Full House Take 2: Episode 6 Recap

by: Raine and MadDino

Raine: We got some crazy up in here! More media mayhem, a jerky president and cute animals to make our days better.

“Love Note”Ailee (from the Full House Take 2 OST) 

episode 6 recap


Deeno: The president tosses Bunny out of the boy band. No! Bunny has to be in the boy band. Are these words really coming out of my mouth?

Raine: BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I revel in the fact that you just said that!

Deeno: One time only thing.

Raine: Revel. Revel. Revel.

Deeno: Sheepy is outraged about the press release and wants to contact the president, but his manager convinces him to go home instead. Man Ok gets a secret phone call from Bunny asking her to meet up.

Deeno: Man Ok and Bunny discuss how Bunny was framed. Bunny realizes that the photos are from the day that he drank with the sassy junior, Jae Hee. Bunny has Man Ok call Sassy Pants so they can have a proper interrogation. I love how Man Ok is the bad cop and forces Sassy Pants to stay. Sassy Pants explains that he handed all the photos over to the president. Bunny blackmails him with a photo of him kissing a girl idol and move on to his next plot, tossing the president into a volcano.

Raine: For really?! Can we have a nice ritual that includes torture and humiliation?

Deeno: I don’t like torture. But death is good.

Raine: Humiliation then!

(I totally had to use that picture of Sheepy. I didn’t know sheep had fangs…)

Deeno: Sheepy tries to step in to protect Bunny from the president. He may not like Bunny, but they are a team. Aw!!!!

Raine: AWWWWW!!!!!!

Deeno: *happy dance*

Deeno: The president tells Sheepy to shut up and stay hidden or he’ll lose all chance of getting his house back. Seriously, what is so important about his house. Is there some kind of buried treasure there? And somehow I wouldn’t be surprised if that was actually introduced to the plot of this drama.

Raine: A whole cave of wonders! Abu, come and find us a secret passage.

Deeno: I want my cave to have a pool of blood.

Raine: I want my full of K-drama heroes…

Deeno: …skeletons.

Raine: *gags*

Deeno: The sleazy reporter follows Man Ok and Bunny to the Full House. Bunny and Man Ok have to break in and steal the originals and voice recording from the president. They sneak in through the secret entrance in Sheepy’s room. They are startled when Sheepy returns and Man Ok shoves Bunny down a flight of stairs to hide him.

I will kill Man Ok! She hurt my precious Bunny! Sure she didn’t know, but I must kill her!

Raine: No! Not Man-ok! We finally have a capable first lead!


Raine: She didn’t mean to! Leave her alone!

Deeno: I don’t care. I’m not going about this logically. And I don’t have to because this is a kdrama!

Raine: This is true. Then my defense of her can be illogical. I like her because she does cute things later for him. REALLY CUTE!

Deeno: Man Ok is forced to abandon Bunny even though it’s really hard to hide what she’s up to from Sheepy. Sheepy gets upset that Man Ok is wandering around happy without caring what’s going on to Sheepy. Sheepy, I love you for caring about Bunny.

Raine: Me, too. You know I love you, but you are a little dense. If someone was suspiciously hovering around a door, I’d check it out…

Deeno: I’d put a trap outside. Or have a bear guard it.

Raine: A dancing bear?

Deeno: A sheepy in a bear outfit?

Raine: That would be a lot of hair…

Deeno: Man Ok leaves the unconscious Bunny in Sheepy’s basement. She comes back the next day with food and takes care of Sheepys sprained ankle. He asks her to pick up his important belongings, which the president is throwing away. She gathers them without giving away what is going on.

Raine: How is this legal? That’s a lot of expensive stuff he’s just getting rid of!

Deeno: Because this is Korea. Land where no laws are enforced unless it’s against the hero or the last episode of an epic melodrama.

Raine: Ahhhh….

Deeno: It all makes sense now.

Deeno: Sheepy goes out to confront the president again, but he overhears that Bunny is still in Korea. The president orders his assistant to use Bunny’s phone and credit cards to track Bunny down. Is he going to join Man Ok and Bunny’s team?

Raine: That president will die by my hands. I’m glad Sheepy knows just how vile this man is!

Deeno: I know too! Does that help?

Raine: No.

Deeno: Newt lick?

Raine: A little…

Deeno: Creepy!

