Cheongdam-dong Alice: Episode 4 Recap

by: Raine

*Squee* So happy!

While this episode wasn’t as funny as the last, it really started to get some plot gears turning. I’m so impressed show. You totally came back from the first two episodes. I’m the happiest recapper EVAR.

episode 4 recap

Psycho-jo realizes that it was Se-kyung who finally allowed him to cry.

The Tick hands Se-kyung her the package of evil  “get rich” spells and tells her to do the rest on her own; she doesn’t want to have anything to do with Se-kyung. She will, however, help Se-kyung get started. Also, if Se-kyung accepts the book, they are completely settled.

Inside the package, as we saw last episode, is the journal with the watch and key. Se-kyung opens it with bated breath and inside is a journal, a how-to for becoming an evil tick.

The first written page reads at the top:

Chapter 1: If you’re going to be black, make sure you are black all the way!

Why do I smell trouble? Se-kyung is our resident nice girl. It should be interesting, watching her fight her nature. That, and poor Psycho-jo is going to have a hard realization to cope with when he finds out.

Psycho-jo worries about Se-kyung and hopes she isn’t blaming herself for In-chan’s actions. And he freaks out that she might be having “those thoughts” (suicidal). Dong-wook smirks and asks with a smirk if he likes Se-kyung because he sure is acting like her Daddy Long Legs. Psycho-jo immediately starts blustering excuses and declares that he’s “healing.”

Man, k-dramas love using that Daddy Long Legs concept. Wasn’t the movie depressing?

When Se-kyung comes in, mom and Se-jin pepper her with questions about the Tick. Dad interrupts them and announces that he put the house and the bakery up for sale. He apologizes for being unable to do more even though he thought that he’d be more by this age. He has no house under his name to pass on to his kids; he only has $5,000 left from selling the bakery.

Everyone cries.

I think it was a wise decision on his part even though it’s really heartbreaking.

Se-kyung goes in for a training session with Coach Tick. I feel like this makes the Tick more the White Rabbit than Psycho-jo, but that’s just me. Anyway, it’s time to transform Se-kyung into a dirty tick. The first chapter in the journal deals with seduction and pain, although Coach Tick has no idea how it will go down for Se-kyung. But that doesn’t matter, Se-kyung is prepared to cross to the dark side.

Chapter 2: Find the White Rabbit

The White Rabbit led Alice to Wonderland and Se-kyung needs to find her guide into Cheongdam-dong.

Coach Tick describes a super upscale French restaurant, Etoile, that is ridiculously expensive, but there are women there all the time to meet designer Tommy Hong: the fastest way into Cheongdam-dong.

So he’s the White Rabbit? Show, you’re leading ME down the rabbit hole of confusion.

Coach Tick appears in Etoile as a narrator, which is a cool directorial decision. She explains that Tommy Hong started domestically-trained working for madam’s as a personal coordinator. Then he moved onto their daughters – as a matchmaker. Fifty-eight successful matches and more people waiting in line.

This designer/matchmaker will lead Se-kyung into Cheongdam-dong. The idea doesn’t appeal to Se-kyung and Coach Tick makes fun of her for hesitating. Before anything, Se-kyung needs to at least meet him, the Tick insists. She doesn’t have the connections to any wealthy people in Gangnam (where Cheongdam-dong is located) and will need time, effort (!)  and money to even get one connection.

How does she find her White Rabbit? Se-kyung asks. Coach Tick gets annoyed that she needs to spell everything out for her student. But she is feeling magnanimous and tells Se-kyung to meet her tomorrow at the fancy restaurant, Etoile, at 4pm with an item Se-kyung thinks is Cheongdam style.

Coach Tick arrives at the store her brother opened where Se-kyung is  “coincidentally” pouring over her notes and sketches. Ho-min worries about his sister helping Se-kyung, but Coach Tick assures him that it’ll all be just fine. Se-kyung isn’t the kind of woman she despises because at least she knows exactly what she wants.

Wait, did this just turn into a potential frenemyship? EEEEH!

The night before, Se-kyung spent hours sketching and pouring over the Wonderland journal.

Chapter 3: It’s not because it’s a knockoff that makes it cheap, it’s the mind that is cheap

Se-kyung arrives at Etoile dressed nicely and says she borrowed the items. Coach Tick scoffs at her student’s choices. Se-kyung explains she’s appealing to men’s conservatism by wearing 70s style clothing and classic accessories; but not one person in the restaurant is sporting a classic bag -hers was handed down from her mother. Coach Tick makes fun of her because new bags are coming out all the time. A bag to match anything is only for someone who can afford to buy only one designer product in her life.

