Full House Take 2: Episode 4 Recap

by: Raine and MadDino

Raine: We got some cute. We got some romance. Deeno can’t seem to keep her flamethrower put away and our menagerie of animals keeps getting crazier…

“Love Note”Ailee (from the Full House Take 2 OST) 

episode 4 recap


Deeno: Sheepy finds out that Man Ok lost the watch. He runs inside and interrupt Kang Hwi/Bunny‘s comforting hug to yell at Man Ok. Or he’s just yelling because he’s jealous that Bunny is holding Man Ok when he wants to be held. I’m jealous too. It’s OK, Sheepy.

Raine: I’ll hold you! I love hugs.

Deeno: I want hugs too! From Bunny.

Raine: I give amazing hugs…

Deeno: Scary! *hides in corner while batting away the invisible creepy hug vibes*

Deeno: Sheepy leaves while rejoicing that Man Ok will soon be fired. He runs into Errand Boy outside who offers him the cat pajamas. Sheepy tells him to hide them away and he’ll deal with them later. By tossing them in an incinerator. Mmm… Incinerator. I think I know someone who wants to take a tour of that.

Bunny offers Man Ok a ride home. Sheepy watches them from a distance and wonders if they are dating.

Raine: They do look awfully cozy. I’m sensing a jealous sheep in our midst.

Deeno: Jealous dinosaur too.

Raine: This could get dangerous…

Deeno: Blood makes hugging better.

Raine: Like I said…

Deeno: Man Ok’s friend bangs at the door of the gym. She’s worried that Man Ok will be suffering after she betrayed her, but the minute she sees Man Ok talking with Bunny she turns into a jealous monster and tries to rip Man Ok’s hair out. Oh, don’t we all wish it was so.

Raine: Well, with the way she was growling and her mouth was contorting I really thought she was gonna.

Deeno: She should have.

Raine: Love for bunnies really changes a person…

Deeno: *tries to act inconspicuous*

Deeno: Man Ok goes inside for the night and shuts off her phone so she won’t have to listen to her friend’s calls all night. At least she doesn’t yank out the battery.

Raine: I tried yanking the battery out. It just takes way too long with smart phones.

Deeno: Mr. Dino does it all the time and it drives me crazy. He has thinks the phones will last longer or something if he takes the battery out while he’s not using it. And then he leaves it in the cupholder where I spill lemonade all over it. It makes no sense.

Raine: New rule – batteries need to stay in phones unless force resetting them or changing them.

Deeno: While Man Ok’s phone is off, Sheepy is busy checking himself out in the mirror. He decides that he looks good so he goes online to get more confirmation of the fact. He realizes that he’s supposed to take another photo in the cat pajamas so he dons a rain coat and face mask to deal with the vile clothing. He approaches it like it’s toxic and using sticks pulls it out and finds the watch. He calls Man Ok, but her phone is off so he calls her over and over.

Raine: Back track…Sheepy checks his hot self in the mirror. How vain, and how awesomely happy for me! *SQUEEE* Oh yes, Sheepy isn’t immediately cruel to her. He called her right away. I think that scores him some cool points.

Deeno: I like cute points more. I do like that he tried to do the right thing first.

Deeno: Man Ok wakes up and finds a million missed calls. Some calls are even as late as 3am and she gets so annoyed by his rudeness that she decides to ignore his calls.

Raine: Again, he’s cool points get cancelled out by his inconsiderate points HOWEVER…he found a bajillion dollar watch. I think I’d appreciate a call in the middle of the night.

Deeno: Just not ten calls.

Raine: It just shows that he cares…I think I’m getting warm fuzzies…with six-pack abs…

Deeno: Pervert!

Raine: *grins*

Deeno: Man Ok thought dealing with Sheepy would be bad, but now she has to deal with losing the watch. She asks for one more day to find it and offers to pay the cost of the watch if she can’t. It’s way more than she can afford, but Bunny jumps in to say that he’ll pay in her stead. He feels responsible since she only lost track of it because he was joking around with her. She feels that it’s too much, but Bunny doesn’t care because Man Ok looks like his first love. Poor Bunny, his first love ought to have had a better haircut.

