Happy Birthday Park Shi-hoo!!!

by: Raine


Happy 35th birthday Park Shi-hoo! His Korean age is 36. I know you’re probably not feeling like celebrating much this year, oppa, so I’ll do it for you!

We won’t talk about IT on his birthday, no. Instead we will say that he’s a handsome, talented man who has a long life ahead of him and time to do wonderful things, enjoy his family and his friends.

My birthday wish for you this year is peace. No matter what, please be at peace, oppa.

To quote Go Mi-nam from You’re Beautiful, “Thank you for this special day that you were born.”


(MadDino made this for my birthday. I pass it on to you, oppa!)

Happy birthday from Colorado, Park Shi-hoo!

생일축하합니다 박시후오빠!사랑새요!파이팅!!!!

4 responses to “Happy Birthday Park Shi-hoo!!!”

  1. From Dallas, TX. good luck in the future. I will definitely watch you on TV. I’ve even memorized your name. You are beyond attractive. Oh! and also a great actor. Anna

  2. My birthday wish for him today and always is for lots of joy, peace, love and laughter, surrounded by loving friends and family.

  3. Ahh, I hope he did make the most of his birthday because he is blessed to be alive and healthy. Like you said, hope all of this comes out well with the truth and if the truth be his innocence, I hope all turns out well.

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