Big: Episode 3 Recap

by: Raine

Episode 3! Hoorah! I was expecting way  more hilarity than I got, but surprisingly, I’m not disappointed. Suzy delivered some deadpan cuteness (her best dish) and we got some insight into Yoon-jae, who I was pulling for! (I’m not going to mention my love for Hottie McJail Bait.) This episode was still full of a lot of plot set-up, but Da-ran and Kyung-big (Kyung-joon in Yoon-jae’s body) certainly provide enough character growth and body-swapping antics to entertain me for hours on end!

This episode scooched up a percentage point to 8.4% (AGB Nielson National), probably because of the appearance of cute little miss Suzy.

BIG makes me happy.

“Hateful People” –  B2st/Beast (from the Big OST)

episode 3 recap

Post Dr. Poo poo attack (i.e. a hug and confession from Dr. Lee Se-young), Kyung-big assumes Yoon-jae’s a cheatin’ bastard. Da-ran, who arrived post-confession, ignorantly thanks Se-young for bringing Yoon-jae’s things. In an attempt to get rid of Da-ran so she and Yoon-jae can be alone, Se-young suggests that they all have tea and cookies together – and guess who should go and pick up the cookies!

Guess who also AGREES to pick up the cookies with a smile on her face, effectively leaving Dr. Poo poo alone with her prey?

Ding, ding, ding! Da-ran the Innocent. Or Ignorant. Or Foolish.

Kyung-big isn’t about to let Da-ran fall into Se-young’s trap and refuses to let her go. They want to be ALONE, thank you very much.

Heehee. Way to throw that back in her face, Kyung-big!

Anyway, Da-ran is horrified by Kyung-big’s behavior towards Yoon-jae’s “friend” and Se-young looked pretty miffed herself. (Dare I say she has a “poo poo” face on?) Despite Da-ran’s protests, Kyung-big tells Se-young to drink tea and eat cookies alone. He and his fiance are “busy”. Then he hauls Da-ran into his arms bridal style and carries her inside, kickin’ and screamin’. A shocked Dr. Poo poo is left behind.


Inside, Da-ran demands to know why he did that and to calm her down, Kyung-big restrains her from behind. Da-ran sinks her teeth into his arm and he hollers in pain. They call each other crazy and he defends himself, declaring that he rescued “this bastard” from a horrible situation. Da-ran fixates on the word bastard while Kyung-big continues on.

Yoon-jae is double-timing her, Kyung-big explains. Se-young hugged “Yoon-jae” and declared her loved for him.

Instead of the anger we’d all expect, she smiles broadly and pinches his cheeks. “You’re just worried for your teacher!”

Neither the condescension or her thick head improve Kyung-big’s temper as he stares at her, mouth agape and unable to believe what he’s hearing. Da-ran explains that love and skinship between a man and woman isn’t as weird as he thinks.

Wait…what? What planet did you fall from? I’m American and we get pretty handsy in general, but the skinship that Dr. Poo poo was pulling on an engaged man was NOT COOL AT ALL!

Kyung-big ruffles when she treats him like a child but focuses on the big pictures: Gil Teacher isn’t thinking straight ’cause she loves the guy. But Yoon-jae ain’t as good as she thinks he is.

Da-ran, however, isn’t paying attention because she’s fretting over the bite mark. Kyung-big is incredulous that she likes him that much when she doesn’t know if he likes her in return.

Solution: Have Kyung-big say what he said before using Yoon-jae’s lips. Reluctantly, Kyung-big agrees, takes Da-ran’s face in his hands and says softly, “I…don’t love you. He could’ve said this. I don’t know what he was going to say and neither do you. Since I’m a kid, I don’t know either. If I get stuck in the middle, I get bitten and it hurts. I hate pain so I won’t interfere anymore.”

Nice throwing in that little issue you have with being called “childish”.

Kyung-big grabs the bag she packed for him and storms out, mumbling, “Good person? Are you kidding?” He bites Yoon-jae’s arm.

Aw, puppy.

