Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Episode 17 Recap

by: Raine

I’m torn about this show. What’s good is really good. The cute. The couples. But the mom BS is way past my tolerance level.

AGB Nielson Nationwide had this episode coming in at 21.7%.

episode 17 recap

Joon-ho drags Soon-shin away from Mi-ryeong’s house where she was just humiliated and shoved to the ground. Once they’re near his car, she shakes off his arm, but he’s intent on making her understand: don’t talk to Mi-ryeong. Soon-shin blames herself, as she is wont to do. Joon-ho seems nearly broken by her words and finally breaks the cold truth to her in order to snap her out of it: Mi-ryeong is a selfish woman who didn’t have any expectation from the beginning. She was insincere.

Soon-shin does not take it well and defends Mi-ryeong. Joon-ho lords the contract over her to ensure that she’ll listen to him. At least his intentions are pure, but it’s not the best way to win and mend a broken heart.

He assures her that if she listens to him, she can be a great actress without Mi-ryeong’s help.

Yeon-ah and Mi-ryeong have an evil actress powwow. Mi-ryeong advises Yeon-ah to stop the bet because Joon-ho is acting all suspicious-like. He seems to care about Soon-shin too much and Yeon-ah could lose him. When Yeon-ah expresses confidence, Mi-ryeong reminds her that you never know what can happen between a man and a woman. Yeon-ah should just admit she likes him and stop the bet. Why do things that will affect her negatively later?

Guh, I hate agreeing with Mi-ryeong.

Mi-ryeong warns Yeon-ah that Soon-shin is smarter than they think.

Hwang calls Bok-man and calls him “hyungnim”. So they knew each other from the good ol’ days, huh? He asks to meet and they greet each other amicably, laughing like the old friends they supposedly are. Hwang says he “heard” about Chang-hoon’s passing and asks with “concern” if there are witnesses. Bok-man asks if Kyung-sook knows about it and Hwang lies that she doesn’t; it would break her heart.

Hwang finally gets to asking if Chang-hoon raised the baby. Bok-man lies that of course he didn’t take care of the baby. He heard Chang-hoon took the baby to an orphanage and can’t remember which one. He asks if Kyung-sook is looking for the baby now and Hwang assures Bok-man that she’s not; she hasn’t seen him since she gave the baby to him. Bok-man mutters that he heard they met before he died. Hwang lies that it isn’t true.

After the meeting, he sends someone to research the orphanages in the location Bok-man lied about.

More mopey Jung-ae. Moping session gets interrupted by Bok-man who has come to report that Kyung-sook’s manager is looking for Soon-shin. Jung-ae starts to panic but he tells Jung-ae that he lied about them sending Soon-shin to an orphanage. This doesn’t appease her either. She wanted the whole truth out.


But then, she keeps talking and says to tell him that Chang-hoon’s wife was stupid enough to raise Song Mi-ryeong’s daughter.

Ah, so now raising Soon-shin was stupid, huh? You’re pathetic.

Seeing Soon-shin reminds her that her husband deceived her all of Soon-shin’s life. She wants Mi-ryeong to find out and take Soon-shin from her so she doesn’t have to be nervous about it anymore.

Dude, what if Soon-shin hears you say this? OMG YOU SUCK!

Bok-man has to REMIND her that she loves Soon-shin and that Soon-shin loves her back. Jung-ae says if Soon-shin loved her she wouldn’t be going around with Mi-ryeong.

Wait, is this conversation really happening? Hold the show. Writer, seriously?

Bok-man says that it’s in Soon-shin’s blood to hang with Mi-ryeong, which brings tears to Jung-ae’s eyes.

No comment. *eyeroll*

Wait, yes comment. If you don’t want to lose Soon-shin, tell her the truth and work together you fool.

Joon-ho holds a meeting about Soon-shin’s image. The managers want to bench her image on well-known actresses like Moon Geun-young (which is funny because IU is also called the nation’s little sister.) Joon-ho doesn’t like it. If Soon-shin can’t be the best at something, she should at least be the first with the image idea.

He declares that Soon-shin’s image will be “pure, innocent girl with a mysterious appeal.” Hrm, that sounds strangely like how you feel about her…

He assigns his men to find a film or MV for Soon-shin to be in that enhances this image. The managers think it will be difficult, but Joon-ho shushes them. Stars are made – and he will personally make this one.

So he is still motivated by the bet, huh? I wonder what fuels this desire now. Before it was Yeon-ah. I’m guessing now he wants Soon-shin to succeed and that he wants to show the person who crushed his ego that he isn’t pathetic.

