Rooftop Prince: Episode 14 Recap

by: the Madcap Duo, Raine and MadDino

Raine: We’ve risen to 11.6%! Asa!

I love how this plotline keeps on going. It doesn’t slow down. In fact, things get reveled faster than I expected them to and really makes me anticipate what’s coming next. I thought most of this stuff would take longer to come out.

“Seoul Outing” –  Instrumental with NO COMPOSER mentioned!!!! (from the Rooftop Prince OST) This instrumental is so funny! Cowbell, scatting, clarinets and Django Rheinhardt style rhythms!

episode 14 recap

Raine: The Panda is totally badass as he grills the lying stepwench about all the very, very, very tall tales she told.

The stepwench, no, the stepweasel cries and says she did switch the contract for the plane ticket because she loves him. It was hard to see Park Ha next to him.

His pandaness doesn’t think that makes any sense, and neither do I.

Deeno: She’s a bit fickle about her love. First, she loves Tae Mu. Then, she loves Panda. Then, she hates Panda for smooching with her sister.

Raine: Does that mean she loves Tae-mu again? Or maybe herself? Or maybe she’s not crazy enough to love herself, just crazy enough to expect other poor panda souls to love her.

Deeno: She loves money, power, and lies. I love Tae Mu and Vanness. You love Panda and PSH. We’re all so happy!

Raine: Want to frolic under rainbows and with mystic butterflies?

Fluffy Deeno: Can I join in?

Raine: Never.

Deeno: Then can we change the rainbow to a waterfall…of blood?

Raine: I can deal with blood waterfalls as long as flowersaurs are banned from the clubhouse.

Raine: Then Se-na the stepweasel pulls out the doozy: Grams told her to give Park Ha the ticket. Se-na cries and says that she did wrong and the prince forgives her verbally, but his stony visage says otherwise.

What a slick, slick weasel, pulling those lies out of her butt like it ain’t no big thing. She’s got waterworks, trembling lips and big ol’ doe eyes. Too bad the Panda doesn’t like weasels.

Deeno: I wish I could cry on a whim like Se Na. I also wish I looked pretty when I cry. I’m so jealous of Se Na. She has Panda. She has Tae Mu. I have a kamikaze toaster.

Raine’s third answering machine: There, there toaster. She doesn’t mean it.

Deeno: Stupid machine. Stop putting word in my mouth or I’ll bring out my sledge hammer.

Raine: Hey now, only I can threaten my answering machines.

Deeno: The fact that “machines” is plural speaks volumes about your violent tendencies.


It’s time for flashbacks and the prince remembers the times he confronted Se-na about the several “misunderstandings” they’ve had.

Good panda. Doubt the weasel.

Raine: Se-na has run to grandma and told her that “Tae-yong” bought Park Ha an officetel. Grams is FURIOUS. The step-weasel says that in her anger and sadness, she gave Park Ha a plane ticket to America. When Tae-yong found out, he was so pissed that Se-na lied and said that grams gave her the ticket.

Grams should be angry, right?


Grams says, “Good job! You did the right thing!” In fact, Se-na should’ve done MORE to show that Park Ha what’s what.

Raine’s revised hit list:

  1. Se-na: the weasel who weaves truth in with the lies to ruin my peppermint’s life. DIE!
  2. Tae-mu: the wannabe murderer who is after my Panda. DIE!
  3. Grams: the impulsive, judgmental weasel believing old had who needs to die. DIE!

Deeno: Wait, what did Tae Mu ever do to get on your hit list? And what do you mean by wannabe? He’s definitely a murderer even if I have to make Tae Yong a zombie so he can be one.

Raine: He either killed someone or he didn’t. And the man didn’t. Attempted murderer doesn’t make him a real one. Therefore he’s a wannabe for wishing Tae-yong was dead.

Deeno: Tae Mu is a murderer!

Raine: My poor dongsaeng is suffering from a severe case of denial.

Deeno: I’m not in denial. I’m just happy in my delusions!

Raine: That’s like the pot calling the kettle black.

Deeno: My kettle is red. So is my toaster.

Raine: I have red shoes. They sparkle.

Deeno: Why, are you asking me to drop a house on you via tornado?

