massive closet and chooses his accessories for the day.

(Smile…nom nom nom…)

On their way to the elevator, Ga-young wants to make sure she behaved appropriately but he evades the question with, “Do I have to tell you that with my own mouth?” and grins at her horror. Then he tells her that she looks pretty and how he likes to see women dressed.

He likes his women glowing. The dress is neon yellow….

She is persistent in asking if she made a fool of herself, but he will leave it to her imagination. He grins.

Okay, it’s horrible to make an innocent girl squirm, but that smile was worth it.

The elevator door opens to reveal Young-gul who looks heart broken to see them together after a “night at Jae-hyuk’s”. They find out that Young-gul is now Jae-hyuk’s neighbor. Ga-young tries to explain that the situation isn’t how it looks but Young-gul storms off the elevator.

Even naive Ga-young realizes what the situation looked like. Of course, Jae-hyuk is hurt that she denied it so fervently.

In a cab on his way to work, Young-gul fights back tears.

Baby, this is what happens when you don’t communicate. But you look so hot when you’re upset. Those lips…

Ga-young can’t focus in her meetings and Jae-hyuk is brooding over how quickly she told Young-gul that things weren’t as they seemed.

An-na comes in and Jae-hyuk asks her how long she’s been working two jobs. She calls it helping out a friend and Jae-hyuk blows a gasket. Has she lost her mind? An-na says that so much happened to her because of Ga-young and he retorts that he wouldn’t have had to bring Ga-young if An-na had some talent.


We all know he would’ve foudn some way to bring Ga-young, as does An-na, but that is brutal.

Although An-na looks absolutely crushed, she lays it down. Young-gul makes her feel talented and worthwhile. “So go there,” Jae-hyuk quickly replies, but immediately looks regretful. It’s obvious she wants him to take back his words, hoping against hope that he’d fight for her. But he doesn’t so she resigns and thanks him for everything, including the apartment and the car that he lets her keep.

Jae-hyuk is looking guilty. GOOD. It’s that nasty temper dude. Control it. It works wonders when you think before you speak.

It’s time for An-na to go and her team is sad. Even Director Kim is tearing up and cries pitifully, “Oh my god.” BWAHAHAHAHA!

Then it’s the show down of the neon yellows. I forgot to mention before, but An-na is wearing a neon yellow mini skirt. If we’re going by neon offensiveness, Ga-young wins because I’m more blinded by that dress.

But it’s a showdown of “I got your man”. An-na says she got fired and she’s going to apply for Young Young Apparel, what does Ga-young think?

Sure, blame Ga-young for everything.

That night, Bong Sook whines about “that fox” poking around Young-gul as Ga-young tries to ignore the incessant chatter and sketch. Apparently, Young-gul does everything she says. Bong Sook figures out that Ga-young wasn’t with Young-gul and wonders if she was with “that guy”.

This misunderstanding puts Ga-young over the edge and she hurries to Young Young Apparel. She is shocked to find her bed is gone. THE WARM BED IS GONE! *Wails*

She overhears Young-gul talking on the phone about how pretty and talented An-na is. He comes out of the office and hangs up when he sees Ga-young.

They make not-so-pleasant pleasantries and she takes a deep breath before saying,

‬This may sound like an excuse, but after I saw your show last night, I got so upset  that I had quite a few drinks. I drank too much. I don’t remember what happened afterwards. Anyway, that’s what happened. That can happen right?

Young-gul looks hurt and ready to cry. She’s crying as she continues.

‬Why are you looking at me with such eyes? I’m not your woman. You’re not my man either.

He smirks and says he has to leave. She’s stricken that he can’t give her a bit of his time. “Do we have anything to say to each other?”


YES! You deserved that. Of course you have stuff to say to each other. You have a million and one misunderstandings to clear up.

‬Why are you getting so angry at me? Is it because I left the company? You received five million for it. Isn’t that enough?

Guh, you were doing so good ‘til you said that, Ga-young.

Young-gul asks her to leave and she does so, sobbing.

