Happy One Year Raine’s Dichotomy!

by: Raine

So it’s been a year (as of September 19th) since the Dichotomy was born from my need to write. Admittedly, I didn’t get into K-drama posting until later in the year. But a birthday is a birthday nonetheless.

I never expected it to grow this big (or to be this much work) but it’s one of the most satisfying endeavors I’ve undertaken. I get to write about what I love, meet people who love what I love, and post all the flippin’ pictures I want of Park Shi-hoo! ASA!

(He’s singing me happy birthday…*cough*)

Ahem, I got sidetracked.

What the Dichotomy has become was definitely not what I intended it to be. Had I expected to recap? No. Had I expected to watch an unhealthy number of dramas? No. Had I expected to have so many project ideas that I’m fumbling to bring them all to reality? No. But I think that’s what makes a blog fun. I can work on whatever I want, whenever I want. Choose whatever I want to write about and write about it. Learn about anything and share it. Of course, most of this information has been K-drama related, but learning is learning right

I’ve also gotten to collaborate with other writers, bring in guest writers and showcase other talents. (Yes, I’m a talent. It’s my blog’s birthday and I can brag if I want to! :P)

Here’s to another wonderful year! Happy birthday my dear blog. You’ve been wonderful thus far! I promise I will make you banners, keep the ideas coming and keep the readers reading!

And I just have to say:

Happy Birthday my dear blog!

11 responses to “Happy One Year Raine’s Dichotomy!”

  1. Very late, and my first comment here since I usually lurk, but happeh happeh burfdai~ You do an amazing job and deserve all the cakie you want <333 May this place flourish with more of your addictions~

  2. Happy birthday Raine’s Dichotomy!
    Thanks very much and grateful for sharing with us. Hope that your Dichotomy may last for many years to come!!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!! A year is a LOT of blogging, lots of words.
    Congrats! I know it isn’t easy to dedicate this much time to sharing your thoughts with us, and giving us a place to share ours.

  4. saeng il chu ka ham nida, Raine’s Dichotomy!
    more more more blogs!!! especially on the kkot peun nam si hoossi!!!!!
    and Happy Chuseok,too, Raine!

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