Outside, Se-young is waiting for Kyung-big and wants to talk. She was surprised by Da-ran’s presence and supposed she surprised “Yoon-jae” by her seemingly random declaration of love. It seemed to Se-young that he was hesitating about the marriage, which is why she gave him “that thing” in the first place.

Why you….*shakes fist*

Kyung-big has no idea what this “thing” is, but does recall Se-young feeling him up in the hospital and mentioning a “thing”. He asks her if it’s special, which angers her, and she decides they need to talk at their “usual spot”.

The “usual spot” eh? The writers are trying to make us doubt you, Yoon-jae, but I have faith in you!

Turn out that the usual spot is a bar, where Kyung-big hisses and gasps at the strength of the liquor.

As he likes to say, “Uh-oh.”

Da-ran heads home where her family is stuffing wedding invitations. Thinking quickly on her feet she says,”We can’t send them right now.”

Turns out, Da-ran ain’t so quick because her family gapes at her incredulously. So she mutters that the post office is closed right now and they’ll have to send them in the morning.

Eh…nice save?

Choong-shik comments that her terrible humor is why her classes are so boring while her father tells her only to worry about the invitations to her own friends.

There ain’t no way out of this one without telling your family that your eighteen-year-old student’s soul is possessing the body of your thirty-year-old fiance.

In Da-ran’s room, mom and Da-ran chat. In the body-swapping fray, Da-ran forgot about house hunting. And, mom somehow picked up that “Yoon-jae” likes to call her “Gil Teacher”. Is it because Da-ran taught him about love?

BWAHAHA! Omigod this mother seriously cracks me up. First the eels and now schooling men in the subject of love?

Mom doesn’t stop there though. She tells her daughter that she and “Yoon-jae” finally look like a couple in love. Before they just looked boring and seemed like there was nothing between them. Da-ran deflates as her mom blathers on about buying some fun honeymoon lingerie this weekend.

When she leaves, Da-ran sighs that she wants to do that, too.

Aw, this is breaking my heart. Her entire relationship with Yoon-jae is being deconstructed before her eyes, and so far, nothing good has come of it.

At the “usual spot”, Kyung-big is trashed and declares that “Yoon-jae” will marry Da-ran, not go to another girl. Then he stands up and the world blurs.

The next morning, Kyung-big wakes up shirtless in a strange bed with pictures of Se-kyung all around. And the top button of his pants is undone. He flips out, quickly dresses and finds a note that says: “I will go to work first. See you at the hospital.”

“I was with that woman? NO!”

Da-ran is dropping off food at Kyung-big’s place when he comes back, freaking out about his major faux-pas. He hides his bag amongst the trash bags when he sees her. She wonders why he’s out so early in the same clothes as last night and he makes the excuse that he was taking out the trash and she didn’t see him come out because he was jogging “American style”.

Picture Gong Yoo in stinky red pants, a striped shirt and a bag of trash jogging around the neighborhood. Heehee.

She points out that people will think he stayed out the whole night because he’s wearing the same clothes. She also thinks it’s fishy that he smells like alcohol, but Kyung-big blames it on the drop of beer he had the night before. His head hurts and he’s nauseous, which Da-ran finds strange because her Yoon-jae isn’t weak with alcohol. Kyung-big points out that it’s because of his mental age.

BWAHAHAHA! I’m not sure what’s funnier, the fact that he said it or the fact that she buys it.

Da-ran threatens to kill him if Kyung-big does anything to Yoon-jae’s body and he’s immediately contrite. As she inspects the bite from the day before, Kyung-big “idly” wonders how mad she’d get if something on Yoon-jae’s body got “dirty or worn out”.


What would he do that would dirty it or wear it out, Da-ran wonders to which Kyung-big exclaims, “Exercise!” He wanted to see how far this body could go!

Da-ran leaves and orders him to stay home and she’ll take him to the hospital after work. He walks her past the trash where he hid his bag and worries that he’ll have to encounter Se-young at the hospital.

