Full House Take 2: Episode 2 Recap

by: Raine and MadDino

Raine: Here we go! Episode 2. The heroine gets figuratively kicked in the teeth and we’re one step closer to some sexy co-habitation. Nom, nom, nom.

episode 2 recap


Raine: So Ding Dong and Tae-ik (who currently sports his normal sheep ‘do) rush to the hapkido studio, Manokgwan. Ding Dong rushes inside, calling for master’s help while Tae-ik, aka Sheepy, would much rather visit a hospital. But when he hears Ding Dong’s cry of relief, he decides to try it. Who should he find but the chick he stole the scooter from. She points out that her friend Billy also dislocated his arm and grins evilly while she relocates Sheepy’s shoulder.

Deeno: She ought to strangle him. That would be more fun.

Raine: Just think, if he dies now, no nakedness in the future.

Deeno: You say that like it’s a bad thing?

Raine: I’m a pervert for a reason. I like my men naked.

Deeno: Disgusting. Covered in blood is clearly better.

Billy the mannequin: How about plastic fantastic?

Deeno: I’m ignoring him.

Raine’s fourth answering machine, Boris: I’m partial to appliances. Shiny ones.

Fluffy Deeno: How about dinosaurs. Pink and perky?

Raine: Let’s stop this now. I’m getting scared.

Raine: Meanwhile, the landlady comes to collect rent and takes a photo of Sheepy’s face as he gets his shoulder relocated. He makes a big deal of the pain, but he’s just being a baby as he’s perfectly fine. Man-ok starts harping on Sheepy about poor Billy, but Sheepy is distracted by the calendar on the wall that has the dates of all of Take One’s concerts and a sticker for their fan club. Sheepy believes that she lied about not being his fan and smirks in triumph. He stars three dates and leaves her to figure out what they mean.

In the car, Sheepy sneezes like a wimp and complains about the dirty studio as Baek Go-dong, his driver and go-to man, compliments Man-ok’s hapkido awesomeness. Go-dong is curious why Sheepy wrote his schedule on the board and it turns out that he was jealous that only Kang-hwi’s schedule was on there.


Deeno: Oh, the tiny little idol got his ego crushed.

Raine: It’s a bit bigger than just tiny. It’s like the size of Texas.

And…why was Ding Dong in the car?

Deeno: I agree. He clearly should be under the car.

Raine: I totally just laughed out loud. But the princess in me says be nice to the kiddies.

Deeno: She should be under the car, too.

Raine: My princess doesn’t do cars.

Deeno: Giant orange carriage? Ick. Orange is the nastiest color.

Raine: Pumpkin carriages are so last season.

Deeno: True. I like the tanks much better.

Raine: Kang-hwi is trying on clothes as his fans, including Han Ga-ryun, watch through the window. They notice a woman in a red hat who supposedly came to Korea to stalk Take One. Ga-ryun begs Man-ok for money to go to a fan meeting after Kang-hwi smiles at her. She wants an advance on her paycheck, but Man-ok doesn’t have the money.

Deeno: One never has money when one needs it. I was going to get a new set of knives just the other day. Didn’t have enough money and my week was ruined.

Raine: I was going to buy Boris a girlfriend before he sassed me.

Raine’s fourth answering machine, Boris: I’ll be good, I swear!

Deeno: Yeah that will last all of two seconds. If we’re lucky.

Raine: Ga-ryun uses the waterworks to score the cash and waxes poetic on the beauty of her oppa, which makes Man-ok remember how handsome he was in person. She imagines telling Ga-ryun that she touched Kang-hwi’s hand and then his scary fangirls attacking her for it.

Deeno: Fangirls scare me.

Raine: You scare me.

Billy the mannequin: I like fangirls. They gave me my two minutes of fame on screen.

Deeno: Talking mannequins scare me.

Billy the mannequin: I agree with Raine. You’re scary.

Raine: So Man-ok mentions Sheepy who Ga-ryun says is full of himself. (We know.) Man-ok is confused that Ga-ryun doesn’t like both of them but gets accosted again for the money. Ga-ryun promises to lower rent and Man-ok threatens to tell Ga-ryun’s mother what’s happening to the rent money.

Ga-ryun goes to her mother (Madam Hong) who is dancing. Hong hurts herself and leaves so when her phone dings, Ga-ryun checks it and finds the picture of Sheepy.

Deeno: I see her evil look. She’s plotting something nefarious and I want to be included.

Raine: She isn’t smart enough to plan anything fun. You should take over if you want something really fun.

Deeno: I’m thinking we should open up Billy’s head and see if there is a pickled baby inside!

Billy the mannequin: Keep her away.

Raine’s fourth answering machine, Boris: She’s really quite lovely once you get to know her.

Raine: Man-ok is dressing up Billy when her phone rings.