Raine: Someone’s already tried that one. I got her little dog, too.

Deeno: Give me back Dong Ah’s dog!

Raine: I need it to supply dog poop for all the shoes I’m going to terrorize.

Raine: I seriously despise Se-na but at the same time, I’m in complete awe of her. How does she DO that?


So Se-na comes out of grams’ house and the panda is waiting, rather conspicuously, for her. However, she doesn’t see his HUGE, shiny, white car parked behind her and drives away. On the road, she gets a call from Tae-mu who’s moving her back into the officetel.

His pandaness follows her to the officetel.

He’s a Panda Prince AND a detective? Bestill my heart. What a good Panda. Here’s a yogurt.

So Tae-mu has organized everything so that Se-na can move back into the officetel. He’s even taken care of his father who now accepts their relationship.

How did you do that, wannabe murderer?

Deeno: Quasi murderer?

Raine: Wannabe. Like Sanjaya as an American Idol.

Deeno: Are you talking about the Hedgehog Park now?

Raine: Might as well be.

Deeno: American Idol scares me. Let’s stick to Korean idols.

Raine: I can’t believe I referenced American Idol. I actually used to watch that show…I am ashamed.

Deeno: I’m still scared. I only watched So You Think You Can Dance. I still want to see them bust out an Irish jig.

Raine: Mia Michaels used to teach near my house. I wonder if she knows how to jig.

Deeno: If I know how to jig, she should know how to jig.

Raine: Anyway, Tae-mu pulls Se-na in for a hug and the Panda’s jaw drops to the floor. Tae-mu declares that he can accept everything about Se-na but she leaves him hanging. He cries, “Tae-yong doesn’t love you. I’m the one who loves you!”

That’s not love, hun. That’s just scary.

Deeno: Tae Mu, Se Na doesn’t love you. I’m the one who loves you!

Raine: Thank you for making my point.

Deeno: That’s not scary. That’s the power of love!

Raine: *twitch*

Fluffy Deeno: Raine unni, real Deeno is stealing my job.

Raine: Deeno, give the flowersaur back her job and tell her I’m not her unni.

Deeno: Ouch! Fluffy Deeno just got disowned.

Raine: I only like my Deeno’s violent and obsessed with Vanness and Tae-mu.

Raine: The Great Panda Detective follows the step-weasel to her house, which turns out to be Park Ha’s mother’s house.

Deeno: All around the mulberry bush, the panda chased the weasel.

Raine: POP goes the weasel….’s head!

Se-na calls Park Ha’s step-mother “mom” and I can see a bit of the poor Panda’s heart breaking at the deception. The wiley weasel Se-na asks her mother where Park Ha is and then heads inside.

Raine: The Panda stands in front of the Han River and broods. He remembers the day his princess died, their marriage, and Park Ha asking if Se-na and the princess are the same person apart from their looks. Se-na also lied about not having a dongsaeng.

He wonders what he is supposed to do now because once he changes paths, he cannot go back. His choice affects whether or not he and his men will be able to return to Joseon and that fact weighs upon him heavily.

You can do it Panda! Fighting!

Now it’s time for the best show down EVAR!

Raine: His pandaness in all his glory, calls Se-na. She meets him and is all smiles. But he quickly extinguishes her happiness. He demands to know what kind of person she is. If she dares to lie to him again, there will be no forgiveness.

You tell her, mighty Panda!

Deeno: RAWR!

Raine: This scene was so sexy. He totally OWNS.

Se-na tries to pull a fast on and rises to leave but he grabs her arm and orders, “Don’t take a single step until I am done talking.”

The girl sits in a hurry.

Raine: Then the prince lays her largest  transgressions: she was dating Tae-mu while engaged to a panda and she lied about having a dongsaeng. He is livid with Se-na and wonders if anything she ever said was the truth. All she does is lie.

You’re not the person I was looking for. I can’t marry someone like you.

After long pause, he says,

‬I’m finished now. You may leave.

HAHAHAHA! Yes! And this is where his annoying habit of lording over people comes in handy.

When Se-na fails to scamper away immediately, he barks at her. The weasel slinks away with her tail between her legs.


