K-drama tunes, ‘cello style: “사랑 사랑 사랑/Love Love Love”

by: Raine

–Welcome to “K-drama tunes, ‘cello style” where Raine takes a tune and spins it for an instrument that was cool when Bach rocked.–


Dearest Wei,

It is here. Your ringtone of F.T. Island’s 사랑 사랑 사랑! Yay! *happy dance*

FYI in case you didn’t know, the hangul title reads “sarang sarang sarang” which means “Love Love Love”. But if you’ve seen even 1 minute of a k-drama or listened to 1 k-pop song, you know what “sarang” means.

Greetings from Raine:

“사랑 사랑 사랑”

Performed by: Raine

Download a copy here.

Original tune info:

사랑 사랑 사랑F.T. Island

  • OST: None! This was a song recorded on request! But it still ROCKS!
  • Composer: Can’t find it. Was it Lee Hong-ki? Choi Jong-hoon? Do you know? Tell me if you do!
  • Vocalist: Lee Hong-ki, Choi Jong-hoon


Original tune:

Thank yous: Lil’ Raine. Thanks for not making noise while I recorded. And for helping me choose a take.

Fun ‘cello fact: You can bake a cello. No, I’m not kidding. Carbon fiber cellos are baked in ovens! Then we cellists buy them and they are so pretty and shiny! They’re also a little tougher against inclement weather than wooden cellos…


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12 responses to “K-drama tunes, ‘cello style: “사랑 사랑 사랑/Love Love Love””

  1. raine, you are amazing!!! daebak!
    that FTIsland song happens to be one of my favorites from ’em.
    may i request for Super Junior’s Bonamana or Sorry,Sorry? and Beast’s Fiction?

  2. woohoo. actually, now that I think of it a cello is very fitting for this song because it makes it sound less happy so it isn’t as depressing 🙂

    • ok – let’s just blame that on autocorrect (I don’t have autocorrect). I meant to say it isn’t as “deceptive” (FTIsland trademark – happy music; sad lyrics)

  3. *wild applause~~~~~ standing ovation~~~*

    It sounds fabulous, Raine!! 😀 Your cello-ing sounds so deft and the sound is so rich. Love it! ❤

    Also – love your verbal intro! Great to hear your voice – which sounds lovely too, btw ^^

    Would you consider making this a regular feature of your blog? It's certainly unique and very special, and not something that just anyone could do, for sure! Kudos, chingu. Major kudos to ya! ^^

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