Sadly true. I have zero designer anything! Unless you count a Fossil watch. *glances around*

Then what kind of bag will she need? Se-kyung demands. How can she do anything but buy something everyone will recognize? Coach Tick instructs that she should buy something that has people asking where she bought it – not necessarily something expensive, but something that matches her outfit made with good quality materials.

I.E. Dress and accessorize snappily and with originality. And it has to look new.

Then Se-kyung gets a rundown on Cheongdam style. No running and hurrying. Things should look like new and show that the woman wearing them isn’t hurrying or into working hard.


Social status comes from clothes in Cheongdam-dong. It’s not what you’re wearing, but why and how you are wearing them. Se-kyung needs to start understanding the mind of the rich – the discriminating eye (that In-hwa was talking about).

Se-kyung comes up with her plan, which shocks her coach: a part-time job.

Okay, I’m interested. Is she planning to make money for good-quality stuff?

Nope! She’s getting work at the Etoile because she doesn’t have the money to get what she needs. So while other women are watching the White Rabbit, she’ll be watching him.

Smart girl.

Coach Tick reminds her that she can’t use her previous methods.

Tommy Hong is invited by In-hwa’s mommy to make a match for her daughter with Jean Thierry Cha. He finds it amusing that another person brings up Cha because he already had plans to meet him..

(I love the depiction of Ah-jung, surrounded by moniters and matrix-like vertical script running down all around her. It’s like she’s the gossiping, hacker version of Neo or something. LOL.)

Psycho-jo can’t stop thinking about Dong-wook suggesting that he likes Se-kyung.

Secretary Moon reminds him that he has a meeting with Tommy Hong later and that In-chan paid back his debts and skidaddled. Moon keeps babbling about how Se-kyung must be hurt, so Psycho-jo cuts him off and tells him to make sure the name So In-chan never comes up again.

Once he’s alone, Psycho-jo skitters over to his desk and tries to compose a text message to Se-kyung, still upholding his ruse as Secretary Kim.

Okay, this is getting more amusing by the minute, the ruse, and his puppy love.

He sends her a text asking if she’s okay and heads to a meeting.

Se-kyung sics her trusty dog Ah-jung on Tommy Hong’s scent, asking her to pull up any and all information on him. Her doggy treat: a designer bag.

So easily bought, Ah-jung.

While Se-kyung is transforming into a Cheongdam-dong tick, Psycho-jo is checking his phone every 2.4 seconds for her reply and freaks out when she doesn’t respond with the ~~^^ that he sent.

While she shops for the madam, he keeps texting her like a middle-school boy with a crush – except he’s a CEO, in a business meeting, wearing a very expensive three-piece suit. Heh.

He is annoyed at his inability find an appropriate thing to text and voices his disgust out loud, disturbing the whole meeting. He saves face with a standard line before getting back to haunting his phone, sending Se-kyung texts every other minute and waiting impatiently for her reply.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Why so cute Park Shi-hoo?

Finally, he can’t stand the suspense anymore so he barks out some orders to the board members and bolts from the room to stalk Se-kyung. He wonders frantically why she won’t answer the phone and she thinks there’s something wrong when she sees her missed texts. But he says the crisis is in the fact that they got ‘disconnected.’

AHAHAHAHAHA! So socially awkward. I’m in love. My favorite guy is that awkward guy. And now he’s played by Park Shi-hoo. Bestill. My. Heart.

Of course, Se-kyung doesn’t even realize that they were having a conversation. He goes on and on about how worried he was about her. She is, quite understandably, absolutely incredulous.

My question is: how can you not think he is absolutely adorable?! Sure he thinks your world revolved around him just as his does around you, but he’s still A-frickin’-dorable.

Se-kyung tells him that she’s been busy shopping for her madam. Remember? That’s her job – it’s how they first met.


He grumbles about the evilness of the Tick and helps Se-kyung take out the multitudes of bags from the trunk. He starts to bitch about the fact Se-kyung has to run errands and even kicks the air in frustration. Keke.

She wonders if he’s never seen a temporary contractor like her before; doesn’t he have them in his company? She leaves him standing, mouth agape, on the sidewalk.

Psycho-jo orders Moon to include Se-kyung’s resume in with those of the other GN Fashion designers – it doesn’t matter that she’s a contract employee (who makes copies….) He grumbles about a contract designer running errands.