Joon-ho shows Soon-shin her image and tells her one key to becoming a star is exposure. Soon-shin immediately covers her chest declaring that she won’t take anything off. Joon-ho scoffs that there’s nothing to see and she refutes that adorably. Then he corrects her assumption and tells her they need to expose an image that will appeal to the masses. He explains the importance of having the right image at the right time and promises he’ll take care of it. All she has to do is what he tells her.

She has to throw away the old Lee Soon-shin for this new image.

Soon-shin leaves and peruses her new image, scoffing at the idea that her new image likes “knitting.” Then mom comes in to meet Joon-ho.


Joon-ho is floored at seeing her and nervously sits across from her. He’s like a nervous boyfriend. Jung-ae has come to return the money and cancel the contract because “she doesn’t want her daughter to get hurt.”

Load of SHIT. She may be a little concerned, but this is mostly about you, Jung-ae.

Joon-ho explains that he is doing his best for Soon-shin. Jung-ae accuses of him using her when he needs her and casting her away when he doesn’t and he understands she is referring to what Mi-ryeong did. Joon-ho confesses he’s also disappointed in Mi-ryeong and wants to pay her back. He needs six months, but Jung-ae is skeptical so he asks for just one. He begs and mom agrees to wait for a month as long as he promises to cancel the contract afterwards. Even if Soon-shin wants to act.

I see noble idiocy in his future. Unless mom stops being a jackass. Does he plan to make her a star in a month??? Or is he giving up on the bet and just trying to help Soon-shin? Probably gonna try for a month.

In-sung comes in with a list of MVs and dramas that Soon-shin can be in. He dramatically explains one role. Joon-ho likes it until he hears it will air in two months and sends In-sung to revamp the list to include only things that air in a month.

Yoo-shin primps in the bathroom and her subordinate teases her about getting ready for a date. Yoo-shin denies it. Then the subordinate checks to be sure that she’s not dating that “hot friend” from the other day and asks Yoo-shin to set her up with him. Yoo-shin derives pleasure from telling this subordinate that he has a hot, hot girlfriend. She finishes primping and walks  to meet Chan-woo.

When she enters, she gets assaulted with streamers as the 10,000th customer for their opening event, earning a free coupon and Chan-woo’s applause.

Nice fake out, show. Chan-woo so didn’t plan that. Boo.

But when a waitress asks to take their picture as part of their event, he sneaks in a kiss on the cheek at the last minute. Aw, cute.

Yoo-shin is embarrassed and Chan-woo is ecstatic. He says only good luck has befallen her since they’ve started dating. She’s worried about what he’s going to do with the polaroid, which he plans to stick in his wallet to show off his girlfriend. She stammers, “Hey…you…!” and he scolds her adorably in what may be my favorite scene of the episode.

From now on, he says, reminding her of their contract, she should call him “Chan-woo ssi or even better…jagi-yah (honey).” And when he says “jagi-yah” he gets all bashful. AWW! She finds him as cute as I do, though.

They walk home and she’s uncomfortable in her heels. He chides her for not wearing more comfortable shoes and tells her she’d even look good in trainers. Aww. She reminds him about their contract and to not be controlling and replies that he just wants to say she looks pretty in whatever she wears; how is that controlling?

Point Chan-woo!

He grabs her hand and she fights him…for a hot minute. Then they limp along until Chan-mi stumbles across them. They quickly release hands and Yoo-shin quickly babbles that they just met each other on the road. She quickly leaves and Chan-mi is a bit weirded out by her behavior.

Soon-shin gets heavy into training…with a book on her head. Joon-ho comes into the room to observe and she immediately asks why her mother came. He tells her that Jung-ae approved and that her debut is moved up. He tells her to work harder for her mother, but he seriously doesn’t have to. She gets that pressure at home.

Speaking of, the family is at dinner and Granny tells Yoo-shin to get married and they argue. Jung-ae tells her to live alone. Why marry a man who could betray you? Yoo-shin agrees. Soon-shin tries to get her mother’s attention, but is pointedly ignored, creating lots of awkward tension at the table.

Why won’t Soon-shin just get mad at this injustice? Seriously?

Soon-shin tries again and again, but Jung-ae ignores her and talks to the others. Finally, Hye-shin points out that Soon-shin is trying to get her attention and Jung-ae leaves the table. How can they overlook this behavior?

Soon-shin is confused and tells the family that Jung-ae went to Joon-ho and approved her acting today.