You prick. Seriously, she’s trying to apologize. Its obvious she didn’t mean to hurt you. She’s trying to TALK. For once in this show, someone is trying to talk.

Outside, Ga-young almost breaks down, but pulls it together and leaves. At home, she sews and remembers all the good times in New York and in Dongdaemoon.

The next day Young-gul introduces An-na as their new designer. Although the ahjummas aren’t happy, Chil-book and Il-gook are.

Everyone works, pretending everything is fine. But at the end of the day, everyone’s sad and broody.

Assisstant Kim comes in and raves about how awesome Young-gul is as a business man. He’s turning a an awesome profit. Jae-hyuk sends Kim away and remembers the first time that he met Young-gul who’d come to ask for a loan.

Jae-hyuk gets a call from the parents. Dad is pissed that An-na resigned, but mom keeps up a running commentary about how nice it is that An-na is gone.

I think this scene is kinda funny because mom doesn’s really have any power in this situation, but her verbal barbs are driving her husband bonkers. You can tell he wants to yell at her, but is too image conscious in front of his kid to do so.

Dad questions Jae-hyuk about Young-gul, his former classmate. Did he go to school? Does he have a fashion degree? Really? He works in Dongdaemoon?

Mom notes that he’s handsome, pissing off dad.

BWAHAHA! I like seeing asshole dad poked like that.

So Dad wants Jae-hyuk to invite Young-gul for dinner because Young-gul is a talented businessman and J Fashion might need him one day.

This suggestion makes Jae-hyuk looks like he just ate a roly poly.

Then the scene that makes me want to scream.

Young-gul is brooding over Ga-young…WHILE he has an arm around a sleeping An-na.

WHAT. THE. FUCK?! @#$%%^*^&*$%^@#$%!@#$%#$&%^&(^&*($%^@#$%!@#$@#$^$%^*%^&*&$%@#$%@#$^#$%^&$%^@#$%@#$%@$%&$%^*%^&#$%@#$@#$%&$%^*%^$#@!%^&*%$!@#$@#$%^#$%^&$%^&$%^#$%#$%^*%^&*$%^@#$%@#$%

For lunch, Jae-hyuk sets up a few bentos in his “relaxing room” *titter* and smiles to himself. Then he gets a text from Ga-young saying she’s going to eat in the workroom and Jae-hyuk is all disappointed.

He visits her in the workroom and watches her eat as she works. He wonders why she has no time to eat. Well, she has regular work, Fashion King and sewing to do, as do all of the designers. Everyone is skipping lunch.

Sweetly, he begins to pin for her and she looks baffled by the kindness.

Do you get it yet? He likes you, you blockhead.

When she’s finally almost ready to smile, he pricks himself and testily hands back the pin cushion. Then he formally invites her to dinner and tells her to dress nicely and tells her not to back out via text.

No. You. Didn’t. He’s not really going to do what I think he’s going to do is he?

Bong Sook bitches about An-na takes all of Young-gul’s attention. They come in and leave together. Young-gul knows that Bong Sook lives with Ga-young so shouldn’t he be more careful, especially as he was able to get the factory back thanks to Ga-young? Bong Sook thinks Ga-young should just choose Jae-hyuk.

As Bong Sook yabbers, Ga-young chooses Young-gul’s dress to wear to dinner.

I think she did it on purpose because she’s pissed at Young-gul. It’s her quiet “fuck you”.

Ga-young shows up for dinner with flowers, wine and a smile. Jae-hyuk smiles beatifically in return and starts cooking. She offers to help and he puts an apron on her before they work together.

She actually smiles a little. It IS kinda overwhelming when a man that hot showers you with that sort of attention, whether you care for him or not.

When she asks him where he learned how to cook, he replies that he stayed in Italy for six months in a small town where he learned how to speak and cook.

“It’s not to impress girls?” she asks and he replies, “How did you know?” They laugh and make a really adorable domestic scene. Caught up in the moment, Jae-hyuk suggests going to Milan Fashion Week and then that small town if she wins the Fashion King contest. It would be nice to be with her everyday, he says. The whole time she is trying not to smile.