Deeno: The sleazy reporter digs through Bunny’s trash to find something useful. He finds a photo of Bunny and Sheepy cuddling. I love where this is going and I love that a photo like that exists without the evil girl in it. The president unwittingly brought down Sheepy in his attempt to get rid of Bunny.

Raine: Too bad this karma negatively affects my beloved menagerie.

Deeno: The fans silently protest for the return of Bunny. The president gets yelled at by his boss for making such a big mess of things.

Raine: ‘Cause he’s STOOPID!

Deeno: In an adorable way?

Raine: In an anti-adorable way. An extra anti-adorable way!

Deeno: Ants are adorable. What am I saying? They’re bugs. Bugs can’t be adorable.

Raine: Thank you for reminding me of that.

Deeno: Man Ok takes Bunny to the hospital. He’ll have a cast for four weeks. Grumble. Grumble. Grumble. Bunny is about to use his credit card to pay when he gets a text warning that the president is tracing his cards.

Raine: Who could that be?!

Deeno: Vanness!

Raine: Wow, he’s helpful, unless he still has his amnesia from Autumn’s Concerto.

Deeno: Bunny decides to keep living in Sheepy’s basement. Man Ok convinces him to ask Sheepy for help since Sheepy was really worried about him. He agrees and they head upstairs, but they stop when they hear the president ordering Sheepy to put out a solo album.

Raine: And the president mentions that Sheepy mentioned never wanting to work with a jerk like Bunny again. Aw, he was just being cranky!

Deeno: Being cranky is fun! I’m an expert. Grumble. Grumble. Grumble.


Raine: Before Bunny can hear Sheepy tell the jerky president that when he said he didn’t want to work with Bunny anymore was not what he meant, Bunny sadly hobbles away.

Deeno: Poor Bunny. I wish he’d stuck around just ten seconds longer. And I wish Sheepy had decked the president.

Raine: Can I get an ‘AMEN!”?

Deeno: Moosen!

Raine: That works, too.

Raine: The president says to focus on himself to regain Full House quickly and Sheepy broods.

Shifty Reporter Soh is writing up a story on who could be Bunny’s gay partner and reveling in his good luck.

Raine: Manager Hwang goes to speak with President Lee about what’s happening to the boys because he knows Lee did it. But Lee tells him that he pays him never to ask “why” and to never worry, just to work and keep quiet. When Hwang tries to reproach him, Lee tells him that he’ll let this transgression slide once and to leave. As soon as he does, Lee gets a text with a picture of Sheepy and Man-ok and sends Hwang to clean up the mess that he should’ve prevented in the first place.

Hwang goes to meet the blackmailer with cash. Even though he has a mask on we can tell the blackmailer is Jae-hee’s sidekick/manager bitch. Hwang has figured it out, too, and warns him that he will let him get away with this kind of trick once, but not again. The kid leaves, trips out of the car, and Hwang drives away after advising him not to live like this.

Deeno: Most awkward tripping ever.

Raine: Man-ok goes on a shopping spree for Kang-hwi while Sheepy can’t sleep because of his troubles. Bunny can’t sleep either because he’s so cold, but then he spots Sheepy’s cat suit…

The next morning, Man-ok comes and sees the most adorable sight in the world:

Deeno: I love this so much! He’s a cat and bunny. And that big old paw next to his face. I can imagine him doing his adorable little wave.

Raine: That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking. *squeeeeeeeeeeee*

She tries to wake him, then covers him with the comforter she bought and proceeds to spruce the place up.

Even though I didn’t in the beginning, I’m fully shipping both couples right now. So. Cute.

Anyway, Man-ok heads to the front door of Sheepy’s place and scolds Sheepy for his lack of proper greeting. She sets to work on the sewing machine and frets over him only having milk for breakfast instead of rice. He wonders why she’s there and the main building is under construction – but she promises to be REALLY fast. Sheepy then spots an article in a magazine reporting U Entertainment’s biggest crisis: because Kang-hwi was ousted, the KOSDAQ is having problems.

(KOSDAQ = Korean Securities Dealers Automated Quotations, and the numbers are dropping fast!)

Man-ok wonders how he can be so cranky so early and then sets her eye on the half-finished milk. Hrm, what will that inspire?

Deeno: She’s going to make him chocolate chip cookies to go with his milk.

Raine: Oooh, cookies! Nom, nom, nom. I’m a sucker for sweets

Deeno: I love milk. I make sweets just so I can drink milk with them.

Raine: I love milk, too. It’s. So. Tasty. *goes to get a glass of milk*

Deeno: Come back! I miss you!

