Cheongdam-dong Alice: Episode 6 Recap

by: Raine

This episode made my heart flutter and my stomach drop a bajillion times in 71 minutes. The chemistry between our OTP is hot, Hot, HOT! Our side characters are starting to fill out and I think we’re finally ready to break into some major conflict. It’s gonna hurt so good.

“Daddy Long Legs”Baek Ah-yeon (from the Cheongdam-dong Alice OST)

This song is so gorgeous. I’m glad they came out with it. And Baek Ah-yeon doesn’t force her voice so it’s pure and sweet, like Psycho-jo’s love. Before anyone asks, it’s part 3 of the OST and all you have to do is search “Cheongdam-dong Alice OST” and you can find it to download. Don’t be lazy now.

episode 6 recap

Psycho-jo and Se-kyung part ways. He goes home and unpacks his rabbits, smiling and remembering her playing with them.

She sits at her desk imagining Psycho-jo playing with the rabbits and whispering his name. When she realizes what she’s doing, she shakes her head to clear it. Before she can get to work, she gets a text from President Jean Thierry Cha with a picture of a happy rabbit.


They’re both flipping out that he sent it; he’s regretting, she’s excited. She texts her thanks to the president and then immediately calls “Secretary Kim” to tell him the president texted her.

How telling is that? He’s definitely starting to grow on her.

She thanks Psycho-jo for helping her out and then frets over his health. They hang up, smiling.

Se-kyung flips through the pictures on her phone so that she can start designing and stops on the one where Psycho-jo’s face is most visible.


Meanwhile, Psycho-jo fills out the questionnaire and imagines Se-kyung is there asking him the questions. He can’t stop smiling. We discover he likes sweets…a lot. He last cried the day he read Se-kyung’s letter.

It’s time for a montage of our OTP doing things for each other: he is shopping for a phone and camera for her and answering the long questionnaire while she puts everything into designing the president’s party attire.

They both fall asleep in the middle of working.

Se-kyung wakes up to Ah-jung reading Coach Tick’s Wonderland journal. She is NOT happy, especially when Se-kyung admits the journal is Coach Tick’s. The fight is cut short because the moving truck arrives to take Se-kyung’s family to their rental place. (I think Ah-jung is renting it to them.) While dad tries to look on the bright side, Se-jin starts crying in misery.

In her new room, Se-kyung explains what has been going on in her life to Ah-jung who is shocked that she wants to live like Coach Tick. She says that she’s jealous of Coach Tick. Ah-jung thinks that’s all fine and well, but jealousy is for other people, not Se-kyung. She curses at people like Coach Tick.

Se-kyung admits to lying; she is jealous, but Ah-jung says that Se-kyung can’t be. Coach Tick was made to live as she does, full of lies and deceit. Se-kyung needs to live as she is.

But how is that a good thing? She’s living in a friend’s house, working as a contract worker, running errands. If she could’ve lived like Ah-jung instead of Coach Tick, Se-kyung would’ve been happy. Not anymore though; she wants to live like Coach Tick. Right now, she’s not happy.

Se-kyung goes onto the rooftop for some fresh air and Ah-jung follows. She offers to find out the president’s personal information for Se-kyung, which results in a make-up between the friends. Ah-jung admits that she’s worried that this path will make things harder for Se-kyung.

Hey, Se-kyung, listen to your friend.

Se-kyung says it’s hard now, even after studying for so long. Ah-jung wonders if she thinks she can become better than Coach Tick. Even in the past, Se-kyung never lost to her. Then, Se-kyung admits the president is her White Rabbit.

There are so many people who could expose both Se-kyung and Psycho-jo’s secrets that I’m starting to get really nervous. Ah, it hurts so good.

Dong-wook reads over Se-kyung’s questionnaire and finds it creepy while Psycho-jo thinks it’s cute. Apparently, half of the answers are lies and Dong-wook warns Psycho-jo to be careful or he may be caught, just like yesterday.

Oh please, oh please, almost get caught again. That was so funny!

Only three people need to keep their mouths shut, Psycho-jo says. Dong-wook, Secretary Moon and Driver Kim.

You sad, sad liar. But you’re cute anyway.