I’m feeling a bit sadistic right now because I’m laughing so hard at the fact that she’s crying. Suck. It. Up.

Deeno: Don’t cry, Se Na. I’m still rooting for you!

Raine: So you’ve got wannabe murderer and a dinosaur on your side while the rest of the world wants your head on a stick.

Deeno: The murderer is not on her side. He’s on my side and I’m on her side. He’s on her side’s side.

Raine: So…I think my head hurts. But you’re basically claiming that Tae-mu follows you and acts like a wannabe murderer in your wake?

Deeno: Are you calling me a wannabe murderer?

Raine: No, just the guy on Se-na’s side’s side.

Deeno: He’s a murderer, too. With a side of omurice.

Raine: You might just rope Mother Hen Park Ha’s little chicks to your side if you keep that up.

Deeno: So in the end, Park Ha is my side rival. But I have yogurt, so ultimately, I’ll win.

Raine: I bake. Who needs yogurt when I can make Panda treats?

Deeno: Baking is for losers.

Raine: *points at Deeno* Sore loser.

Deeno: Let’s be honest how many Panda treats are actually baked. You don’t bake popsicles, banana milk, or yogurt.

Raine: I totally learned how to make popsicles in third grade. And I will introduce him to more sweet things. If he’ll try helium, he’ll try anything.

Deeno: Pouches of blood?

Raine: If you tell him that they’re infused with sugar.

Raine: The Panda sits the troops down for a little announcement: the engagement’s off! They are floored and terrified by the news. How will they return to Joseon?

Outside, they wallow in their misery because they don’t know if they’ll ever get home to Joseon.

Ask Dorothy for her cute sparkly red shoes. Click three times. Voila. Or you could ask me. Mine have 4” heels.

Deeno: Chi San would look good with sparkly red shoes.

Raine: Fab.U.Lous.

Raine: The trio decides to use the gifts they bought for their families, since they aren’t sure if they will ever be able to go back anyway. Yong-sul sheds a few tears, thinking the prince is being irresponsible while Chi-san concludes that the prince is a very selfish panda.

Man-bo has a lightbulb moment and turns against his comrades. Without the Panda, they’d both be dead. Yong-sul would’ve been beheaded in Joseon and Chi-san would’ve died from appendicitis. Without Park Ha, they would’ve been homeless.

Go Man-bo! I’ll make you all the omurice you want!

Deeno: I’ll give you a new computer.

Raine: He already has a new computer. Try again.

Deeno: A book of sudoku?

Raine: Useless. He’s so smart he’d go through it in a day and then where would he be? Wanting more omurice.

Deeno: But you bake. You never said you made things.

Raine: I’m just full of surprises.

Deeno: Full of lies!

Raine: That would be Se-na.

Raine: The most rockin’ Man-bo decides to tell Park Ha that the Panda isn’t engaged to the Weasel anymore. Yong-sul and Chi-san wonder how he’s going to go about doing that since Park Ha vanished. Well, Man-bo is so brilliant that he already knows where she is: Jinan, the location of the Home Shopping networks vacation spot, which he suggested.

All three stand up and look important…and then fade in and out…I think they’re onto something.

Raine: In Jinan, Park Ha is petting the pooping puppy when the Tracksuit Trio appears, ecstatic to have found her. She is happy to see them as well and apologizes for not contacting them.

Deeno: Die puppy!

Raine: My Toto.

Deeno: Sorry to rain on your parade, but all the dogs belong to me.

Raine: I’m here to save the animals from certain death by dinosaur stomping.

Deeno: My rain should have melted you by now. I’ll put your puddle into a nice bucket though. So no one steps on you.

Raine: If rain makes me melt, I’ll turn into Alex Mack and glide under doors and glow yellow.

Deeno: What?

Raine: Don’t tell me…you’ve never seen…Alex Mack?

Deeno: Well obviously not. Is this some old person thing? 😛

Raine: You better respect your elders or I’ll get out my broom.

Deeno: And we’ll play a round of quidditch?

Raine: You’re on.

Raine: Then they ask for some omurice.

Oh men, so easy to please. They only want two things. One of them is food. The other…

Deeno: Panda babies!