The man she really loves is pushing her away and another handsome, rich man is doting on her. Of course she’s going to smile. Every woman loves to be doted upon.

When the doorbell rings, he asks her to get it and who is at the door but Young-gul and An-na. Young-gul looks heartbroken to see her wearing his dress and An-na scoffs. Ga-young looks mortified. They all stand there staring until Jae-hyuk shows up like a husband and invites them in for the tensest dinner EVAR.

(Anyone remember the dinner where Young-gul held Ga-young’s hand and they actually stuck together?)

There are barbs thrown all around. Jae-hyuk invited Young-gul because he needs him. An-na found work that suits her ‘cause it’s not with the Jung family. Young-gul learns what the Fashion King contest is and tells Ga-young to try her best because it’s why she went to J Fashion.

At that comment, Ga-young looks ready to burst with tension.

Jae-hyuk asks about the meaning “GG” and for the third time in the episode, Young-gul refuses to answer.

Then we find out An-na has a lot of responsibility at Young Young Apparel: creative designer, strategic planning, international business and marketing. Even some secretarial work.

In a move that is so small, and yet declares so much, Jae-hyuk turns to Ga-young and wipes spaghetti sauce from her mouth. It’s a clear declaration, “This woman is mine.”

She has no idea what to do save wipe the rest from her mouth with embarrassment. Young-gul should KNOW that she is clueless. He even said it once to Jae-hyuk. She’s young and inexperienced. But he looks hurt anyway.

Jae-hyuk questions Young-gul on the international aspect of his company and notes he probably needs more funds. Wisely, Young-gul refuses to accept any investment because he doesn’t want Jae-hyuk trying to take over the company again.

Then, Jae-hyuk brings out the reason that he had the dinner in the first place, “The chairman wants to see you.”

Young-gul knows it’s Jae-hyuk’s father and doesn’t care. “Tell him to forget it, jerk,” Young-gul says, which infuriates Jae-hyuk but Young-gul doesn’t care. If Jae-hyuk’s father wants to see him, then he can come personally.

Then Young-gul leaves and An-na follows with a parting shot. “Maybe it’s time for you to try something new. You told me that this is what they ate at that Italian village,” she said and Jae-hyuk deflates while Ga-young looks ready to burst.

So you use that line on all the ladies, huh Jae-hyuk? Sad thing, he probably believes it and really does want to see Italy with Ga-young, but An-na just ruined his chances.

Point: Choi an-na.

Jae-hyuk thanks Ga-young for staying, but she can’t handle the pressure and leaves him alone. It’s quite sad how he has nobody at the end of the day.

Ga-young climbs on the elevator and tries to deal with the conflicting emotions within her. She remembers Young-gul promising to make her seaweed soup every birthday and then him asking, “Weren’t we going to go all the way together?”

Her mind made up, she goes back up to Young-gul’s floor and rings the doorbell, trying to subdue her nerves, but the tears are already welling in her eyes.

Young-gul answers coolly and comes out when she has something to tell him. What?

“I love you, president. I thought I would regret it if I didn’t tell you now. That’s why I’m here. Also, I was wrong. No matter what you think, can I come back?

She’s crying hard and he looks absolutely torn.

An-na comes out and Young-gul sends her back in. Ga-young deflates even more and leaves.

Young-gul stands absolutely stunned and my heart is pounding as Ga-young cries her way to the elevator and sobs all the way down.

O.M.G. Go Ga-young! That was the best scene in a long, long, long time. Real honesty. No bullshit. Now An-na needs to jump off of a cliff.

In his apartment, Young-gul is staring out the window trying to deal with the confession. An-na comes up and admits she was eavesdropping. The reason she came back to Jae-hyuk who dumped her was to acknowledge the fact that she was thrown away.

That doesn’t make any sense with anything you’ve done so far. And doesn’t make any sense in terms of Ga-young. Stop talking out of your ass An-na.

Then An-na asks youn-gul to promise not to abandon her and puts her head on his shoulder as he stands there, heart broken.