Se-kyung tells Ah-jung about Secretary Kim as her connection to the president. Ah-jung thinks that Kim is basically White Rabbit junior and she’ll dig up information on him since there is no information on the president. And Ah-jung already has an in: the man she went on a blind date with was the president’s secretary.

Cut to Psycho-jo worrying how to keep Secretary Moon’s mouth shut. Then Se-kyung calls and he FLIPS out. He has no idea what to do until Dong-wook tells him to answer the phone.

Pfffft. So. Cute.

Psycho-jo tells Dong-wook to leave and Dong-wook grins mischievously, teasing him that he has a date. Before Dong-wook leaves, Psycho-jo wonders if the wrapping on the presents he got Se-kyung is too much. Dong-wook thinks his absolutely smitten friend  is too much.

Se-kyung meets “Secretary Kim” at Ho-min’s cafe and he gives her the camera and cellphone. He lies and says they were given to employees and there is a set left.

Aw, come on! Tell her they’re from you!

The red bow from the earlier wrapping is still on top of one of them and he quickly snatches it off. He deflects by asking her what she wanted to show him. She pulls out the drawings that she made the night before and explains the style concepts she came up with. They discuss stuff and he seems rather impressed by her.

Meanwhile, Ah-jung searches for Secretary Kim Seung-jo on the company website and can’t find a thing. She immediately calls Se-kyung and wonders if Kim is really a secretary.

Secretary Moon arrives and he ain’t in a good mood. Apparently Ah-jung rejected him. Heh. Both women stare at their men suspiciously. Se-kyung asks if Psycho-jo has completed any of the tasks she’s given him and he hasn’t. Then she asks for his business card.


He’s saved by the ding of his phone – Moon texts that there is an emergency as he’s grilled by Ah-jung about Secretary Kim, who doesn’t exist on the employee list. She also informs him that Se-kyung is her friend. Moon gapes, clueless as to how to proceed.

Psycho-jo calls Moon and they explain what is going on with the women while Ah-jung and Se-kyung text about the men. Moon suggests telling Se-kyung the truth, but that would be no fun at this point of the k-drama game. Psycho-jo freaks out for a moment before coming up with a plan.

Se-kyung and Ah-jung wonder why the men are looking so nervous. They are interrupted by their respective men approaching them to ominous music in the OST. The men explain, during a tense, pause-filled speeches, that Secretary Kim is the president’s shadow warrior, or doppelganger.

The girls are appropriately confused and Se-kyung looks up the definition on her phone. Psycho-jo explains that’s why he has no card and he’s not part of Artemis’ employee register. He’s a personal employee. She wonders if Secretary Kim looks like the president. I’m more attractive, of course, “Secretary Kim” replies.


Se-kyung wonders what he does and Psycho-jo says he does proxy work and then lets her in on a secret: all big wigs have a shadow warrior. They have so much work and the president in particular hates invasion of privacy so much that he nearly has a social phobia.

AHAHAHA! Does he really expect her to believe that?

She doesn’t. She wants proof. He’s incredulous that she doesn’t believe him and she lays into him, leaving him speechless. He’s given a moment to think when Ah-jung calls and confirms Psycho-jo’s story. Secretary Moon even said that the president was a total weirdo imported from Paris.

While Se-kyung was on the phone, Psycho-jo came up with a plan to prove his lie and has her follow him out. In a cute bit, he has put her scarf around his neck and she steals it back.

Now to our smirky-faced Tommy Hong. His secretary brings him profiles on all the Cha Seung-jo’s she could find. One, who was searching for an apartment in New Haven, seems familiar and Tommy remembers that Daddy Cha sponsored a rowing competition. A member of the rowing team, Yale alumni Han Dae-chul, is a familiar name and would’ve been in school at the same time at Seung-jo. Yale is in New Haven and is also the location of the rowing team. Tommy deduces that Cha Seung-jo got his B.A. from Yale and has his secretary look it up.

In-hwa visits Han Dae-chul and confirms that he graduated from Yale just as Tommy’s secretary finds out the same. In-hwa visits him and has proof that confirms that Cha Seung-jo is indeed the son of Royal Group. She wonders why Cha Seung-jo changed his name. Tommy suggests meeting Cha Il-nam first.

