Full House Take 2: Episode 10 Recap

by: Raine and MadDino

Raine: We get more on the romantic front, less on the cute Bunny front and more pining on our front.

episode 10 recap


Deeno: Manager Hwang and Man Ok join Sheepy’s team, while Bunny turns to the dark side. This would be awesome if Jerk Face President was the leader. His only condition is that he needs Man Ok to be his stylist. No, Bunny, don’t try to force Man Ok to like you back. Let her be happy with Sheepy. You can date me instead!

Raine: I’m angry that the writer’s are driving him down the path of the withdrawn second lead.

Deeno: Bad Mopey!

Raine: BAD!

Deeno: Bunny asks his baby cat where Man Ok is and goes upstairs to look for her. He flips the lights on and off as he waits for her all alone.

Raine: Mopey Bunny! So, so sad.

Deeno: But the kitty is so adorable. He can be mopey as long as he’s surrounded by adorable kittens.

Raine: I’m going to remind you that you said that.

Deeno: It is a bit out of character for me.

Deeno: Manager Hwang asks Sheepy to return to Korea with him. Man Ok refuses to leave without Sheepy and Manager Hwang joins her.

Raine: Why did Man-ok ditch Bunny? That’s totally unlike her.

Deeno: Well Sheepy is obvious with his needs and it’s hard to be in two places at once.

Raine: And this is the sad reason why Sheepy is better for her than Bunny, but that leaves Bunny to turn to the fangirls for comfort. Here I am, Bunny Boy!

Deeno: Back away from the Bunny with your hands in the air!

Raine: *grabs Bunny*

Billy the mannequin: *jumps out of hiding from Deeno* Don’t hurt Raine!

Deeno: I think you both need to be introduced to my portable volcano.

Billy the mannequin: *goes back into hiding*

Deeno: *sends Fluffy Deeno after him to torture him out of hiding*

Deeno: Bunny is sent to Japan for a festival. He asks the errand boy where Man Ok is and finds out that she left with Manager Hwang.

Man Ok chases down Sheepy with a bike and hops on a ferry. She miraculously finds another man with hair like Sheepy before she finds him holed up in his car. She forces him to take her sightseeing. He makes her drive.

Raine: He has the most backwards way of flirting even though he wasn’t in the mood to flirt, but when she shows up he just can’t help himself.

Deeno: Like how I can’t help but smile when Bunny smiles.

Deeno: They visit a tree where shells with wishes on them are tied up. Sheepy teases Man Ok by reading a particularly lovey-dovey one up. She ends up making him pay to buy a shell for her to write on. He doesn’t want to so she offers to sit on the floor and cry out his name. He caves.

Raine: Nothing like a temper tantrum in public to get your way!

Deeno: She writes up her wish, which Sheepy mistakenly thinks is Growth when it’s covered by another shell, but it’s really to protect the ones she loves. I love how she mocks him for paying so much for a shell, but it’s so cute that she’s the only one he’ll splurge for.

Raine: It’s Sheepy who writes that he wants to be able to protect the ones that he loves. He actually bought a shell after all that drama. Man-ok wants to grow so that she can better live her life.

Deeno: Oh, is that what happened. I got confused. I probably watch shows at triple speed when I’m recapping.

Raine: But you also go through so many dramas that I’m ridiculously jealous.

Deeno: Only five last weekend.

Raine: *drool*

Deeno: But sometimes quality matters more than quantity.

Deeno: Man Ok unwittingly tells a friendly guy that they are on a honeymoon because she can’t understand Japanese. The man tells them to pray at the temple if they want their love to last forever. Sheepy understands and goes up to pray without revealing his motives to Man Ok.

Raine: I really like how open he is about his feelings with her even though he’s not quite aware that he’s expressing them.

Deeno: Sheepy asks Man Ok why she came after him. She says she felt guilty after ruining him and he’s disappointed.

Raine: I am, too! Confess you fool!

Deeno: Sheepy and Man Ok go back to the ferry and sit in the car. She closes her eyes and he leans in to give her a kiss, but her eyes pop open too quickly. He pretends that he has to puke.