Raine: BACK! Now I can film a milk CF. *grins*

Raine: Bunny awakes and his space is all cute and pretty now with cute kitties on the wall – he’s also got a cute and pretty stylist hanging up curtains she made on a sheep’s machine.

Oh, by the way, Bunny is now Cat-bunny. I mean, in that suit and with the wall decorations how can he be anything else?

Deeno: I like Bunny more!

Raine: But now he can meow AND wiggle his nose!

Deeno: Why would I want him to make cat noises. He should make bunny noises…once I figure out what those are.

Raine: Man-ok gives Cat-bunny her grandfather’s old cell phone for emergencies and Cat-bunny is so touched he hugs her, telling her that she’s the only one he can depend on. She, of course, smiles like a fool!

I would, too! HUGS!

Deeno: You’re not allowed! He’s mine!

Raine: *hugs Cat-bunny*

Deeno: *stabs Raine with a wooden spoon*

Raine: Ow.

Deeno: Next time. There better not be a next time.

Raine: *twitch*

Raine: When Sheepy comes back up, he’s annoyed she left without saying goodbye after chastising him about greeting, but he quickly forgives her with a smile when he finds a hearty breakfast laid out and a note:

Your temper becomes worse and worse because you don’t have breakfast! I made this using the organic materials in your fridge, so don’t worry and just head up the soup and eat.

President Lee is watching the KOSDAQ drop when he gets a call from a mysterious man about a photo of Lee Tae-ik.

Raine: Reporter Soh goes to a hotel room and is followed by three gangster-looking men and Manager Hwang. Hwang puts on gloves, warns him against petty tricks, and asks for the photo. Soh pulls out a bunch of pictures, throws them in the air and makes a getaway when they all bend down to retrieve them. Of course, the pictures are useless and the three thugs and Hwang can’t catch him.

Hrm, I smell more publicity disaster.

Deeno: I’m so excited. I love disasters.

Raine: I love kissing.

(I love it, it looks like Sheepy is about to do ballet, except his back leg is really turned in…)

Raine: Cat-bunny tries to sleep but he’s too hungry. He doesn’t want to bother Man-ok in the middle of the night, so he sneaks into the fridge. When he drops a water bottle, Sheepy gets suspicious, but doesn’t catch Cat-bunny and even makes fun of himself for getting scared in the middle of the night.

I think it’s weird that Sheepy doesn’t start sneezing with the presence of the cat suit.

Deeno: But he can’t see it so he’s not allergic. Remember?

Raine: Oh yeah, the rules of having allergies have changed to suit k-dramaland.

In the morning, Sheepy discovers the missing food and juice. Man-ok came in because the door was open and Sheepy orders her to call security because there’s a thief! She thinks it’s silly to call security for that; maybe someone ate it. But he’s labeled each salad by day!


Deeno: Who would do that? Who would even want to steal a salad?

Raine: A rabbit…er…bunny…

Man-ok wonders who’d eat the food after passing through Full House’s tough security, but Sheepy says he heard noises. The look on Man-ok’s face makes him ask her if she ate it – she says she did because she’s realized that a certain Bunny dressed as a cat must’ve eaten it. Man-ok promises to replace the food and he says forget it. Then he gets all shy and says he’ll count the breakfast from yesterday as her payment.

Aw!!!! I love his soft side.

Raine: The moment is ruined by Go-dong’s delivery of the newspaper: Cat-bunny has been ousted from U Entertainment because of a homosexual scandal.

At the silent protest, Reporter Soh sends Ga-ryun and Nora the photo he scored of Sheepy and Bunny. They scream and the entire gaggle of fangirls gathers around them.

Deeno: Are they happy or mad? Probably depends on the fangirl.

Raine: One side is happy and one is mad…I mean, why else would they go to the infamous hair-pulling tactic?

Raine: As President Lee watches the commotion, he yells at Hwang for failing to handle the situation. They meet and Hwang informs the prez that the advertisers are asking to cancel their contracts. Also, it will be hard to proceed with Sheepy’s solo album. Hwang handed out press releases, but they didn’t do any good. He thinks that the best course of action would be to have Sheepy hold a press conference. But the prez wants to cancel all of Sheepy’s schedule instead – and put him under house arrest. Hwang disagrees but the president will not be swayed.