Raine: *grins*

Anywho, in exchange for omurice, they promise to tell her a really awesome bit of news: the Prince broke his engagement.

Aaaaaaaand she’s off! The bus is about to leave and Man-bo is taking his sweet loving time eating his omurice one grain of rice at a time. Park Ha decides to leave alone. Only then does Man-bo shovel down the delicious omurice and explain that the Panda and his Peppermint need some alone time.

Raine: Since the trio now has nothing to do, Man-bo decides they should go to the local pool and check out the chicks.

Okay, these guys rock! HAHAHA!

Man-bo draws one of the chicks and Yong-sul literally drools on it!

YES! Exactly what happens whenever I think of Park Shi-hoo. Good thing I framed my poster…

Deeno: That’s kinda disgusting.

Raine: I’m just being honest now.

Deeno: I’m just being scared out of my wits now.

Raine: Noted. Drool is a Deeno repellent.

Raine: Park Ha rushes to the rooftop apartment to confront the panda about breaking his engagement. Why isn’t he taking the reason he time traveled seriously? How is he going to return?

He stops her furious questioning with a tight hug. He then explains that this isn’t comfortable for him at all, but he has no other choice. Then he apologizes for making things hard on her.

*sniffle**sniffle**SOB* He is soooooooo cute. And so earnest. We need more heroes like this.

Deeno: We need more villains like Tae Mu.

Raine: Se-na?

Deeno: Well I can’t make out with her. Or I wouldn’t want to.

Raine: Turn Mr. Dino into a villain.

Deeno: I did that. Then I killed him.

Raine: That’s right. We’re not into necrophilia here.

Raine: Se-na throws back one too many shots and then arrives at her officetel to find Tae-mu the faithful waiting for her. She wonders if he despises her, too.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Everyone despises you. Get over it.

Deeno: Everyone who isn’t on your side’s side.

Raine: Which is me. Who’s with me?!

Deeno: *crickets don’t even bother to chirp*

Raine: Well, everyone despises Se-na except for Deeno, Deeno’s sides’ side and Tae-mu who accepts Weasels just as they are. He hugs her tightly.

Unlike the warm gooey feelings I felt when the Panda hugged Park Ha, I feel a little lotta bit like vomiting when Tae-mu hugs the weasel.

In this world, there is only the two of them, Tae-mu says softly. As long as they are together, they’ll be fine. Se-na hugs him back, moved by his words. She makes him promise to make Park Ha and Tae-young disappear.

Oh! The conditions of love! …….

Raine: The Panda intercepts Se-na at Grams’ house and in his “I’m-the-Crown-Prince-of-Joseon” voice, tells her to listen. He’s going to see grandma and tell her that it’s his fault for breaking the engagement. Se-na doesn’t have to worry about the repercussions.

But, as Se-na is evil, she sneers at this small act of goodwill. The Panda Prince tells her to continue on as though they’d never met, which she interprets to mean, “Do whatever you want.”

Of course she would. She’s the ultimate narcissist.

Deeno: Panda walks into his granny’s house. Just for walking in, she nominates him as the future CEO.

Raine: That’s it, psycho granny moves up to number two on my hitlist just for being psycho and annoying.

Deeno: Tae Mu wins! My side keeps growing after I stole Jiminy. No more consciences to bother with.

Raine: Jiminy belongs to me. Give him back. Stealing crickets doesn’t mean they’re on your side.

Deeno: Well he didn’t chirp for you. He’s on my side. Now I know all of Henry’s secrets.

Raine: He’s being held hostage and I know you tortured him for those secrets. Now don’t give anything away. I haven’t watched past episode seven.

Deeno: O.O We must fix this.

DeenoL: Tae Mu tells his father that Se Na is Jang’s daughter and his father turns into an obsequious nincompoop who clamors for Se Na’s affection. Se Na is amused by his sudden attitude reversal.

Raine: As I am, the simpering idiot. And by the way, that sentence up there rocked my socks. No, my entire drawer of socks.

Deeno: I should read books about punctuation more often.

Raine: *goes to find her grammar book that she hasn’t used in ten years*

Deeno: If you can’t get past episode seven of Once Upon A Time, how are you ever going to make it through that book?

