Full House Take 2: Episode 16 (Final) Recap

by: Raine and MadDino

Raine: Thank God it’s over. This is what happens when a show with a terrible plotline takes itself way too seriously.

episode 16 (final) recap


Deeno: Sheepy and Errand Boy win.

Raine: Yay!

Deeno: Bunny collapses.

Raine: Oh no!

Deeno: It’s so not even tragic anymore.

Raine: *puts away her fake tears* Guess I’m fooling nobody.

Deeno: Jerkface yells a lot and goes back on his promise since they didn’t get it in writing.

Raine: Did you notice that his lower canines look like upside down vampire teeth? Do you think he sucks the blood from anyone who betrays him…while hanging upside down?

Deeno: Distracted by the thought of blood.

Deeno: Bunny has to steal someone else’s eyes to see.

Raine: What if he gets Haley Joel Osmont’s eyes? Will he see dead people?

Deeno: One only needs an AK-47 to see dead people.

Raine: Or to subject them to this show for too long….

Deeno: Zombie Unni!

Deeno: Bunny’s noona decides to wage war against Jerk Face. Noona Power!

Jerk Face decides to hold a big press conference to spill the beans about Bunny’s chaebol family. It gets canceled by his boss and he’s fired. Sheepy gets Full House back and Manager Hwang takes over Jerk Face’s position in the company. Fluffy Deeno dances in a meadow as all the problems in the world are magically solved. I shoot her. Her swarm of butterflies deflect the bullets. I lose.

Raine: You lost when you started this show. So did I. Now we’re floating in Fluffy Deeno’s meadow of horrors wishing that we’d never started this nightmare.

Deeno: But it was fun and what’s the world without a few mini-hippos and portable volcanos.

Raine: Yes, that is true. Because now we can kill everyone in the show that we don’t like and make mini-hippos dance on their graves. You could crochet their tutus!

Deeno: Well that seems like a waste of time. I could watch 20 dramas in the time it would take me to crochet one tutu.

Raine: That’s not really saying much since you watch 20 dramas in very little time at all…

Deeno: I watch 20 in a month or so.

Raine: O_O

Deeno: Evil gets a mushy farewell, but who cares since she’s done nothing since she came in. At least, she opens the door for a little bromance.

Raine: I forgot that she existed. It was better that way.

Deeno: She’s just there to remind me that there is still blood to be spilt.

Raine: By the end of this drama I’m gonna want to spill my blood…

Deeno: *tootsie roll drool*

Raine: *shudder*

Deeno: Bunny decides to move out and have his operation in China. Sheepy apologizes for misunderstanding and they bicker some more. Bunny requests Sheepy’s help.

Raine: The bromance is back. Why am I not excited? Help! Adorable animals are no longer quite so adorable!.

Deeno: True. That’s why we had to add the mini hippos.

Deeno: Bunny has lunch with Man Ok. He gives her lessons to help her become a designer and asks to be her model when she succeeds. He thanks her for her support and happily fires her. Note: He’s smiling again!

Raine: Yay…

Deeno: Yeah, I know it’s not that exciting. There was a reason my half only ended up being 200 words.


Raine: Bunny has normal hair again! HALLELUJAH!

Deeno: You stole my recap of your half!

Raine: I added the “hallelujah!” therefore, it’s original.

Deeno: I guess you also added a few paragraphs.

Raine: That, too. But the most important bit, about the salvaged hair, was product of clever thievery.

Deeno: Well I caught you. Give it back or I’ll put PSH in a jail cell you can’t break him out of. Or see him through.

Raine: If you want to waste anymore time on this drama, please have at it. If not, I shall continue.

BTW, PSH, <3.

As Bunny is leaving for China with his sister, he feels someone behind him and turns. He can only make-out a blur, but knows it’s Man-ok. She waves at him and he leaves.

Deeno: He should have waved back. I would have made another aniGIF.

Raine: Reuse and recycle.

Raine: Inside Full House, Man-ok meets Sheepy who has come to collect Man-ok and force her to beg her grandfather for forgiveness. She’s terrified and fights Sheepy. The noise attracts gramps and she falls onto her knees before him to beg for forgiveness. He forgives her with a lot of yelling.

Man-ok tests out her bed for booby traps and Sheepy tests out her bed to make sure it’s ready for making baby sheep. They become aware that they’re alone and use the opportunity to repopulate the earth.

Deeno: That sounds about right.

Raine: There are going to be a LOT of sheep walking on the earth by the time I’M done with this recap.

Deeno: And booby traps!

Raine: That would be your responsibility.

Raine: Gramps says farewell to his freeloaders.

Sheepy heads back to Full House, which now belongs to him. Phew, I was worried we wouldn’t have a place to put all off those baby sheep.

He visits Bunny’s old room and sadly remembers Bunny telling him to be a cheesy boyfriend to Man-ok.

Deeno: If you cook him in a microwave he’ll melt.

Raine: Cheesy mutton…mmm….

Raine: Sheepy makes “eyes” at Man-ok, dresses her up pretty and serenades her on the out-of-tune piano. They talk about how weird it is that they’re together and he asks her to be his stylist and his woman. She can’t be his stylist because she’s going to formally study design, but she’ll date him. They fuss and fight over Bunny and her calling him Tae-ik nim, then go make more sheep babies.

Deeno: Fortunately, this time the bed is booby trapped. Sheepy loses all his hair.

Raine: The sheep has been shorn. Thank the drama gods. Well, thank us, ‘cause the drama gods weren’t smart enough to do it so we had to pick up the slack.