Billy the mannequin: She makes me look so good.

Deeno: I think you’d look stunning after I took a flamethrower to you.

Raine: Leave him alone! He saved Kang-hwi so he may smile adorably again.

Deeno: I knew something was missing. I haven’t seen that beautiful smile all episode! Grumble. Grumble Grumble.

Raine: Finally, we can agree!

Deeno: Is this where I pick another fight?

Raine: Man-ok’s caller is “the enemy of my life” (ie Ga-ryun). She offers to find more hapkido students for her for a cut per student. The next day when Man-ok goes for a run, she sees a poster with Sheepy’s picture advertising that he even goes to this studio. She finds Ga-ryun posting more and tells her to stop. But Ga-ryun makes a valid point: she needs to take advantage of a Hallyu stars presence to bring in the flow. Of course Ga-ryun wants a cut, but she’s still got the business savvy going on.

Raine: Moments later, the students come in droves. Man-ok pays Ga-ryun and also asks her to take charge of Man-ok-ee’s clothing store for now and convinces her with double the pay. She promises to advertise the store well. In fact, one of Man-ok’s hapkido uniform Man-ok gave out is getting rave reviews online.

Hrm, Ga-ryun is useful, but a totally annoying money-grubber.

Deeno: Maybe if she used it on something besides idols I could back her up. I like that Sheepy is completely petty and cheap just because it’s such a sharp contrast from how he’s supposed to act as an idol.

Raine: I bet you a million dollars it turns out to be a major plot point.

Deeno: I’d rather it didn’t.

Raine: Tae-ik the sheep is adding up receipts when an excited Kang-hwi runs in. He’s found the photo of the uniform, which also includes a shot of the promotion poster for the studio. He’s horrified and order the president to take the horrid photo down. The president sends the industry experienced Manager Hwang to do damage control.

Deeno: Damage control with an AK-47. That’s my type of damage control.

Raine: You are a special deenosaur. One with enough digits to manage an AK-47.

Deeno: Well there is a “4” and a “7”.

Raine: I think I’m confused…

Man-ok tries to explain her way out of it, but Hwang isn’t having it. The photo is floating around the internet now. Hwang says he will proceed with a lawsuit for defamation and illegal use of his picture and name. She should shut down her online store and prepare to pay.

Raine: To make matters worse, her strict grandfather calls and she quickly gets him off the phone only to be waylaid by Madam Hong and a strange, twitchy, dancing man, Mr. Oh. He wants to rent the studio at night to train for a dance seminar. Man-ok agrees only for the money and on the condition that it’s only until her grandfather returns.

That’s just too suspicious.

Fluffy Deeno: True. Who would want to dance there when they could dance in a flowery meadow?

Raine: What is she still doing here? I thought you said she wouldn’t be rearing her ugly head anytime soon!

Deeno: She already reared her head. And it couldn’t be helped. She’s a master of dancing.

Raine: A applying butterfly stickers in inappropriate places.

Fluffy Deeno: *waltzes in and place a butterfly sticker on Timmy’s nose*

Timmy, Raine’s ridiculously adorable cat: *claws Fluffy Deeno’s face*

Deeno: Fluffy! With blood! I’m going to keep her around forever! Mwhehehehehe!

Raine: No!!!

Raine: Ga-ryun and her fangirl friends are following Kang-hwi in a taxi and is mighty uncooperative when Man-ok asks where to find Sheepy. As Man-ok searches for him, she remembers that Take One’s lawyer said they don’t want to sue because of image so they will settle – for $30,000 and she needs to take down her webpage, Manokine. She thinks the conditions are ridiculous and stalks the stalking fan girls to find Sheepy. The woman in the red hat is in the crowd of rabid fangirls. Sheepy finally comes out and quickly leaves with fangirls in pursuit.

Raine: When Man-ok gets home, she finds the police have created a perimeter and are arresting people for illegal gambling. Yeah, that’s what happens when you trust a twitchy, dancing man.

Deeno: I like it when the police visit. *shifty eyes*

Raine: I think I’m going to run away now. Away from you. Away from flowery fields…towards naked Noh Min-woo.

Deeno: I’m going stay here and hug my Kang Hwi!

Raine: Oh, he can strip, too.

Deeno: No need. I’m happy with him just the way he is.


Raine: Man-ok is hauled to the police station for questioning and insists on her innocence. The cop tries to box her into guilt because she was going to accept money for rent. Twitchy, dancing man pretends to be on Man-ok’s side and the cop charges her with aiding the gambling ring and tells her to prepare to suspend her business. So she stands and accuses the police of harming an innocent citizen. She tries to sit and protest, but they haul her out and her business has to shut down for the time being.

Deeno: I’m sure gramps will love that.

Raine: He’s going to pop a vessel and then break all the bones in her body.