Raine: It’s not that I can’t get through it. It’s that I watch too many Korean dramas. In fact, when I hear dialogue in English, I get confused and look for subtitles until I realize I can understand everything.

Deeno: I watch Once Upon A Time with English subtitles.

Raine: In that sense, I will be on your side’s side.

Deeno: My side is having a polka party.

Raine: I’ll bring the sparkling apple cider.

Deeno: You just got yourself invited.

Deeno: Tae Mu informs Se Na that Jang will be back soon and gives her directions to steal Park Ha’s DNA. Is it odd that I am both cringing from and revelling in Se Na’s rapidly approaching demise? Jang is a rather obnoxious character can’t they kill her off or something? Wait, they are already planning that.

Raine: I am in total agreement. Jang is the one trope that is a bit grating in this drama. But since Rooftop Prince is so darn good, I’m willing to let the “long-lost-mother-with-cancer” trope slide.

Deeno: Park Ha cleans up the rooftop a little bit before she makes plans to retrieve all the things she’d packed away. Coincidentally, the Tracksuit Trio has already brought back all of her things so she can live with them again. I’m so glad to have everyone back where they belong. Or rather, where they belong in this time period.

Raine: Me tooooooo! Yay for Mother Hen reuniting with  her chiclets! Now if she marries a Panda, they’ll be one big happy family!

Deeno: Can I kill one of them?

Raine: No, I love Panda. He loves Park Ha. My favorite candy is peppermint. Chi-san is too adorable. Yong-sul is so funny when he does that clap. Man-bo is 1,000,000,000% on Park Ha’s side. And I love peppermint so that means she rocks.

Deeno: Green Ajussi may make a worthy opponent.

Deeno: Panda Prince begins a new operation: Operation Destroy Tae Mu. He tells the trio to spy on Tae Mu, even if it means spying on Se Na. Se Na is no longer to be trusted, despite how “good” the crown princess was in the past. When the trio is alone, they discuss the change in Se Na. Chi San informs them that it’s not entirely impossible since there were rumors about the crown princess, rumors that she disfigured her sister to become Panda’s wife.

Raine: Of course Man-bo and Yong-sul don’t believe a word of it, but I was jumping in my chair when I read that! Huzzah! Go Chi-san! Now you need to make that connection. DO EET!

Deeno: But then they’ll all fade away and leave Park Ha alone.

Raine: Unless my hope against all odds comes true and Park Ha goes back with them! Which means poor Bu-yong is dead. But as I said last recap, I’m invested in Park Ha.

Deeno: Then, I shall kill her.

Raine: If you entrust that job to wannabe murderer Tae-mu, I’ll accept that threat. He can never get the job done.

Deeno: Why would I trust him? I’d get Boba Fett. What a stunning bounty hunter he is.

Raine: If I get my brother’s trading card of Boba Fett, I can steal his soul and bring him to my sides’ side.

Deeno: I think my poster is bigger than that trading card, and unlike your posters it’s not drenched in drool.

Raine: Didn’t you ever watch Yu-Gi-Oh? Cards have powers a poster could never fathom. And uri Park Shi-hoo is protected by the frame I bought him.

Deeno: More old people shows I see.

Deeno: Operation Destroy Tae Mu starts off with a bang, or rather a flying tackle by Blue Ajussi as he tackles a thief. This attack gives him a valuable friend, while Chi San woos the ladies.

Raine: I love Chi-san wooing the ladies. Now I’m waiting for him to dress up as one. He’ll even get to wear my red stilettos.

Deeno: Please, no!

Raine: Now where did I put them….

Deeno: Tae Mu dreams of his own revenge during Panda’s presentation. He imagines revealing that the real Tae Yong is lying in coma in Chicago. I don’t see how he can think that finding Tae Yong is a good thing. You murdered Tae Yong. This zombie may speak someday and he’ll have an interesting tale to tell.

Raine: It was so cheesy that I laughed and thought that the writers had gone berserk. I was glad when I found out it was just a daydream. He was kinda adorable puffing out his chest in victory.

Deeno: The cheese scared me, but made me crave some macaroni and cheese. I had two helpings today and it was delicious.