Raine: Smooth.

Deeno: Puking ruined the first time Mr. Dino wanted to kiss me.

Raine: That’s…awesome! And horrid. Obviously, he did better the next time.

Deeno: Of course, Star Wars is awesome to kiss during!

Raine: Only if it’s one of the newer movies…

Deeno: Wait? What? The new ones? No! No!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo!!!!!!!!! You traitor. How did you ever become my friend?

Raine: *Grins*

Deeno: *glares*

Deeno: Man Ok and Sheepy go to the ship deck and Man Ok keeps commenting about how pretty everything is. Sheepy decides to ask Man Ok if she really came because of guilt. She starts to ask why he gave up his house, but is interrupted by Sheepy’s lips.

Raine: YES! Finally! So flippin’ cute.

Deeno: Grumble. Grumble. Grumble. Han Solo. Grumble. Grumble. Grumble.

Deeno: Bunny goes back to a life of fame and screaming fangirls. Don’t forget me and the cat baby!

Raine: Just tell Man-ok what’s going on!!!!! GRRRR!

Deeno: Sheepy and Man Ok have an awkward dinner with everyone back at the restaurant. Manager Hwang notices how awkward they are and accuses Sheepy of fighting with Man Ok again. They turn on the TV and find Bunny and Evil in the news report.

Manager Hwang calls up Errand Boy and sets up a meeting between Man Ok and Bunny to see how Jerk Face got Bunny ensnared again. Errand Boy reports to Bunny and all Bunny cares about is that Man Ok came to Japan to find Sheepy. Don’t you go mopey on me now!

Raine: Mopey Bunny. Just share your feelings. You’re turning into Kang Shin-woo!

Deeno: Who?

Raine: Second lead from You’re Beautiful!

Deeno: I didn’t like him.

Raine: That is why it’s an insult and Bunny needs to bunny-up!

Deeno: Bunny joins Man Ok for the afternoon dressed as a duck! Wah! I want a hoodie like that. Bunny takes her shopping and offers to buy her both hairpins that she likes, but she only picks one since her grandfather told her that if she got greedy she’d end up losing everything. So because Bunny is going to try to get Man Ok and his career, he’s going to lose everything? Or if you try to date Sheepy and Bunny, you’ll lose both? I pick Bunny!

Raine: Bunny, open your mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deeno: What are you trying to do to my Bunny?

Anyway, Bunny takes Man Ok to a special echoing spot and asks Man Ok to remain by his side from now on.


Raine: The show backtracks a little and we see that Bunny takes Man-ok out to eat udon noodles with shrimp and teases her so that she smiles prettily. She teases him right back and he smiles all prettily, too!

Deeno: I liked how it tied back to how he tried to get her to eat shrimp with him before and his childhood where his bratty sister kept stealing the shrimp.

Raine: I didn’t even think about that. You’re the smart one. Maybe it’s ‘cause I have hearts in my eyes 24/7 over Park Shi-hoo.

Deeno: You know how creepy that sounds right?

Raine: PSH!

Raine: Man-ok tries to ask him about the voice recording and signing with the president, but he deftly evades it by suggesting the shopping spree.


Deeno: Bunny needs to take up some new hobbies. Like dancing in flowery meadows or skiing. He could even wear a bunny coat when he skis!

Raine: Are you sure you’re Deeno?

Deeno: Well Fluffy Deeno knows better than to eye my man!

Raine: I don’t trust her as far as I can throw her. Plus, she puts butterfly stickers on everything…there’s something not right with her.

Deeno: But it’s perfectly fine to wish that heroes run around with blood splatter on their faces?

Raine: Maybe not, but I prefer that to butterfly stickers.

Raine: Before they go to the echo spot, Man-ok tries again to ask about Bunny’s resigning with the president, but he tells her that he won’t ask why she came to Japan if she will stop asking about him.

Poor Bunny, holding all of that in. *sob* I feel  like here is where Sheepy is better for her. They share and Bunny and Man-ok have that wall of secrecy.