In-hwa is surprised that Artemis wants Se-kyung’s profile. She wonders if Se-kyung knows anyone at Artemis and Se-kyung says that she doesn’t.

LIAR! How can you NOT know Park Shi-hoo?!!!!!!!!!!

In-hwa also notices Se-kyung’s cute shoes.

Psycho-jo is impressed by Se-kyung’s resume even though she’s domestically trained. He rattles off names of domestically-trained designers – people like Tommy Hong. Then he rails on the injustice of hiring a contract worker for a year just to let them go. Secretary Moon reminds him that they have contract worker’s like that in their company. Psycho-jo snappily asks why he keep mentioning his company, which confuses Moon ‘cause it’s the first time he’s mentioned it.

Haha, you petulant child, you.

Psycho-jo continues to holler about the unfairness of not hiring domestically-trained designers like Han Se-kyung. When Moon suggests hiring her, Psycho-jo is frustrated that he can’t because the headquarters do all of the work in that department. What about recommending her? Moon tries again and gets booted from the room.

You’re working for a child, Moon. Remember this and don’t get your feelings hurt. Heehee.

After checking that Moon has left, Psycho-jo steals Moon’s idea and calls to see if someone needs a designer.


Se-kyung is now working at Etoile. She takes a deep breath before going to serve Tommy Hong. She presents the menu, which has meat in it, then recommends tasty vegetarian replacements. He wonders who told her that he is vegetarian and she names each item he’s wearing, all of which do not use natural leather. That’s how she guessed. He’ll order her suggestion and takes note of her shoes and her phone charm.

Tommy Hong leaves as though he is going to breeze by her, but stops with a flashy snap and tells her she has good [fashion] sense. The women in the restaurant are all jealous.

Smart, smart Se-kyung. Diners don’t interact with other diners, but waitresses do!

Psycho-jo has a spaz moment on the phone, yelling at the other party that their company is a GLOBAL BRAND before slamming the phone down. He barks at and scares Moon before going for the meeting with Tommy Hong.

Tommy Hong says Psycho-jo is different than the rumors about him that spread because of his anonymity. He invites Psycho-jo to his party to start getting some good rumors out there. Psycho-jo asks about Tommy’s designers and whether or not he prefers domestically-trained since he is domestically trained. Tommy, understandably, looks a bit confused by the question. But it becomes clear when Psycho-jo wants to suggest a designer.

Coach Tick comes to check on her fashion athlete. She thinks the part-time is a questionable idea and that Se-kyung shouldn’t approach Tommy Hong too quickly. But Se-kyung already has her foot in the door. She explains that Tommy Hong prefers British designers and artists (sorry Psycho-jo.) He’s planning to attend all these fancy shindigs. Coach Tick is impressed with all that Se-kyung has found out.

Se-kyung plans to work three part-time jobs that are all connected with Tommy Hong’s activities. she’s figured out his schedule and visited the shops and restaurants he’s been frequenting – that’s how she figured out he was a vegetarian. When she suggested a menu to his taste, he noticed her name. Coach Tick admits to hating her in the past (No, REALLY?) and hating her for always working so hard. It was tacky – and still is. But now Coach Tick thinks that it may just work.

Well, at least it’s a compliment, right?

Coach Tick warns her not to rush too much, which makes me wary because now we know that Se-kyung will. That is just how k-drama works.

Psycho-jo toots Se-kyung’s horn to Tommy who would be willing to meet her. When her name is mentioned, Tommy recognizes the name. Psycho-jo doesn’t want his name associated with her recommendation and when he shakes Tommy’s hand,  Tommy notices the bracelet. He wonders what brand it is, but Psycho-jo explains with a bashful smile that it was a handmade gift.

In the parking lot, Tommy calls Daddio and says there’s a woman in Psycho-jo’s life who doesn’t seem like his match.

Daddio comes to check on his superstore and finds Se-kyung’s dad flipping out and throwing his competitor’s bread (that he paid for) all over the ground. Bystanders mention that he was put out of business by daddio’s company.

Daddio approaches Se-kyung’s daddy and has his cronies video him bowing, introducing himself and inquiring as to what the problem is. The video was a good publicity stunt and daddio goes to meet with Se-kyung’s dad to further curb the problem.

Daddio says that it’s just the nature of the market, but Se-kyung’s dad says it’s not a fair fight between a heavy-weight and a light-weight; even if it’s survival of the fittest, can’t daddio let the little people survive?

To solve the problem, daddio proposes to work together and Se-kyung’s dad can see he’s trying to use him. Daddio snaps at him to just let himself be used.