Raine: Stop teasing me with carbs and cheese. I lost weight this week and I want to keep it that way. Maybe I should change my favorite foods to vegetables…ew.

Deeno: Tae Mu tells Panda to keep spying on him, as there will be nothing to find before he’s kicked to the curb.

Raine: Tae-mu does the CUTEST eyebrow flick at this. I know a threat shouldn’t be cute. But it was.

Deeno: Now you are learning about the glory of my side.

Raine: I’ll admire from a distance. The whole wannabe murderer thing kinda creeps me out.



Fluffy Deeno: UNICORN!

Raine’s third answering machine: Raine has stepped out for a moment to bake some Panda treats. Please do not leave a message.

Deeno: *starts a message* MURDERER!

Fluffy Deeno: *chimes in* COTTON CANDY!


Fluffy Deeno: BUTTERFLY!

Deeno: CANNIBAL! *message cuts off*

Raine’s third answering machine: I thought I said no messages. Are you guys’ trying to get me smashed? Raine’s got a temper…

Deeno: Yes. Yes, I am!

Raine’s third answering machine: *Grumble.*

Deeno: Se Na makes her mother’s day by asking her to have a family dinner. Her mother seriously nearly has a heart attack when Se Na wants to invite Park Ha along. Her mother’s heart is going to break when she finds out that Se Na used her to steal Park Ha’s DNA and life story. I wish Se Na could act like this more often because she seems genuinely likeable, even if her motives are far from being pure.

Raine: If only she was genuine. Her mother is the most pitiable character because she cares so much for Se-na and will inevitably have her whole world crushed when she discovers she adopted a weasel instead of a girl.

Deeno: Jang arrives in Korea and meets with her sister. They chat pleasantly enough until Jang starts keeling over because of her cancer. Please, Jang, die soon.

Raine: If she dies, she can’t be on your sides’ side, though.

Deeno: Corpses make good bullet shields.

Raine: Unless someone’s wielding a bazooka. That word is soooo much fun to say. Bazooka. Bazooka.

Deeno: Bulbous Bouffant. Macademia.

Raine: Trollop. Strumpet. Bowchicawowwow!

Deeno: Park Ha’s mother stops by the rooftop and Panda gets upset that Park Ha didn’t introduce him to her mother. She tells him to grow up and learn how to respect his elders. He tries to make a comment about Park Ha’s disrespect, but the boys don’t listen to him anymore as they submerge themselves in the latest techie gadgets.

Raine: Have I mentioned that I LOVE the Tracksuit Trio? They are the BEST sidechicklets EVAR!

Deeno: I’ve mentioned that a few times.

Raine: With them around, one can’t help but say it. I LOVE THE TRIO!

Deeno: Panda keeps up his Joseon air through dinner. This ends with him being mocked and deprived of clams.

Raine: Good. Seafood is gross. Who needs clams? That stew made me queasy just looking at it.

Deeno: I love seafood!

Raine: *yaks*

Deeno: Jang signs a document giving Se Na her share of the company’s stocks when she dies. That feeling of pride lasts only a moment as she as soon introduce to her “lost daughter,” Se Na. Her mind reels under the level of deceit that Se Na is willing to maintain. Therefore, Jang pushes off meeting Se Na to calm her mind and plan her retaliation.

Raine: Hopefully she’s going to reconsider bequeathing her shares to the weasel.

Deeno: Park Ha and Panda share a popsicle as he asks Park Ha about her sister. She tells him a bit about her past and that she didn’t talk about her sister at her sister’s behest. In exchange for information, Park Ha beckons Panda to help her with laundry. He joins in happily and the two are soon barefoot as their bare hands keep each other upright.

Raine: I smiled the whole time. Who knew a Panda could get his flirt on while stomping on laundry?

Deeno: Jang meets with Se Na who keeps up her daughterly facade. She steals memories from Park Ha’s past, including those  that involved Jang. Jang is left to wonder how her real daughter knows so much about the lost daughter Se Na is pretending to be.

Raine: So Jang just got a little cooler. Too bad she’s probably going to die before she gets to figure out why the Weasel lied.

Deeno: She better change her will first.

