Raine’s 2012 Year-End Polls!

by: Raine

Polls, polls, polls! Let’s hear what you think about 2012! Because tomorrow we have a brand new year of K-dramas!

Pick your favorite drama. These don’t include all dramas this year, only the ones that I’ve watched. But pick one anyway ’cause it’s fun. I like fun.

Pick your favorite actor! Is it because he lights up the screen? Or maybe because you can’t take your eyes off his abs?

Pick a lady! Will she sweet and innocent or wily and sultry?

Which show made you cry because you wasted 16 to 20 hours on it?

Which newcomer totally rocked your world?

Which actor/actress made you pine most for what could’ve been?

Which character did you want to pluck off the screen and keep with you forever?

Who was the king or queen of badassery this year?

And who was the most villainous of villains who made your skin crawl?

If there were shows you saw that I didn’t that you loved (or hated), I would love to hear about them. Also, what are your hopes for 2013?

Mine are: no more time travel!

Happy New Year all!

2012 Year-end Review!

7 responses to “Raine’s 2012 Year-End Polls!”

  1. I love polls!
    I simply cannot call Fashion King a waste of my time because except for everything in it, I really really enjoyed watching it. Of course, part of that enjoyment came from reading your recaps and comments, but it still counts!!!
    I will go so far as to say it was the MOST fun of all of them.
    *QIHM – Definitely was the best story told all year.
    *I am in the minority for being a big Big fan.
    *King of Dramas isn’t over, but it is one of my favs.
    *I only watched 40 mins of Gatiskal before bailing. I suppose I will check it out again. Maybe.

    Happy 2013 to you and everyone!

  2. Liked the poll. It was hard to pick on some but I did my best. I second Gaksital! It was great! Not the romance but the drama overall! I also recommend Can Love Become Money, very funny! Golden Time for the medical drama fan, and Ghost for the super techkie geeks like me! I have others but let’s not overwhelm! I have such weird taste in dramas (talking to you Glass Mask!!!!!)

  3. It’s a good thing I read this after writing my reviews. I still had no idea what to answer for some of these. Best actress? I watch dramas for the men…

  4. Raine, have you considered watching Fermentation Family or Padam Padam? Both are great 🙂 Also, I’m now watching Gaksital & it’s really good! If you haven’t watched it, it’s worth thinking about! Happy New Year!!

  5. sae hae bok mani ba di seyo,chin gu! happy 2013! more,more psh! i’m biased and insanely in love with my bff si hoossi!lol
    cheers,raine.hug timmy!

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