Choi. An. Na. DIE. Seriously? You’re doing what Jae-hyuk did. You’re tying a man to you who really doesn’t care about you. This happened last time, too, you twit! Stop being so flippin’ selfish. Grow a spine and learn to be alone and work and live for yourself.

Bong Sook tells the ahjummas that Ga-young is really sick and whispered the whole night, “President, I was wrong.” They wonder if it’s ‘cause of Young-gul. They also think Young-gul is not right for bringing the foxy woman in as soon as Ga-young left. They hate that she’s working there, but she’s smart and speaks English well.

Speaking of the foxy woman, she’s standing behind them and asks them to fill a work order.

In the office, Young-gul is sitting, eyes closed and thinking. An-na knows he’s thinking about Ga-young and tells him to do whatever he wants. If he wants Ga-young back, An-na will quit. He wants to know why that has to happen. An-na can’t work with her. So he needs to decide what direction he wants to take the company: her way or Ga-young’s.

(This is ridiculously sweet. But too bad she’s ill because she’s heartsick over Young-gul.)

At Bong Sook’s Ga-young is alone and quite ill. When she awakens, she has an I.V. and a sleeping Jae-hyuk in a business suit beside her.

Okay, that’s just sweet.

He brings her rice porridge, but she is too stunned to eat so he feeds her the first bite. Say “Ah!”

She is shocked, but accepts the spoonful of porridge. He hands her the spoon again and she says he didn’t have to do this. In a show of false bravado that they both see through, he says that he needs her well for the meeting tomorrow.

Ga-young begins to eat on her own. He has to leave and when she rises to see him out, he pushes her down and tells her to eat, get well, and come to work tomorrow. When he departs, she picks up her phone and sees a ton of missed calls from him.

Do you understand how he feels about you now, uri Ga-young?

Young-gul is drinking and brooding, remembering Ga-young’s confession and request to return and An-na’s ultimatum.

He takes a shot of liquid courage and calls Ga-young.

Young-gul heard she was sick. Is she okay? After a long moment of silence she asks, “Hello?”

Then he says what no one wants to hear, “I don’t think you should come back.”

He looks ready to cry and she has tears running down her cheeks.

‬I’m sorry.


Lu-beu shot!

It’s on everyone’s minds, or maybe just mine, but I’ll address it anyway. Did Young-gul boink An-na? With his track record, I’m inclined to say “yes”. A man can be madly in love and still sleep with someone else; in this case, for comfort. Out of need for affection. But as this is K-drama, it can go the other way. She’s at his place all the time. With heightened emotions, anything can happen. In any case, it’s obvious An-na is doing a great job of separating Young-gul and Ga-young.

Why did Young-gul refuse to bring Ga-young back? I have two reasons that I can think of:

1) She left in order to better her skills and chances. With the Fashion King contest and the opportunities and J Fashion, she can do that.

2) An-na is in charge of design, national and international marketing and  strategic design. That’s a huge skill set that Ga-young doesn’t have. What made Ga-young and Young-gul so good together was his business head and her extreme talent. Although An-na isn’t a brilliant designer, she is a powerhouse, all-in-one employee. When An-na asks him which direction he wants his company to grow, I think he wants it to go the direction An-na can help him take it. Ga-young is all about high fashion. He’s all about “Fast Fashion”.

Put these two reasons together and you get one concept: having a dream. Before Ga-young, Young-gul never dared hope beyond the next hustle. But now he has a thriving business that’s going somewhere he actually wants it to go. Ga-young has a chance to learn from Director Kim and the talented designers at J Fashion and perhaps even win the Fashion King contest. If he brings her back, both dreams could be shattered.

Is this his way of finally taking responsibility? Or is he just a sucker listening to An-na’s selfish request?

I want him to just lay one on Ga-young and drag her off to that “warm bed”….

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  1. The GG is both of their names just like when he changed the name of the factory to Young Young.

    I must be the only person watching this that didn’t think JH being in her apt. when she was sick was cute. If i woke up in my apt. and had an IV stuck in my arm and my boss sleep in the corner I would be so freaked out.

