Fashion King: Episode 20 (Final) Recap

by: Raine

Episode 20 came in at 9.6%. Ratings went up…how is that possible?

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! It’s done! It’s done! Hoo-frickin’-ray! *happy dance* *busts open the beer and soju* Who wants?

And about the actual episode: this was a horrible finale. I have the worst feeling in my gut right now. It’s not the content. It’s the delivery. The context…or the lack thereof. I’m not moved. Rather, I’m confused. That’s not a good way to leave your viewer.

“???” –  You’ll get more when they give me more! (from the Fashion King OST)

episode 20 (final) recap

In the factory, the ahjummas wonder where Young-gul is as Ga-young listens. They make not-so-subtle suggestions about how to get a man back, like using aegyo. A call comes in from Young-gul’s relative and informs them that his father died the week before.

They are all shocked, especially Ga-young who, again, is feeling guilty.

Assistant Kim is yacking at a nearly catatonic Jae-hyuk about the Italy debacle and how shameless Young-gul is. Then, Madam Dragon comes in with a plan to take out Young-gul. Jae-hyuk is unsure until he has to go to a meeting where Young-gul is now present as a partner.

We see that Madam Dragon suggested the power of the press to take out Young-gul. Make him out to be a materialistic, money hungry merchant. One bit of mad media will cause business partners to turn away from him and decide to sever ties. Jae-hyuk is a chaebol and has the power of social status and old money. The Dragon suggests using this power to his advantage. Then Jae-hyuk should copy Young-gul’s strategies and offer slightly lower prices and completely pull the rug out from under him.

Chil-bok and Il-gook call to deliver the bad news. Jae-hyuk went through with the media attack and now Young-gul is being portrayed as a legend of Dongdaemoon only in name. It completely slanders him and although Young-gul wants to retaliate, his friends tell him that Jae-hyuk’s status and resources would completely render his efforts futile.

One of their sellers calls to say that they’ve decided to go with J Fashion instead. To say that Young-gul is unhappy is an extreme understatement.

Also, Il-gook seems to be enjoying his friends discomfort.

I’m a little confused why he’s there. After beating the crap out of Young-gul, I thought that Il-gook would quit. But I bet the writer kept him to exacerbate the situation and to highlight Young-gul’s downward spiral.

At home, Young-gul finds a guilty Ga-young has prepared him a meal. It would be cute, but the tone of this episode is so heavy (and the entire drama was so terrible) that I’m not feeling it. Not even Shin Se-kyung’s little aegyo whine can make me feel the cute although it makes Young-gul smile sadly. Ga-young is mortified that she even tried it and tries to distract him by showing her the sketches she came up with for her fashion show. She tells him that even if her work isn’t good, she hasn’t been this happy since sketching for her final portfolio for school. Even if she can’t put on a show, she is thankful to him for letting her feel creative and happy again.

Young-gul immediately calls Il-gook to book a venue for her; it’s a waste not to show such awesome designs.

Then she thanks him for her mom’s store. She was just shocked before.

CRAP EXCUSE. Omigosh. Did they actually just make her 180? !@#$@#$^%@#$!@#%#$&$%^#$%#

Young-gul accepts her thanks and tells her to go with Bong Sook to the store to plan its future and her show. Maybe one day she’ll even end up supporting him.

Boy, if you love her, share what’s going on in your life. But he’s on the verge of a serious breakdown so he’s barely functioning. She, however, is happy.

An-na’s office is buzzing and trying to do damage control. Young-gul is doing nothing, just sitting on the sofa wondering how to put on Ga-young’s fashion show.

Remember that word “breakdown”? Yeah, he’s almost completely shut down at this point and An-na calls him on it. He’s not doing anything to save his company although he keeps saying he’ll take care of it.

Daddy Tyrant calls An-na who reminds Young-gul that she’s not going back to the beginning again. Then she goes to meet Daddy Tyrant and accepts his job offer.

Young-gul gets abandoned by another person. At least An-na is making her own decisions…? All these idiots need to extricate themselves from each other.

Then the banker turns Young-gul down for another loan and Il-gook can’t sell the luxury car.

On the way to Ga-young’s boutique, Ga-young and Bong Sook get a call from the factory where everything is in a frenzy. People are everywhere, fighting, yelling, trying to repossess equipment. The ahjummas are flipping out and wondering where Young-gul is at this time of crisis.

I know I should be mad at him for abandoning them, but he’s completely broken. The man needs serious therapy and a STRONG woman (not a doormat) to support him. He needed it from the start. Not making excuses for him, but he’s pretty pathetic right now.

Ga-young decides to go a-begging again and interrupts Jae-hyuk’s celebration. He’s completely thrown by her appearance but quickly puts on a facade of indifference. Intimidated by his guests, Ga-young tells him she will go to his office, but Jae-hyuk wonders why it matters. She asked him not to remember her.

After taking a deep breath, Ga-young demands why Jae-hyuk is doing this to Young-gul to which Jae-hyuk replies that a well brought-up person like himself doesn’t give pain unless he is hurt first. Is this how someone who grew up in a good home acts? she demands, which draws a gasp from the guests. If he’s angry at her, he should take it out on her. But there is nothing between them, he replies, drawing tears from her eyes.

When she quickly leaves, Jae-hyuk crumbles and lasts no more than a few seconds before chasing after her. He drags her into a room and shoves her against the wall. How long is she going to put Young-gul between them? How can she tell him to erase her from his memory? If she really wants him to leave, he will, because he loves her. But is that what she really wants? He’ll give her time to think about it.

Then he leaves her alone and stunned.

Ga-young goes home to brood and the show has more flippin’ product placement. It’s so ridiculously obvious that it’s more jarring than this hair-brained plot.

Broken-down Young-gul visits his father’s memorial and promises his father that he will not live like he did.

Sounds like the man wants a change in his life. He seems to have hit rock bottom.

Jae-hyuk is happily planning social excursions when Young-gul shows up to beg for money.

I know, I know WHAT?! But this time, he wants it to put on Ga-young’s show and he’s broke because of Jae-hyuk. Young-gul must’ve really hit rock bottom to give up on his fierce pride and need to crush Jae-hyuk to beg. It’s his first truly selfless request.

Young-gul also finds out that J Fashion pulled out of YGM. I guess he hadn’t hit rock bottom before. I have a feeling he still has a ways to fall… In any case, he begs Jae-hyuk to put on the show for Ga-young, even offering his shares of YGM.

In the hall, Young-gul runs into An-na and discovers she took a job with J Fashion and shut down the Young Young Apparel office. He doesn’t even look surprised. Instead, he apologizes and walks away. She stops him with a request: can she call him once in a while like old times? Like old times he replies, “If you want to.”

An-na looks happy at his consent. I also think she’s happy because she’s regained her power in her life and is not controlled by him, or Jae-hyuk. But she DID idiotically sign to J Fashion and now she’s answering to Daddy Tyrant, so I wonder what her future really looks like.

Back at the factory, Young-gul watches Ga-young sleep with a resigned, sad smile. Then he places a lollipop and the necklace beside her and leaves with a suitcase in tow. When Ga-young wakes, she sees the necklace and panics.

She runs to his apartment, which is in the midst of being repossessed. She has no time to process Young-gul’s disappearance because Daddy Tyrant calls her to his office.

He has beaten Jae-hyuk senseless. No, seriously. Jae-hyuk is on his knees, barely able to move and visibly about to crack. Daddy Tyrant has purposefully called her to his office to show off his handy work on Jae-hyuk’s face.

Ga-young is visibly shaken by the sight, but properly greets Daddy Tyrant and says nothing.

This man is sick. Sick. He was always sick, but it’s exacerbated by the grim, heavy feeling of the episode. The tone change of this episode really jarred me.

Anyway, Daddy Tyrant mentions that Young-gul asked Jae-hyuk to put on a fashion show for her. He also mentions that Young-gul is ruthless, leaving her to be cared for by another man. He must’ve planned it from the start. Then, dad turns on his son again. “This means he had his funds as soon as you signed the merger document.”

It’s a logical deduction, but incorrect. Young-gul is running away, not to spend money, but to hide.

Dad says that Young-gul should’ve been nipped in the bud. How many times is Jae-hyuk to be swindled by one man? How do they handle trash that is nearly impossible to get rid of? He poses the last question to Ga-young who looks horrified.

Outside, Ga-young watches Kim gingerly hand Jae-hyuk into the car.  Jae-hyuk smiles at Ga-young and is sorry she had to see that. She watches him go with tears in her eyes.

One Month Later.

Yes, they did it. The time skip. !@#$%^#@#@%

Anyway, Jae-hyuk shows up at Ga-young’s, watches her get mail and opens it. (So illegal. He was probably waiting for it. He hasn’t shown any tact or regard for anything legal or proper thus far). The parcel is from Young-gul: a plane ticket and a letter.

‬You must be shocked and resentful. Sorry for leaving without saying good bye. Come here with plane ticket I sent you. Let’s talk when you get here. You can find that house, right? I’ll wait for you there. I love you.

-Young Girl-

I think it’s a huge thing that he admitted his feelings to Ga-young, but I still don’t want her to get back with him. I was team Young-gul. But being with someone who is that mentally broken isn’t good. Now I’m Team “Everyone-go-your-own-way-and-get-some-therapy.”

Turns out she doesn’t even have the option because Jae-hyuk pockets the letter and the ticket. He goes up to Bong Sook’s apartment where Ga-young has been lying catatonic, devastated over Young-gul’s desertion.

But Jae-hyuk doesn’t care. He invites her to go to New York with him; start up her studies again. He even got permission from his parents. If she has no plans, he’ll assume she’s coming.