Raine: When Bunny asks Man-ok to stay by his side, she looks awfully awkward but is saved by a call from Sheepy. He wants to know why she isn’t working – but we know the truth. He wants to see his Man-ok-y!

The president calls Bunny to make sure he is on time for his event and then Bunny watches Man-ok on the phone sadly.

For some reason, he doesn’t seem as pathetic as other second leads. Perhaps ‘cause he still has his wits about him.

Deeno: Or because he’s so pretty when he smiles. Though we’ve only had one episode of moping so we can’t be sure yet how bad he’s going to get. It does help that he really does try to confess and isn’t holding back for some big grand confession. He’s been pretty honest about liking her.

Raine: Which is why this secrecy is really killing me. They relied on each other before and now it’s like…a strange withdrawal. They didn’t shy away from difficulties before.

Deeno: I’d be more upset if he were confiding in someone else, but currently he’s not letting anyone in.

Raine: Manager Hwang has a talk with Sheepy. He even brings beer. He offers to help Sheepy get everything back. At first, Sheepy is skeptical, but Hwang knows that more than wanting the house or money, Sheepy wants to be back on stage. He should use it to get everything in his life back and to protect his loved ones. That really hits Sheepy hard so he does what he always does and denies it. Manager Hwang is unable to show him a recording of fans declaring their love for him

I, as a musician, really understand Sheepy’s desire to be on stage. It’s a magical feeling. I’m glad he has that and is not just motivated to perform for money and Full House, even though his reasons are very good.

Bunny texts Man-ok to plan a chat once in Seoul. She takes a while, but eventually replies that she’ll see him in Seoul. It makes him all smiley.

Deeno: Yay! Smiles!

Raine: Man-ok sees fans declaring their love and brings a typically cranky Sheepy more beer. It’s her last night in Japan. She hadn’t planned on leaving without him, but she can’t change her ticket. He acts all disgusted and she asks him to return with her.

This scene makes me really want them to kiss. And also makes me want to straighten her hair.

Deeno: Oh yes, they really should have kissed again!

Raine: *goes to watch the kiss from earlier a few more times. a few hundred more times*

Deeno: I’m going to go back to watch the hand holding!

Raine: Let’s just watch all the cute parts and delete all the parts with the fangirls, the friend, the president and the She-monster.

Raine: Anyway, she gets drunk and babbles that she spent all her money to come with him. He tells her to stop drinking and then is a little creeped out by a sudden change in mood. She gets all giggly and absolutely frickin’ adorable. She pokes his tummy and wonders what is so great about him that he is blessed with thousands of fans who love him. She thinks it’s a great thing and he shouldn’t run away.

She grabs his face and declares that he’s handsome. He’s all shaken by the proximity. She collapses onto his lap, drunkenly yells for more alcohol and leaves Bunny to think about everything.

Raine: He broods to the slow version of their one song. He comes across his fans who’ve spelled “TAKE” on the lawn with candles. He starts crying. Ah! He is made for the stage!

So “Tae-ik” became “Take” in the name of the duo because of the dipthong in the English pronunciation? So “Won” in Won Kang-hwi’s name is the “One?” Take One?

Deeno: Is it? That kinda makes sense.

Raine: Just my silly guess. Have to make up for my earlier stupidity.

Deeno: Which one?

Raine: Ha! Only one! The shrimp.

Raine: Man-ok and Manager Hwang leave. Sheepy’s mom begs to go too, which makes her sister flip out, but Man-ok sees what the sick woman needs and says, “Lee Tae-ik ssi will come for you soon. You must stay healthy until then.” She gave the woman a goal and a reward.

Man-ok, I knew you were cool.

They wonder where Sheepy has gone, but leave without saying goodbye.

Turns out they don’t have to. Sheepy surprises them at the airport and acts all high and mighty, but Man-ok doesn’t hide how happy she is to see him. He even tells her to stop smiling so brightly or else he might start to like her. Awwwwww.

Deeno: Start? He’s already lost that battle.