At school, Kyung-joon’s aunt and uncle come in to inform them that Kyung-joon should be back soon. This makes Da-ran feel guilty for only worrying about Yoon-jae’s work and  forgetting that Kyung-joon had school. So she gets her brother to promise to get her notes from his classes. They can’t be his notes but those of someone who is good at studying. Choong-shik sticks his tongue out and runs away. Da-ran sighs that Kyung-joon is a kid like Choong-shik.

Alright, we get it. There is a theme of kid versus adult.

Gratuitous shower scene! Kyung-big scrubs his body and lips, complaining that it’s all Yoon-jae’s fault because of his body’s urges. He also hopes Gil Teacher won’t find out.

Off he goes to Yoon-jae’s to find evidence that Yoon-jae is evil and get him in deep doggy doo. He searches the apartment to the Mission Impossible theme music while remembering Se-young mentioning that “thing” she gave him. He’s unable to find anything and wants to give up and runaway. When he resumes his search, he stumbles across the suitcase that Da-ran found. In it are some clothes, Yoon-jae’s passport and a wad of American cash.

So Kyung-big dresses like Yoon-jae and heads to the airport. He won’t go to L.A. because Jang Ma-ri is there. After doing his best Dr. Yoon-jae impression for the identification check at the purchase desk, Kyung-big fixes his phone and discovers that he has a bazillion new text messages.

YAY! Suzy! Don’t ask why I’m so excited, but I am!

The text messages are all from Jang Ma-ri and as he reads each message, he imagines her as a crazy, psycho, stalker. Each text describes her journey towards Korea. At first, he doesn’t believe she’d come to Korea. “Do you seriously think I can’t find you?” she writes and he scoffs.

Eek, she’s scary! But I’m loving Suzy as a cackling, stalker teenager!

The next message has a picture of “Gil Teacher” that Kyung-joon sent to a mutual friend and in it, the teacher is holding a notebook with the name of Kyung-joon’s school on it. “I’m coming to Korea,” she declares.

Two things, this chick is scary and *squeeeeeeee* Kyung-joon sent a picture of Da-ran to a friend pre-body swap? *squeeeee*

Kyung-big BOLTS out of the airport as Ma-ri voices over the last message which states that they either leave together or live together, but they’ll always be together.

At morning assembly, Choong-shik’s friends wonder if his doctor brother-in-law is coming again when a taxi arrives! Everyone assumes it’s “Yoon-jae” when a cute girl exits, making Choong-shik and company drool. Da-ran breathes a sigh of relief and assumes nothing bad will happen until the girl zeros in on Da-ran, runs over to her and asks for money. Cue angry vice-principal (VP) and incredulous stares from the assembly.

Poor Da-ran. She needs a hug.

The VP sends Da-ran off to deal with the newcomer who flashes the picture of Da-ran and demands, “You’re Gil Teacher, right? I haven’t heard from Kyung-joon since he uploaded this pictures. Where is he?”

Da-ran is, of course, baffled, but guides the crazed girl to a more private place as her brother stares after them with hearts in his eyes.

Before things can return to normal, another taxi arrives, this time containing Kyung-big and his suitcase. Everyone is shocked to see him and the entire assembly points in the direction where Da-ran and the new girl went.


Before Da-ran can find out what the girl wants, Kyung-big calls out to her and dramatically pulls off his sunglasses for a stare down with the girl. She wants to know who that “ahjussi” is and Da-ran goes for a pow-wow with Kyung-big. He sends Da-ran off because this talk is “for teens”. HAHA!

Da-ran leaves and notices the suitcase, muttering that Kyung-joon said he had no friends, but has a girlfriend.

Before the new girl can chase after Gil teacher, Kyung-big stops her and gives her another dramatic stare down.

“You really came, Jang Ma-ri,” he says, surprising her. Ma-ri says that he’s not Kyung-joon’s type of person. Kyung-big agrees that “he” isn’t Kyung-joon’s type and mentions that Kyung-joon doesn’t like her dad. This gives her pause and she wonders how close this ahjussi and Kyung-joon are for him to know that. Kyung-big assures her that she won’t ever meet Kyung-joon. When Kyung-joon came from America he said he didn’t want to see her or her father every again.