Door. Mat. Door. Mat. Door. Mat. I want you to study again, but if you accept this offer, I will truly hate you. You pine yourself into a state of catatonia for one man so you better not leave on a jet plane with another.

Young-gul broods in his New York apartment, waiting for Ga-young. No, it’s not even brooding. It’s utter depression. He’s a crushed spirit. And, I admit, even though his character has been horrible, I still feel moved. Yoo Ah-in, you deserve a better show.

In what looks like a hotel room, Ga-young is packing and Jae-hyuk shows up.

WHAT?!!!!!!!! !@$#%@$%^@#$% You fucking leech-y coward.


Jae-hyuk mentions that Young-gul is in New York and tears immediately jump into her eyes. When he asks her if she wants to meet him once, she quickly says “no”.


Jae-hyuk tells her to hurry and finish packing so they can eat. Then he leaves her sobbing.

Sobbing gets you nowhere. If you want to see him, stop being petty.

An-na calls Young-gul and asks if they’re still friends. She’s on her way to Italy. What a random scene. Probably showing her all free and happy. Whoopee.

Young-gul goes to the New York Fashion School, flowers in hand, and is crushed to see Ga-young exit and grab Jae-hyuk’s hand. Jae-hyuk leads her to the car and they laugh their way into traffic.

Seriously, Ga-young? You’re dating him. I thought you were sobbing so badly you could barely function over Young-gul’s departure. Now your leeching and being morally despicable.

An-na is the least offensive character right now. How did that happen?

Anyway, Young-gul goes to the old apartment he and Ga-young lived in and remembers all the time he spent with her and sobs his broken little heart out.

Yoo Ah-in, you’re killing me. I hate you for killing me. Because I just want to straight up hate this show. Start a new drama worth your talents.

As for Young-gul, I know some of you are going to say that he should’ve gone to Ga-young anyway, but I don’t think he can. He’s completely broken now. It’s hard to do anything when you’re that dysfunctional. He’s on the lower end of a serious downward spiral.

Young-gul goes home and gets raving drunk. He strips off his shirt, but I can’t enjoy it. The mood is too heavy. You know that when pervy Raine can’t enjoy nekkidness, there is seriously something wrong.

So he grabs a white fur coat, a wine bottle and his phone and trudges through his fancy apartment up to the roof where he climbs into a shallow pool for a drink and a wallow in his misery.

It’s actually a pretty gorgeous scene with the blue-lit pool and the city lights as a backdrop.

He calls Ga-young for the first time since he left.

Ga-young: Hello?

Young-gul: It’s me. Were you sleeping?

Ga-young: *silence*

Young-gul: What are you doing up so late?

Ga-young: You called me.

Young-gul: *starts to cry* Do you like it?

Ga-young:  Yes.

Young-gul: It’s good you like it.

Ga-young: I heard you’re in New York.

Young-gul: Don’t you miss me? *sobs* I miss you.

Ga-young: Are you…there?

Young-gul: Will you come?

A man dressed in a suit comes and calmly shoots Young-gul in the head and the shot rings out over the rooftop.

Ga-young: I miss you, too.

Her voice is quiet and calm.

Young-gul slowly sinks into the shallow pool as blood billows from his wound. The lights of New York City shine brightly as Ga-young listens to silence.


The. Fucking. End.

I had four initial emotional reactions to this ridiculous ending: Shock. Disgust. Relief. Confusion.

Shock – It was jarring to see Young-gul get shot in the head. However despicable a character, and however much I comment on wanting death, I really don’t like death. I’m a happy-ending gal. That’s why I avoiding even thinking about the fact that its the same writer as What Happened in Bali, which I haven’t seen nor do I want to see.

Disgust – Ga-young sits there, listens to a gun shot, no tears, and then continues to say that she misses him. It really seems like she knew it was going to happen.

Relief – Young-gul is finally out of his extreme misery

Confusion – Was it REALLY NECESSARY to have Young-gul murdered? Did Ga-young know it was going to happen? What happened to all of the loose ends? ARGH!!!!!!!!!!

What I think happened: I think Daddy Tyrant ordered the hit and that Jae-hyuk and Ga-young knew about it. I think she’s dating Jae-hyuk now because she has no spine to go out and get what she wants. When Jae-hyuk told her that Young-gul was in town, it was him offering her one last chance to see Young-gul alive. At that time, I don’t think she knew about the hit, but how could she be so calm when hearing a gun shot in the background if she didn’t know about it when it was happening? How can she not cry at all?

Daddy Tyrant is violent enough to order the hit and powerful enough to make it happen. Jae-hyuk now has his toy who now, due to her own cowardliness and idiocy, will be miserable for the rest of her life. Jae-hyuk will sleep soundly at night. I don’t think he’ll be feeling guilty about Young-gul’s death. I think he, his father and Madam Dragon will gloat.

Young-gul dies alone and lonely in his luxurious pool while Jae-hyuk frolics with his new toy.

Loose ends: I’m just going to list the ones I can remember. I’m sure there are more.

  1. How did Young-gul get the ring in the first place?
  2. Why didn’t Ga-young recognize it?
  3. What happened to the loan sharks?
  4. What happened to the ahjummas?
  5. What happened to the boutique?
  6. What ever happened with Michael?
  7. What ACTUALLY happened to Ga-young’s parents?
  8. What happened to Jung-ah?

Plot: You’ve heard me bitch and moan about this for twenty recaps. I’ll just say this. Now that we’re at the end, I see sort of what the writer was going for. I think. Sort of.

I think Young-gul was the main character who was to rise and crash and burn. I think we were supposed to see the tyranny of the chaebol and the terrifying power of the corporation. I think Jae-hyuk was supposed to be the unfortunate result of being born and raised in the cold environment of the corporation. I think An-na was supposed to show liberation of woman. But with Ga-young…no fucking clue. I hate her.

But nothing was shown as it should’ve been. There were bits and pieces, but they didn’t fit and then they repeated ad nauseam. The disorganization of the plot actually prevented me from investing in the story and the characters.

Characters: Completely superficial development. They tried to show us so many things like Young-gul’s fear of abandonment and Jae-hyuk’s daddy issues. But they covered up all the development with convoluted dialogue and storylines.

Young-gul: To the bitter end, he was a wildcard. He began as a scrappy, resourceful man; a hustler. Then he degraded into a revenge obsessed freak. Do I think these men are different sides of him? No. He’s always done what he believed was needed to live. In his fucked up brain, he thought revenge was necessary. It doesn’t excuse his behavior in the slightest, but I’m trying to understand what the writer was trying to portray.

He had a fear of abandonment from the multiple times he was betrayed as a kid. Then Ga-young betrayed him a few times, Jae-hyuk, An-na, his aunt, Madam Jo. Even money betrayed him. He was fragile to begin with. So he basically did just what he believed he needed to survive and never though of anyone else. I don’t think he truly knew how to give. Not even in the very end. When you’re that messed up, you’re unable to give. Honestly, I understand that, if that is indeed the case. I don;t like what he did and he could’ve chose differently despite his hurts, but whatever.

He may or may not have spiraled as badly if he had a solid, non-wimpy woman. He loved Ga-young because she was the same as him. Honestly, he was so messed up from the start, that’s hard to fix, even with the right people in one’s life. Perhaps had he had a chance to love Ga-young properly without Jae-hyuk’s interference, things would changed for him. But I think he’d always be ridiculously damaged so it’s just as likely that he would’ve crumbled anyway.

I also think a fitting end for him would’ve been suicide, not murder. The murder was stupid. I would’ve been more emotionally invested in suicide. It fits the self-destructiveness of his character.

Ga-young: I hate her. Door mat. Leech. She basically only ever though of herself and when she thought of others, she weaseled her way into things and never did anything by her efforts safe for one: getting into school. After she gave that up, everything went down hill.

When Young-gul suffers abandonment he becomes ruthless. When Ga-young suffers it, she becomes a whiny leech.

Maybe it’s just because I’m so disgusted with her, but I seriously can’t see her in a good light right now. Last night, I actually thought she was smiling when she heard the shot ring out.

This morning I think she was probably trying to keep herself from crying. But WHY THE HELL WASN’T SHE CRYING?! How was she sitting there calmly? She had a cow during every other major and minor event on the show. Sobbing, begging for money, forgiveness, affection.

And why the hell did she go with Jae-hyuk? She was sobbing over Young-gul and then decides to go to Jae-hyuk AGAIN? Is she stupid? First of all, she should’ve never played into their pissing contest and gotten her own job. Second of all, she should’ve ALWAYS been direct and honest with Young-gul and supported him through everything.

Support doesn’t mean letting him do whatever he wants, but to be a real sounding board for all ideas, always let the person know you care. She never did that for him. EVER. Not that he did it for her either, but I’m mad at her, so she gets the brunt of my anger.

On top of that, she gallivanting around with Jae-hyuk, the man who ruined the man she loves and who also did quite a few brutal things to her. AND if she marries him, she has to deal with Daddy Tyrant and Mama Bitch. Can this girl do anything for herself besides draw ugly clothing? How could she just give into Jae-hyuk’s desires when she was holding out for Young-gul so hard before?

Oh yeah, don’t forget, she’s dating the guy who ordered the hit on Young-gul. At least, that’s my theory. You sick fuck, Ga-young. You had a total sociopathic lack of response to a gunshot. There is no way you didn’t hear that.

In her defense, she could’ve been threatened by Daddy Tyrant. Maybe. Bleh.

I think shes completely selfish and cowardly. I don’t think she should’ve gotten back with Young-gul, but I do think she needed to talk with him ad settle things. He probably still would’ve self-destructed, but that’s what SHE could’ve done to better HER life. Then she needed to walk away. Find another school besides NSF. There is more than one fashion school around.