Raine: Agreed. Let’s just shave that business off and donate it to charity.

Deeno: Would they even want it? I mean it’s got to be really messed up to look that bad. Probably mutant and super flammable. Now that I want to test out.

Raine’s fourth answering machine, Boris: Wait for Billy to come back. Then you can glue it to his head and have at it.

Deeno: Poor Billy, we’re already plotting his second demise.

Raine’s fourth answering machine, Boris: I need something to do while Raine ogles abs and you hug bunnies…

Deeno: *hugs Bunny*

Deeno: Sheepy wonders if Man Ok is ever going to return and just then she does…with Bunny. Sheepy gets defensive when Bunny accuses him of being an unfeeling monster who could care less whether or not Man Ok is in trouble. Sheepy is too embarrassed to admit that he’s not worried because he already found the watch. Instead he tells Man Ok to trim a bush. Man Ok gets frustrated thinking that all the calls he made the night before were about a stupid bush so she takes her frustrations out on the bush before storming away to find the watch. Mwhahahaha.

Raine: I feel so badly for him, but these petty, insecure reactions really just crack me up!

Deeno: Man Ok searches for the watch every where urged on by Sheepy’s challenge that she’ll never find the watch. When she gets another call from Sheepy she nearly hangs up, but he’s able to bark out one last order, to come back within an hour.

Raine: I just have to point out. These last two interactions between Sheepy and Man-ok are SO. CUTE. He is all haughty and arrogant and when she gets pissed and walks away/makes a move to hang up, he acts surprised and hurt that she’s doing so. Does he really think yelling is the best way to flirt? Awww….

Deeno: It is rather adorable. It makes me wonder how sheltered he is. When is the last time he even talked to a girl?

Raine: Talked to? Never. Yelled at/snapped at/ordered around? He probably didn’t realize that the object of his verbal diarrhea was human.

Deeno: Sheepy artfully tries to display the watch for Man Ok to find. He’s interrupted when Bunny walks in and notices the watch. Bunny first accuses Sheepy of pocketing the watch and then decides that Sheepy hid it just to torment Man Ok. He’s ready to call the presses and spread the tale of Sheepy’s pettiness to all corners of the globe. Sheepy tells him that he was planning to return it, but he was too busy arguing with Man Ok to actually bring it up.

Deeno: Man Ok joins them and Sheepy thinks that Bunny is going to reveal his ludicrous version of events, but Bunny actually makes Sheepy look like a better man that he really was and gives Man Ok back the watch. To keep Bunny’s motor mouth shut Sheepy offers to let him use the sauna. Awwwww, these two.

Raine: Bromance! Bromance! Bromance!

Deeno: Man Ok’s friend and the French fan try to find the con artist who sold them the press passes. With a little bribery and a few lies they get him to come back. They try to beat him up, but somehow end up joining him in a plot to make money off of Man Ok. Man Ok’s friend tries to get the location of Sheepy’s house off of Man Ok, but Man Ok won’t accept it. They decide to tail her next, but they lose her.

Raine: Lamest car chase ever. But it can’t be k-drama without a few car chases involving scooters.

Deeno: They should have spiced things up with a flame thrower.

Raine: I’m telling you, singe those nasty curls right off.

Deeno: I want to get rid of the clown car of stalker fans mores.

Raine: Two birds with one stone, Deeno baby.

Deeno: Bunny has issues with his eyes right before the performance. He blames it on his contact lense. He goes to the bathroom to check it out and runs into a junior. The junior sasses him, so Bunny sasses him back.

Raine: I love seeing Bunny hold his own even when he’s in the midst of freaking out over his eyesight. He has the wherewithal to perpetually be kick-ass.

Deeno: Bunny and Sheepy do their dance…again. Grumble. Grumble. Grumble. In the middle of the performance Bunny’s vision starts to blur. He stops as tears stream down his face.

Don’t worry, Bunny, Deeno is here to give you a hug!

Raine: Don’t be blind, Bunny!