Ma-ri declares that she’ll marry Kyung-joon, but Kyung-big refutes it. Her father and his mother arranged it, but then Kyung-joon’s mother died. Her mood immediately sobers. Does Kyung-joon say that his mother died because of her?

In a flashback to Kyung-joon’s mother’s funeral, he throws a white flower into her grave and Ma-ri puts a hand on his shoulder. Kyung-joon removes it.

Back to the present, Ma-ri admits she misses him and worries about him. Kyung-big assures her that Kyung-joon is fine and that he would feel grateful and sorry. Even if he can’t call her, he will text.

Ma-ri isn’t one to be deterred, however, and wants to know how this “ahjussi” is related to Kyung-joon. When Kyung-big vaguely mentions that they share a brain and body somehow, Ma-ri wonders if they’re lovers.


Kyung-big: Uh-oh. No way! How did you think that? Jesus! I told you I’m not the type that he likes!

All the Kyung-joon speak catches Ma-ri’s attention and she approaches him.

Ma-ri: Ahjussi, you’re like Kyung-joon…don’t copy him. ‘Uh-oh.’ Don’t do that! I feel insulted.

Then she makes Kyung-big promise to tell Kyung-joon, “I. must. marry. you,” and she walks away.

Oh Suzy, you make me laugh. Bwahahaha!

In the teacher’s office, the VP tells Da-ran that she better pass the test or getting contracted again will be hard. Da-ran apologizes and Kyung-big watches guiltily.

Choong-shik and his buddies watch Ma-ri sitting on a bench and ogle. When she gets up, Choong-shik snatches a friend’s pen and runs to arrive at the front of the school before she does, leaping a fence and just barely managing to prop himself against a column before she arrives. He’s huffing, puffing and bleeding.

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE seeing Baek Sung-hyun like this?

She glances back at him.

Choong-shik: I saw you earlier. You’re really pretty.

Ma-ri: I know. You’re bleeding.

Choong-shik: *holds out his hand* Want to help me?

Ma-ri: It’s dirty. No.

Pfffffft. I love this!

Then he pulls out the pen and writes his number on her purse.

WHAT?! NO! Not on her accessories. That’s like a major no-no.

Anyway, he tells her to call him and he’ll buy her pizza to compensate for the bag. He saunters away as she scoffs, “He doesn’t know anything.”

Can we all say “designer handbag” together?

Kyung-big meets Da-ran in a classroom and he asks if she got into a lot of trouble, but Da-ran has an agenda. Why does Kyung-big have Yoon-jae’s luggage? Da-ran questions him and it’s like pulling teeth, but she finally gathers that he went to the airport because he had a “situation”. The longer he’s in this body, the more trouble he creates, so he thought to get away.

Da-ran calls him on his bluff and says kids usually try to leave when they cause an accident. He had an accident, right? Kyung-big makes a guilty face and admits, “Yesterday, I drank and slept at that woman’s house.”


He quickly tries to explain that Se-young was strange and he was trying to sort things out with her when they went to the bar. Then he woke up he was at her place so he must’ve gotten there while unconscious and and doesn’t think he did anything…

Da-ran slaps him and wonders how he could make such a huge mistake. Kyung-big says he was thinking of her and trying to handle everything.

Ack, misunderstandings. *hides under the covers*

She scolds him. He’s only eighteen and in no place to butt in. Besides, she trusts Yoon-jae. Kyung-big grows angry at the mention of being a kid, her blind faith in Yoon-jae and the situation in general. It wouldn’t matter if she trusted Yoon-jae or not because won’t she make a great doctor’s wife anyway? It doesn’t really matter what his answer is because she always just says “it’s fine” and passes by everything. Is that all she needs to marry? Then just marry this body and since he’s nearby, he can do it for her.

The words cut Da-ran to the core and she replies that “this kid” only learned bad things. Kyung-big says he might be younger, but he is smarter. She sneers that she can’t wait to see what he becomes to which he replies that since he grew up so smart, he won’t turn out like her.