    • That kind of freaked me out too!! I’d be ready to sue something sticking some needle and pumping some foreign liquid without my permission. Sorry dramaland, would not happen to me!

  2. I love those parts in episode 14, i’m getting more and more interested to watch this show. And i cannot wait the rest of episodes.. So exciting and i think Young Gul and Ga Young will end up together, though he didn’t let Ga Young to comeback but still there’s a lot of time for him to change his mind before the last episodes… Lol

  3. I’m not watching this and only gonna read you recap until GY is back with YG. I want them together~! T.T I feel like it’s worthless to watch although Jee hoon is awesome and GY/JH has great chemistry together. No. I hate misunderstanding. They love each other, stop separating them, writers! And please get An na a life. Anywhere is fine as long as she stand on her very own bare feet.

    • i agree with yoU! i won’t watch until GY and YG are back together. i love their pair so much! argh!

  4. Drama title is FASHION KING, the competition and I feel it is geared towards GY’s becoming one…with JH’s help (he had this laid to her even as early as fm NewYork).

    Mama Dowager came out with soft words on GY, so hopefully will accept her one day knowing how much her son loves GY.. GY deserves care and attention after going thru such abusive days after death of her parents.

    Forget YG, this type of men will be blinded with MONEY, he will dump GY and his try to erase his past to lead a new life for himself…

    • But won’t he just get lonlier and lonlier? Even with Anna’s very heavy head on his shoulder, he still looks lonely and bogged down…He has to realize that soon!

    • i don’t think YG is blinded with money. he’s just thinking of what will happen when GY will be back in the factory.

      • right now the most loneliest person is jae hyuk,
        he can’t have ga young’s love so he is trying his best to woo her but will he succeed or lose her at the end of this drama.

        Both men are are opportunist but like I wrote. There is a difference here jae hyuk still respect his parent, it is a family business abd he is bounded by it.

        Both men knows each other strength and weakness so now it is the women who are going to support them to make the business flourish.

      • Simply because when Gayoung’s back, Anna has to leave. So maybe Young gul is thinking that Anna has no where to go after that…

        • YG is a very sympathetic person. I for one don’t think he has slept with An Na. Once he feels sorry for something, that’s it.

          • If he was a real person, I would say ‘yes’. But this is a drama, so it’s probably no. It’s sad I’m that jaded right?

            • But isn’t that the purpose of dramas? To make you think that these people are real!!??? HAHAHA!! I’m not jaded enough to believe they are. As one actor said in one of my favorite movies “I’m Too Old for this SH&&T!”

  5. Well — basically on the good side, since Choi An-na is provoking such a response from you Raine, it means that Yuri is doing her job. It always means the acting is good if it changes your mood or creates an emotion. Oh and maybe GG stands for Girls’ Generation, right? LOL — Just kidding.

    Anyway, it was fun watching JH at work trying to help Ga Young with her pinning. As he leaves you see him give her a quick pat on the back. You know what he really wants to give her, except that that probably leads to a sexual harassment suit.

    Oh and yeah that big yellow frock that Ga Young gets to wear looks okay on my television, but enjoying Yuri’s legs in the mini-skirt she’s wearing was even better.

    As far as plot goes, I’m torn and a bit confused as to who I want to be together. It does seem that if Ga Young gets back with Young Gul things will be tougher. On the other hand, she seems to be thriving in the corporate atmosphere at J Fashion. On the third hand . . what happened with Ah Jung? Is she just pretending to work there or do they have her doing some sort of menial job so as not to get in the way? No matter how catty you are, if you don’t have talent and your nemesis is a emotional tower of talent and skill, it’s gonna be tough!