Jae-hyuk: King of daddy issues. I don’t think he feels badly for any of the wrongs he’s done and I don’t think he’s learned from them either. I think he loves Ga-young to the best of his ability, but that seems like a sick and twisted possessive love to me. He doesn’t care if she doesn’t like him back. He sabotages HER happiness for his. If he hadn’t taken Young-gul’s letter, what would’ve happened.

In all, though, I understand his character most. He’s under social pressure, daddy pressure, and Ga-young is this gentle, talented woman who makes him feel good, unlike anything else in his life. She’s not just a toy; she’s his comfort blanket. He NEEDS her. It’s really not good to NEED anyone. You want them in your life, but needing is not healthy.

An-na: Can I just pretend this character didn’t exist?

Cinematography: The ending scene was gorgeous. That’s pretty much all I wanted to say about this. There was a lot of anguished face shots and really choppy filming of fashion shows. Nothing spectacular or to write home about. The long/wide shots were the best: the cities, the parks, the memorial.

Or maybe I liked those because there was no dialogue…

Product placement: Seriously, could they have been any more obnoxiously obvious with that security system, the KIA, the phones. ARGH! Frustrating as hell. I hated it.

Alternative endings:

Ending in Death

1) If there had to be a logical death, I would’ve preferred that Young-gul commit suicide in that pretty blue pool on the phone with Ga-young. He would’ve tried to confess his love, but the words would’ve stuck in his throat. She would’ve been horrified to hear the gunshot. She also would’ve been in a Parisian fashion school after rejecting Jae-hyuk’s offer. Jae-hyuk would’ve been banished New York and An-na would’ve run away with Daddy Tyrant to play golf.

Okay, so I got a little out of hand with that one.

2) Ga-young finds Young-gul and Jae-hyuk gets jealous so he follows them to the blue-lit pool. There waits a hundred ninjas, one of whom is an officiant. He tells Ga-young to pick a man to marry, but since she’s a doormat, she can’t say that she wants Young-gul. Then then ninjas murder Ga-young, Young-gul and Jae-hyuk while the ninja officiant watches and cleans his nails.

Okay, not practical.

3) Mystisith comes to kidnap Jae-hyuk where they go frolic with An-na bo-peep and her sheep. Well, An-na bo-peep is now a waitress who has to wear a chastity belt and parachute pants for the rest of her life. Then Deeno (who wrote some HILARIOUS alternative endings) comes with Vanness on her arm and they throw a dance party.

What happens to Young-gul and Ga-young? Well, Young-gul realizes Ga-young is a waste of time, reads all of my recaps and sees how dedicated I was to this horrible waste of one hundred hours and decides to marry me in front of Ga-young. We use her as my wedding runner, thereby trampling her.

4) Russian roulette with the main leads.

5) My cat Timmy gets very, very hungry.

Happy Endings or endings without death

1) Young-gul and Ga-young band together to produce good, easily marketable fashion and fight against Jae-hyuk who wants to take Young-gul down because of their penis-measuring contest and wants to get rid of Ga-young because she rejected him. They would’ve ended up moderately successful in another country because, let’s face it, Jae-hyuk’s company is too powerful to win against. Let’s send them to Thailand. Yeah. They have three children who they raise without abandoning.

2) Young-gul hits rock bottom, as he did, but Ga-young finds him, knowing how he is and helps him get through it. After lots of therapy, they stay friendly acquaintances. She gets married and sees him occasionally while he runs a small shop in New York.

3) My readers clone Lee Je-hoon and Yoo Ah-in  (or Shin Se-kyung or Yu-ri) so that they can each live out their own happy endings. They also are kind enough to clone Park Shi-hoo for me. Three of him. And three of his cat. Every handsome man should have a cat.

And that’s all folks. I am hanging up my hat. No more Fashion King for me…ever. Applause to the actors for sticking it through and not running away screaming.

Please feel free to discuss theories, ideas and whatever else you may need to get down into writing.

Rating (How much I enjoyed it/Overall quality) – 3/2

Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

Character introductions.

Fashion King Episode 20 Screencaps.


I’m really grateful to all of you who stuck through this show with me for twenty recaps. Your support really kept me going and I loved seeing you guys come together as a little Fashion King community. This was my first solo venture into recapping a live show and it was way more difficult and time consuming than I expected. But it was fun.

I won’t be recapping a currently airing show again until August because I’m traveling a lot of the summer. Actually, strike that I will keep up with Big as best I can (not promising timely recaps…and then I’m going to England for three weeks in the middle) and work on my retrocaps of Padam Padam and White Christmas and How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor.

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  1. I had to miss 5 episodes. Makes me feel relief that YG died. Sincerely I was a fan on YG and GY, but the chance to confess their love to each other was only at the beginning, before GY went to NYF . YG was already messed up.seems to be living like just as it comes.
    Jar hyuk was a better chance for GY. He loved her truly but became obsessed with her, she seemed to be a comfort. Anna was free, seemed like she was only trying to make face, which she didn’t. Its a really messed up story. Bad plotting too. I believe that every actor should be important. My favorite is Jae hyuk He has a strong character, goes after what he wants despite odds unlike YG and GY who seem to be whimps and selfish . my least favorite is Young gul, His pathetic side shows a lot, he could have let Ga young know of his feelings and they would have loved each other from the start, he has a bad business side too, starting as a counterfeit clothes maker, he never had much direction or purpose in his life till ga young came in. Ga young could have done better, a person who only knows how to beg and cry but never knows how to thank or think reasonably. I wish it had gone well. I wonder who funded such a movie. Waste of time and money

  2. Terjemahan

    Terjemahan teks
    Teks sumber

    Aku sangat puas dan sangat senang dengan episode terakhir,Akhirnya Jung Jye Hyuk & Lee ga young bisa bersama ,dan bahagia diakhir.

    Jung jye hyuk pantas mendapatkan Lee ga young,karena dia adalah satu-satunya pria yang mencintainya dengan tulus,dia mendukung ,dan membantu lee ga young agar bisa kembali bersekolah diNew York Fashion ,dia bahkan memberikan segalanya untuk Ga young.Dia juga pria yang romantis ,lucu.

    Sedangkan Kang Young Gul,dia adalah pria yang kasar,dia tidak layak mendapatkan ga young,dia selalu menumpahkan masalahnya pada ga young ketika pabrik bangkrut dan dia membiarkan ga young menanggung semua masalahnya,dan ya ampun dia bahkan meninggalkan Lee ga young begitu saja ,dia bahkan menipu Jung jye Hyuk ,dia tidak layak mendapatkan ga young,dia lebih buruk daripada jung jye hyuk.Dia pantas mati di akhir.

    Aku heran kenapa kalian menyukai Kanf young gul? Pria yang sama sekali tidak menghargai wanita ,dia menjual baju tiruan,dia bahkan berciuman dengan Choi anna lebih dari 2 kali ,dia bahkan tidak pernah mengerti perasaan lee ga young.Dia bahkan bukan pria yang selalu ada disaat lee ga young dalam keadaan susah.

    Dan Aku berani bertaruh,Jung Hye Hyuk lah memang pantas mendapatkan Lee Ga Young dia adalah pria baik,walaupun dia membenci kang young gul dan itupun karena dia membuat ulah dengan dirinya ,cuma itu,tapi ketika dia membantu lee ga young dan kang younf gul mendapatkan pabriknya ,kang young gul membuat ulah lagi dengan mendaftarkan merk baju tanpa sepengetahuan jung jye hyuk padahal dia sudah berbaik hati mengembalikan pabriknya,Kang young tidak tau terima kasih ,yang dia pikirkan cuma balas dendam,dan inggin menjatuhkan jung jye hyuk,dan selalu membuat ulah.


    1719 / 5000
    Hasil terjemahan
    I am very satisfied and very happy with the last episode, Finally Jung Jye Hyuk & Lee ga young can be together, and happy at the end.

    Jung jye hyuk deserves Lee ga young, because he is the only man who loves her sincerely, he supports, and helps her to return to school in New York Fashion, he even gives everything to Ga young. He is also a romantic man. ,funny.

    As for Kang Young Gul, he is a rude man, he doesn’t deserve ga young, he always spills his problems on ga young when the factory goes bankrupt and he lets ga young take all the trouble, and geez he even left Lee ga young just like that, he even cheating Jung jye hyuk, he doesn’t deserve ga young, he is worse than jung jye hyuk. he deserves to die in the end.

    I wonder why you guys like Kanf young gul? A man who doesn’t appreciate women at all, he sells fake clothes, he even kissed Choi Anna more than 2 times, he never even understood Lee Ga Young’s feelings. He’s not even the guy who is always there when Lee Ga Young is in a bad state.

    And I’ll bet, Jung Hye Hyuk deserves Lee Ga Young he is a good guy, even though he hates Kang Young Gul and that too because he messes with himself, that’s all, but when he helps Lee Ga Young and Kang Younf Gul get the factory, Kang Young Gul throws a tantrum again by registering a clothing brand without Jung Jye Hyuk’s knowledge even though he was kind enough to return the factory, Kang Young doesn’t know thanks, all he thinks about is revenge, and wants to drop Jung Jye Hyuk, and always throws tantrums .

  3. For me it deserves justice for the drama… I believe there’s a part 2 due to so many situations that needs surprises and solutions……for the sake of the televiewers, fans and media….

  4. OMG I can’t sleep after this ending and need to vent!!! Everything you’ve said was SPOT ON! The women in this show were so fucking worthless! I thought Ga Young had potential coz she seemed determined and talked back and didn’t let people pick on her like most poor girls in Korean dramas but fuck I’m sick of watching her cry over little thing and didn’t do shit

    I seriously thought that when she woke up and see the necklace and lollipop that she’ll remember and then bam her dilemma subsides and young gul is the one for her

    No fucking idea what happened but man she pissed me off! Don’t they know the number one rule in Korean drama is LOYALTY? Like u love them so much u can’t move on? Little shit.

