Boris Checks After a Week of Fun

by: Boris

(Cogi jjigae! Raine apparently thinks things like these are tasty. And kimchi, bean sprouts, crazy banchan and lots of soju.)

Zdravstvujtye! I am so happy! London is a place full of wondrous women! Some are quite old. However, some women keep very nicely and London has gone about doing so quite well.

Unfortunately, Raine decided to go glamping her first weekend and avoid appliances and mechanical things. I was terribly disappointed and remained in the tent the entire time even though the weather was glorious. The English weather we’d all heard about was no where to be seen, instead replaced by blue skies, fluffy clouds and rather lovely countryside. But lovely countryside doesn’t compensate for a lack of women. I’m feeling affronted.

On her trek to the Kent countryside, she hiked and got lost with the hendo but saw gorgeous fields, rolling hills and homes that were hundreds of years old. What kind of appliances could have been held in those homes? Beautiful women of the past? Why didn’t she knock on doors and take a peek around for my sake? Oh, because she was distracted by the beauty of the English countryside. Disgusting.

She and the hendo even roasted marshmallows, read stories, roasted marshmallows, were rescued by a kind countryman when they were stranded at a local pub far from their campsite, and generally had a wonderful time without me. I don’t even think she came by to say hello to me even once. I was left alone in the wild. At least she had fun and made the bride-to-be quite happy. Too bad the bride was human or else I might have found her quite lovely.

During the week, she wandered London while her friends were at work, much to my relief. So many beautiful, cougar-like telephones, lights and signs.

I was almost in over my head, but no number of women can intimidate me. In the British Museum and the V & A Museum she was exposed to several Korean culture exhibits. She poked around the Natural History Museum and saw a bunch of stuffed animals, which she rather enjoyed, but I wished she would go somewhere that didn’t talk about beings that require oxygen to survive.

She also purchased a dress, shoes and jewellry for the wedding, which was quite boring, but she enjoyed. I don’t understand why she didn’t cater to my needs more since I am taking the time to maintain this blog for her. Ungrateful woman.

(Text to teach Hangul to the Hanja reading masses. I admit, this is very, very cool.)

Of course, she made time to catch up with a few K-dramas and was thoroughly made fun of by her English hosts. But no K-drama addict is ashamed and she continued her catch-up proudly. Now I can promise to aid her in future recaps.

What kind of musician would she be if she didn’t go to a concert. She saw the Chilingirian Quartet play with a few Royal College musicians and was more impressed by the students than the professional quartet. But they did play the Mendelssohn Octet, which even I admit is a rather brilliant piece of writing.

One evening, Raine and her friends went to see a Lebanese film entitled, “Where do we go now?” and it was rather brilliant. I was glad to sneak in without a ticket. Then they went out for Korean food and Raine taught them how to properly drink soju. Very good, Raine m’dear.

She just passed a second weekend in the countryside, but I will recount those tales later as we are about to set out for more London touring.

Over and out.

2 responses to “Boris Checks After a Week of Fun”

  1. hahaha! korean food in london! but i can see from the photos that you guys are really having fun out there. enjoy,chin gu! i’m still missing si hoossi dreadfully. and your psh rantings. lol

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