Raine: Six months later, Sheepy imagines that Man-ok’s calling him Tae-ik nim, but ends up hugging Go-dong, who has dropped the super formal language. Heh. They have a schedule to keep so Sheepy needs to stop thinking dirty thoughts and get out of bed.

There’s also a pretty picture of him and Man-ok on the nightstand, which he makes out with.

Man-ok gets a package from Bunny with a recording saying that he and Chaton are fine. Then she records a reply on the recorder.

Deeno: There is this thing called a phone. It allows people to talk to each other instantly and reduces shipping costs.

Raine: If I’ve learned anything from this drama, it’s that reason is an element of fiction that should not be entertained.

Deeno: I learned about Bunny’s smile.

Raine: I learned…I can’t even remember what I learned. This show has sucked the brain juice from my skull.

Deeno: Lesson Learned: This show is a zombie.

Raine: I guess Glenn from The Walking Dead is going to have to come and take it out with the leg of a chair.

Deeno: I haven’t watched that show and this time I can’t blame it on you being old.

Raine: All you need to know is that Glenn is the Korean-American dude and he’s hot AND badass. He’ll take care of all your k-drama zombie needs.

Deeno: I don’t know about that. A quick google search didn’t show him splattered in blood. I expect that in someone who kills zombies.

Raine: Trust me. Plenty of blood…

Raine: Man-ok sends a recording in return and explains what’s been going on in Korea: Take 2 is popular; Go-dong is all popular and acting like Bunny. Manager Hwang is now President Hwang. The dojang is doing well, Man-ok is re-habbing her crappy friend into a less crappy friend, Man-ok is studying design. Also, everyone misses him.

Sheepy visits Bunny in China and Bunny can see him and they smile and they’re all bromantic. Too little, too late, show.

President Jerkface is trying to start again in the business while looking like a used car salesman and he sucks.

Deeno: Why even bring this guy back? Maybe had it involved a volcano…

Raine: To show us his upside down vampire fangs and remind you of blood.

Deeno: Blood!

Raine: Sheepy has Man-ok bring him new clothes for a performance because he doesn’t like the one he’s wearing, but we all know that it’s really for Bunny so that they can sing and dance and cry and laugh on stage together.

How sweet. I’m crying. And getting cavities. And wondering how many minutes of airtime they’re trying to waste by airing all these performances of songs that we’ve already heard 15,000 times.

Deeno: About 5 hours. For the last five episodes.

Raine: *sob*

Man-ok and Go-dong were surprised and happy to have Bunny back. Bunny and Sheepy fight over who gets to make more babies with Man-ok.

Deeno: How about getting some Dino Bunny babies in the mix?

Raine: Those’d be some funny looking babies! But have at it; I’m not one to deny a deeno her fun!

Raine: The after party is at Full House and everyone is there together, singing, holding hands, and being all-around annoyingly happy.

Sheepy calls Man-ok outside to make more sheep babies during a take a walk.

After they procreate, he takes her to the spot they first met at kids and they smile until their faces split. He makes her shove her hand into a hole and it gets bitten off by sharks with laser beams on their foreheads.

Or she gets a stuffed cat in a picnic basket with no food. Wait, she can’t even eat anything so what’s so great about this picnic basket??

Ooooooh, there’s a ring in it. She wears it.

Deeno: *inserts portable volcano*

Raine: Now THAT’S a picnic basket.

Man-ok’s name means Full House in English so that’s Sheepy’s reason for asking her to marry him and lock her in Full House’s basement, only to be brought out for procreation. What a boy sheep you are.

The End.


Deeno: *dances like Charlie Brown*


Raine: I’m trying to come up with a comment about this show. But it seriously drained the life out of me. I was bored writing the recap. The only good part was bickering with my dinosaur friend. In the land that is k-drama, that is just wrong. We, as recappers and readers/watchers, should be frollicking in all the juicy material that a show has to offer. Instead, we were left starving for quality product.

Deeno: My comment would go something like “don’t watch this drama.” That may already be obvious though.

Raine: Then let’s say it together


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Character Introductions.

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12 responses to “Full House Take 2: Episode 16 (Final) Recap”

  1. it may come out wrong, but i wonder why did you stick to writing the recaps up until the very end, if you disliked this drama so bad? is there any redeemable points? i’m asking because, i’ve been reading recaps here and there, and got curious. some have few good words, some really do love it, and some, like you, hated it, but yet, decided to recap it till the finish. I haven’t watch it, maybe i wll, maybe i won’t. but with you saying don’t watch the dram, it kinda help though. thanks.

    • When we start a project we like to see it through…even if we don’t like the show.

      The redeemable points come before episode 12 when it started to take itself too seriously.

      • Thanks for the insight. It really is confusing, you’re the 1st who actually said, don’t watch it. Sometimes I got lost in all the recaps out there. I really don’t want to spent 16 hours of my life for nothing
        -Proud Madridista-

  2. I knew it would be lame. I just knew it. But I thought it would be Dr Jin’s kind of lame. Noooo…. They managed to do worst! Lame and boring. We need Razzies Awards in Dramaland.
    At least I gave up before the end: Guilt-tripping me for dumping a drama works less than before.

  3. It’s too late for me. *Sobbing uncontrollably* I wasted way too much time on this drama. I had to find stupid things to laugh about at the end. Like the fact that Man Ok ran all over Sheepy’s house in shoes after freaking out at Evil for the same thing. Too bad the show didn’t actually give me real things to laugh at—intentional or otherwise—in the end.

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