Full House Take 2: Episode 14 Recap

by: Raine and MadDino

Raine: We are glad this ends next week.

episode 14 recap


Deeno: Man Ok prepares Bunny for the big fashion show. She offers him sunglasses so his eyes don’t wig out on him, but he turns her down.

Raine: I just imagined his eyes wearing wigs…

Deeno: In vibrant red?

Raine: Yes!

Deeno: Sheepy sneaks into the show by escorting the fainted French fan in. Well that’s handy.

Deeno: The show is a success and even Jerk Face is smiling like an idiot till I give him a good punch.

Evil notices Sheepy sneaking around and drags him out for a private conversation. She asks if he came here for Man Ok and tells him that Man Ok has abandoned him to run after Bunny because he’s rich. Don’t listen, Sheepy. She’s Evil.

Raine: But of course she’s shaken the idiot. But that’s why I called him an idiot. He would have to be to wear sheep curls and then Betty Crocker hair.

Deeno: And all those skinny pants.

Deeno: Bunny tries to kiss Man Ok, but Sheepy interrupts them. So he tries to kiss Sheepy instead, maybe.

Raine: I like this version better. *Goes back to watch kiss in episode 1 like a pervy fangirl*

Deeno: Thanks for the reminder. *goes back to watch too*

Raine: This is why I like you. Always come through! I’ll get the popcorn!

Deeno: It just took that one kiss with the mischievous smile to make me fall for Bunny.

Deeno: Sheepy is disgusted because from his view it looks like Bunny and Man Ok were kissing and he runs away. Man Ok runs away despite Bunny pleas about needed Sheepy by his side.

Sheepy runs away with his taxi driver and plays mahjong. Okay, where did that come from?

Raine: I dunno, but I love mahjong. I’m gonna have to call my friend who has a table!

Deeno: Sheepy returns and finds Man Ok waiting for him…with a butcher knife. She confesses that she loves him, but he doesn’t know whether he should trust her. She asks for at least the time to explain, but she doesn’t explain. She just tells him that she has reasons for leaving him. Sheepy wants an explanation now, but all Man Ok will say is that she’s not Evil. Where is my portable volcano? Wait, I don’t need one. Man Ok still has the butcher knife I so generously lent her.

Raine: She’s gonna use it on herself, right? There are ways to explain without giving away secrets. What happened to phone usage? Are you seriously a child of the 21st-century, Man-ok?

Deeno: Man Ok walk around acting all depressed, but she shouldn’t be because it’s all her own fault. Bunny cheers her up by giving her a cat keychain and asking her to live with him and the baby cat they adopted.

Raine: Bunny, you are so cute. Really. Truly. But now you’re just being pathetic.

Deeno: Sheepy gets an angry call from Manager Hwang. Sheepy thinks about Man Ok leaving him for the richer Bunny and decides that he will come back and make himself someone who can hold onto the things he loves. Uh oh, I’m sensing a time leap mixed with misunderstandings and vengeance.

Raine: Did he steal our pickled baby?!

Deeno: No. My rabbit army is still fiercely guarding it. We can’t have the forces of good using it.

Raine: Glad to hear it. I’ll put Park Shi-hoo’s abs on the job as well.

Deeno: Are you sure that’s a good idea. You’re putting him in grey territory, because you’ll never know when I’ll turn on you.

Raine: These are his choco abs of steel that we’re talking about. When they’re on the job, they’re not moving.

Deeno: I think you forgot about the whole lightsaber thing.  Chocolate and lightsabers don’t mix.

Raine: Fine. I’ll keep his abs for myself.

Deeno: SQUEE! Bunny abs!

Raine: *Drool*

Deeno: Jerk Face prepares to launch Bunny and Evil and he finds out that Bunny may be the illegitimate son of a rich guy. Man Ok’s friend, Ga Ryun tries to dig around and find out the truth about who Bunny was visiting.

Errand Boy sings into the vacuum and Sheepy shows up at the gym.

Raine: That is NOT singing. That is screaming. There is natural talent there, but hell if I’m gonna call that singing. Yes, I’m being a music snob. So sue me. I’m a musician.

Deeno: It’s hard to decipher what it is at 3x speed. It looked like singing, but sounded like a hippo dying…really fast.

Raine: A hippo dying would sound better…and…at least it has an excuse. It’s a hippo.

Deeno: And it’s dying!


Raine: Go-dong flings himself in Sheepy’s arms. Sheepy then meets with Manager Hwang, declaring his renewed determination to focus only on work. Then Hwang drops the bomb: the album will be a duet album with Go-dong. Sheepy is furious and Go-dong is contrite. But Hwang says Go-dong’s talents aren’t small and Sheepy can’t make it on his own.


Deeno: This sounds like a bad idea with the Go-dong already being dead and all.