Coach Tick breaks stuff in the kitchen as she has a badly-acted fit over the arranged marriage between In-hwa and Psycho-jo. Then it’s mealtime with mom-in-law, hubby and In-hwa. In-hwa wants to have a Christmas charity event at Royal group, who has connections to an orphanage. Min-hyuk and mom-in-law approve while Coach Tick wonders how much In-hwa knows about her relationship with Psycho-jo.

Daddy Cha receives the news that GN Fashion will donate 2,000 outfits. Shin In-hwa, the daughter of GN Fashion, called herself.

Psycho-jo acts all sneaky and has his driver cleaning the car when he shows up with Se-kyung. Driver Kim addresses Psycho-jo “Secretary Kim” and confirms that the president isn’t in.

Oh, you are so not slick.

Driver Kim thinks Psycho-jo is nuts. But we knew that.

Psycho-jo leads Se-kyung into his fancy apartment and then into his MASSIVE closet where the rabbits are lined up on the counter.

Awwww, puppy. You’re so cute.

Psycho-jo proves that he is the shadow warrior by pulling out some mail with the president’s name on it. He knows the entry code to the president’s place and Driver Kim called him Secretary Kim. He takes care of the mail and the president’s people, like Se-kyung. Everything is all hunky-dory now right? She nods meekly.

He tells her to have a look around and to measure things herself because everything is custom tailored.

Coach Tick decides to visit Psycho-jo because her evil deeds are catching up to her and making her evil brain hurt. She barges into the apartment even though Psycho-jo tries to stop her.

Luckily for him, Se-kyung is checking out his wardrobe with no small amount of awe.

Psycho-jo has some trouble dragging her out and the noise disturbs Se-kyung, who shrugs it off and gets back to work, noticing the bracelet she made and another bracelet, the silver cuff with the S.J. Cha engraving.

As Psycho-jo drags Coach Tick out of the apartment, she notices the pair of women’s shoes at the entry. She wonders why he doesn’t introduce them. He just wants to know why she’s there. She cuts to the chase and mentions that there are marriage talks between him and In-hwa. Her mother- in law is having Tommy Hong arrange it.

This is news to Psycho-jo who says it’ll never happen. He tells her to leave; they are finished. Is he sure? she wonders and he scathingly assures her that he is. Coach Tick softens and tells him to protect his new woman; don’t put his own feelings first. Try to understand what his new woman wants and her feelings, then he will be able to protect her. Coach Tick is being sincere and says that she’ll be able to live as well as he if he does this right.

It’s obvious that Coach Tick still loves him.

Psycho-jo rejoins Se-kyung who asks about the initials on the cuff but he pawns it off by saying he doesn’t know why the initials are “S.J.” instead of “J.T.” Then Se-kyung notices that the president is a bit of a neat freak. He’s organized his closet by color and fabric percentages. Psycho-jo explains it off as mental illness. Se-kyung bets it’s hard to work for the president and Psycho-jo rails on him. The president is a grudge-bearer and petty.

And crazy! Se-kyung suggests, which gives Psycho-jo some serious pause before he agrees. Then he starts mussing the closet. Bwahahahaha! He says it’s a good thing she doesn’t have to meet the president.

She wonders how he met the president and he says that he met him while studying in Paris; he had a part-time job cleaning the president’s place. He got the job at a time when he was kicked out of his apartment for not paying rent. Psycho-jo rubs his chin and says that he doesn’t look the type to have been homeless, as he so resembles a high-class person. Se-kyung agrees – his clothes make him seem like he lived well. He lies that the president gave them to him so he wouldn’t embarass him. Psycho-jo adds that he worked construction as well. He claims to have built a building that se-kyung points out has been around for thirty years. He wonders how she knew.

Se-kyung draws him a map of the arrondissements and famous landmarks in Paris. He is impressed by her knowledge. She’s acquired it by promising herself year after year that she’ll visit. Psycho-jo lets her in on some top secrets, where the best places are to eat and go to concerts

The entire bit is animated and so adorable.

Secretary Moon interrupts their adorable chat with the news that Ah-jung is hammered. Psycho-jo accompanies her because Moon is his “superior.”