  6. anna going to regret what she did but i think at the end she will be back with Jae Hyuk and he will cherish anna however young gul and ga young is going to be together. i think this drama is being a bit too bias with ga young. ga young should just work with young gul but she include make anna and Jae Hyuk broke up and anna resign. at the end Jae Hyuk mother is going to welcome anna and anna will be tired that she gives up everything and then everyone is trying to encourage back to be a designer…

  7. Let me post as the only person who despises Jae Hyuk! He is a pure user! Uses someone until there is nothing left! Young Gul is a fool but I understand why he is upset but he probably would have forgiven Ga Young had she not stood him up when he came to her office, probably to give her her share from the sale for of all people, Jae Hyuk who he has made it perfectly clear that he hates!! I clapped when Young Gul said thanks for dinner and walked out! I like Young Gul and he is as the Chairman says a pure businessman and his mother dissed her own son saying his MBA was worthless. BTW, great mother, what a BITCH!!! Ok, rant over!! Thanks recapping. I have very few places I can vent but I still like this drama for some reason! Call me crazy!

    • I don’t think I despise Jae Hyuk but I agree he is a bit of an opportunist. So is Young Gul. Young Gul used Ga Young to better his circumstance and Jae Hyuk used Young Gul’s growing business to further his wealth. I don’t feel like either of these guys have really shown they deserve Ga Young’s affection. Anna said to JH as he broke up with her to rememeber that he had done this same behavior before. He broke up with a woman to be with Anna and now he is doing the same to be with GY. He doesn’t love GY he just loves the challenge until he gets bored.

      Young Gul, I think is another selfish opportunist. His actions have caused pain to GY maybe turning her away this once was the most unselfish thing he could do for her. I don’t know which of these jerks I’m rooting to get the girl. But before the drama ends I hope both Anna and Ga Young stop being so dependent on the leading males of this drama and grow a back bone.

      • Thanks for understanding. I agree, neither deserve either and let’s hope both women grow a backbone! The dependencies are depressing! An Na might commit suicide if she loses YG! Sad but possible; she is so needy!

  8. wow.. thanks rainie for the recap, I am Jae Hyuk/Ga young shipper, but I agree with those who comment here that she should forget about these two man and start on her own, I wish she can be a talented designer and everyone will recognize her work. And maybe she can find her man by then or not, just become The Fashion Queen.. hehehe…

    • yes she could do so by moving out of bong sook’s apartment and find her own place, so that she can start clean and not always listening to yang gul’s story from her roomate because yang gul too gets info about ga young through his secretary bong sook !.

  9. Thanks for the recap.
    I also hate everyone right about now.

    Do I think they did it? I don’t. Here is why:
    As free and easy as YG has been in the past with his “relaxing,” he is obsessed with thoughts of GY. He didn’t have that before. I think what we would see instead is him starting to boogey down with Anna, but then do the recoil- in-horror when he sees GY instead. Anna is very aware of GY’s presence between them, and even she wouldn’t want to get stuck in that Bermuda Triangle of crazy.
    I see YG comforting Anna very confidently. His hand is assuring her, not fondling her. You know what I mean? Yes, she is sucking ALL the wind out of his desire to run to GY, but she still loves JH, right?

    As far as the future, and these 4, they should all stand in a square facing 4 different directions, take 7 giant steps and NEVER look back.
    Run for your life if you can, Little Ga Young!
    Don’t get stuck with either man, Little Ga Young!

    As sweet as JH is being with GY right now, I am afraid that she is just his latest toy that he will tire of once she becomes his. He admitted there was someone Anna stole him away from; I don’t want GY to be tossed aside once her shine has worn off. It would be very realistic and effing depressing, but I didn’t come here for truth, I came here for FANTASY! And LOVE! And KISSES- lots of kisses!

  10. Thank you Raine !

    At this point yes ! 3 more plot twist, what can we expect, all the flaws from jae hyuk and also from yang gul are open for the two women to weigh it . We know GG is GAYOUNGUL!.

    Jae hyuk’s style of management is to create a condusive environment for ga young to work without distraction and also he himself try to evade any scandal for her. He idea to motivate ga young to win the fashion king compettion letting her free flow expression as a fashion designer and he hope that she will win the scholarship/studies & a tour to the fashion city Milan and of course without him to tag along. That sad smile was always shown by jae hyuk with every loss situation regarding his love for ga young.