Raine: I like Go-dong, but we must duct tape his mouth any time he has an inclination to sing.

Anywho, Sheepy wants Go-dong to go solo, not work with him, but Hwang points out that not a minute before Sheepy said he’d do anything to succeed. Hwang has made a mix of Sheepy and Go-dong’s voices that shows why the duo would be better than a solo.

Raine: Man-ok calls Sheepy but he ignores her. She’s sitting in the greenhouse singing, which is where Bunny finds her. He’s bringing Chaton to see his eomma who has stopped singing and starts ranting to the plants that their father is mean for ignoring her. Bunny overhears her ranting and saying that Sheepy would really love to see the plants sprouting.

He goes inside with Chaton who is wearing a cute yellow shirt and bemoans Man-ok leaving them.

Deeno: Animals should not wear shirts. Especially bunnies.

Raine’s fourth answering machine, Boris: *peeks in from hiding Billy the Mannequin* What about answering machines? I look cute in little yellow shirts.

Deeno: How about we give you a fur coat and toss you in the pool? I can hire the hitman.

Raine’s fourth answering machine, Boris: I thought kamikaze missions were the specialty of your toaster.

Deeno: Well my toaster’s already having a crummy day. I’m not sure it is has the power to bring someone else down too.

Raine: That’s too bad. I was hoping it could shove the president, She-monster, Ga-ryun and Sheepy’s hair into the pool before jumping in.

Deeno: Why just a pool when I have a portable volcano?

Raine: That could work when we’re trying to give your kamikaze toaster a break.

Raine: Sheepy is tossing and turning in his tent and finally listens to the mix Manager Hwang made. Go-dong stands outside the tent and tells Sheepy they’re supposed to start vocal training tomorrow. He also reveals that people have wondered how a person as ugly and tacky as Go-dong be a singer. But Hwang believes in him and for that faith, Go-dong will never give up. Can’t he work with him just once? Give him a chance. If he hates him after, then he can fire him.

The next morning, Manager Hwang and Go-dong think that Sheepy isn’t going to rehearsal, but it turns out that he’s waiting at the car. He admits Go-dong’s voice is good and he’ll trust tacky Go-dong just once. Sheepy sings in the studio and then asks Sangdae if he’s figured out how he’s going to teach him. Everyone is a bit surprised by Sheepy’s humbleness even though it’s masked as impatience. Then he orders Go-dong into the studio, further shocking everyone. Sangdae suddenly feels like teaching Sheepy now that he’s not a total ego.

They sound terrible to me, but apparently it’s good enough for the drama.

Deeno: Once again 3x speed comes to my rescue!

Raine: I should’ve done that, but I didn’t and now my brain is cluttered with the horrible sounds of men trying to push their vocal chords out of their throats.

Raine: Manager Hwang, Sheepy and Go-dong drink and celebrate how well things are going. Sheepy says he agreed to go along with it because the mix of their voices was good. Then Hwang declares that their new name is “Take 2.”

While they’re drinking happily, Man-ok is drowning her misery in a pojangmacha and soju. She calls Manager Hwang who arrives when she’s completely sloshed. She didn’t go home because she feels awkward with Sheepy. Hwang noticed the awkwardness. He also wonders why he went back to UEnter, but she can’t tell him, even though she’s feeling suffocated. Can’t Sheepy just trust her and wait, even though they’re both feeling suffocated by circumstance?

She declares that not even the anju (drinking snacks) know how she’s feeling.

Really? That’s weird. I can always rely on my food to completely understand me.

Fluffy Deeno: Marshmallows are my best friends.

Raine: They’re mine when they lodge in your throat.

Deeno: That’s why you don’t stuff ten huge ones in your mouth at once. I’m still scarred from that near death experience.

Raine: Pffffffft. Sad thing…I’ve tried it, too. But I only got to seven…

Deeno: At least when you’re drooling it’s white. Tootsie Rolls are much more disgusting to shove in your mouth.

Raine: *shudders from mental image*

Raine: Hwang calls Sheepy and Go-dong for round 2 at the pojangmacha and they arrive just after Man-ok face blanks on the table. Hwang takes Go-dong to get some medicine for her and Man-ok wakes up long enough to yell at him for not picking up and calls him names and cries really loudly.

Of course, Sheepy has to piggyback her home and answers her phone when Bunny calls. He says she just fell asleep and to call later.

Bunny stands dejectedly in his basement.

Deeno: *hugs Bunny* I wish he’d do something other than mope though so I can get new ideas of fun things to do with him.

Raine: Don’t you mean fun things to do TO him?

The next morning, Man-ok is in the kitchen and making breakfast. He wonders when she got back and then changes the subject to food, unable to handle the truth.

Deeno: Grumble. Grumble. Grumble.