Yeon-ah broods over Joon-ho and the bet and his relationship with Soon-shin. So she heads to Dong-hyuk’s hospital with gift in hand. They chitchat about her treatment and then she offers him a gift for her treatment. He turns it down and only accepts her gratitude; it’s a rule. He leaves her baffled and I’m smiling and laughing that her “suck-up-to-dad” plan failed.

When Dong-hyuk leaves he remembers a conversation at the table where Yi-jung asked what kind of relationship Joon-ho had with Yeon-ah. He becomes suspicious. Then Chan-woo shows up and they talk about the cosmetics business.

Yi-jung comes to visit Chan-woo ad runs away when she sees dad…only to run into Yeon-ah. They go for drinks and Yeon-ah determines that Joon-ho and his sister don’t  get along. She also tells Yi-jung about being embarrassed by Dong-hyuk. Yi-jung says that’s normal because he doesn’t like celebrities. Joon-ho ran away to become a singer so Yi-jung can’t really blame her father.

Yi-jung asks about Yeon-ah’s relationship with Joon-ho and finds out they were close a long time ago, before her debut. Yeon-ah changes the subject back to Yi-jung and they compliment each other’s beauty. When Yi-jung covets Yeon-ah’s sold out scarf, Yeon-ah gives it to her and they take a picture together and exchange numbers.

Yeon-ah, you evil wench, winning over the family. Later you’re going to plant nasty rumors about Soon-shin aren’t you?

Joon-ho marches into the restaurant with a team of specialists to turn Soon-shin from drab to fab. They each analyze her and come up with ideas to make her into her pure, innocent girl image. Soon-shin gets sent up to be transformed.

Young-hoon wonders what he’s doing and so am I. Joon-ho comes in the middle of working hours and steals his worker! No, he’s more curious about what Soon-shin will look like. Speaking of looks, Young-hoon looks like Waldo…

Joon-ho waits impatiently for Soon-shin to emerge as do Mr. Waiter and Young-hoon. Joon-ho acts cool, saying good art takes a while to finish.

And then…

…an angel appears, completely with a light halo around her body! All three guys have the requisite jaw drop, especially Mr. Waiter. Young-hoon grins, asking her if she’s really Soon-shin and she laughs. Joon-ho shakes himself out of his stunned trance and scolds her: that’s now how a woman laughs. Or stands. HA! He drags her away as the other two stare.

Soon-shin purposefully is as graceful as possible as Joon-ho tells her to be careful of her behavior all the time. She should be pure and innocent and make people want to protect her. He straigthens her posture by the shoulders and she pulls out her cute, sparkly headband. She doesn’t want to go to this extreme, but he reminds her, again, of their contract. She replies with sarcastic sweetness.

Joon-ho explains she has to give the public what they want: a fantasy. She needs to use her acting skills to give them what they want. She doubts she can do it and then he says: being innocent is one step away from being stupid. HA! He tells her that she will learn to walk, talk and act like her image and she needs to learn to make HIS heart flutter. Because if she can make his heart flutter, she can make everyone else’s hearts flutter. He’s a difficult man to win over, he explains and she scoffs, as she should.

He tries to correct her speech one more time, earning sarcasm in return.

Soon-shin changes back to normal and Young-hoon advises her not to lose herself in all this actress hustle and bustle. They flirt without really flirting ‘cause she doesn’t feel squat for him. Mr. Waiter hears Young-hoon’s advice and makes a barf noise. Mr. Waiter wonders if that’s the best pick-up line he can come up with. No wonder he’s single.

Um, look who’s talking sister-stalker.

Soon-shin defends her sweet boss and says she likes it.

Hye-shin tries to bring up Soon-shin again but Jung-ae asks about Hye-shin’s husband.

Then the mother-in-law calls and asks to meet…at sexy baker’s bakery. Luckily, sexy baker ain’t there.

Hye-shin wants to meet elsewhere and mother-in-law wants to see Woo-joo, who is in school. She bought a cake, saying there wasn’t anything else to buy in the neighborhood.

Guh, more nasty mothers? We have enough. Why show? Oh, so you can have sexy baker Jin-wook find out Hye-shin’s dark secrets? I guess that puts them on a secret-keeping team that could bring them closer.

Mom immediately starts in on scolding Hye-shin. She only liked her because she was smart so how could she divorce over “this little thing?”

Seriously, sleeping with someone else and then coming home to stick it in you? That’s cool by you mom? Sorry, crude, but that’s gross.

Jin-wook comes back to the bakery and smiles to see Hye-shin…until he notices her expression. Mom scolds her for not comforting her husband after he cheated on her. Didn’t her parents scold her for doing it? The mom won’t even let her speak and says that she will take care of the child rearing expenses. She can’t stand the thought of Hye-shin using her son’s money.