He leaves her sobbing.

I really hate that this happened, but at the same time, I’m glad. It needed to be said. Da-ran is unusually thick and she really needs to wake up. This will also make Kyung-big think about the consequences of his actions.

Kyung-big immediately feels horrible, but returns home. He sees the food she made him and shovels it in, choking in the process. Then he sees the note she wrote him,

‬Eat slowly. If you eat quickly and choke, I’ll kill you!

Da-ran stares at the suitcase in her office and her friend enlists Coach Na’s help in taking Da-ran home. He immediately agrees to the task and run to pull his car to the front of the school. Coach Na cleans out his car and starts scrubbing the remnants of a flyer of his windshield.

Aw! The coach-in-shining-armor!

Da-ran heads outside and comes across Kyung-big hunkered down and practicing his apology.

Aw, what is it with me shipping all these men? Whatever. My recap. I can do what I WANT!

She sighs heavily and says, “Let’s go. We have to go to the hospital and we should leave this at Yoon-jae’s house.”

Kyung-big jumps up to take the suitcase from her and worries that she’ll get fired for leaving early. According to SOMEONE, she replies, it doesn’t matter because she’ll be a doctor’s wife anyway. Kyung-big immediately becomes contrite and quite child-like as he tells her not to worry about what a kid told her; adults shouldn’t worry about what kids say because then they would just be kids themselves. Da-ran calls him on his double standard: in a tough situation he’s a kid, when he’s doing well, he’s an adult. That’s why he’s a kid he replies with an adorable grin.

Da-ran finally gives way and smiles. “You’re so smart. You grew up so well.” He replies that he wants to be a nice person when he grows up, just like her. Aw.

They walk together and he praises her cooking. Our poor Coach Na gets the “thanks but no thanks” text and is left heartbroken. At least his windshield is clean…

At the hospital, “Yoon-jae” takes leave from the hospital until the wedding. The nurse asks if he’ll still attend the charity event for kids with cancer and both Kyung-big and Da-ran seem surprised to hear about it, but he agrees to attend.

Da-ran is sad she didn’t know about the event and Kyung-big starts to say something sarcastic, but instead tells her that it will be fun to getting to know each other when they’re married.

A trio of Yoon-jae’s doctor friends stops them, wondering about the time off. Dr. Poo poo takes the time to oh-so-kindly ask “Yoon-jae” how he’s feeling, trying to make him feel uncomfortable.

But then Da-ran jumps in with a thanks for caring for the drunk Yoon-jae and wonders why Se-young didn’t just call her, which stumps Dr. Poo poo.

Heehee. I’m hoping this is because Da-ran is learning, but she’s a bit too dense for me to hold much hope that she is claiming her man.

Anyway, the other doctors want to drink together, especially one in particular. Da-ran and Yoon-jae met at his wedding so he uses that as an excuse for free drinks.

I like how he thinks.

They sit down for some chitchat and drinks and mention how surprised everyone was by Da-ran’s accident. Dr. Poo poo immediately jumps on that and says that Da-ran must’ve looked disastrous then so it clearly wasn’t love at first site.

Bitch. Poo poo-faced BITCH.

Much to Da-ran’s surprise, Kyung-big says he fells in love at first sight because she was so adorable passed out. His married doctor friend tells him to stop lying.

Uh-oh. Se-young immediately perks up.

We learn that the first time Yoon-jae saw Da-ran wasn’t when she fell, but earlier in the day when Da-ran was making her frenzied delivery of the bouquet. She ran into him in the elevator and he was immediately smitten and even helped her keep the flowers safe.

AWWWW PUPPPYYYYY! I knew I liked Yoon-jae. I love that shy little smile he has.

Anyway, he watches her beat her head against the wall after embarrassing herself in front of the bride and then sits beside her as she eats. He even passes her the salt as she grumbles about the elitist bride and her teacher friends.

