Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Episode 24 Recap

by: Raine

This episode had a lot of heart and showed some growth all around in characters, plot development and in how much I enjoyed it.

AGB Nielson Nationwide had this episode coming in at 28.4%.

episode 24 recap

We left off with Mi-ryeong having a fit. She’s decided to “take her daughter back,” as though Soon-shin is a possession.

Granny is lying in bed, still reeling from her cat fight. Jung-ae joins her and Granny laments that Mi-ryeong hasn’t changed one bit from her youth: spiteful and rude. Granny assumes that Mi-ryeong still hates her for not letting her marry Chang-hoon. Jung-ae, now nice again, says that Mi-ryeong deserves pity. They should all just pretend nothing happened; if she doesn’t, then she gets really upset. Besides Soon-shin is the one next to her and she wants her to be happy.

Then what happens if Soon-shin finds out? Iz the question of the hour…and of the past 24 hours of drama.

Hye-shin is pissed at Mi-ryeong, but doesn’t have the time to express it because Soon-shin comes in.

At breakfast, everyone is quiet and it unnerves Yoo-shin and Soon-shin, the two sisters who don’t know what’s going on. Yoo-shin resorts to picking on Soon-shin to bring the atmosphere back to normal: what are you going to do now? Do you have plans? Soon-shin mumbles something about taking a civil service exam and Yoo-shin warns her that it’s difficult.

Little Woo-joo still can’t believe that Soon-shin isn’t going to continue acting – she liked it. Soon-shin hushes her, but Granny leaves the table anyway, depressed.

Then Jung-ae takes Soon-shin into her room for a chat and tells her : Do what you want. Go back to acting.


Jung-ae tells her not to worry about her and that she was too harsh on Soon-shin. She was weak and shaken. Soon-shin is baffled by this and Jung-ae reminds her: just remember that you’re my maknae, my daughter.

Mi-ryeong paces her deck and I get annoyed. She’s annoying me almost as much as Jung-ae did before. Anyway, she decides to talk to Joon-ho about setting up a press conference; before the reporter leaks the news, she’s going to confess. She’s going to take Soon-shin back.

You selfish bitch.

Hwang isn’t happy with this turn of events, but Mi-ryeong says she needs to fight in order not to be humiliated.

Ah, so Soon-shin is a humiliation, eh? Nice…not.

Hwang reminds her about about Chang-hoon and her part in the incident. She flips out and says it had nothing to do with her.

On Soon-shin’s last day at work, she is seemingly cheerful and offers to take out the trash for a co-worker; however, her mother’s words run through her head.

Then Mr. Waiter accuses her of wanting to stay at the restaurant. Or else why would she work so hard? Young-hoon steps in and Mr. Waiter further begs her to stay. It’s so cute. He’s grown attached to the person he used to make faces at.

Anywho, Young-hoon shuts him up by handing Mr. Waiter the trashbag Soon-shin is holding. She teases him that he’s better at controlling his employees, but he laments that he’s not good enough: she’s still quitting after he asked her not to.

Chan-mi shows up for a visit to ask about Soon-shin; she heard the rumors that she quit acting and the restaurant. Chan-mi babbles about understanding that Soon-shin wouldn’t want to see Joon-ho (Soon-shin frowns) and then invites Soon-shin to visit her at work tomorrow for hangout time and lunch.

Jung-ae tells chicken lady Gil-ja about Granny’s “encounter” with Mi-ryeong. Then she asks if Gil-ja still has that job opening – she needs something to do and to make some money. Gil-ja is ecstatic.

Sexy baker Jin-wook is studying for his equivalencies at work and the English is difficult for him. Hye-shin and Woo-joo come in for some bread and Jin-wook tries out his English on Woo-joo, sounding like a total doofus. When Hye-shin heads outside to take a call, Woo-joo makes fun of his rudimentary English skills. He wonders how good she is and then she tells him, “I really don’t like you. Get away from my mom.” It’s cute that the little actress’ English is pretty stilted as well.

Jin-wook doesn’t understand her and she calls him “stupid”. He understands that, and then tricks her by saying there’s something on her shirt. When she looks down to check it out, he jokes that she bowed to him. She flips out and calls him an idiot and stupid in English. He’s having a ball…she’s not. I think it’s funny. Hye-shin comes in to hear Woo-joo yelling and scolds her, but Jin-wook says it’s okay.

