Updates about Raine

by: Raine

You’ve probably wondered if I’ve disappeared from the planet if you don’t follow me on Twitter. (So follow me on Twitter!) But no, I caught the flu going around and it was so brutal I pretty much just lived in my bed for a week without eating and trying not to be miserable. So the blog went on the backburner while I tried not to die.

Anywho, I’m back and working on catching up and finding a new show to recap. Eeps, I can’t believe Cheongdam-dong Alice is almost over!

Expect a real update soon!

5 responses to “Updates about Raine”

  1. omg! i’ve heard about the dreadful flu epidemic in the usa.chin gu,please take care.rest well and don’t get stressed.miss you and your blogs,of course.at first,i thought that you might be out of the country again.but now,knowing the reason!!!have a restful week and take your meds and lots of psh dosages,too!

    • Yeah, it really did help the belly disappear…and I’m still not eating a lot. That is a rather nice side effect. Don’t catch this flu tho, you’ll be miserable!

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