The Thousandth Man: Character Introductions

by: Raine

MBC’s new special, The Thousandth Man, features your favorite Korean legend and mine, the gumiho! Except this time there isn’t just one, there are THREE! And yes, they really do eat mens’ livers. Watch your significant others, ladies ,or they might be lunch!

Recaps: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

character introductions

Gu Mi-jin

Actor: Kang Ye-won

Nickname: None

The only gumiho in her family who hasn’t yet become human. She needs to eat one more man’s liver in one hundred days. If she does, she becomes human. If she doesn’t, she becomes foam.

Unlike her mother, Gu Mi-sun, and younger sister, Gu Mi-mo, Mi-jin needs for the men who die for her to actually love her and give up their livers voluntarily.

Gu Mi-sun

Actor: Jeon Mi-sun

Nickname: Mother, mom, mommy

The mother of Gu Mi-jin and Gu Mi-mo. She has already become human and has exquisite taste in food. She also despises when Mi-jin acts like a gumiho because she wants her daughter to become a human and live beyond the next hundred days.

Gu Mi-mo

Actor: Hyomin

Nickname: Sis, sister

Mi-jin’s little sister who has also become human. She is quite the flirt. She also teases her sister that she doesn’t know what it’s like to be human so Mi-jin doesn’t have a valid opinion on the subject. She, too, wants Mi-jin to become human.

She is also thrilled by the chase and has made Eung-suk the target of her next adventure.

Kim Eung-suk

Actor: Lee Chun-hee

Nickname: Hottie

The hot, hot, hot manager of an exclusive restaurant named Last. He works with his hyung, Chef Pierre Seo, and is very picky about his clientele. He chooses the clients and the menu. He doesn’t give out reservations easily. His belief is that Last should provide a beautiful memory for those who dine there.

From what I’ve seen of the first episode, he is quite the romantic but he’s also extremely gun-shy with women. Chef Seo says Eung-suk won’t even let them near him.

Eung-suk has a very sensitive palette and is a help to his hyung in the kitchen.

His doppelganger is the Gu Mi-jin’s deceased husband from the Goryeo Dynasty.

Oh yes, he has a deep dark secret. BWAHAHA!

Seo Kyung-suk

Actor: Seo Kyung-suk

Nickname: None

His chef’s name is Chef Pierre Seo. He is Eung-suk’s hyung and the chef at Last. He rather likes the female clientele and gets frustrated with Eung-suk’s choosiness. He severely dislikes Secretary Park.

Nam Woo-hyun

Actor: Nam Woo-hyun

Nickname: None

The Gu’s neighbor. He is in love with Mi-mo. They always hangout but she treats him like a little brother.

Park Jung-hak

Actor: Park Jung-hak

Nickname: None

He works for Gu Mi-sun and is in love with her. He has a severe exterior but Mi-sun can make him cry like a baby. He tries to hide his tears with sunglasses. He is severely OCD and likes to iron socks.


Actor: Min-seok

Nickname: None

Appeared in the first episode as Gu Mi-jin’s ex-boyfriend who tries to woo her. He ends up running away when she asks him for his liver…

Production Details

Episodes: 8

Broadcast network: MBC

Broadcast Period: 8.17.12 to 10.5.12

Air Time: Friday Night 21:55

Director: Kang Chul-woo, Choi Hwa-jin

Screenwriters: Kim Kyun-tae

 Recaps: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

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  1. Hi Raine!
    Cancel your plans and watch answer to 1997 now!!
    Even if you have to go work… or its your moms birthday… or your best friend is getting married… or your sister is giving birth… or whatever… Just skip it and watch… its that good :O

    I just finished watching ep14…. best drama ever!! Too bad its ending next week 😦

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