When they leave, the assistant teases him for staring after her. Jin-wook thinks she’s perfect an angel. Assistant reminds him that they can’t be interested in three things: fists, women and weed.

Hrm…was he in jail for drugs?

Woo-joo goes home and beats up the bear that Jin-wook gave her. Hye-shin scolds her again for behaving badly and Woo-joo stalks out, feeling angry and misunderstood.

I feel bad for the kid. Divorce AND moving to a different country are two difficult things to deal with as a child. She gets to do both…

Yoo-shin has Chan-woo drop her off far from her house after their date. He adorably asks for a kiss on the cheek as a goodbye and she happily obliges her. Then he calls her name, just because he can. As she walks away, he calls her again and that’s when their mothers see her leaning on the car. She runs away as the mothers rush to Chan-woo’s car.

He looks like a deer in headlights as his mom asks who that woman was. He lies that someone was asking for directions. Gil-ja still thinks it looks like Yoo-shin…

…who is, at that moment, changing into pajamas to appear like she came home early because she was tired. Jung-ae looks at her suspiciously. Then she informs Yoo-shin that she’s working at the chicken restaurant.

Yoo-shin flips out and forbids her mom from doing that. She makes enough money to support the family (badass), but Jung-ae doesn’t want to be a brazen mother, mooching off her daughter. Besides, she’ll have company while working. Yoo-shin whines and begs, calling Gil-ja mean, but Jung-ae shuts her down.

At the restaurant, meanie Gil-ja is mulling over what she saw: she’s almost positive it was Yoo-shin. She brings Chan-woo some fruit and confronts him about the woman he saw getting out of the car. Is it a girlfriend? He pauses a moment and then says, “Yes. I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you earlier.” He can’t tell her who, yet, but Gil-ja asks if it’s someone she knows and he lies that it isn’t. Gil-ja is relieved and tells him to introduce her as soon as possible.

Dong-hyuk joins Mi-ryeong in a private room where she is drinking away her sorrows. She’s already pretty intoxicated and he asks her what’s going on. She asks for a drinking buddy and declares that she hates herself. She has no one to talk to and she’s really distressed. He kindly asks her what’s wrong and she asks if he’s happy living with Soo-jung.

Then she starts to reminisce: there was a time when she wanted to marry and have a family with a man. He was someone who brought her out of her lonely, depressing childhood. Her happiest times were with that man.

Dong-hyuk asks who it is and she admits it’s the man who died because of her, in the car accident. He asks if she’s suffering from that; is she going to turn herself into the police. She immediately gets defensive asking what she did wrong. Then she babbles and sobs about him “raising that kid without telling me.” She repeats that she did nothing wrong and if life gets messier, she’ll get through it well. She’ll only care about herself from now on.

Wait, isn’t that what you’ve been doing?

In any case, she passes out and Dong-hyuk watches her thoughtfully before taking her home.

Dong-hyuk is bothered at breakfast and he’s a bit hungover. Soo-jung asks who he drank with and he won’t tell. He ignores her and instead tells Joon-ho to take care of Mi-ryeong. He lies that Mi-ryeong came to the hospital and didn’t look good. Soo-jung blames it on Mi-ryeong’s nasty temper.

Yi-jung takes selcas and Soo-jung tries to ask her daughter if she thinks Dong-hyuk is having an affair with Mi-ryeong, but she chickens out. Yi-jung is obsessing over Chan-woo and thinks he’s playing hard to get because she’s the daughter of the director. Soo-jung agrees: it’s what Dong-hyuk did when they met.

Guh, he has no interest in you whatsoever. You don’t know that by now? You must be in some serious denial.

Chan-woo receives a message and it’s a picture message from Yi-jung with a voice recording: Have a great day! I’m your one and only cutiepie!

Seriously? That girl is shameless.

Anyway, the nurse hears it and it has to slam the phone shut. How much do you want to be he doesn’t erase it and Yoo-shin finds it?

Soon-shin is at Chan-mi’s company for their hangout time. Chan-mi runs over with clothing and bags. Her assistant suddenly quit and she has to bring clothes to her ill-tempered director.