Da-ran is completely overwhelmed by the story and clutching her cheeks in absolute joy that he followed her. The married doctor friend mentions that Yoon-jae even asked to be introduced to her. Yoon-jae discovered her name when she wrote it on the wedding gift-money envelope. He wanted to be introduced to her because she was so pretty, he couldn’t stop looking at her.

Da-ran is ecstatic. Dr. Poo poo is sulky and Kyung-big looks rather sober. Perhaps it’s a mix of realization how much she loves her fiancé, the fact that he is starting to like her and sadness at the whole situation. Also, he’s probably noticing just how pretty he thinks she is.

At the Gil household, Choong-shik is waiting for Ma-ri to call for pizza so he’s not eating dinner. When she does, he postures ridiculously and meets her for pizza. There she declares that he owes her three hundred pans of pizza and calls the waiter over. Choong-shik stops her and kneels before her, explaining his humble background. But he will pay her back pan by pan; he can promise her that. She smirks and yanks her arm away, declaring that she’ll subtract pans depending on how well he does.

Heehee. I love this game already.

For knowing Kyung-joon he gets a pan subtracted.

When he admits he’s not friends with him, Ma-ri notes that Choong-shik looks too stupid to be friends with Kyung-joon. When Choong-shik isn’t insulted, she subtracts another pan.

BWAHAHAHAHA! YES! Bring on more Jang Ma-ri. Finally, a stalker I can totally get into!

Ma-ri wants the numbers of all the kids who talk to Kyung-joon, but Choong-shik says he’s not talking much since Kyung-joon is in the hospital.

Kyung-big and Da-ran are walking home and she is happily drunk and singing about how pretty she is. He is annoyed and wonders how she could look so foolish in front of her student. Da-ran says she only had three cups of wine, but Kyung-big corrects her: it was more like a bottle. But perhaps she’s drunk on pretty compliments. this only makes Da-ran dance around happily; her Yoon-jae  thought she was pretty and fell in love at first sight.

Adorably, Kyung-big jealously grumbles about how fishy Yoon-jae is. It’s not the outer beauty that makes a relationship last – Yoon-jae must be very immature.

Uh-huh. SURE. Kekeke. You jealous little man-boy.

Da-ran plunks down on a bench and calls him over. She wants him to stay silent and look at her so she can talk to Yoon-jae’s face. She tells him that he should’ve told her all this from the start so that they could be lovey-dovey by now.

Kyung-big winces as she continues by grabbing his face. “I really like you a lot,” she admits. “From the start, you were also very pretty to me.”

Her confession unnerves the confused teenager who fervently reminds her that he is Kang Kyung-joon. The reminder disappoints her and her reaction disappoints him.

Talk about complicated… Oh, I love it.

Choong-shik takes Ma-ri to the hospital. She tears up at the sight of Kyung-joon and calls his name over and over in an attempt to wake him. She even slaps him. Pfffft.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Se-young looks at a photo of Yoon-jae and muses that he seems different. The married doctor friend says that the workaholic Yoon-jae does seem different. Se-young doesn’t even think it’s him. (She’s thinking medical reasons.)

Back on the bench, Da-ran says she won’t hold back when Yoon-jae returns and vows to be pretty for him. Kyung-big thinks the married doctor was just saying all that stuff for drinks. Honestly, what guy wouldn’t want to show chocolate abs to the girl he fell in love with at first sight?

She tells him he’s a kid, but Kyung-big counters that adults and kids are the same. A guys love goes as far as the couple’s physical progression. When the progress stops, so does the couple. Da-ran says that they slowed down, but they didn’t stop.

Kyung-big teases her and leans in close to find out how far she and Yoon-jae went.

Omigod, boys.

He takes her hand and she acts nonchalant so he slides an arm around her shoulder. Again, it isn’t a big deal. But when he leans in close as if to kiss her, Da-ran’s eyes widen and she gets nervous. Giddily, Kyung-big tells her that she hasn’t gotten far as “this little kid”.

Is this as far as she goes? he asks teasingly. She haltingly replies that she has, but it’s quite obvious that she hasn’t.

Kyung-big leans in with a grin and she freezes. As he moves closer, however, he realizes how close this very pretty lazy is and suddenly this isn’t a joke anymore!


