Big: Character Introductions UPDATED!

by: Raine

Here is is folks, my most anticipated drama, Big. Tom Hanks, you better watch this! Speaking of, I want a piano playing session on a ginormous floor piano and a little stint with our characters watching the American film. Cheesy, I know, but I WANT IT! Pay homage, man. Pay homage.

So far, these are the KBS2 intros. I will add when the show starts because these intros really suck.

character introductions

Kang Kyung-joon

Actors: Shin Won-ho (younger) and Gong Yoo (older)

Nicknames: Hottie McJail Bait (Shin as Kyung-joon); Kyung-big (Gong as Kyung-joon)

Kang Kyung-joon is an eighteen-year-old kid who just moved to Korea from America. He’s intelligent, cynical and a loner. He lives alone in the house his mother bought for him and in the bed he’s slept in since he was very young. He takes great offense at being called a kid. He seems to really enjoy making fun of his teacher, Gil Da-ran

A car accident makes his swap bodies with pediatric surgeon, Seo Yoon-jae, who is also Da-ran’s fiance. In the body of an adult, Kyung-joon’s behavior regresses further as his body lays unconscious in the hospital.

Seo Yoon-jae

Actor: Gong Yoo

Nicknames: none

Seo Yoon-jae is Gil Da-ran’s fiancée and the host to Kyung-joon’s soul. In flashbacks with Da-ran, he seems to be head-over-heals for her. However, secrets are surfacing while Kyung-joon is in his body that make Kyung-joon, Da-ran and the audience doubt Yoon-jae’s faithfulness. Dr. Lee Se-young is trying to ensnare him. Icky.

I, for one, am still rooting for Yoon-jae.

Gil Da-ran

Actor: Lee Min-jung

Nicknames: Gil Teacher

Gil Da-ran is a bubbly, short-term teacher who is studying for her teacher’s examination. Through a lucky accident, she met and became engaged to Seo Yoon-jae. Through flashback we learn that they are a shy couple. She has utter faith in him and adores him to death. She is a bit dense when it comes to human relationships, but practical in other areas.

When the body swap happens, she becomes the chaperone of Kyung-big who she is quite fond of. Before the body swap she and Kyung-joon had a cute little noona/dongsaeng rapport running.

Jang Ma-ri

Actor: Suzy

Nicknames: none

Jang Ma-ri is Kyung-joon’s psycho stalker. She’s rich, ruthless and kinda scary. But she’s a fun stalker because Suzy makes her so loveable. She develops an intense dislike for Kyung-big because of his similarity to Kyung-joon and plans to stick around like glue until Kyung-joon wakes up from his coma.

KBS character intro: Jang Ma-ri is a daughter of the man who almost married Kyung-joon’s mom. She loves Kyung-joon to death that’s why she was against their parents’ plan to marry. She claims to be Kyung-joon’s soulmate. While in U.S, she develops a very familiar relationship with Kyung-joon’s mother, so, she knows a lot about him. She worships Lady Gaga and gets excited by a slight view of her.

Lee Se-young

Actor: Jang Hee-jin

Nicknames: Dr. Poo poo

Se-young always looks like she has to go to the bathroom, hence her nickname, Dr. Poo poo. That and she always tries to crap all over Da-ran’s relationship with Yoon-jae. Se-young is stuck to Yoon-jae like glue and causing a lot of the misunderstandings thus far. The question is, does Yoon-jae also have a hand in them?

KBS2 intro: Lee Se-young is Seo Yoon-jae’s former girlfriend. She currently works as a surgeon in the same hospital as Yoon-jae. Dating Yoon-jae quietly was great for her, but the idea of building a quiet and warm family never once crossed her mind, so they ended their relationship with a cool and clean break-up.

Gil Choong-shik

Actor: Baek Sung-hyun

Nicknames: none

Da-ran’s little brother who is a bit of a dunce and a bully. But he’s so cute because it’s Baek Sung-hyun. He has a major crush on Jang Ma-ri who uses him like a tool. He adores his sister and they fight all the time. Yes, that indicative of their close relationship. Lucky for him, she’s also one of his teachers. Heehee. He’s super protective of her and gets some pretty brilliant comedic moments.