(Raine: I love Man-ok’s dejected body language…)

Raine: Bunny has his eyes closed in the car and Man-ok tries to apply a cold compress to soothe them. He protests that he is okay, but Sheepy points out that they even made an excuse that Bunny collapsed and had to go to the hospital. He’s embarrassed about the lie and Sheepy thinks he was faking because he’s fine now; Sheepy blames stress and fatigue.

I have a sinking suspicion it’s not just that. NO! Not Captain Pretty Smile!

Deeno: Be happy. I love you! I’ll make it all better. Even if I have to steal a few eyes to do it.

Raine: Give him blue eyes! Wait…that’s disgusting. What am I saying?

Raine: Anyway, Sheepy is peeved that they’re being called to see the president, but it turns out, the prez is stoked. Bunny’’s tears moved the crowd and got the best feedback. The president reminds Sheepy that the contract ends tomorrow and he better do well at the shoot in order to get it renewed. Sheepy was already jealous of Bunny’s tears – now he’s all out pissed. He leaves, making the excuse he needs his beauty sleep, but Bunny is confused.

Guess blondie isn’t privvy to the president’s blackmail.

Deeno: Blackmail is good. I have some of that.

Raine: I’d imagine the asylum houses more than just “some”.

Deeno: Shhhhh! You know nothing.

Raine: *evil grin*

Raine: Bunny gets his eyes checked out – he thinks his contact lenses are the problem. The doctor wonders if the eye trauma he had as a child could have something to do with it and runs a few more tests.

Deeno: Eye trauma as a child? The poor little thing! I’ll make sure you’re safe and sound. I’ll fight off the bad guys then give you a nice bloody hug.

Raine: And this is where my absolute adulation of your fantasy comes to an end…

Raine: Man-ok and Sheepy are in the car and Man-ok sprays some moisturizer on him and offers him a neck pillow. He freaks out until she assures her she took all the proper steps to ensure they were allergen free. When he closes his eyes to rest, she borrows his tablet and yabbers to Go-dong about how awesome actress Jin Se-ryung is.

Hrm, that’s the same name that Song Nora/the woman in the red hat/French chick has on wiki…

Deeno: Are you sure you aren’t getting the actresses confused? I think the actress is the second lead and the French fan is just another annoying side character I want to kill.

Raine: Hrm…I think I did! In any case, there was the mention of our female second lead!

Deeno: I hate second leads…or female ones and most male ones.

Raine: They’re seriously just stuck in as conflict makers with no substance. But why isn’t Se-ryung in this yet? They’re taking a long time!

Deeno: Delay is good. And as little screen time as possible.

Raine: Point well made.

Anyway, so they think she’s cool and Sheepy snatches the tablet back so he can sleep in peace and quiet.

Raine: Sheepy is looking all sleek and non-Sheepy for a shoot but can’t get through his lines because he keeps sneezing. There are animals nearby to be used later in the shoot, but he makes Man-ok ask the director to take them away. The director is unhappy but he has them put back on the truck.

Deeno: Ooooo…animals. Dogs. Mwhehehehehehehehe! I miss Wild Romance and Dong Ah’s little doggy.

Raine: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raine: Man-ok fetches Sheepy from his trailer with a bit of attitude because he’d asked her so rudely to get rid of the animals. The shoot continues only to be interrupted by an executive of the company and his fiancee. Sheepy ignores them until they approach him directly. The executive acts all friendly and keeps calling a very unhappy Sheepy “friend.”

Evil, rich, powerful man who doesn’t get along with handsome idol? Ruh-roh!

Deeno: I’m going to grab the flamethrower just in case he picks on Sheepy.

Raine: I’m going to bring popcorn.

Raine: As Sheepy finishes the shoot, Go-dong asks a favor of Man-ok: please drive Sheepy back because he has something to do that can’t be told to the company. When she goes back to the shoot, she overhears the executive and his fiancee talking smack about Sheepy. He was a chaebol and is now broke. They call him a loser and that’s the last straw for Man-ok.

She marches up to them and calls them on their crap. The executive said they were friends and now he’s bad-mouthing. Man-ok tells the executive that he’s a loser for calling a ridiculously popular idol a loser. The fiancee tries to defend her man by saying he’s an executive, but Man-ok says those are a dime a dozen.