    Jae hyuk has done all sorts of crazy and funny situations for ga young but I am actually hoping that he will go dancing with ga young – salsa & tango – that will be smacky sexy !, you go girl !. Director take my suggestion will you ?.

    Oh ! yang gul you’re on 28th floor, jae hyuk is on 24th floor ? yang gul must have everything above and huge too ! a car and also a chaffeur, and to almost complete his ego – the private cinema/theatre to watch …. movies !.

    2 issues left to complete kdrama – the ring and the money to bring them back again, but I hopeful it will not happen !!. But we know yang gul/gayoung the lead character right ?.

  11. thanks for the recap..i agree, can’t take this drama seriously as all the characters are the moment, jaehyuk is so much into gayoung and also for whatever reasons, the PD chooses to create more heartwarming scenes between these 2..maybe he sees more onscreen chemistry..who knows…lee je hoon owns this role..hotness & talent rolled into one juicy package.. :p

  12. Lee Jae Hoon’s smiles just kill me. Which is why I can never ship YoungYoung. But I agree that this drama can’t be taken too seriously because all the characters are so flawed. And they probably earn all the rewards for the best misunderstandings in kdrama land.
    Thanks for the recap and the yummy pictures of LJH ❤

  13. Can I say that I hate Young-gul right now as in I want to break his kneecaps hate. If you go through all the episodes and the sacrifices Ga-young made to help him, well one shit constructed dress (fit was all off) and one birthday soup does not balance all the things Ga-young sacrificed. Where does he get off brooding in his brand new condo bought by money that also came from Ga-young’s hard work so where is her cut, where is her house. Young-gul doesn’t get any sympathy from me, does he know that if he gave that financial independence to Ga-young she could have other options. Why is he the only one living the high life while she’s sleeping on the floor. One measly request to come back with a love confession to boot and he says no!!!!! What the f**k is going through his mind. The bond he formed with Ga-young should be stronger, what the hell did Anna ever do for him except use him. I’ll just say this the writers are not making Young-gul sympathetic no matter how many broody shots they take of him he’s still a f**kup lead character.
    Jae-hyuk another badly written character, it’s a real competition between him and Young-gul. Your trying to woo a girl, you invite her to your apartment and your having a good time, your finally showing her that you’ve got a good side. But you can’t seem to turn off that perpetual need to brag and to showoff your new toy to taunt those you feel are beneath you. Your sly, manipulative and emotionally stunted heart will never win the girl get use to it.
    Yay for Ga-young for being honest with her feelings, although I felt that you just gave everything you are to Young-gul even your pride, so GIRL I expect you to come out fighting. Hope the writers will no longer weaken this character so that I could in good conscience have a reasonably good excuse why I’m still watching.

    • Exactly. We know the drama is going to choose one and therefore I ship Young/YOung. However, if you’ve read earlier recaps, you know I want her to go back to New YOrk and go back to school and start again. Or school anywhere but in Seoul where they are.

      I basically just freak over moments and make fun of it. If you take it too seriously, you get mad. Or at least I do. I can’t take this show seriously.

      These characters are flawed to an extreme and in ways that make them impossible to negotiate in a storyline.

    • Also, I wasn’t sure about the dress. It looked kinda weird on her but I wasn’t sure. The concept was cute, but I dont know much about fashion.

    • Ariel,
      If you can figure out why you are still watching, tell me so I have an excuse, too!
      I lovehatelovehatelovehatelovehate this show!

        • Just one reason YOO AH-IN although I much prefer him in movies, Punch, Shim’s Family and Antique Bakery are my all time favorites. They should guest Joong-ki just to alleviate all the my heart ache.

  14. I had fun reading your recap. I was lol-ing on “fuck” words. haha I seriously hate and pity choi an-na at the same time. I know this is not the best drama of this season but I’m still dying to follow every week’s episode just to see young gul. lol I will try to follow this blog from now on. more power to you raine! hwaiting! :))

      • I for one am delighted it came out – laughing with your brilliant recap here and delighted to find your site.

        Very impressed with the actors despite everything story-wise…

        And Yuri….phew *shakes head*

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