Gil Min-kyu

Actor: Ahn Suk-hwan

Nicknames: none

Da-ran’s father who is also a teacher. He keeps pushing her to study hard for her teacher’s exam. He also collects rocks. Yes, you read correctly: rocks.

Lee Jung-hye

Actor: Yoon Hae-young

Nicknames: 50s mom

This is one cracked out mom. She’s Da-ran’s mom, really energetic and looks like she’s out of “perfect housewife magazine”. She’s all about her daughter’s wedding (and wedding night).

Lee Kyung-mi

Actor: Go Su-hee

Nicknames: none

Kyung-joon’s selfish aunt who wants nothing more than to rid herself of the responsibility for caring for him. And, ya know, to take all of his inheritance for herself. She wears the pants in her marital relationship.

Kang Hyuk-soo

Actor: Jang Hyun-sung

Nicknames: none

He is Kyung-joon’s uncle-in-law and a bit quieter about his desire for his nephew’s inheritance. Still a douche. Die.

Na Hyo-sang

Actor: Moon Ji-yoon

Nicknames: coach-in-shining: armor

I know you’re not supposed to ship side characters, but I love Coach Na. He has a huge crush on Da-ran and he’s always helping her out and then having his hopes quashed. It breaks my little heart.

Kim Yung-ok

Actor: Choi Ran

Nicknames: Vice-principal, VP

The stern vice-principal at Da-ran’s school who thinks Da-ran is a good for nothing trouble-maker because of all of the body-swapping caused incidents.

Lee Ae-kyung

Actor: Shin Ji-soo

Nicknames: Teacher friend

Da-ran’s teacher friend who is always trying to push Coach Na towards Da-ran. She also gives really bad advice.

Yoon-Jae’s Doctor friends

Production Details

Episodes: 16

Broadcast network: KBS2

Broadcast Period: 6.4.12 to TBA

Air Time: Monday & Tuesday Night 21:55

Director: Ji Byung-hyun

Screenwriter: THE Hong Sisters (Hong, Joeng-eun, Hong Mi-ran)

Recaps of episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

8 responses to “Big: Character Introductions UPDATED!”

  1. HELLO
    what is the song title which is played when Lee Ae Kyung met Na Hyo Sang??? I heard it has word *love.. love… love* can anybody help me TT

  2. Oh nice! Thanks. I’m keeping my fingers cross this shows turns out great since it’s The Hong Sisters. ^^

  3. Looking forward to read your recaps on this show!
    These new shows are quite underwhelming so far…
    The only real show i’m digging so far is A Gentleman’s Dignity (probably because i think i’ll be just as immature as them when i’m in my 40s)
    im hoping this show will be super awesome 😀

    on a side note… i had a random craving for candies on the weekend and decided to buy some of those park ha peppermint candies from RTP…. just to see how much i could fit in my mouth. its a lot harder than it looks… managed to fit 11 of them lol

    • I have been reading Mystisith’s Ido recaps and Maddino’s AGD but haven’t started them. I’ll try out AGD though. I’m interested in Ghost as well.

      Just finished watching Big raw and it kinda makes me want to study Korean so I don’t have to wait for subs. *mumbles curses* It’s so funny and the camerawork is gorgeous!

      I seriously laughed out loud when I read about the parkha candies! I wonder if they sell that in the Korean store. Too bad it’s an hour and a half from my house…I really want to try it too!

  4. Raine *HUGS*

    Hi there! Sorry I haven’t been around much to know about your surgery until today. I sure hope you totally heal up really quickly, if you haven’t already done so. I am so excited that BIG starts tomorrow. YEAH!!! Thanks for the wiki!

  5. isn’t this more of a freaky friday body swap thing than Tom Hank’s Big? I think I Love Lee Tae Ri’s premise was more like Tom Hank’s Big than this drama…

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