And he does.

Daddio starts this new campaign to help the small shop owners who’ve been put out of business by hiring them to work. Se-kyung’s dad goes on t.v. as the first recipient of daddio’s kindness.

Of course, the news doesn’t mention that it’s a one-year contract.

Wow, what a rip off.

Psycho-jo gets a video call from daddio who gloats about his new campaign to help small business owners. His son says he knows how to dupe people, but daddio clarifies that these people let themselves be duped. Besides, it doesn’t matter if the small shop owners are duped. What matters is making sure that they can’t do anything about it.

Poor, poor Psycho-jo. This is who raised you. *sob* Come here and let me hug you.

Daddio wants his kid to learn something from this and stop letting rumors spread – like that he met a woman.

Cue his bracelet falling off.

Psycho-jo gets defensive and hangs up on him. Heh.

Tommy Hong goes to Etoile and is greeted by Se-kyung. She brings him decaf coffee and explians that she knows because she’s his fan, calling him “teacher.”

He asks what brand her phone charm is and she says she made it; he connects the dots between the charm and the bracelet. He knows she’s a designer and she worries that he’s already looked into her background. He wonders how she knows Jean Thierry Cha.

Yeah, things are not going to go as anyone planned. Sorry, you all live in k-dramaland. Nothing goes right at first, I’m afraid. Or I’m not. It makes watching you oh-so-interesting!

Tommy thanks her for the meal yesterday – she is very observant.

He wonders why she’s his fan and she says because one has to be very skilled to succeed as a domestically-trained designer and have such good connections.

When he laughs, she apologizes. She says that having people to help him is a blessing and he asks if she has someone like that.

You, she thinks while he assumes it’s Psycho-jo.

Tommy invites her to his party and says it’ll be a good experience for her.

She adorably grins and squees over her invitation, even kissing it.

Psycho-jo receives a call from Tommy who says he’s met her and Tommy double checks that he’s going to the party.

Uh-oh. Identity to be unveiled?

Coach Tick thinks that going to the party is moving too fast. (I KNEW it!) Se-kyung asks for help; it will allow her to be rid of her obligation to help her more quickly.

They go shopping and Coach gives her pointers as to what to choose.

Se-kyung shows up in all white and looks really clean and cute.

The people at the party won’t know her, therefore they won’t be interested. But there is a way to get attention.

Chapter 4: Don’t get nervous and…don’t be shy

Coach Tick has a voice over, instructing Se-kyung: Stand at the entrance for ten seconds looking confident and cool, like she’s waiting for someone to come be her escort.

Tommy Hong comes and escorts her to the bar. She then drinks the champagne with her eyes up as Coach Tick instructed her and Tommy is impressed. He introduces her to people for which she is prepared. Coach Tick had her learn names, jobs, interests, etc. beforehand. She impresses all the men with her knowledge – which is good ‘cause the ultimate goal is to impress Tommy Hong.

Psycho-jo shows up and freaks out when he hears Se-kyung’s name. He makes the most bumbling exit ever, but Se-kyung still spots him and follows him up. He is, of course, dazzled by her in fancy duds.

She wonders why he’s there and he makes the excuse that he escorted the chairman. She gets excited, wanting to meet him and Tommy Hong takes their interaction for a “special” closeness and calls daddio.

Ah, a two-fold problem with the identity secrets? Love it! I thought they’d resolve that misunderstanding quickly, but now they’re using it to thicken the plot. Point writer-nim!

Psycho-jo tells her that the chairman is too busy to meet her and then his chauffeur, Chauffeur KIM, calls and Psycho-jo answers, “Yes, chairman,” before making a break for it. Heh.

An older man, Jang Myung-ho,  approaches her and I get the creepy vibe from him. They talk about mojitos and she pretends to be surprised that he knows what she knows about the drink (even though a flashback shows her looking up all the information.)

She acts all feminine while Tommy Hong watches her. Myung-ho hopes to see her more, maybe even once in Cuba.


Later, Tommy finds Se-kyung by the bar and when she says that she and Myung-ho had a lot in common, he hands her a room card. He heard that she agreed to see the creeper more in the future.

Oh, no you didn’t.

Tommy says that the creeper, apparently a chairman, is one of the “truly great” people of the world. It’s obvious that Tommy thinks she’s a playgirl, going from Chairman Cha to Chairman Jang in the course of a night.

Well, she is playing them, just not like you think, Tommy boy. Yes, I just wanted to say Tommy boy.

Se-kyung is confused by Tommy’s actions.