That face is priceless Gong Yoo.

OMIGOSH?! A kiss so soon? Please tell me it will happen! Wait no! Is it cheating? But do I ship McJailbait and Da-ran? Or Da-ran and Yoon-jae? Or Da-ran and coach-in-shining-armor? ACK!

Okay, so I want it to happen. It’ll give us juicy plot fodder and give me a kiss. Who doesn’t like to see Gong Yoo kissing? Coffee Prince anyone?

Oh the moral dilemmas Da-ran will face if they do kiss. And the emotional mess that both of them will become. I think Da-ran is becoming more attracted to Kyung-joon himself and not just ’cause he’s in Yoon-jae’s body. Not that the gorgeousness of that body and that fact that she loved Yoon-jae doesn’t factor into it, but the base attraction was there before the body swap. Go back and watch episode 1 if you don’t remember it. So. Cute. It’s where Kyung-joon got the nickname “Hottie McJail Bait” from.

Kyung-joon definitely liked her before and her caring for him filled a hole that was left vacant after his mother died. Now that they’re thrust together, that like is naturally blooming into something more.

Of course Da-ran and Kyung-joon is just chump change at this point and my romance oriented mind is going a bit haywire…

And then we have Yoon-jae. Seriously, from that first flashback they showed us, I thought his adoration was so cute and I rooted for them. I still do. I really hope that he doesn’t turn out to be a douche. Dr. Poo poo has something to do with it, as we all know.

So we’re setting off at a pretty decent pace in terms of character relationships. Like I mentioned earlier, the plot is still being set up but I don’t find it to be annoying. It’s flowing pretty naturally. As Kyung-big discovers things about Yoon-jae, so do we. That’s the good thing about a body swap versus the body aging of Tom Hanks’ character. Because the Kyung-joon needs to learn about Yoon-jae, explanations can be made without becoming boring and didactic. Luckily we have the Hong sisters making this process a whole lot of fun.

One thing that is bugging me is Da-ran is VERY, VERY dense. She’s not stupid, but she is dense. If she’s the adult she’s claiming to be, even inexperience in love wouldn’t warrant the complete denial of any funny business on Yoon-jae’s part. It probably wouldn’t bug me QUITE as much if they weren’t pushing the “adult/kid” comparisons in our faces every three-seconds.

In that vein, I can also comment on Kyung-big acting pretty immaturely compared to how Kyung-joon acted. But I kind of like regression in maturity. He’s in a stressful situation and his natural tendencies came out. Plus, how are you supposed to have hijinks if he stays cool, calm and collected the whole time? HUH?!

Let’s dedicate a little bit of space to my coach-in-shining-armor. How I love thee. You are so adorable and my little heart broke for you as you got replaced by a man-boy. *wipes tear away*

And HOW CUTE IS SUZY! That blank face works so wonderfully for the deadpan humor she’s got to dish out. Love it. And I love that her character is a fun stalker. Wait…okay, not even going to go into that. And that she’s totally using Choong-shik and he knows it and he lets her. The stereotypes are blown to such extreme proportions that I’m loving it. I suppose I such just accept Da-ran’s density as an extension of that and go with the flow. I mean, there are comet-riding cherub babies in this show…

This doesn’t haven’t the levity of the other Hong sisters’ dramas (that I’ve seen), excluding Hong Gil Dong, which only became really heavy nearer the latter half of the drama. It’s really exploring some social issues: sex, age appropriate behavior and relationships in general.

In any case, off to watch episode 4!

Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

Character introductions.

Big Episode 3 Screencaps.

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Air Time: Monday & Tuesday Night 21:55

Director: Ji Byung-hyun

Screenwriter: THE Hong Sisters (Hong, Joeng-eun, Hong Mi-ran)

One response to “Big: Episode 3 Recap”

  1. The cute brother is a hoot. I didn’t like him at first, but now… Suzy’s character leaves me a bit cold. I think it will get better on the next eps.
    And Gong Yoo facial expressions, wow. So funny and accurate.

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