    Don’t get me started on Anna, if that’s acting then everyone can be an actress.

    Anyway, loved your post! Lol

  5. Unfair ending for young gul…..
    I was his superfan but the final episode made me hate the whole drama…
    Ga young is a bitch..not literally but yeah ..a little she played her bitchy like role well…

  6. This drama reminds me of “What Happened In Bali” and even though a lot of people enjoyed that drama (and I did too.. Until the last few episodes), I still think the ending to both these dramas were stupid. I do have to say, I enjoyed “What Happened in Bali” slightly more, as I actually liked and mourned for one of the characters, as in this one.. I just gave up on all of them. I do understand what the writer was going for.. It’s just not my cup of tea I guess.

  7. This movie made me so mad. It had so much potential when it started. I mean what the hell? Whats going on? Is there a hero here? Or an heroine? Or a likable person? Why would such a good actress want to take the part of such an irritating spineless runt?! Oh and whenever I saw jea kyung I ached with the longing to go out and beat someone up. Crap movie. Crap scriptwriting. Complete and utter waste of an initially promising story line and my time.

  8. Also, for an entire year while Young Geol was in jail, she waited for him and for a chance to go back and work at that factory yet she couldn’t do that for the one month he went off? Despite how obvious his reasons were? Then she just happily accepts JaeHyuk even though all this time, she felt uncomfortable around him, in fact she acted like she was uncomfortable around everyone, even Young Geol, except for those several minutes (in the entire show) that showed that she ‘loved’ Young Geol. I can’t. This show is just ridiculous. I’ve never in my whole life hated the writer of a drama so much. The entire drama is just so badly written that I am seriously confident to say that even I could write a better drama even though I’m already a bad writer. -.-

  9. I knew the ending would be crap no matter what happens because the entire drama so far has been crap, but I never knew that the ending could get even shittier than I expected. This is legitly the WORST drama ever. Nothing made any sense in this drama, even the ending itself is all over the place. Such badly written drama, I am surprised I didn’t see an allkpop article of knetizens raging about how bad the drama is. On the site I watched Fashion King from, on the first few eps, there were people commenting stuff like don’t watch, it’s crap, or don’t watch, the ending is shit. At that time I was just dismissive about those comments like pfsth, even if it’s bad, do you have to go to such extent to tell everyone to not watch it? But now I understand. -.-

    And I agree, Yoo Ah In deserve a waaaay better drama, he’s such a good actor! I really want to see him star another romance drama in the near future ><

  10. I’m speechless, I was so into this drama and in the last episode, he died, WTF!!! seriously?! . Yoo Ah In is my favourite actor since I seen the drama ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ and seeing this is like… I don’t know…. this is the worse k-drama (just the last episode) I ever seen in my life. I hate sad endings!! O.O

    but thank you for the recap and good work x3 kkkk

  11. OMGGGGGGG! I just finished that..; i’m so sad. omg omg omg whyyy? who’s the screen wrtitter?! I HATE that 😥 omg omg omg i don’t wanttttt! 😥 I’m crying since 2 hours now… whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy thissss fucking end ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 😥

  12. The ending was indeed horrific. It should have been a happy one. Anyone and everyone should agree that Ga Young should have been there when Young Gul needed someone during those difficult times. Terrible ending and I hope the staff get this message even though I watched this tv series a year later. I’m not satisfied til they redo an alternate ending or something. Finally, I must admit that I love the Young Gul and Ga Young as a couple over any of the other relationships in the show.

  13. If write a drama and more than 90% of your audience dislike your ending, then consider the drama a failure. What makes a good dram is the satisfaction that the audience lives with at the end of the drama. I must confess though Korean dramas hardly gives happy ending, this is the worst I have come across. The writer should apologize to all that spent time to watch what would have been a good story if care attention was paid to building the characters and the story into something we can learn from.. I will not recommend the drama to anyone , it is a waste of time and emotions.

  14. I just stumble upon this and I must admit I didn’t watch the last four episodes but that was out of my own anger that I saved them to watch together and in viki everyone decided to voice their opinion and spoilers in all the channels and my not visiting the channel for two weeks went off the window, I might go back to it there is a lot of the story I missed but I have to say something and I think this wasn’t a romantic drama, this was an attempt to show realism, (my most hated lines about korean or any drama comes from fans and their “it is not realistic”, but when someone tries to show that reality is harsh everyone jumps to an unrealistic expectation). Going back, this was a reality that many poor people have to face, there was no magic, no the rich guy is your solution, no a cinderella story only pain and suffering, The rich guy was a jerk from the beginning and he stayed that way, the poor bend over backwards and guess what at the end he didn’t get the girl, fame or money, he hustled all drama to end up right at the beginning, he didn’t get magically famous he even got shot in the head. He scammed a lot of people and did a lot of shaddy things, yes, he did but guess what he was David fighting Goliath and sometimes midgets have to play dirty to defeat a giant, sad thing it doesn’t work all the time. The divide was marked, no people with no funds even if they have talent can make it on their own if the powerful don’t want them to. Unless they do what GY did, join them, we see it all the time, singers that join this big companies and have to work like slaves to be famous, for what? have you seen the apartments this groups live in, cramp spaces with two or three beds per room they can only go on their own after years and years of hard work, (Cn blue’s leader said he sleeps 2 hours per night). Everyone sell themselves for something and I believe it is what the writer wanted to show. We don’t like it, I agree, we want fantasy, the chaebol to pick up the girl and make her happy but that doesn’t happen often or at all, (I am still waiting for mine). Anna is the symbol of what YG couldn’t do, she played ball with the devil without compromise and she is afloat till the evil one wants her. and JH just a coward that has a place in the world because his dad gave it to him, he pays the price though, he beats him literally and figuratively, he was just a coward that hide behind a name.
    Fashion King isn’t perfect or pretty but if it was a movie we would accepted, it is that it was a 20 episode drama and we all expected all this pretty people to ride out into the sunset full of love and peace, rich and famous, but well, it is not like that… It reminded me of that movie 8th mile or live and let die with Eminem and 50 Cent respectively, or a bittersweet life, watch them you’ll get it.

    • I’ve seen the movies and that wasn’t really my point in re-capping. Had this been sad and showed hardship in a realistic fashion (implying that I think it was hokey), I wouldn’t have had such a problem with it. But after the mindf*** it gave me, all I wanted was a happy ending. Have you seen SanG-Doo Let’s Go to School? Some unbelievable stuff in it, but it really depicted social, romantic, cancer…all that in a REALISTIC way. All the situations IN FK and even the outcomes were forced. I never felt sympathetic for a character, not truly, or their hardships. Or the waffling back and forth between difficult emotions. Or ending with difficult emotions. That’s cool. I just don’t want it made up JUST to mess with me. I like to see parallels between life well depicted.

      I want some cohesiveness in writing, character development, all that. I felt like the writer made trouble to make trouble and cause conflict rather than to show the human condition.

      So showing realism in shows is GREAT, whether sad or happy, romantic or not. But it needs to happen. For me, this show didn’t do it. The films you mentioned did. Have you seen “Where do we go now?” directed by Nadaine Labaki? Pretty powerful real, no nonsense stuff.

      Also, when I recapped, I was going week to week and I really couldn’t follow what the hell the production team wanted to get out of me. I guess that may have been my biggest issue. And, I’ll admit, I’m a romantic at heart. I want my romance quashed properly, not like…whatever that ending was.

      Hehe, that was a rant. You made me think!

      • Well, I didn’t include in my opinion the fact that the script needed to be better but like I said it seems to me in two hours it would have been different, what I get from this writer counting What Happened in Bali and a thousand years of love and love and revenge, he hates people that take shortcuts to get ahead, if you analyze it from that point it is exactly what happened he either had a bad experience and let’s it show or it is a moral issue to him and he wants to denounce it. Hence the two opposite characters Anna and YG she didn’t took the easy road and she continued going up while the other one paid at the end. I mean, I dont want to convince you or anyone else to like it but I think that a lot of people didn’t get it, maybe because it was shown as a love triangle when it wasn’t or I don’t know maybe is like you said because the plot was so draggy and many things didn’t made sense but for that I blame the director and not the writer…

        • It’s the combination of the two. Live shoot makes the writer integral into the whole process. But again, its difficult to convey that kinda message with the mess that it was in. How would you have written it for two hours?

          • It is hard for me to say since I am not the writer of this drama so I don’t know his original vision, but I think that the main message is that rags to riches not always works sometimes rags stay rags no matter what they do and also the message is that love is not everything these two love each other but they hurt each other too, with the scene were he gets shot whether she knew or not, her lack of tears is just another sign that she gave up, she knew she could never win, I think the writer and the production had all the elements is just that the execution was wrong, NY as the cold city you said it, a nice scene but cold, I am from NY and I get the meaning NY is a city were you can’t even get to know your next door neighbor, I have been living at the same address for over ten years and I can tell you I have no idea who the guy that lives next to me is, I know he is from either India or Guyana but I see him get on his car when he goes to work because I leave at the same time but I have no idea who he is or what is his name or what he does. So I get the reference… But this drama had it, They made a mistake in a lot of things that they did, it dragged for a lot of episodes, how to finish it in two hours, your question confuses me because I merely said the two hours meaning this type of drama was better fit as a movie and not a 20 episode drama same with the movies I used as reference, it is not that I was trying to compare them to this drama but just an example of how when well, written, acted and produced this story works. FK is not perfect and it is not pretty and it had a horrible ending but I still think the message was delivered, work hard and don’t compromise and you would survive or stay a float, take shorcuts, dance with the devil and you’ll receive your payment. Powerful corporations alway win you can’t beat them no matter what and some people have just messed up fates and no matter what they do they will always end up lonely and cold….