When they arrive, Moon is at his wits end as Ah-jung babbles on about shadow warriors. Psycho-jo and Se-kyung swoop in to the rescue. Moon tries to explain what happened to Psycho-jo via mouthing, but it doesn’t work. Ah-jung wonders who the new guy is and once she discovers that it’s “Secretary Kim,” she cuts to banmal and tells him to straighten up; she almost tells Se-kyung’s secret and sobs.

When the girls leave for fresh air, Moon gives Psycho-jo some ‘tude and gets called on it. So he pretends he’s going to the bathroom and leaves Psycho-jo to piggyback an unconscious Ah-jung to Se-kyung’s new digs.

They get there and just before Psycho-jo can set Ah-jung on the bed, she vomits on his back. EWW!

He is absolutely disgusted and dumps Ah-jung on the bed so that he can rip off his jacket. His horrified face is absolutely hysterical. Se-kyung runs off to clean his jacket, leaving Psycho-jo to snoop around her room. He smiles at her family photo and then spots the Wonderland journal.


Just when he’s about to open it, Se-kyung’s dad suddenly appears and  demands to know who he is.


(Do you see how tenderly he looks at her? He’s such a sweet guy!)

Next thing Psycho-jo knows, he’s sitting before Se-kyung’s entire family. They explain how Se-kyung knows the president and dad thanks Psycho-jo and the president for helping her. But Psycho-jo says that the president is the one who is thankful – he was moved and comforted by Se-kyung’s letter. “Secretary Kim” feels inspired by how hard she works.

His sincerity is so obvious, I wonder how Se-kyung doesn’t guess that he’s the president right then and there.

Dad asks what Psycho-jo’s parents do and we discover that his mother passed away when he was a kid and he hasn’t spoken to his father for a while. Mom feels pity and they decide to bust out the alcohol.

Is he married? Dad wants to know and finds out Psycho-jo is still single.  Not for long! Heehee.

Anyway, dad continues to grill Psycho-jo and Se-kyung gets really exasperated. But Psycho-jo just watches her fondly as he answers the questions. The family finds out that Psycho-jo studied art in Paris. He worked part-time jobs to pay rent and sometimes had to live on the streets. He was the most scared of how low he could sink, but not of anything else. The poverty helped him set himself straight and he succeeded. He is envious of how strong their family seems.

Se-kyung listens somberly and walks him outside afterwards. She apologizes for the interrogation. Then she realizes that she never told him that she moved. How did he know? He admits to following her after the whole In-chan incident because he was anxious for her.

It reminds her to ask him about the soy sauce incident. Psycho-jo is surprised she knows about it and she admits to seeing his text message in the hospital. He scolds her for checking other people’s phones and she asks him again why he did it. Psycho-jo blusters that it wasn’t solely because of her; Tommy Hong insulted the president, too.

Se-kyung surprises him by telling him that he did a good job and holds up a hand for a high five. He waves instead of high-fiving her. *squee* How cute is he? Anywho, she tells him she wants a high-give and he gives her one, but grabs onto her hand. It becomes a little awkward when they have a moment of strong physical attraction so they pull away. They bid goodnight and he goes home beaming; he even does a skip of happiness.

Alone in their rooms, they each remember the day fondly.

Ah-jung wakes up in Se-kyung’s bed and Se-kyung explains that “Secretary Kim” showed her the president’s house to prove that  he wasn’t lying. Ah-jung comments that there are all sorts of crazies in the world.

Then Psycho-jo texts Se-kyung, telling her to meet him at La Vien Hotel the next day for party planning. As she types her reply, she smiles fondly at her phone and says that Psycho-jo works really hard, helps her a lot, takes her places and answers her questions.. Ah-jung gets suspicious and warns Se-kyung to keep her eye on the prize: Moon says that “Secretary Kim’s” background isn’t so hot; he can’t be part of her plan. Se-kyung makes the excuse that she’s just trying to establish good relations with him; but she knows it’s really more than just that, so instead of sending a long text, she merely agrees to meet him.

So sad that Ah-jung kept her promise to help Se-kyung. I wanted more flirting!

(Don’t give me those tears. You reap what you sow, bitch!)

Coach Tick reads an article about GN Fashion (therefore In-hwa) donated clothes to the Royal Group. Ho-min worries that In-hwa knows something about Coach Tick’s past relationship with Psycho-jo. That, and Daddy Cha likes the match because it’s good for Royal Group. It’s only a matter of time before she’s found out, even thought Psycho-jo promised there was nothing more between them.