Man-ok, right now, you are my favorite character. Hot diggity damn, you’re rocking!

Deeno: She has guts and I love it! She actually has the skills to back up her opinions so she’s not afraid to voice them.

Raine: Fiancee tries to hit Man-ok who easily evades her and sends both her and the executive to the ground.

Raine: The executive and his whiny woman make a huge deal of the incident and place the blame on Man-ok for being low class. Sheepy shows up and Man-ok is about to tell the cruel couple that they should apologize instead of her, but she stops herself because she doesn’t want Sheepy to know and feel badly. The director scolds Sheepy for not training his staff better, but he ignores the situation and goes to rest until the shoot resumes.

Man-ok leaves, furious at what just happened and at Sheepy for ignoring her. The cat jumps out of the truck and Man-ok chases after it. Hrm, it looks just like her cat from the first episode…

Deeno: Don’t worry. I’ll catch the cat.

Raine: That is exactly why I’m worried…I’ll hide it where I hid Dong-ah’s dog so they can keep each other company.

Deeno: Why would you hide Dong Ah’s dog? I would…never…do anything to Dong Ah’s dog. *puts on sunglasses to hide my shifty eyes and a ski mask to hide my devilish grin*

Raine: Dinosaurs have too many teeth to hide behind a ski mask. I can see those canines shining…poor poochie.

Raine: When the shoot ends, Sheepy looks for Go-dong at the van, but discovers that Man-ok is to drive him and that she’s left her phone in the van. Then the nasty couple shows , telling him to train his stylist better. They take a few verbal jabs at each other but the executive calls him a cheap musician who is beneath him. Sheepy storms over and grabs his collar, but reigns in his very reasonable desire to punch the executive silly.

The executive has to have the last word and says that Sheepy is better than his stylist for reigning in his emotion. The stylist got mad when he talked badly about Sheepy.

NOW Sheepy decks him.

Oh. So. Satisfying. What a sheeptastic sheep.

Deeno: I advocate violence in the workplace.

Raine: It’s sheeptastic!

Deeno: You already said that and it scared me enough the first time.


Deeno: Sheeplastico!

Raine: It sounds like a spell learned at Hogwarts to change Billy into a sheep…

Raine: Sheepy realizes that his stylist was just protecting him and she got called low-class and looked down upon. He goes searching for her as everyone packs up, but can’t find her. Searching the woods, he finally finds her in a hole clutching the fluffy white cat that escaped. He immediately starts sneezing and thinks she’s crazy for saving a cat. They fight and she slumps over, tired and scared and unable to verbally spar with him in this situation.

He’s so socially awkward; it’s adorable. He can’t just converse normally. But, in this situation, it would be quite stressful for her to argue rather than be saved.

Finally, she convinces him to save her, but he tells her to leave the cat behind. He turns away but she stops him and puts the cat down on her feet. When he grabs her hand, she kicks the cat up into her arms and tries to climb up. But he sneezes and they both fall into the pit.

Deeno: That’s what she gets for saving the cat instead of making a nice stew.

Raine: I highly commend her for saving a cat. But I wouldn’t let her save mine…

Deeno: Better leave that to the professionals like me.

Raine: I’d hire a fireman and a dinosaur fighter – one to save my cat and one to keep you away. Or maybe I could hire Bunny instead to keep you occupied with hugging…

Deeno: *hugs the Bunny!*

Raine: For a moment he is stunned and doesn’t move, then whines pitifully about his pain and then sneezes. She grabs the cat and stares at him as he flips his lid. She suggests that he hand her up and although he despises the idea, he helps her out (as she holds the kittah!) Before she helps him out, she makes him ask politely for help and then unceremoniously hauls him out.

It’s now dark and cold. They make it back to the trailer only to find that the keys have fallen from Man-ok’s pocket during the ordeal. And, the battery in his phone has died. Convenient.

Deeno: But totally worth it.

Raine: ABS?!

Deeno: Are you adding fanservice again?

Raine: Heeeee…

(Raine: Here’s some Raineservice, er, I mean, fanservice…)

Raine: The door to the trailer is locked so Sheepy orders her to climb in. She wants him to hold the cat, but he finds a picnic basket conveniently laying nearby. He has to help her climb through the window and ends up violently shoving her in when she insults his strength.