  15. i just read your recap. OMG this is the worst drama ever!!! The drama started with a pretty convincing beginning, i thought it would be a great drama. But then i realized that the plot was too slow, not enough tense, same conflict goes round and round again, and I felt bored. I missed the 4 last eps since i got to go out of town. But i’m happy cos i dont have to see lousy ending hohohohoho

  16. Thanks for clearing up the horrible ending worst drama ending EVER the first few episodes were not too bad and then poof it turned out like that… all the loose ends u mentioned i also wanna know soooooo many things were left out

  17. Well, I agreed it as not a Drama that could be The winner of the year because it was totally lacking timing. Nothing happens for 15 episodes, only a repetitive loop where YG makes more and more enemies, and bang, so much actions in the last minutes that it is frustrating to jump for one scene to another. Last of all, the question is not to know who kills YG, but the reverse, who doesn’t, including himself. And why did he phone in this exact moment?

    All of them are extremely psychologically damaged people, almost bipolar, alcoholic, weak and manipulative, hardly lovable. GA is really mad and sick, in need of a protector. Anna and YG are mainly running for money. JH is looking for the love his parents don’t give him and also to acquire and to protect a reliable and perseverant design talent he lacks himself. GA is seeking fashion design and love. Then, the viable couples are Anna + YG, and JH + GA.

    One scene affected me extremely badly for its twisted crunch, ( if we except Psycho Dad beating his son, of course), and it is when GA will follow JH and then, for revenge YG draws into the street everything she possess. One thing is thinking to be in love, another quite different to really loves someone. For me, I would never had recover from that. By here, as for her bad past GA is already very psychologically sick, the story goes without notice.

    Of course, this drama doesn’t give good guidance to young peoples in need of salvation.

    This is my point of view, from Montreal, Canada. I like pretty much K-Dramas, even Fashion King, where here the King is the Fashion itself I believe.

  18. I’m gonna have to vote for the alternate ending with ninja’s in it. I just finished this series last night and hated the ending so much I’ve been grumpy all day. Until I read your recap, your alternate endings totally cracked me up! So thanks for putting me in a good mood 🙂

    • My sentiments exactly! I was grumpy too after watching that heinous ending…but my grumpiness lasted a week – not one day! 😉 As you can see, I’m *still* so irritated by how it ended after investing 20 hours of my life viewing it, I’m still keeping up with the latest comments here!

  19. I’m gonna go and put my 2 cents in. (I still have Fashion King feels after all this time.) It’s the first drama that I’ve ever felt pained to finish it. I’d wake up early and watch it 80 sometimes 60% subbed on Viki just because I had to know.

    I was almost satisfied with the ending. Like most people (seemingly) I liked JaeHyuk’s POV the best. I understood all of the charaters motivations, but as a fellow romantic who would willingly rent out a theatre just to watch Titanic any cry alone I get him the best. If the drama ending with YG sitting on the stoop and beginning to feel the love he lost due to his miscommunication and greed it would’ve been great. I think GY+JH could be happy together only because I don’t think she ever loved Young Gul. Ahhhhhh whatever IMO they could be happy.

    I firmly believe that Daddie Dearest ordered the hit, if everyone knew about it IDK. I think he may have told JH he’ll take care of him, and JH knows he might kill him. Hell if he’ll fudge up his own son that bad what do you think he’ll do to somebody who steals his money. You know what thinking back on it now I get why DD ordered it. YG is like Jandi a weed that can prosper no matter what. If he wasn’t killed he would’ve found a way to come back at then (Equator Man style 30 years later).

    Message of Fashion King
    1. Love of money is the root of all Evil – story of YG
    2. Revenge is senseless – YG
    3. 19 is too young to know how to use your mouth. (damn you GY)
    4. Real romantic men cry and watch Titanic, ladies love that sort of thing (JH)
    5. Idol actors always have an happy ending (Anna)

  20. 2) She was only 5 when the ring was brought up and probably didn’t want to remember that much about her paren’ts death.

    3) Kang pays off the loan sharks, convincing II Gook to quit and become his driver in the process.

    4) They heard nothing from Kang Young Gul for a month and just went home.
    All of them except Bong were married. Bong is with Ga Young.

    5) Jo took her boutique back via the Madame after stomping Kang out of the business.

    6) Michael was contacted and was original part of GG’s international success.
    Because of the trip to new york where he didn’t show up to any meetings, they do not want to work with Kang in New York anymore.

    7) Her parents were murdered by Jo; Ga Young does not wish to know since she has shut Jo out of her mind and moved on with her life.

    8) Who knows, but seeing her in the finale would’ve pissed me off. Jung Ah was a no-talent, high maintenance wannabe.

  21. Some comments lifted from another site/poster but sums up nicely what i was thinking

    >>Messages from Korean Drama Fashion King:
    (1) Don’t mess up with a big corporate. You will be gun-down.
    (2) Don’t dare to compete with big corporates. No one can win them.
    (3) No such thing like a little guy’s self-made success.
    (4) It is ok to mistreat those with no family backgrounds, because they are all junky.
    (5) Ladies, never choose love over money.
    (6) No women can fulfill their potentials, no matter how much they is talented. Women are male-dependent.

    What this person said. that is the thing I am annoyed with.

    about the only redeeming quality JH had was that he was stalker persistent in landing LGY finally by the end. just creepy. Yes he was nice to her overall but he was borderline abusive too. She wasn;t in love with him and JH stealing the letter and the plane ticket was just wrong. Can;t start out a relationship with a lie. he;s a guy who was in love with being in love-he went from the first girl to Anna to LGY like nothing.

    How it should have ended-It was all a plan by KYG to not get ruined for the umpteenth time. instead of just beating his son up, should have been revealed that JH and Madame Jo caused the corporation to lose their money by putting KYG out of business in such an ill advised way-they were business partners afterall and they tried to steal the GG brand-so now they got it for 150 million. then the dad should have had both of THEM killed them. their evilness should not be rewarded. Anna deserved to be twisting in the wind as a well for jumping ship like a rat.

    LGY should have had her fashion show and revive her parent’s boutique by rehiring all the workers. months or years later, could have been revealed that KYG plotted it all.

    • Thank God for this ep. 20 recap. I’m just discovering it a week after FK ended, as I am *still* floored by the last scene & could not make sense of it all! How did it spiral down so fast and come to that shock-a-roo ending?!! I know the creepy father said the only way to have Ga-Young would be to “eliminate” Young-Gul, but who actually shot him? The way it came across was like Ga-Young wanted him dead, or knew it was coming. Or was it supposed to be they finally reconnect, confess their feelings on the phone and oops! tragedy of tragedies, he’s shot dead (!?!?) Whatev. I was really MAD about the ending and I, too, felt cheated.

      OK. Here’s a little irony to the whole thing. Last year, Yoo Ah In shot a ‘reality’ show in 90 days called: Yoo Ah In – Launch My Life and in it he is involved in getting some fashion projects off the ground!
      I had to hunt and peck to find all the parts that were subbed in English so anyone who’s interested may have to Google each episode/part. Here’s the link to the first episode:

      What’s really interesting is Yoo Ah In’s “real” personality! What a contrast!

      Thanks, Raine, for your supreme efforts! I really enjoyed reading your entire ep. 20 recap to the bitter end. :o) I loved Padam Padam, so am glad you will be recapping that as well!

    • It’s April 2020 …with the lockdown stay home situation due to this covid 19 crisis i find myself reacting to the latest K drama i just finished…
      Having watched Korean dramas for over 5 years now, this is by far the most depressing n disappointing ending of a story… but realistic, sad to say…
      1) KGY grew up abandoned and impoverished; toughened by a harsh life, his artistic creativity n natural skill to do business (albeit with cunning and illegal ways) made him hit big time in the clothing industry…if only he was contented and just remained humble n grateful for his success, the story would have ended differently. But pride and vengeance (which fueled greed) prevailed. He simply wanted to be richer than JJH… so sad he went full circle poor-rich-poor. I get his psychology… he did love LGY but never got to express it (only in a materialistic/money way) in the end he got to say ‘I love you’ only in a letter which LGY never received… he died still a lost boy, broke and broken.
      2) JJH was the typical chaebol playboy, spoiled mama’s boy … his only redeeming characteristic was his sincere love for LGY.
      3) LGY was the most disappointing and frustrating character in the story. Her person never evolved. i wished that as life got better she could have matured n gained more self confidence to communicate her feelings better.To stand up against her abusive aunt, to express her love for KGY and more importantly to guide him n help him make wise decisions… all she did in the story was take it all in and cry, cry, cry… hay naku! what a weak character. Her scholarship at NFS what a wasted opportunity. That could have boosted her insecurity complex.
      I felt the last episode was hurriedly done. it felt like they just wanted to end it. ..too many things happening with no resolution or closure, the scenes lacking cohesion and connectivity.
      1) Did LGY ever remember about the necklace now that a lollipop was added to it?
      2) What did LGY do with her mom’s boutique now that she finally got it back thanks to KGY? (in this boutique scene where KGY reveals to LGY what he did, I found it confusing, lacking in emotion)
      3) in the last scene where LGY and KGY had their last conversation, LGY must have heard the gun shot… why no reaction of shock fright confusion?
      4) I wish the writer(s) let LGY find out about KGY’s letter n plane ticket which JJH hid from her.