Raine: Ga-ryun tries to comfort her by saying that her mom didn’t know that twitchy, dancing man was evil and that mom will pay the fees and won’t ask for rent. But Man-ok isn’t mollified. What is she going to live on? Before Ga-ryun can comfort her, indignant mothers swoop in and beat Man-ok even lower. They also want their money back.

Yes, this episode is about quashing the heroine’s every last vestige of hope so that she may rise again with the help of a highly allergic, testy k-pop idol.

Deeno: He’s cheap too! Don’t forget that.

Raine: The kind that will buy her cup ramyun on a date and make her drive?

Deeno: That actually sounds kinda good. I have a nasty ramyun craving. I watch way too much k-drama.

Raine: I’ve eaten waaaaay too much ramyun during the  past few months. Moving makes $.99 ramyun very appealing.

Raine: Man-ok withdraws the cash and prepares it for the parents. When her grandfather calls, she lies that everything is fine. She worries about what would happen if he discovered the truth – and imagines him flipping her over his shoulder.

She spots the poster and vents her anger at the picture of Tae-ik the sheep. She receives a package and it’s the shirt that Kang-hwi ordered. (Let’s recall that she doesn’t know it’s Kang-hwi because he used a pseudonym to order.) She decides to deliver the package herself.

Do I smell hijinks around the corner?

Deeno: I smell Kang Hwi’s pretty face in the near future.

Raine: I’m not really thinking about smelling that face…

Deeno: You have a hard time picking up the scent of blood. It’s to be expected.

Raine: I would make this more explicit, but I don’t want to scare some of the readers away.

Deeno: Bad, Pervert Unni!

Raine: Man-ok rings the bell, disturbing Sheepy who wants Go-dong to answer the door, but he’s not there. Sheepy is in the middle of pouring all of his sample bottles into bigger bottles.

At the last minute, she remembers she’s supposed to call, but Tae-ik the sheep has answered it. He thinks she stalked him; she is utterly pleased at her luck. He also wonders if she’s a W.P., a wicked private fan. Oooh – can I be one of those?!

Deeno: I’d say you already are one.

Raine: Am I? Did you give him my name without me knowing? What an amazing frenemy you are!

Deeno: No I just called a few of the police stations in Korea to warn them.

Raine: A fan cannot be stopped by the police. Just ask the saesang fans.

Deeno: They’d probably rip my head off for even suggesting it. Especially when they find out that I’ve wished for their biases’ character to die a bloody gruesome death.

Raine: Now that is gore I wouldn’t mind seeing. I’ll save a drop of your blood on a slide just like Dexter to remember you by.

Raine: She takes offense at the name calling and he slams the gate in her face, pissed about her recklessly using his photograph. Of course, Kang-hwi witnesses as she pelts Sheepy in the head with the package. HA! Growling like a crazed animal, she starts to climb the fence and he thinks she’s nuts. She orders him to come out and take responsibility for everything, which of course gives Kang-hwi pause.

Is he thinking they made pretty Noh Min-woo babies?

Deeno: He’s making babies with Sheepy?

Raine: And my mind is in the gutter?

Deeno: How can a character mate with his actor? Is this like that starfish thing where I should just start chopping off limbs?

Raine: Anyway, she apologizes for using his face but wonders if he has to take the bread out of her mouth so he can feel better. For him its embarrassment and irritation – for her its a matter of making a living.

This is sounding worse and worse…

He tells her that his face is how he makes a living and that she hurt his livelihood first. But she doesn’t care, he’s living in luxury. This touches a nerve and he storms away.

Raine: Soju time!

She drinks her sorrows away. She has no immediate living expenses or even a way to make them. Or money to pay the settlement. She pulls out a shawl and remembers happy memories with her parents. Could she sell it? No. Never.

We have our object of great importance.

Deeno: I’ll get the flamethrower.

Raine: I would confiscate it, but I’m curious how this might turn out. Besides, I want to take a turn with that thing!

Billy the mannequin: I vote we get rid of it. *glances at Deeno and shudders*

Deeno: Mwhahahahahahaha! *pulls out the flamethrower* There will be casualties tonight!

Raine’s fourth answering machine, Boris: Oh, she is quite lovely, this flamethrower.

Raine: GUYS! No murdering, melting or flirting until we’re done with the recap!

Raine: There is a knock on the door and it turns out to be a smiling Kang-hwi.

Deeno: *puts down her flamethrower and scurries over to give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek*

Raine: Cheek? Pffffft.

Deeno: I’m innocent when it comes to love. To make up for the aspects of my life where I’m…less…innocent.

Raine: Well, I guess more for me.

Deeno: Like you could steal oppa away from me!