Is this another job opportunity for Soon-shin? Are both she and her mother going to work for friends?

While Chan-mi is with the director, Soon-shin watches a girl run her lines with longing.

Mi-ryeong ad Hwang see Soon-shin hanging out and laughing with Chan-mi and then head straight to meet with Joon-ho.

Joon-ho informs Mi-ryeong he heard the rumors about her are stirring again and he’s working on the problem. Mi-ryeong admits the rumors are true and Hwang scolds her. Joon-ho is shocked as Mi-ryeong confirms it again. She tells him she wants to make a public confession and asks for his help.

At first, Joon-ho can’t say anything and then he asks what happened. She tells him she had the child and had to give her up and recently found her. If the media reveals this first, she’ll be a big liar who abandoned her child to the public.

As opposed to…abandoning your child in the first place?

The news won’t be good for Joon-ho either so the press conference should be held. Hwang steps in a protests that this isn’t the right path. Joon-ho shushes Hwang and sides with Mi-ryeong. It would be better to do this and gain the public’s sympathy. Hwang is pissed; Mi-ryeong is pleased.

When Mi-ryeong thanks him, Joon-ho asks about the daughter: where is she? He doesn’t look very happy, but does seem like he’s in work mode: mission clean up Mi-ryeong’s mess.

Mi-ryeong says that who and where the daughter is isn’t important right now. She doesn’t know and was raised by another family. She hasn’t talked to the family yet and will let him know after she does. Joon-ho should just plan for the best way to present the press conference.

Mi-ryeong gets ready to go to Soon-shin’s house to Hwang’s chagrin.

Joon-ho has In-sung get started on getting the press conference up and running. He is baffled by the suddenness of the news and feels bad for the poor daughter who will be shocked. In-sung points out that the girl will be like Cinderella. Joon-ho doesn’t see it that way: the girl’s life will become utterly complicated. The girl probably believes the woman who raised her is her real mother.

Aww, break my heart why don’t you?

Joon-ho plans to tell the entertainment programs about what’s going on before the conference.

Soon-shin watches a scene be filmed and is lost in the moment. Then Yeon-ah walks on set for the next scene and Soon-shin stays to watch. Yeon-ah gets distracted when she sees Soon-shin watching her. Chan-mi comes looking for her and realizing Soon-shin is staring at Yeon-ah. Yeon-ah asks the director to make Chan-mi and Soon-shin quiet down. Chan-mi gets scolded for the noise and bringing in a random person.

In the hall they run into Yeon-ah and Chan-mi introduces herself as a stylist. Yeon-ah wonders if Soon-shin will become one and while Soon-shin tries to protest, Yeon-ah barrels over her: aren’t you glad you quit acting?

Chan-mi badmouths Yeon-ah and realizes that Soon-shin still wants to act. Her friend warns her that she’s no longer Cinderella and to get her life together. When Chan-mi has to go, she asks Soon-shin to be her assistant as a part-time job.

I KNEW it.

Joon-ho (probably just after his meeting with a director of an entertainment show) sees Soon-shin walking alone and approaches her. She explains she was there hanging with a friend and she points out his new haircut. He looks all pleased that she noticed. How cute. Then she tries to leave and he offers her a ride home – she, of course, refuses.

Just when I think he’s gonna leave it at that, he drives up beside her and tells her to get in. Not about to take no for an answer, he literally puts his hand on her back and ushers her into the passenger seat. Yeon-ah sees this happening and doesn’t look happy. Good.

Mi-ryeong arrives at Soon-shin’s with an armful of gifts in hand. Hwang goes in first with the gifts and introduces himself as Mi-ryeong’s manager. Then Mi-ryeong comes in and I’m appalled by her brazenness, as are they. Granny can barely speak and Mi-ryeong declares that she has something to discuss with Jung-ae.

Jung-ae is working with Gil-ja who is happy to have a friend and the help. But their friendly work is cut off by a call from Hye-shin, announcing Mi-ryeong’s arrival.

At the house, Mi-ryeong can’t look at anyone but refuses to leave despite Granny’s orders. She meekly asks for forgiveness for the other day. Jung-ae comes home moments later and Mi-ryeong rises. Jung-ae is furious.