      Although the characters depicted flawed people who indeed exist in real life, I do believe that the purpose of creating a movie/film/ story/ drama is to uplift the viewer while at the same time teach a life lesson … so I just wish there were more good things that happened to compensate for the tragic ending of the story… or better yet, not ending it with the death of our Fashion King ( coz I really love Yoo Ah In) …
      The scene where KGY saw from afar LGY get into a car with JJH makes the viewer assume that they will end up together… which makes LGY a sucker n opportunist just taking advantage of JJH… tsk tsk tsk!
      How I want the story to end: for the characters to evolve and become better people
      1) to see JJH finally earning the respect of his father, not necessarily ending up with LGY
      2) LGY finishes her studies and truly blossoms into a successful clothing designer and confident woman, a free and strong woman… not confused who she loves KGY or JJH.. and no more crying crying and saying nothing scenes… grrrrr! (in When a Man Loves a Woman and Six Flying Dragons also same scenes… so it must really be the actor’s style)
      3) KGY goes to prison for the second time but after he comes out he gets a second chance to become successful again the right way not out of revenge anymore…which is not impossible really because of his innate talent for designing, doing business n dealing with people, with his charm n all…
      no more love triangle, just three people getting on with their lives, trying to survive… living honest authentic lives at last…

  22. yeah…. WHATEVER…
    i don’t want to think about this mess-till-end drama anymore…

    but i definitely will wait for Yo Ah In next drama… i hope he will be pairing with Yoon Eun Hyee… that’s will be perfecto….. 🙂

  23. Well Raine Unnie you are amazing, you finished that horrible mess that was FK… I’m so glad I dropped it and just found out about the craziness via your recaps… 🙂

    FIghting Unnie and hope you’re back in splendid form soon.

  24. You could go either ways with an ending like this. In the Departed, it was tragic, but brilliant. And then there’s this….

    • The Great Gatsby was also similar with a main character being killed off in a pool over a girl.
      Then there’s The Old Curiosity Shop (based off the Dickens novel). I warn people who like happy endings not to watch it, especially if they don’t like seeing kids die for stupid reasons!

  25. This was probably the weirdest ending ever. While I’m a fan of a happy ending, I’ll take a sad one if it makes sense. Maybe something was lost in the translation but it seemed really odd to me that Young Gul was shot like that. It seemed so random and without cause — especially because he seemed so down at the time. It’s almost like you’re putting him out of his misery anyway.

    It makes more sense to have him being happy or having something going right and then get shot, or at least someone mention why he’s being executed, or at least who was behind his death. It sounds like it could be Jae Hyuk’s father, but it could be the old man the gangster who was after him, or maybe even the Italians whose company he bought and then used to buy up YGM. I’m a little iffy on how he tricked Jae Hyuk the last time – again it’s probably something in the translation.

    Anyway, I went to SM Town and missed Yuri, so I suppose it would have been better if she had showed up to Anaheim. I still enjoyed the other 7 members of SNSD but of course it would have been more fun with Yuri in the mix. At least she did her best in the show, even though the writers did some odd things with it. I’m sure her next drama will be much better — you can only go up from here!

  26. The hitman didn’t shoot him in the head at close range, so most probably he survive, stomach or intestine not so crucial right – doctors ?. and I am thinking could be, there will be fahion king season 2 ?……

  27. I’d just like to say a huge thank you to you. I gave up on episode 6 of Fashion King (for obvious reasons), but I hate giving up dramas, so when I came across your recaps a couple of weeks ago I was really happy. I’m so grateful you continued recapping this truly crappy drama. I’ve been silently reading this whole time, but since it’s the the last recap I just wanted to express my gratitude.
    Your recaps are wonderful. If I had been watching the drama I would’ve wanted to rip out my own hair, but you made the experience much more funny with your witty comments. I’m not gonna bother commenting on the drama because it’s all been said, mostly by you. Actually, just one thing. I was kinda rooting for YG. His character was effed up, but I still wanted some redemption for him because Yooh Ah In still (I have no idea how) managed to make the character somewhat likeable. And the doormat needs to die. She’s a pathetic excuse for a woman. Scrap that, human being. Oh god, I’ve started ranting about the drama again. Sorry.
    Anyway, I’d just like to say thank you again. I hope you have fun on your travels. (Oooh, I live in England, where are you going?)

    • London, Oxford, Bedfordshire (to see a friend’s hometown) and glamping somewhere…not sure where tho! I’m realllllly excited. I love England.

      • Spooky, am in both cities daily, come and say Hi (very warm at the minute) – loved your recaps.

  28. Terrible ending-in my opinion, it lost steam around episode 16. too bad, i was enjoying it up til then. set up perfectly as a david vs goliath struggle with me rooting for the young guns to take down the corporation.

    even the final episode, was good up til about 20 minutes left. We knew the rich corporation was going to try to ruin KYG for about the 3rd or 4th time. He was going to be abandoned or betrayed by the likes of Anna. But he had an escape plan setup by giving up GG/YGM brands for the 150 million he pocketed in the merger and the ending could have been him emerging triumphant in the end plus LGY having her fashion show and reviving her parent;s boutique.

    What we got instead was just alot of unfinished loose ends. LGY started the show as the competent designer everyone wanted but ends up JH’s doormat. the way it ends, the bad guys win.

  29. Thanks for sticking with this all hell long, and WOW! You gave this shi-crap a lot of thought. You made this show 100X more interesting because of your humor and insights, Raine. Merci!

    I cannot top anything anyone else has said, but I will give my pseudo-scientific explanation as to why the end was jarring for me.

    It was as if the series, or at least the first 19.95 episodes were strung together of helium and lithium and carbon. Cute and funny with some slightly heavier mercury in there for a moment or two.
    But the end was full out osmium (which is extremely dense, about twice as heavy as lead)

    If the Series1-19.95 were on one side of a see saw and the End.05 were on the other, End.05 plopping himself down would catapult Series1-19.95 into the ossasphere. OK, I made up ossasphere, but it means FAR away and HIGH!

    Bye bye Series1-19.95! We will have totally forgotten you by the time you land, if ever you land!!

    • Comments like these are why I stuck it out! Every time I see the drama cycle through on Dramafever, I just get pissed off!

  30. I have mixed feelings about this one. 1. AMAZING Ending 2. HORRIBLE Love Story
    The Kang Young Gul guy developed way nice, you saw him become more and more greedy, till he had a choice, be greedy, take revenge and either fail or not be greedy and stay successful. He chose the first and met a fateful end…What do you expect after scamming a multi-billion dollar fashion company whose president is ruthless enough to beat his son bloody? Also, Young Girl fed his lover stories about how he was going to make her successful with the fashion show, but it all ended up being a scam so he could get the hell outa the country with the money…and the main character..Ga young, whose proof we saw of how much she loved the scam artist, ended up on the curb, because he ditched/dumped her. He pretty much let his rival walk in and steal his woman….what does he expect after refusing to make an international call?!?..and then he cries about it?!
    One thing though…I think Ga Young goes insane. I believe she had an inkling about the plan Hyuk’s dad had and she pauses when she hears the gun shot over the phone then finishes her sentence, all the while smiling. Either she’s happy that the dumper died or for some unknown reason going on in her now crazy head.

  31. Thank you for the recap. it was very interesting to read your comments.

    somewhere in the middle of episode 20 I thought ‘Oh I know, Young Gul’ will have to die to end this series. Indeed he did at the end. But that was a shock for me because the way he died seems sooo ridiculous that I was like ‘what the f***’ (usually I don’t swear, I promise).

    Lee Ga Young’s character is like that in the series since she has a bad memories growing up. thought she was straight up kind of girl and knows what she wanted and quite a character. well, at least I had that kind of impression of her… but as the series goes on she became someone sooo fickle and boring and wanted to bash her up for not being able to make up her mind. Why the hell she agrees to be with JH eventhough she has YG so much within her heart?? AAAAAARGH! The writer really distorted her character here. making her the most hated character.
    I love JH who, besides all the ups and downs truly is in love with LGY. but his last appearance in the series (in the New York hotel room) was not very impressive one.
    The starting of this drama was so interesting and exciting. I wonder what happened along the way of the script that it has to end so badly and kind of abruptly.

  32. Thank you for this recap. I have been looking forward to your interpretation of the final episode of Fashion King, which I predicted might be shocking and somewhat controversial.

    As a voice of dissent, I feel compelled to speak on defense of the writers’ previous work, What Happened in Bali(more like WTF??!HB). I think comparisons between WHIB and FK are egregiously unfair to the previous work. I was first turned on to WHIB after reading ockoala’s amazing review(which I recommend everyone to check out as it is truly remarkable) of the series on thundie’s blog and I don’t regret having watched it.

    At least in WHIB, the plot developments felt organic. It may have been that the characters were more fully fleshed out, the performances more emotive or the writing (much) more cohesive but the ending at least made sense in the context of the overarching story. When WHIB ended, I felt that the situation and emotions had reached such a crescendo, there wasn’t really any other way it could have ended.

    However, from what I can tell from FK(haven’t watched it but kept up on your and Deeno’s) recaps, the ending felt like a cop out. It felt as if the writers were trying to recapture what had made the earlier drama such a success, much in the way M. Night Shyamalan always tries to recreate the brilliant twist ending of The Sixth Sense. There are many other ways I think FK could have ended(take a look at your and Deeno’s alternate endings for example:)) while conveying its message. Characterization and plot consistency were all over the place. At least in WHIB, you understood why people were acting the way they were and why they felt compelled to go so far. FK seemed to have none of that follow through.

    WHIB is not among my favorite dramas however as I’m a happy ending girl myself. I do think it’s worth the watch unlike FK. My two current viewing dramas are Queen In Hyun’s Man and Love Rain. Fingers crossed hoping they end well!