Okay, seriously, President Lee Joon is a MORON! If he thinks that confirming that Bunny is gay and ousting him will kill the rumors and help him deal with Bunny’ impending blindness and the trouble that would follow is a good idea, the president is seriously mistaken. I mean, there is so much crap going on, he won’t be able to keep track of anything. Unless his plan was to completely abolish Take One and get rid of Sheepy and his desire to take back Full House.

Deeno: But then who would he blackmail?

Raine: His foot.

Raine: When Hwang leaves, the president eyes the picture of Sheepy and Man-ok.

Remember when I called him a moron? Yeah, I take it back. He’s a supersonic-idiotic-brain-affected-disconnected-dopey-headed-nerd with a flippin’ cherry on top.

Deeno: I’d like him more if he publicly admitted that Sheepy and Bunny were lovers. Sheepy and Man Ok not as cool.

Raine: I’d like him more if he jumped off a building. Or if he didn’t resort to the same tactic over and over again.

Deeno: This may be the stupidest but most hilarious way to get a couple to fake date ever.

Raine: I’d like some fake dating. But I ship both pairings. Just leave out the actress chick and let me see some fighting shenanigans between Sheepy, Bunny and Man-ok!

Deeno: If only Photoshop worked for dramas.

Raine: Hwang heads to Full House to house arrest Sheepy only to find he’s decided to head to the broadcasting network. Even though he ordered Go-dong to cancel everything, Sheepy refused to.

Sheepy and Man-ok come out and Sheepy tells Hwang he has no intention of hiding. He will proceed as usual.

Bunny calls on Man-ok’s grandfathers phone and wants to know if things are noisy because of him. Man-ok tells him she’s on the way to a radio broadcast and will catch him up later. Also, don’t take anything from the fridge because Sheepy had a fit earlier. She’ll buy him something tasty instead.

Deeno: Like a lollipop. I’d like to see Bunny with one of those and a cat suit.

Raine: And a little wave!

Deeno: I need to see it now!

Raine: Here ya go!

Raine: But Bunny is curious and knows he has three hours of freedom while Sheepy is at the broadcast. He heads upstairs and searches the news on Sheepy’s tablet where he finds out exactly what is going on – the picture of him and Sheepy “cuddling” and the picture of them kissing are in an article questioning whether or not they’re in a romantic relationship. He is disgusted by the idea and his disgusted face is. so. cute.

Deeno: I love it! *hugs Bunny*

Raine: The fans are out to protest/support and fighting amongst themselves when Sheepy and his peeps drive up. Sheepy wants them to open the door since the angry/adoring fans are blocking the car, but his peeps don’t want him to. Stubborn Sheepy thinks he needs to experience this once. Besides, Hwang told him that the truth will surface one day and he has to face the world unflinchingly knowing his innocence.

When they hesitate, Sheepy heads out and forces his peeps to go out with him. They fight their way inside. However, they do not get very far when the fire alarm goes off. Fans and employees alike panic and rush outside. Go-dong and Hwang grab Sheepy.

Raine: Once their outside, Sheepy realizes that Man-ok isn’t with them and rushes inside with his managers calling after him.

Man-ok is frozen in fear and covering her ears. When Sheepy grabs her by the arms to shake her out of it, he discovers that she is crying. Then she passes out and he lifts her in his arms to bring her to safety.

Deeno: Well that’s going to fuel more rumors, but what’s with the firephobia. Or is she afraid of alarms. I wouldn’t blame her for that. Alarms are evil. Or is it that mornings are evil?

Raine: Mornings are evil. They shouldn’t exist. And happy morning people. But the firephobia is so that all our mains can have issues, donchaknow? We can’t have a normal character, no, no, no!


Raine: So we have the issues: Full house and Sheepy. Chinese step-family and eyes for Bunny. And Man-ok must have fire alarm/fire issues ‘cause of her dead parents maybe? I really hope media issues don’t continue to be the only trouble. They get old fast.

This really is the point of the drama cycle where shows tend to weaken. So far the pace has been quick, the humor zippy and the leads likeable. Please, please, please stay that way!

Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 (final)

Character Introductions.

Full House Take 2 Episode 6 Screencaps.

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  1. I still can not believe that the Adorable Bunny is the evil Kimura Shunji in Gaksital. This is so weird, I wanted to punch and kill him in Gaksital but now I want to hug him in Full House 2. RFOL.
    Deeno & Raine, thanks for the recaps!! ^__^

  2. it’s the first time I read your blog and really like your recap, I enjoy read it very much! thank you! sheepy and bunny, LOL!

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