Just a little note as someone with allergies: when someone holds a cat and a person allergic to cat dander stands near them, they will have the same allergic reaction as they would to the presence of the actual feline. I think it’s funny he only sneezes around the cat.

Raine: Man-ok emerges from the trailer with a bloody nose. Sheepy pushes his way in, refuses to let her sleep inside in order to protect his image and shoves a sleeping bag into her arms.

Yes, he wants her to sleep outside, in the cold.

As the final blow, he tells her to wipe the blood off her nose and she’s incredulous. Heck, I’m incredulous. Rude fellow!

Deeno: Yay!

Raine: I’m assuming that “Yay!” was for the blood and the violence. What am I saying? I know that’s what it was for. *le sigh*

Raine: But as it turns out, he has a conscience after all. (And a crush.) He can’t sleep and goes outside. he finds her bundled up in the sleeping back on a folding chair with her legs on a cooler. He tries to wake her and then takes a moment to study her dirty face, incredulous she can sleep in this situation. He realizes she’s actually kinda pretty and then his attraction to her dawns on him.

He inches towards her and we all think he is going to kiss her when he suddenly sneezes. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! What a mood killer. The cat is cuddled up inside the sleeping bag. Man-ok’s eyes pop open, but she’s still sleeping and murmurs that she’s cold.

And here is when we see that he actually cares for her.

Deeno: He just has to strangle the cat first.

Raine: That’s just wrong! Park Shi-hoo, come save the cat!

Deeno: He can’t hear you. Mwhehehehehehe!

Raine: You locked him in the asylum again, didn’t you? I told you not to do that! Is it the 182cm room? (Deeno has a room for men who are nice and deliciously tall…)

Deeno: But this time I put him in a padded room!

Raine: After this recap, I’m going to save my oppa with Bunny and Sheepy and Boris!

Deeno: You aren’t going anywhere with my Bunny!



Raine: *chokes back sobs as she types* Despite his earlier protests that he will not go anywhere near the cat, Sheepy reaches for the cat like Frankenstein and dumps it in the basket. He covers the basket with his jacket and then carries Man-ok inside the trailer to the bed. He takes a moment to watch her sleep.

I really, really like how his personality hasn’t changed at all despite his like (that came on so early in the show.). He’s still a douche, still selfish and even when he helps her, it’s still on his own terms.

Raine: Go-dong and Bum-soo try to get ahold of them, but they can’t reach them. They send out a search party and when they come upon the trailer, the noise wakes Man-ok.

She sits up and glances down to find Sheepy sleeping beside her. She screams but he covers her mouth.

So that scandal you were worried about causing…yeah, let’s see you worm your way out of this.

Deeno: Well he just has to sneak her out and push her in the pit with enough squirrels to feast on for few a days.

Raine: Yuck. *gag*

Deeno: Or they could be mutant squirrels who feast on her.

Raine: You work on mutating the squirrels. I have to go save Park Shi-hoo. Let’s go, Bunny. *hands him a machete*

Deeno: *stumbles after her macheted bunny as drool drips down her face*

Raine: And with that lovely image, we leave you until next episode.


Raine: So I am worried about Bunny’s eyesight. I actually am not a fan off illness used in this situation, but I’ll role with it because it’s Bunny and he’s cute.

I’m dying for some more bromance. They bicker like a husband and wife and in today’s episode it was particularly cute. I want to see them work on this aspect more because right now they’re working up how much each animal loves Man-ok.

And I’m so not a fan of the fangirl friend or Nora. If I wasn’t recapping, I’d just skip those bits entirely. They are annoying plot movers. ANNOYING! DIE! Deeno, where’d you put the flamethrower?!

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  1. Ah, your comments made my day after having my soul die from May Queen 24. Talk about leads who need to die (except for San-oppa) Why was there no blood in that scene…?

    Anywho. LOVED it. I can’t wait to read your recaps for episode 5 as they are as amusing as the actual drama and episode 5 had moments that had me thinking about your gals’ reactions. 🙂

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