Raine’s 2013 Birthday

by: Raine

February 11, 2013 has come and gone. I had fun getting older (and hopefully wiser). The picture above was taken by one awesome MadDino last year. This year another k-drama friend did something wonderful for me: Zgzgirl came to visit and she even baked me a cake!

I’ve had the pleasure to host Zgzgirl unni for a week before she embarks on her Asian adventure until November 2013! Yes, I’m taking the time on my birthday post to wish her luck! It’s also why I’ve been absent from my blog. Real k-drama friends in the house (literally) means lots of watching, gabbing, squeeing and, y’know, sight seeing.

Anywho, back to my birthday. I’m 28 years young now and feeling pretty good about it. Zgz unni and my sister baked me a cake! SO PRETTY and DELICIOUS. Everything was made from scratch.

Also, my parents and brother sent me a present: Sony headphones! So amazing. They’re an aural dream. Thanks guys! You’re the BEST. Oh yeah, they also sent me purple roses. My family lurvs me. Saranghae!

And one of my guy friends bought me the yellow flowers. And then RoboticRaven and her hubby brought delicious brewed beer and tasty home cooked chilli. Yay for food and friends!

We all ate and drew inappropriate pictures on the plastic cups. Yes, as you age maturity level decreases. And then we danced…a lot. To Korean, Japanese, American and Colombian music. So awesome.

Then, when all had left, me and Zgz unni sat on her bed watching Arashi concerts on her computer. Hehe. A great way to end a birthday.

Well, that’s if I believed in a birthDAY. I believe in birthWEEKs and birthMONTHs. I have plenty of yummy cake left to eat and share. So here’s to my birthday!



17 responses to “Raine’s 2013 Birthday”

  1. Um, excuse me. I don’t even get a mention? “A friend brought home brew and home made chili?” That was me AND my husband, you know! 2 people! 2 friends! And I have such a nice late birthday present planned and everything….

  2. saeng il chu ka ham nida,chin gu!!!!! i’ve soohhh busy.liafs of work but psh is still on my mind.always!!!!lol so,birthday girl,i hope that you get all your burthday wishes and please continue to rant especially about the man!saranghaeyo!!!!!

  3. Well I hope you had a wonderful birthday, baby girl! Sounds like fun! It’s wonderful to make drama friends from all over and even better to be able to spend time together!

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