Min-hyuk calls and Coach Tick can barely answer because she’s crying. He tells her that they’re meeting with Daddy Cha at the same hotel Se-kyung and Psycho-jo are meeting at. She tries to call Psycho-jo to warn him, but he ignores her calls. He’s too busy reading news about the charity event. Coach Tick starts to panic about the whole situation: her secret, the expectations of her in-laws and her promise to her husband to make him proud.

Se-kyung and Psycho-jo meet to go over the food for the party. She knows some of it from books. He comments that her accent is good and she explains that she held phone conversations with herself to practice. She got the idea from a movie, which Psycho-jo has seen. In the movie the man and the woman use pretend phone conversations to reveal how they really feel about each other.

Psycho-jo wants to practice right then and pretends to call her. After a moments hesitation she responds and they have a conversation in French that is absolutely unintelligible. But basically he wants to know where she is and warns her away from men. She says that the one that she’s with was a bit weird at first and he gapes. She “hangs up” and he shouts into the phone, “Yah! Han Se,” just as Ah-jung likes to do. He continues the conversation in Korean, Ah-jung style, which means banmal. *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

She says that its not the man that’s strange, but that she is; she often acts like a fool. Then she “hangs up” again, leaving him happily pensive.

As they’re leaving, they pass Daddy Cha who is coming to meet Min-hyuk, Coach Tick and In-hwa. Psycho-jo glares at dad and tells Se-kyung to wait for him in the lobby. His father makes fun of the French pronunciation of “Cha” and takes note of Se-kyung as she walks away. Psycho-jo tells his father to eat if that’s what he came to the hotel to do and not take interest in other people’s private lives.

Daddy Cha stops him and says a father can ask a son about his girlfriend. Psycho-jo tells him he’s just cos-playing as a father and hatching a secret plan with GN Fashion. It won’t work. Daddy Cha tells him to come back home because he needs him. Psycho-jo doesn’t believe it for a second – it’s just a business move. When Psycho-jo signed away his inheritance, Daddy Cha said he raised him so Psycho-jo would do as he wished.

Whoa. Just…whoa…

That is the way of life and how business works. Psycho-jo won’t make it being so nice, Daddy Cha criticizes. His revenge didn’t even work. Daddy Cha leaves Psycho-jo who is barely holding back tears.

He meets Se-kyung in the lobby who notes his severely muted mood. He avoids her questions and asks her to go drinking. They go to a pojangmacha. He admits that he doesn’t drink soju well – he has expensive taste in alcohol.

Then he say that he lied about seeing his father. Psycho-jo knows where he lives but chooses not to see him. He asks the questions she is thinking, “Why? Why don’t you want to see him? Why are you like that?” He thinks it’s strange that a woman who always wants to know why isn’t asking these questions. She thinks it’s better not to ask.

Psycho-jo points out that she even wrote a one hundred question questionnaire for the president; is she just not curious about him? She bows her head and admits that it feels like she already knows him because they share many similarities. He points out that she has a good relationship with her dad, but she explains that it is so-so. Still, her father must’ve praised her, Psycho-jo muses sadly.

He reveals that his father never praised him and was always displeased with him. Even though Psycho-jo consciously avoids him, he is always mindful of him, wanting to show him that he can do things well. Se-kyung can’t believe his father never praised him.

She stands up and asks him if he wants to high-five like last time; it makes him smile. This time they hold hands, smiling at each other. She assures him that he did a good job and that everything will be just fine. Psycho-jo tells her the same.

Suddenly, a drunk man shoves her into Psycho-jo’s arms and they become acutely aware of each other. The air around them is electric. She tries to pull away, but he snakes his arm around her waist and pulls her tightly against him.

RAWR! I seriously think my ovaries just exploded. And for all of you who thought I was crazy to love Park Shi-hoo, I know you’ve changed your minds. I’ve seen your tweets, you people who couldn’t understand my love. Now you know and it’s too late. He. Is. MINE!

Anyway, back to the very, very sexually charged moment.

Their faces are inches away and she is absolutely frozen by his male magnetism. Somehow, by some idiotic force within her, she is able to pull away from him. He seems very shaken and they both try to play it off as they leave.