(I used that second picture because I thought it was really weird to have a pair of boobs in a red bra in the shot…)

Raine: When the president calls, Bunny meets with him and assures him that his condition is fine and he’s ready to work on the album. He wants the best staff for everything because it could be his last – he doesn’t want to lose to anyone. He will work to death.

After rehearsing hard, Man-ok frets over his health and wonders if he’ll get treated. He promises to get treated – later. He wants to be on stage now for as long as he can.

Deeno: Oh no, I serious just thought about shoving him off a cliff. My habits of hating second leads are coming back.

Raine: Well, when he comes back in his next life he’ll be THE lead and then you won’t have to kill him. You can just hug him, and kiss him, and…

Deeno: *giggles*

Raine: Take 2 rehearse in the dojang and sound better now that they’re not shoving their voices out of their throats. Gramps comes back from wherever he disappeared to. He thinks their singing is weak and takes them to eat guts at the same restaurant Man-ok took Sheepy to. He stares forlornly at the food and Manager Hwan and Go-dong worry that he won’t eat food like this. Then he digs in, surprising all of them.

Raine: Hwang goes around trying to promote Take 2 at the broadcast station and meets with an underling while President Jerkface meets with the CEO of a broadcast station. Hwang has blocked the president’s car with his and they have a faceoff. He hands the president a promotional cookie with Take 2’s picture on it. The president makes fun of him for using people he discarded; it’s why Hwang’s always driving second hand cars. But hey, that second hand car is blocking the president’s luxury vehicle.


Take 2 rehearses dance moves and vocals while Bunny raps and practices dance moves. His new album is, “Only One.” Okay, seriously. Find a new theme.

Raine: Both Take 2 and Only One are making a comeback on the same day. Neither Bunny or Sheepy are happy about this.

Bunny’s master recording is defective (all static) and the CDs sold have to be recalled.

Deeno: Shouldn’t they have caught that earlier?

Raine: Based on my experience in the recording studio, these people are meticulous. I seriously know they triple, quadrouple, quidrouple (is that a word?) check everything. I mean, it happens, but…yeah, utter failure.

Deeno: I’m imagining a boy and girl squid bursting into flame.

Raine: That would be more likely than this happening…

Deeno: And more delicious.

Raine: Man-ok checks on Bunny after hearing the news, but Bunny assures her all is well. She tells him to rest since he overexerted himself. He looks really depressed.

Take 2 is ready for their comeback performance when Hwang announces that the performance is cancelled.

Time for drinking and Go-dong rants and raves. Hwang blames the president and I tend to agree with him. They will not give up because of a bump in the road and promise to get Take 2 on stage.

Hwang broods on the steps outside Manokgwan when he gets a call from Director Kim at the broadcast station. He cancelled the performance because he wanted to make a special debut stage for Take 2.

The next morning he drags them down to the station to debut on a rivalry program.

Hrm, I wonder who the rival is gonna be.

Omo! I’m so surprised! It’s Bunny!

Deeno: LIAR!

Raine: He’s surprised to see Take 2 who will be his rival on the new show, “We Are Rivals.”


Raine: I’m sad to say that part 2 was a huge improvement from the crap we’ve been catching. But they’re seriously just throwing stuff together. Go-dong singing, gramps coming in and out of the picture, secrets flying this way and that.

Deeno: Part 1 was torture. No wonder we didn’t have much to say. This feels like the shortest recap we’ve written so far.

Raine: What are we supposed to say? Hey peepz, this show is terrible now. Just watch the fist 12.5 episode then read our recaps for the rest. Oh, and tell your friends.

Deeno: Tell your toasters too! Prevent the kamikaze armageddon.

Raine: If they don’t read, they may be unable to resist the urge. Remember this, people.

Deeno: Look both ways before entering the tub.

Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 (final)

Character Introductions.

Full House Take 2 Episode 14 Screencaps.

5 responses to “Full House Take 2: Episode 14 Recap”

  1. I like episode 14, seriously. way better then 13. i also have great hopes for epi 15 because i’d love to see them on stage (always so funny, specially the dancing part, i loooove) in fact as long as TI is on screen i’m happy, what can i say i’m happy to please (well in fact i’m not, but i’m a weakling when it comes to this drama…. and NMW)
    i can’t believe it’s ending next week :(( what would i do??? well maybe get to bed early at nights? (finally)
    thanks for the recap 🙂

  2. Bwahahaha… You know a drama has landed in the Twilight zone when even the recappers want to shoot themselves. Also, when nonsensical things like portable volcanos or mini-hippos dying at triple speed are more logical than the actual plot. I read things, I’m not even sure I wasn’t having a dementia attack… Btw, I need to try lightsabers to slice chocolate: Instant hot cocoa! Yum! I’m glad I didn’t have to hear the bad music parts and see the lame dance sessions. Omg, looks like I dropped the damn show just in time before the crash. I’m learning to let go…

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