Tommy says that she’s wise because people like them (domestically-trained) are not naturally welcomed in this arena, right? It’s better to receive help than be unsure of whether or not one will be successful.

You’re gross, Tommy. I understand you, but still. *shivers* You’re saying that women need to prostitute themselves for opportunities? Well, I guess she kinda is. It’s funny (and awesome) how many levels Psycho-jo’s identity fraud has created in this plot.

Se-kyung is still confused and Tommy tells her to drop the act. Does she want to meet more people with his help?

Then she finally understands what the keycard means. Tommy said that the creeper liked her a lot and that the card is her next meeting place with him.

So by good people he meant a sponsor. Not a realization Se-kyung wanted to ever make, I’m sure. In this case, I’m sure the word “sponsor” comes with a nasty, nasty connotation.

The suggested meeting in Cuba finally makes sense to her and she can barely keep her tears, or her temper, at bay. She says there’s a misunderstanding and wants him to return it. He’s confused. Doesn’t she have that kind of relationship with Jean Thierry Cha? Why did he recommend her as a designer.

Of course, she’s confused. And so is he. What is her relationship with Chairman Cha

Se-kyung starts to walk away and Tommy thinks that she’s trying to haggle for a sponsor price. Because she’s not exactly what most men look for, should they settle on a nightly rate?

She flings water in his face. Everyone stares and he takes a long moment to compose himself.

Then he flings soy sauce at her, dirtying her white dress. She walks from the room, absolutely humiliated.

Coach Tick was right.

Psycho-jo climbs in his car, yelling at Chauffer KIM (Hehe) for being late, and then sees Se-kyung trudging away. He follows her and notices the soy sauce dried on her face. He laughs awkwardly, wondering how she spilled it on her face.

You ARE dumb. Would anyone in their right mind, who spilled soy sauce on their face, leave it their if they were feeling okay? But then again, you are socially inept Psycho-jo.

She asks if the president recommended her as a designer. He’s confused and wonders if something went wrong. She wants Psycho-jo to tell the chairman to stop concerning himself with her.

Now he’s even more confused. Why is the chairman being like this when he’s never seen her or met her? she asks. His help doesn’t suit her – it makes people misunderstand her.

Psycho-jo is now even more concerned and when he tries to inquire why she’s so upset, she says it’s not Secretary Kim’s position to know. When he tries to explain it’s the “chairman” who is concerned, she reiterates that she wants him to stop.

He asks again what the problem is and she says that someone like her, who aspired too high, was asked if she was being sponsored by Chairman Jean Thierry Cha.

ACK! She told him!

A fury settles over Psycho-jo as he quietly asks if Tommy Hong was the one who spilled soy sauce all over her. She supposes that it suits her. Then she dejectedly walks away as anger builds inside him.

Se-kyung sits on the same bench as in the first episode, moping. Then Coach Tick calls, wondering how it went.

(I find it amusing that her caller ID says, “Seo Yoon-joo, be happy!” Haha. She even has to remind herself to be happy around the Tick.)

Se-kyung tells her that she’s amazing for getting where she is; because the effort needed is incredible. She apologizes for looking down on her for all that time. Coach Tick smiles softly and asks if something went wrong. She admits to being asked if she had a sponsor and leaving the party.

Coach Tick tells her to stop being an idiot. Se-kyung has NO idea how she feels. But Se-kyung cuts her off and says that to be black she needs to be totally black.

Aw, I suppose she has to keep moving to the dark side.

Anyway, creeper Chairman Jang asks Tommy to look for “another one.” When Tommy bows, he feels something dripping down his face. It’s Psycho-jo, pouring soy sauce ALL OVER HIS HEAD!

I love him. I love him. I love him!

Coach Tick tells her pupil that she lost the best White Rabbit today. Now she needs to find another.

Oh, Psycho-jo?????

Back to the party where Psycho-jo is making another movie reference: Ben-Hur, another film about revenge. Like the main character of that film, the new chairman of Artemis Korea also has a bad temper.

Then he decks him.


This show had a rough start with the first few episodes, but damn did it ever turn around! And from episode 3 to this one we can see that the writer can not only do humor, but give us some serious plot/character growth. I was scared I would only have Park Shi-hoo to love about this thing. Not that Park Shi-hoo isn’t a wonderful thing to love (I sat through all of How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor,) but, I want to enjoy what I’m watching!