Raine: So happy he’s a loser.

Deeno: Yay for losers!

Raine: She brings him his ridiculous order of seven parts cold water and three parts hot water while he pretends not to be ecstatic to see her. Of course, they’re all argue/flirty when Bunny walks by on an overpass and watches them sadly.

I usually start hating the idiocy of second leads at about this point, but he still pulls the bunny strings of my heart. *tear* He was out of the picture while Sheepy and Man-ok were getting chummy so he hasn’t had time to adjust.

Deeno: Actually there hasn’t been much time where the three are together, which is sad because they really need a group cuddling photo.

Raine: Yes, I need to erase the image of Se-ryung in that photo from my head. Much better with Man-ok and her pets.

Raine: On the plane, Bunny broods and the president brings up the Jang Man-ok stipulation of the contract. Bunny will disappear if the president doesn’t assign her as his stylist.

Reporter Soh, annoying Ga-ryun and Nora are waiting for Bunny to disembark. Soh almost insults all the fans by badmouthing Bunny, but then starts a cheer for him to save his butt.

Raine: The reporters dog Bunny so there’s no one left to bother Sheepy. Bunny answers the reporters questions smoothly, surprising the president. There was a small misunderstanding with the company, which was why he left. He’s had time to reflect on things during his time off. Also, the issues with Sheepy and him are separate. He hopes to return with a cleaner image.

He’s so sad while giving this interview. Awwwww.

Deeno: He’s sad, but he’s so good at his interview. I keep cheering him on.

Raine: He shocks the heck out of the president with his smooth talking. It makes me so happy.

The remodeling at Full House is over, but neither Bunny nor the She-monster want to move into the main house.

I love how they both disregard the president even though we hate She-monster.

Man-ok finds out that Sheepy used the annex as collateral for breaking the contract. Why would he do that? she wonders.

Not so swift on the uptake are you? Remember that hot kiss you had on the boat? Is that a hint? Shall I replay the scene for you? Or shall he kiss you again?

Deeno: I think more kissing is good!

Raine: And handholding. Oooooh, how about both at the same time?

Deeno: *drifts off into a happy world of lovey-dovey-ness*

Raine: Manager Hwang takes Sheepy to his place for the time being and it’s a nightmare: dirty, messy, disorganized and basically uninhabitable. Man-ok offers her place, but Sheepy rudely refuses. She keeps worrying about him, but he kicks her out and she decides to let him suffer it out on his own.

The menfolk clean up and then get to sleep. Rather, Manager Hwang does. His snoring keeps Sheepy up. That, and the cockroach crawling on the wall.

Raine: That night, Man-ok gets a call from Sheepy who complains about the skittering noises. She teases him for being afraid of cockroaches. Then he asks if she’s home and she says she is because she’s climbing the stairs to her place. Sheepy says he can’t see her and it turns out he’s waiting for her.

Then he awkwardly asks if he can stay with her.

YAY! Cohabitation again!

Deeno: I love cohabitation! I have a feeling this one is going to be super cute too!

Raine: KYAAAAA!!!


Raine: The picture above is because I like kissing. There should be more kissing. Perhaps the cohabitation will lead to more than kissing. I know, I know. This is k-drama and my dirty mind will be left unsatisfied, but a princess’ can dream right?

Things I’m waiting for: Gramps’ return, Se-ryung’s leechiness renewed, Ga-ryun’s betrayal furthered, bromance cultivated between our pets and a showdown with president idiot. I don’t want all strings tied up in a bow, though. Or Bunny to remain mopey.

Abolish the mopiness!

Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 (final)

Character Introductions.

Full House Take 2 Episode 10 Screencaps.

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  1. Why are you ladies so awesomely fantastic as recapping? And I agree, we need LOTS more kissing and cuteness!!!! I just hope that the studio cohabitation amps up their cuteness.

    And also, can we please, please, please put the evil LJ manager dude and the evil she monster out of the picture?! Argh! They make me so mad with all their evil twistiness! And now they’ve cornered Bunny. Bring back smiley Bunny! Please!

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