    Best of luck on your travels and will be anticipating your future updates!

    • It’s not organic like Bali, you’re right. I ready Koala’s review too and did not want to subject myself to the ending, which is why I refuse to watch the show, not because it’s the same writer. I thought that this would be dark but well written but I was wrong. Like you said, at least the ending of WHIB felt organic. If YG had suicided, that would’ve felt more natural. Maybe Bali was the writer’s one hit wonder…haha.

      Thanks for your comment. I hope others read it too!

  33. Thank you Raine finally we can let go fashion king without looking back !!

    Something to mention – the scenes in new york was filmed way long time ago that’s is why we don’t feel the emotional finale of it ! the script for the finale was acted in NY , Yang gul with the flowers to greet ga young, look at their hairstyles all different from episode 19 even early part of epi. 20. Yang gul going to greet ga young during her graduation at the fashion school, I thinks there is a time lapse – few years later right? and her feelings changed after the lapse of time right ? Her outfit at the hotel with jaehyuk and her outfit at the fashion school very drastic different. The ending script had already been decided while filmimg new york yang gul hairstyle). But the in between scripts while in SK I don’t know how the scriptwriters was thinking with their creativity.

    ga young knows where the apartment is and much earlier feedback from sec kim she is not normal.
    jae hyuk knew yang gul is in new york(the letter), did he get the new york branch office for the info – for the address?
    jae hyuk’s mother too knew her son ever used the new york branch office to get info about ga young/yang gul.
    mdm jo knew yang gul had an apartment in NY.
    papa jung also knew yang gul is in new york maybe from his wife.
    and I am sure michael and marquez also knew that yang gul is in new york.

    Finally, did he orchestra his own death by wearing the white fur coat – choosing from all the pile-up clothes on the sofa ?.

    • i’m not watch ep 19 and 20 yet. i don’t want to for now.
      i confused with the NY detail. GY and JH was in korea when YG letter arrived, right? and GY has been lying catatonic. Then they went to NY together to meet YG… so, when she getting into school again? how can be she get graduation at the fashion school? i don’t understand…
      Could you please explain?

  34. First of all, i’m sorry for my bad english since english is not my first language.. and thank you very much for the recap..

    when this drama is air i want to watch it so badly. I’ve plenty of reason for it, I’m so in love with Ah In in sungkyunkwan scandal, i love deep rooted tree where se kyung play the role, and of course yuri from snsd.. but i’ve been busy this several months so i decided to just read the recap and watch it later.. even though you always said from your recap that this drama is twisted and bad written but i still hoping for the best of it..

    after i read your final recap, i decided to watch the episode online. maybe just maybe i have a different view because i’m not really a ‘happy ending girl’.. happy ending would be great but i can accept sad ending.. most of the people doesn’t like ’49 days’ ending but me, i actually like it.. ‘deep rooted tree’ isn’t have a happy ending either but i love it.. so that ‘Princess Ja Myung Go’, a heavy and tragic drama, but still i like it and never regret watching it.. but after i watch FK finale, i have to agree with you.. the ending is sooo stupid.. very… very.. very stupid.. just like you, i hate LEE GA YOUNG.. the true stupid and annoying of them all is the one and only Lee Ga Young..

    i’m so frustrated and can’t stop thinking about it.. until i found out that Philip Philips is the american idol winner.. Hooray.. i need something to distract me from thinking about this stupid drama.. i never watch ‘what happen in bali’ so i don’t know.. but so far, this is my worse drama..

  35. hi raine,

    after dramabeans stopped recapping this drama, i was like ahh crapp now i really have to watch everything. lol i usually read a recap & watch the ep at the same time(subbed or not) or just read the recaps only if im lazy, soo when i found your recaps i was likee yayyy, oh im also reading your Rooftop recaps w/ Deeno btw 🙂 thanks for keeping up w/ it cuz i havent bothered watching a few ep after your recaps lol anywaysss…

    wtf kind of ending was this?! haha seriously i just finished reading the line & i had to read it over again cuz i was like this is not the end, then i scroll down & it is! :O gtfooo, i even went & watched the ending of the ep cuz i could not comprehend haha anyways thanks for recapping this drama, even though it must of been horrible haha :DD

  36. Hi, Raine,

    Thank you for the recaps, Raine.

    FK was the first K-Drama I’ve ever watched. I stumbled upon it purely by accident shortly after the first two episodes aired and I felt compelled to continue watching to the very bitter end–mostly due to Lee Je Hoon. There is something very gentle and sweet about him that surfaced even in his anger. Although, there was talent among the leading cast members, Le Je Hoon outshone the rest. (Perhaps, I’m biased.) He was extremely convincing as a chaebol and a man desperately in love with DoorMat.

    I will have to agree with most everyone who commented and say that the ending was anti-climatic, to say the least. As a writer, I can tell you that it would not have been difficult to come up with a much more creative ending that would have been far more fitting even with such a challenging script.

    I don’t like sad endings, but if a character had to meet his or her maker, it should have been GY. (You just smiled, didn’t you, Raine?) With two men warring over her, the story would have been far more poignant if she would have committed suicide in her perpetual confused state. This would have left both men without the prize which would have been a great lesson for them both. Anyway, that’s my two cents on the ending.

    Going back to Le Je Hoon, he is also a singer and conveys the heartfelt feelings of the character in his rendition of the FK song, “Love Like This.” Although, I do not speak Korean, I feel the longing and pain in his version of the song. (No, this is not the Karaoke scene with GY!) Here’s the link:

    I will miss watching the antics played out in the drama each week; although, I will not miss GY’s deer-in-the-headlights look and her most frequent line, “Deh?” The ajummas were also fun to watch.

    Have a great summer, Raine! Keep me posted on all things Le Je Hoon!

  37. What is this….I stopped watching a long time ago but the way you write your recaps was interesting enough for me to keep reading. I wonder how actors feel when they realize they signed up for a drama with a crazy script and wacko writers…Really? I knew this drama was crazy but not THIS crazy. Thanks for recapping until the end though! If you didn’t I might have killed all my brain cells watching it just to see what happened.

  38. lol you’re so funny XD i like your ideas for alternative endings.. i really like your recap… very clever ;D

  39. “An-na is the least offensive character right now. How did that happen?” Hehe, really lightened my mood after that ending. Thanks for recapping this.

  40. What…the f***? I was into this drama, really liking it. I personally didn’t agree with many of the things you said in previous recaps and saw things differently. So, here I am, pretty much liking the drama, and I start episode 20. And I think to myself “Let me read Raine’s recap on this one because I can’t wait one hour to see the end”…..AND I AM SPEECHLESS? WHAT THE F***KING HELL IS THIS?! Seriously, he dies!!!? WTF? Omg. Seriously? I’m not evening watching this episode, this is so messed up. I expected that whatever the dragon lady was going to do, it would cause his downfall but then he would realize how horrible he became because of money, greed and anger. I was thinking it would be a happy ending. What the hell? Why are kdramas like this? Almost all of the kdramas that I’ve watched end badly (whether the ending is happy or sad). Everything is going fine, until the end. Like not much thought went into it. For example, personal preferences, the last episode went too fast I couldn’t feel it. City Hunter, my favourite kdrama….what kinda ending was that? Boy….why is it ALWAYS like that? I feel sick from reading this. What did I invest my emotions in?

    • I’ve been feeling like that all day. Definitely don’t watch it because as crazy as it is, I got really into the episode and was completely JARRED. If you were enjoying it, definitely AVOID.

      I feel cheated…

      In ANY case. Thank you for reading even if you didn’t agree. I liked seeing your name pop up.

  41. la fin est choquant, mais en réfléssissant l’auteur a fait tuer YG pour que GY soit avec JH car si JH n’a pas intercepter le courrier. GY aurait partir pour NY pour le voir et elle ne sera pas heureux avec lui (YG). JH et GY sont plus calme et du respect l’un envers l’autre quand ils sont ensemble meme si elle ne l’aime pas comme elle aime YG. A chaque fois YG lui demande quelque choses elle le fait pour lui, exemple démissioner de j fashion ou accepter la boutique à contre coeur. moi je pense qu’elle sera plus heureux avec JH. Il est romantique : ballade à la place, regarder les filmes d’amour alors que YG regarde le foot et la vengeance. Quand il a vu GY menacé par sa mère il n’existe pas à intervenir alors que YG n’a rien fait quand il a vu YG se faire taper par un groupe de personne, il ne pense qu’à lui il est égocentrique.
    GY ne veut pas voir YG car elle n’a pas recu de coup de téléphone ni de nouvelle de YG pendant plus un mois, elle pense qu’ il ne veut pas d’elle et elle a refusé y aller . et quand il a reçu son appel, elle est heureuse, je ne pense pas qu’elle a entendu qu’on a tiré sur YG.
    Comment de fois JH se faire tapasser pour GY. c’est de l’amour.
    YG l’aime aussi mais il est trop orgeuilleur et épris d’argent. il les places au premier rang alors que JH pense à son GY.

    • MDR “il regarde le foot…” pffft. c’est la verite. la verite triste…

      je pense que GY va etre plus heureuse avec JH parce qu’il est toutes le choses que tu as dit mais a le meme temps, elle ne l’aime pas.

      Tu penses que YG places l’argent au premier rang parce qu’il l’aime meilleur ou parce qu’il ne sait pas comment aimer GY? La mere, le pere, la tante, GY, An-na, tous sont parti a un temps ou autre. Il ne peut pas faire confiance à personne toute sa vie a son mort. Il ne sait pas comment aimer, je pense.