Let’s get to Coach Tick. See seems to be the actual White Rabbit to me. Or at least she trained all of the other White Rabbits cause damn, she even has a manual! No, she WROTE the manual. I applaud her character development. I really, truly, thought she would be a one-dimensional annoying sack of second lead drivel. She turns out to really have been human once, but she shoved all of that aside for physical comfort.

She loves her brother. She had to write a journal to keep her from straying from the dark side. She grudgingly admires her friend. She doesn’t have to train Se-kyung…but she does.

I still don’t like her though. I hate (and love) her tenacity. Just when you think she’s gonna be nice, BAM, she does something mean. But now we know WHY she does it. We see her early stages with Se-kyung’s training. At the same time, Coach Tick did this BY HERSELF. She was already more callous than Se-kyung when she started.

In any case, the second lead is evil, but she’s got character depth. So bring on the evil!

Then we have Se-kyung. Moon Geun-young is such a fabulous actress. I feel everything Se-kyung is feeling – especially the confusion. It pervades everything she does, even her conviction to be black. I don’t think she actually wants to turn into a scheming bitch, but at the same time, she really needs to live well. Too much has happened to her and her family for her to consider her moral quandaries, of which she has many.

I really like how she feels nothing for Psycho-jo save annoyance. But then again, she confides in him. They’re little throw away statements most of the time, but she did tell him about the sponsor incident. Moon Geun-young and Park Shi-hoo are growing closer as actors as the characters grow closer. I really love that dynamic. They play off each other so well. It’s the charisma, I tell you, the charisma.

And that sponsor incident. Wow, I knew something bad would happen. It’s so sadly something that would actually happen. I can’t believe Tommy Hong retaliated to the water throw though. I literally gasped.

That brings me to the first White Rabbit: Tommy Hong. He may seem like an arrogant douche, and he is, but like Coach Tick, he’s got a little depth. (I wish we’d gotten to the Tick’s earlier, but that’s neither here nor there.) Like everyone else in this story, society has put major pressure on him to become what he has. He’s had to fight the stigma in the fashion world that only foreign-trained designers are good. He’s had to kiss some major ass and do some major schmoozing to get to his position. Perhaps that’s the reason why he was a good White Rabbit for others. (I wonder if he was Coach Tick’s…) Doesn’t change the fact that he’s an assuming ass.

Can’t forget Psycho-jo, my beloved. What a juicy, fun character. He’s got so much in him. I think, before he was heart-broken, he was probably a quirky fellow with a satori accent and his heart on his sleeve. Now, his hurt and depression has exacerbated his bizarre personality. Se-kyung represents who he used to be. He latches onto her and her sincerity.

Man, I can’t wait to see what happens when he finds out what her goal is and how that works into him being the White Rabbit, ’cause we all know that’s going to happen.

In any case, societal pressure has molded all of our characters. It crushed them and each of them reacted differently to it, save for one thing: they all lost a little bit of their humanity in order to regain their footing. I want to see how Se-kyung fairs and perhaps how the others rehabilitate or sink further.

When the teaser information said it was going to poke fun at marriage and society, it wasn’t kidding. I’m loving it.

Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 (final)

Character introductions.

Cheongdam-dong Alice Episode 4 Screencaps

6 responses to “Cheongdam-dong Alice: Episode 4 Recap”

  1. annyeong,happiest recapper! i’m your happiest! i’m not so into CDDA yet but anything PSH makes me happiest! i like his comic ways here but i do miss yong more seung jo to watch!

  2. Okay, I had major reservations about this show. I think everyone who read or saw the promotional stuff did, because it didn’t really give us much to go on. But after reading recaps for episodes 1&2, I decided to give it a try, and I’m so glad I did. Those episodes clearly had a direction and purpose, but I love 3&4, because they’re really launching this drama. I just love it so!

    Seung Jo and the sauce was awesome. I agree with you that everyone has good sides and dark sides in this drama. They all feel human, but incredibly selfish or petty (or both). I like that there isn’t a villain who is responsible for all nefarious deeds ever, but that life is the bad guy. It deals bad hands and we all have to figure out our way with what we get. I hope that Se Kyung and Seung Jo decide to be decent people, but I love the trajectories they’re on right now.

    I disagree that Seung Jo will become the White Rabbit. I’m pretty sure he’s the sexy awesome version of the Mad Hatter—you know the version that is possible for Alice to actually fall for. ‘Cuz, he’s crazy, but so adorable. Does that make Coach Tick the Queen of Hearts, since she’s the one who wields the power? Maybe I need to write my own blog post on everyone’s counterparts. Heh.

    Anyways, I’m loving this show, and I’m so excited to see where things will go.

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