How is that even possible? She should be jailed for ruining a prime opportunity.

They say some awkward goodbyes and she leaves. She calls Coach Tick to ask what the first crisis is.

The answer: Love.

And he’s waving back at her while smiling beautifully.



ACK! If love is the first crisis, I can only imagine how difficult the next two are going to be. I just keep imagining his poor sweet, innocent heart breaking. I know he’s lying, too, but I can’t help myself. I don’t want to see Park Shi-hoo cry. *sob*

This episode was sooooo good. We got some major romantic development while also adding some back story to Psycho-jo and filling out Ah-jung’s and Secretary Moon’s characters. There was a lot of funny, even more cute and a world-shattering hit of SEXAY!

Talk about chemistry. That almost kiss nearly had me fainting. I watched it so many times and then my sister came in and we watched it together. She finally understands why I dig Park Shi-hoo. I’m pretty sure Moon Geun-young’s knees were made of jello at that point.

And not only do they have sizzling sexual chemistry, they have that adorable, flirty chemistry, too. And friendship. And understanding each other. Now only if they weren’t lying. But then it wouldn’t be a k-drama, now would it.

Did ya’ll notice how the table settings during the dinner where they had the phone conversation all looked like rabbit ears?

I’m really wondering when his secret will be exposed. It’s been on the verge of coming out for two episodes now. If the creative team stretches this out too much longer, it will be way overdrawn. However, Se-kyung’s secret is one that may last and that’s okay in my book.

Oh yeah, don’t ever make them speak French again. *shudder* Instead, gimme kisses and high-fives. I never knew a high-five could be so sweet or so intense! RAWR!

My only question: is it next Saturday yet?

Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 (final)

Character introductions.

Cheongdam-dong Alice Episode 6 Screencaps.

11 responses to “Cheongdam-dong Alice: Episode 6 Recap”

  1. This episode is too contrived and so disappoint him as this Alice whatshername is getting ready to break his heart. That will make him never trust anyone again

  2. You never solicited headers, but this scene with PSH was so beautiful, I had to do something with it. Of course I thought of you.

    If you like it and it’s the wrong size or font, I can fix it.

  3. I am so glad I started watching this drama! That Jaws scene is a previous episode just about had me rolling on the floor!!!! I haven’t laughed out loud so much at a show for a while! Oh PSH!!! (For the record, I loved Park Shi Hoo long before I met you – but I am happy to let you MINE him as long as I can still ooh and ah and be bedazzled by him) 😉 ) That smile of his – it’s perfection! And his voice, oh his voice when it gets all sexy and deep when he’s being emotional and serious. And I am loving his “ohtokhay, ohtokhay” moments! It’s totally like the White Rabbit does when he says he’s late! I love it!

  4. Raine, honey, you were not the only one! If I had ovaries, they would have exploded!! I paused, rewound, replayed, paused, rewound, played the scene over and over again!! MGY and PSH’s chemistry is in the stratosphere!! Alas, I too am not looking forward to the heartbreak either. And Papa Cha, already hate him and he’s had little screen time!! And here we thought the ex would be the problem, I guess its going to be the sister in law. Hopefully but most unlikely, she’ll hook up with Tommy Hong! Shallow people should be together.

  5. Glad to see you’re loving the show! I’m resisting for now.. I want to wait till there’re more episodes out before I dive in, & it’s good to see that it’s looking good! 😉

  6. Haha… No more French please. 🙂 I can only agree. Or dubbed maybe: For that I have to meet MGY personally… And I have to rehearse the scenes with her co-star of course.
    *Ovaries exploding in advance* BUT *Saving myself*.
    Don’t worry Raine, I give up. I will MINE the cute Doc instead: That character can’t end alone in this drama. I need to perfect my (grabby) high-five so we will train together.
    I’ve never been so happy to be proven wrong with a drama. Really a nice Christmas gift. The drama has found his legs and it’s really cool.
    I don’t want Psycho-jo to be hurt! When the dreaded ep 9 of Doom will strike, I’m going to need meds to handle this. But before that, I want a lot of dates and tons of smiles. Heck, I would even take an accidental kiss. That’s how desperate I am.

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