      Merci beaucoup pour ton visite!!!!! 😀

      (J’ai pas parle francais depuis…7 ans…mian mian! lol. Et je suis parasseuse…je ne veux pas trouver les accents…)

  42. It REALLY brother me that when YG sent out the letter and plane ticket, the mail doesn’t require signature….seriously who send out a $1000USD ticket without requiring signature?! And in this date and age smartphone why can’t he email, text if he doesn’t speak to her in detail? Obviously all the characters use a lot of SMS thru out the show and GY still has the phone.
    I have no problem with a sad ending.. but I just can’t stand the lousy writing.
    I want to like this show and the characters especially part of the story happen in NYC where I live ..but the writing is just terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I hate sad endings, but they at least have to have some flow and not leave me in utter confusion…

      I agree about the ticket. But the whole drama was frought with frustrating silences and lack of communication…or in the case of the ticket, incorrect communication.

      And, didn’t he think JH might intercept?

  43. Ah, Raine…. you can stop eyeing the KoolAid now – the dreck that is Fashion King has breathed it’s last breath.
    Have to give FK some credit, it’s not every K-drama that can make me laugh in the last minutes of the finale. The sight of that awful white rabbit coat floating around Ah-In in that pretty rooftop pool and the realization that the hitman aimed for YG’s head, fired and yet the blood was escaping from his stomach was just priceless. To say nothing of the fact that when Ah-In first got into the pool and was sitting there thinking about calling DoorMat, I was totally distracted by the continuous gas bubbles that keep popping up from his waistband.
    Dude needed a healthy dose of Beanno before that shoot.
    I think it was pretty obvious that PsychoDaddy orchestrated the hit on YG but I don’t think that DoorMat knew anything about it. My take on the ending scene while she was talking to YG was the writer trying to approximate a ‘classy’ ending (movies from the 40’s – particularly the ‘Noir” movies used those ambiguous endings) – it’s like we know that she realizes what’s happened but

    • (Sorry – somehow my comment posted before I finished my rambling thought…) — anywhoo, as I was saying, but DoorMat pretends that all is well in her own private LaLa land where people don’t get offed by BadDaddy chaebol thugs. Her “I miss you” was her final statement to a dead YG.
      There’s one thing I really have to comment on, though. I can’t think of another single K-drama where the leading lady (DoorMat) had, for 20 episodes, the smallest amount of dialogue I’ve ever seen. All she did was get teary-eyed, stared and refused to answer whatever the other characters were asking her. Absolutely non-reactive verbally. I found it infuriating to watch.
      Oh well. RIP, FK. You were a disaster – and Raine, have fun! Your plans sound great! Try to check in with us on the Friday OT at DB!

      • I so agree about Ga Young having no dialogues at all. Pretty annoying for someone supposed to work as a seller or a manager… Plus non communication in real life? At least Jae-hyuk won’t be bothered at home by a nagging wife…. We can’t blame the actress: It’s really because the script was empty in every aspect.

          • I did mean her character. Actors can only parrot the writer’s lines (of which she had few). BTW – was she in the Flower Boy Band drama awhile back? As the idol singer? Couldn’t find the specs for it, but it really looked like her (but she looked like she was 20 lbs heavier than in FK).

            • Really? She’s always been a slip of a thing in anything I’ve seen her in. But that would be interesting to see. *goes off to search*

      • I will definitely try to check in on Friday if I can. Or I’ll have zgznoona do it for me. 😀

        Now that I’m not hopping mad, I can see where the director might do that with doormat, but she had not one smidgeon of reaction. A gunshot would cause a startle reflex…

        If he had suicided, I would’ve been okay. I do also agree about her last words. Even if she’s happy in her new life, she still misses him.

        I had this evil thought on my way home from work. What if, over time, she marries JH and falls in love with him, and he falls in love with someone else….kekeke

        • I like Shin se-Kyung, but her acting is not satisfied me. if she is really good actor, she will make a stronger expression and will not make us get wrong conclusion. the fact is she her self was surprised because viewers and netizens showed a great deal of doubt to the scene, and even speculated that it’s Ga Young who employed killer to kill Young Gul.

          for me, i don’t like to make conclusion from the actor’s expression only, because some times they just make wrong mask. actually acting is not an easy job. interpreting the scipt and choosing the correct expression requires talent, experience, sensitivity and smart brain. not all actor have it.

        • I had this evil thought on my way home from work. What if, over time, she marries JH and falls in love with him, and he falls in love with someone else….kekeke”

          Heh – now I’m just laughing – I’m imagining EvilDaddy booting his obnoxious, over-bearing scrawny wife to the curb and then getting remarried to (wait for it!) – AN-NA!! Which would make her (cause we all know that JH would finagle DoorMat into marriage eventually) DoorMat’s mother-in-law! Just picture the ensuing hijinks! And Anna having to sleep with EvilDaddy would be an added bonus – especially when she smothers him in his sleep and takes over the whole company. Urk.

  44. I’m dropping by to see how it ended because I left this show lots of episodes ago lol… and whoa I thought this drama couldn’t get any worse. I was so wrong.

    Really, what the hell was that ending?! It’s so dumb and plain horrible. So Younggul shot by random mysterious man and Gayoung didn’t even flinch… There’s no way she can’t hear the gunshot, is there? Ugh the last time I watched this drama Gayoung was the only bearable character and now she’s, hands down, the worst! What the hell was that, Gayoung?!

    FYI, apparently the writers had not finished the two last episodes’ scripts the day before the first half was aired. Yep. I know this because Yuri was supposed to join SNSD performing in Los Angeles and San Francisco on Sunday and Monday (Korean time) but she has to standby in Korea because the writers hadn’t done with the scripts for the last two episodes yet. No wonder we get this horrible finale… =_=

    Yoo Ah-in’s talent is so wasted in this drama. Oh well, at least it’s over now and Yuri is back to complete the ot9.

  45. First of all TQ for yr recaps…
    I suspect YG was murdered by Mdm Jo – she had the history wth GY’s parents (accident) n the most bitter of them all being played out by YG. And she seems to be investigating non-stop on everything of YG.

    2nd in line is JH’s mum, spying on him always and suppose she will do anything for her son. She did mention if you want tht girl I will bring her for you… she wanted JH to go for vocation or move away. Now discovering tht YG is in NY (probably also saw him waiting for GY) – she dispose of him.

    The ending showed tht JH/GY are both happy together, seems GY have finally moved on thinking tht YG abandoned her (Papa said so to her right?)

    Time lapse not shown, probably the few months after YG left; JH gave her the fashion show, success, (this is what GY really wanted), then continued lavishing his love n fullattention to her, (after that long he still opens the car door for her.. my boyfriend after 3rd meeting never did that eh!), then sent her back to school.

    When GY called her she was calm all the way, even the gun-shot, she may think tht YG is happily (after deserting her for so long) playing with fire-crackers?

    I think GY is safe with JH, personally and professionally. Ana did mention tht when JH says sorry or I love you, he is sincere…..

    I once commented title of this Drama is Fashion King, (GY) and initiator of this competition is JH… the clue from start why finale have GY/JH coupling….

  46. The last picture sums up everything i feel about this show… Nausea.
    I just want to warn everyone: Better not stay close to Psycho Daddy. Beating Jae-hyuk like a mafioso?? I will personally kick him to death.
    Good riddance show: I’m short of hours for good dramas. I will just keep an eye on Mr Lee Je-hoon who managed to keep me on this sinking ship.

  47. Oh, Raine! I love you! What a way to recap what had to be one of the worse drama endings I have ever seen. I forgot these writers wrote What Happened in Bali?, one of my second worse dramas ever! Ok, I have been sufficiently warned never to watch anything by these people! To see that they have basically screwed up the drama resumes for some of these newcomers is unconscionable! I’m still reeling from this trash! But thanks for hanging in there and I will never say to myself, it can’t get worse HA!

  48. Thanks a bunch, for sticking it out like a pro. I found this last ep absolutely infuriating. Crappy writing should have been given to neofits in the arena not well versed actors in the trade such as Jehoon, Sekyung or Ahin…what a horrid mumbo jumbo to try and pull off.

    Any way, I’ll come by to see your perception of Big, and I do hope you have a fantastic time in the UK. Here’s a cheer for a fantastic summer!!! =0)

  49. The horror…I gave up on this drama ages ago but I heard how bad the ending was so I read the last four recaps.

    If I had known it was the writer of WHIB I wouldn’t have even started this drama. That ending still pisses me off to this day.

    • I decided last minute to recap it and didn’t even check. I’d heard about wHIB and decided to avoid it…I can take sad, but not idiotic.

      • Idiotic is putting it mildly! Especially with three of my favorite actors! Boy, to be young and stupid (for taking the project). The actors from Fashion King should have learned that lesson!

      • Yes…you are wise to avoid it. I was FFing a lot watching it and it occurs to me to wonder why I didn’t stop. That ending though…obviously it was done for pure shock value. That was the era when all the dramas were tragedies for some reason.

    • WHIB gave a horribe ending – I was really stunned, not expecting it to be so violent with 3 dead! H/ever in real life it does happen. A year ago a college student strangled his g/f when he discovered she was going out with another – crime of passion!

      I suspected more like YG committing suicide, the way weird and sad way he bid his goodbyes to GY in the factory.. GY had been always there for him… then she did not turn up with his plane ticket?

      I hate sad ending, the drama Bad Guy left me fuming too!

      • It does happen in real life…but Fashion King makes it apparent that it was a gimmick for the writer to make a shocking ending. His suicide would have made MUCH more sense. It totally comes off like she had him killed though. OMG BAD GUY IS THE WORST. Like So Min’s character killed him and doesn’t even know it, no one knows he’s dead, he WAS the actual son, and NOTHING changed in that family

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