Raine: This is dramaland. Things don’t work that way. Murphy’s Law reigns supreme.

Deeno: Panda Prince finally connects the dots. Park Ha is Se Na’s sister. Se Na is the reincarnation of the crown princess. Therefore, Park Ha must be the reincarnation of his sister-in-law.

Raine: Dude, it took you long enough. With all the mystical hankies flying everywhere you’d think he’d take a hint. But I guess the Weasel’s lies made his circuits overload.

Deeno: I got the hint like 13 episodes ago.

Raine: Well aren’t you special? Why didn’t you tell his pandaness?

Deeno: Thank you! I did tell him, but my voice didn’t carry.

Raine: Excuses. You just wanted to see Tae-mu for twenty episodes so you prevented the Panda from figuring it out.

Deeno: Good point. More Tae Mu! Nom. Nom. Nom.


Raine: Give me MOAR! I can’t believe there are only six more episodes. What am I going to do without my Panda and his peppermint?

And how are they going to solve this time traveling mystery? I seriously don’t know. Maybe if I was wearing Michael J. Fox’s pants I’d get some insight. Do you think they’d match sparkly red stilettos?

Deeno: *shakes head*

Raine: Also, Se-na’s comeuppance in this episode had me cackling with delight. Literally. I was totally disturbing the household peace both times I watched it. Never has an antagonist’ pain given me so much pleasure.

Did anyone notice that Park Ha was wearing a butterfly shirt in the last scene? Nice move.

I’m also glad that most tensions are not dragged out to annoying lengths. Like in Shining Inheritance. So insufferable. That show should’ve been done in sixteen episodes.

Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

Character introductions.

Rooftop Prince Episode 14 Screencaps.

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  1. esa musica me gusta mucho donde la puedo descargar dime si gracias por sus resumenes son muy buenos gracias por trabajar tanto

  2. Thank you madcap duo. Loling at the hilarious recap & bravo Deeno for always managing to insert VanNess in your repartee w/ Raine. Angry Crown Prince is super scary but sexy. Rawr! Still rofling at drooling Yang Seol over a sketch of PH in a bikini by the swimming pool with Chi San and Man Bo, that was an adorable scene. The J3 are fading in and out of the rooftop already which means its almost time to head back to the Joseon era. But we still need to see Yi Gak doing the same. Mmmmm I can’t see him staying in modern Seoul since he’s got a lot of responsibilities back in Joseon waiting for him! Sena & Taemu need to fade out of the drama permanently ( sorry Deeno but I’m siding with Raine on this issue). I like the pacing of the drama now, as we near the climax and the mysteries are close to getting solved. I could use less of the makjang elements tho, esp the terminally sick mom looking for her daughters as an act of redemption and to assuage her guilt for abandoning them, the wicked sister, & equally mean grandmere and the scheming relatives. Cross them out of the drama permanently pls, PD nim & writer nim!

  3. Amazing recap. Hillarious and informative all at the same time!!^^

    I dont get the whole Jang person thing. Is she sena’s mom, or park ha’s mom, or both?
    If she is both, then who is the fish selling mom?
    Im so confused,, so if you could explain,,, that would be fantabulous. Thanks!!!:)

    • Jang went to China had Se-na and gave her to Fish mom to raise

      Jang came to Korea, had Park Ha with Park Ha’s father and then abandoned them for China.

      So she is their biological mother, which makes both incarnations of both women blood related.

  4. Since we are between us, a little lesson about the power of the punctuation:

    Version 1:
    Dear John,
    I want a man who knows what love is all about. You are generous, kind, thoughtful. People who are not like you admit to being useless and inferior.
    You have ruined me for other men. I yearn for you. I have no feelings whatsoever when we’re apart. I can be forever happy—will you let me be yours?

    Version 2:
    Dear John,
    I want a man who knows what love is. All about you are generous, kind, thoughtful people, who are not like you. Admit to being useless and inferior.
    You have ruined me. For other men, I yearn. For you, I have no feelings whatsoever. When we’re apart, I can be forever happy. Will you let me be?
    Yours, Gloria.

    This is glorious.

  5. i was confused because it said “12” and initially skipped it.

    guys you should check the title
    and TY for the recap

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