Raine: Men are easily swayed…I could also use that flamethrower…

Deeno: *pulls out her AK-47*

Raine: Anywho, Man-ok thinks she’s seeing things because she’s drunk so when Kang-hwi grabs her wrist to keep her from going, she freaks and flips him over her shoulder onto the ground. Then she realizes it really is him as he passes out from the pain.

Then she’s got the hot idol star in her bed, wondering why he came. She wonders how much hurting him will cost her.

Deeno: I’m thinking dirty thoughts. Just putting that out there.

Raine: And your dirty thoughts aren’t the same kinda dirty as mine. This recap is just all kinds of inappropriate.

Raine: When he doesn’t wake, she holds her ear to his nose and lips to see if he’s breathing and, of course, turns her eyes towards his face just as he wakes. He doesn’t say anything to her; instead, he runs towards her shelf of accessories, recognizing them from her website, Manokine.

In a funny little aside, Man-ok covers up her empty soju bottles with a hat!

She wonders how he knows the website and he identifies himself as “Na-nim.” She recognizes the shirt and they have a nice giggly, smile-y bonding session.

Deeno: *giggles*

Raine: *squee* I want a bonding session, too, with Park Shi-hoo. A giggly one.

Raine: He flashes back to earlier when he was searching for her site to check on his order and it was shut down. He pitches a toddler’s fit and wonders if Sheepy sued for violating portrait rights. It wasn’t even photographed well!

Heehee. I like how the fact that they are enemies draws out this scenario in a believable way. Sheepy wouldn’t tell Kang-hwi about any of the encounters with Man-ok and vice versa. But, I am ready for them all to meet now. Or yesterday.

Deeno: Me too! I’m just waiting for this love triangle to all be trapped inside one house. That’s going to be fun.

Raine: So. Much. Fun. There should be pillow fights!

Kang-hwi is distracted from his annoyance by a woman yelling outside. It’s the scene from earlier, when Man-ok was verbally tearing Sheepy a new one at the front gate. He hears her talk about shutting down her site and remembers her as “mannequin unni” and then later learning her name in the parking lot. Then he sounds out her name and the name from the website, realizing they are one and the same.

Raine: Back to the present in Man-ok’s pad, Kang-hwi apologizes for the situation that arose because of the photo and she assures him that he has nothing to be sorry for. Instead, she apologizes for hurting him and promises to pay for the hospital bill as soon as she earns money. And please, don’t sue her.


Deeno: Hehehehe. Kang Hwi smiles.

Raine: Park Shi-hoo smiles…

He assures her that he’s fine, even though he’s not, and that he won’t sue her. He empathizes with her about the lawsuit and about shutting down her website. Then he pounces: sell me that vintage clothing; I’ll pay you a lot. When she refuses he starts to whine and wheedle, assuring her that those beautiful clothes need to find a proper owner like him. She reveals that they are clothes left behind by her deceased parents, which shuts him up right quick.

Kang-hwi glances around awkwardly and his eyes land on her shawl. Did she make it? Did she design everything on Manokine? Would she like to work for Take One? They would use all the items in her shop. When she seems unsure, he promises her a handsome salary from which they would deduct the settlement money. And if it goes well, they could reduce the settlement amount.

The prospect excites her until she remembers Sheepy called her wicked for selling someone else’s face and coming to his home shamelessly. She declines and Kang-hwi thinks she is doubting her abilities and assures her she’ll do fine. Then he thinks she doesn’t want to work with him, (and gives her a bit of aegyo) but she quickly corrects him: I don’t want to work with that jerk!

Deeno: I want to work with both of them.

Raine: Work with both of them? Work on them…I’d bring Sheepy stuff he was allergic to so he’d have to be shirtless…

Deeno: This recap is getting scary.

Raine: Scary started when you brought in the flamethrower.

Deeno: Flamethrowers are kinda par for the course when it comes to our recaps.

Raine: Kinda like Park Shi-hoo.

Raine: Kang-hwi quickly understands that she is referring to Sheepy. He is assured by that and tells her he has a plan.

Sheepy comes downstairs  and is startled to find a woman completely covered to head-to-toe in what looks to be an abaya.

Deeno: Wait, really? That’s completely ridiculous, but I love it.

Raine: Me, too. There is gonna be a lot of fun next episode.


Raine: So is this show original? No. Is it particularly inspired in anyway? No. Does it still amuse me? Yes.

It sticks a lot of things in purely for shock value, but hey, they keep me interested. And let’s just admit it: there is a whole lot of pretty.

My hope for this show is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously, especially when the angst episodes and potential separation period come. The humor with the undercurrent of honesty is what makes this show go ’round.

Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 (final)

Character Introductions.

Full House Take 2 Episode 2 Screencaps.

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  1. Drama + recap = double dose of funny. Do I feel invested in the story? Absolutely not. Do I drool on the abs of No Min-woo (exposed in each episode)? Oh Yeah!!!

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