Uh…she’s not!

Mom says that she wants expense reports with receipts and her son doesn’t even know where the money goes.

Wait…he says he’s sending her money? LIAR!

Again, mom tells Hye-shin she should’ve endured being cheated on. She never liked her: not from a rich family, not lovely, or fun to live with. No wonder her hubby cheated.


And Jin-wook shows up to the humiliation of Hye-shin. He says that they’re closed and mom gives him lip. It’s time for his break so he takes her by the arm and ushers her out. Mom says this neighborhood and the people in it are pathetic.

Mom reminds Hye-shin to send the expense report and Hye-shin agrees.

What? She better not take that nasty, nasty money.

Jin-wook’s heart breaks for Hye-shin as he watches. He apologizes in case he made things worse. She asks him to keep what he heard a secret. He says that he can’t hear well lately and it’s obvious he’s lying for her. She thanks him and leaves, completely downtrodden.

Joon-ho is reviewing the potential MV and drama list and hates it. Joon-ho decides on a already cast MV and will convince the director.

Mi-ryeong and Hwang head to the agency, which is super busy. They hear from blabbermouth In-sung that Joon-ho is getting Soon-shin in instead of a famous actress Shin Ji-ha.

At the restaurant, Mr. Waiter asks if Mi-ryeong kicked Soon-shin out of lessons and mentions that he saw her just outside. Soon-shin runs after her and tells her that she will make Mi-ryeong proud and work her hardest. Mi-ryeong coldly tells her to do so. I’m wondering if she was ruffled at all or if she’s going to plan something nefarious.

Mi-ryeong plans to meet with Shin Ji-ha’s management, Mr. Han, probably to put a wrench in the works of the music video.

Jung-ae remembers Bok-man saying that Kyung-sook is looking for Soon-shin…who comes in to thank her mother for approving her acting. She tells mom about the music video and that she wants to make mom and Mi-ryeong proud. The name Mi-ryeong provokes Jung-ae’s temper and she calls Soon-shin “stupid.”

I’m seriously really fed up with mom stuff. This is pathetic. If my mom treated me like that, I’d have it out with her. Luckily for me, my mom is awesome. Can I stick her in this?

Yi-ung shows off her Yeon-ah scarf and the selca of them together to her mother who is excited. When Joon-ho comes home, Yi-jung asks him about his relationship with “Yeon-ah unni”. Cue the surprised expression on his face. She says she noticed that Yeon-ah seemed to like him and Joon-ho says she’s not that perceptive. If she was, she’s notice that he was about to hit her. Yi-jung runs out. Heh.

Mi-ryeong comes home from meeting with Mr. Han and says he’ll do what she asked of him. Even if Joon-ho finds out, he won’t be able to do anything.

Seriously woman? I can’t wait until you get yours.

In-sung brings news that Mr. Han is sueing them for ten times the cancellation fee. Then he gets a call from Yeon-ah who wants to meet. They meet at the restaurant where Soon-shin is serving with as much innocence as she can. Haha. She sounds goofy. Yeon-ah watches her until Joon-ho comes in.

He’s stiff and unreceptive, which disappoints her. Yeon-ah suggests that they stop the bet, which leaves him stuttering. She promises to make a contract with his agency so they should stop.


Either I’m feeling recap fatigue because a show normally ends about, well, last week, or this show is grating on my nerves. Well, the mothers to be exactly. Take them out, and this show would be just fine. If they were evil with some consistency I might even like them more.

And, I don’t know if I’m missing any culture thing, but Soon-shin needs to defend herself. Enough BS is enough. This is utterly ridiculous.

Also, this show was sold to me on the premise that mom and child help child get into acting. Mom is…not. I wanted good family stuff and conflict. This is contrived…not good stuff.

Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

Character introductions.

Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Episode 17 Screencaps.

3 responses to “Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Episode 17 Recap”

  1. I skip all the parts with the moms, Yeon-ah and Joon-ho’s sister. That way I only get the good stuff, but the good stuff is good, while the bad is just plain rotten.

    The moms are self-centred and nasty to the point that it is infuriating as well as laughable, Yeon-ah bores me to death as does Yi-ung. It’s beyond me to understand how Yi-ung thinks any body will like her with the way she behaves (both in this and the next episode) which is like a spoilt 5-year old.

  2. Ep 17 was the weakest. We’ve passed the mark of the First Act with this episode, so let’s move on! As for the moms… There is moms in that story? I didn’t notice. FF-FF
    Ep 18 was much better. Fighting Raine!

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