The drive home is awkward for Soon-shin and Joon-ho. He asks after her and she answers that she’s okay. He wonders if her mom said anything about acting and she asks if he met her mom. He quickly lies that he didn’t – he doesn’t care about her anymore. That seems to disappoint her. Joon-ho quickly, and as awkwardly as ever, tries to cover up for the mistake his pride just made. But her phone rings…of course.

Hye-shin creates a long bogus shopping errand and wants Soon-shin to call when she’s almost done. Joon-ho is angered that her family still treats her that way. Do they still disregard her? he asks. Soon-shin merely tells him to drop her off, but he says he’ll takeher to the market.

Jung-ae reminds Mi-ryeong said that they were done talking. Granny wonders why she’s there. Does she want to take Soon-shin back? Mi-ryeong agrees and the family reels.

Soon-shin comes out for the store and Joon-ho takes her groceries from her, surprising her and earning a squeal from me. He’s not your boss anymore. He’s acting like a man. RAWR!

He won’t let her take the bag back and uses the chance to ask about her future. Is she really going to quit acting?

I love that he’s really moved by her love for acting and his feelings for her. Unselfish and pure-intentioned.

He urges her not to quit acting. She is moved by the earnestness in his voice. He turns and tells her to follow him so they can talk somewhere else. But she grabs his arm and takes back her bag. I think she’s nervous to upset the newly found, very delicate family balance.

So, she sweetly tells him,

Soon-shin: Daepyonim, you don’t have to feel sorry for me anymore. I don’t think you cast me only for your bet. Come to think of it, there are more things that I appreciate about you. I just needed time for me to think about myself. That’s why I quit working at the restaurant. So you don’t have to come find me and explain everything.

Joon-ho: Yah, Lee Soon-shin…

Soon-shin: I had good experiences because of you. Take care of yourself. Good luck with Yeon-ah.

Before Joon-ho can explain, she bids him goodbye, leaving him to watch her go.

Aw, they have such a beautiful, quiet chemistry.

But at the house, it’s nearly World War III. Mi-ryeong warns reporters might come in the future. They found out she had a daughter even though she tried to hide it. She doesn’t think she can hide it anymore – before the reporters find out, she’s going to reveal the truth herself. Granny refuses, but Mi-ryeong is adamant. And she refuses to take all the blame. She told Chang-hood to send her to an orphanage; she didn’t know that Soon-shin would be raised “in a place like this.”


Granny nearly has an aneurysm. Mi-ryeong tells them to follow her plan and her lead. That’s the best way.

She leaves with a promise of more talking in the future. Jung-ae follows her out and demands to know how she can be so mean. She can’t let people know. How surprised will Soon-shin be? She doesn’t know about anything of this and will be devastated if she finds out so suddenly. This is news to Mi-ryeong who tells Jung-ae that she can’t do anything about it. She’s also her mother and she can’t keep it a secret.

I do agree there. Jung-ae should’ve told Soon-shin she was adopted.

Anyway, Jung-ae grabs onto Mi-ryeong’s arm in a desperate attempt to stop her and Mi-ryeong’s flings her off, sending Jung-ae flying to the ground…

…which is of course when a horrified Soon-shin comes home and cries, “Eomma!” She runs to Jung-ae’s side and turns with blazing, tearful eyes and asks Mi-ryeong what she is doing to her mother.

Oh man. That was an awesome moment. The hurt in Mi-ryeong’s eyes, the love and the guilt and fear in Jung-ae’s, the knowledge of what will happen to Soon-shin. Bravo PDnim.

Soon-shin drags Jung-ae inside and a hurt, indignant Mi-ryeong heads outside.

Joon-ho is on his way to Mi-ryeong’s and sees Hwang loitering so he stops to see what’s going on. Mi-ryeong joins them and Joon-ho asks why she’s at Soon-shin’s. At first Mi-ryeong won’t look at him.

Joon-ho: Why were you at Soon-shin’s house?

Mi-ryeong: She’s my daughter.

Joon-ho: *after a moment of shocked silence* What? What did you say? Did I hear that right?

Mi-ryeong: Soon-shin is my daughter.


Aw, poor Joon-ho. I seriously don’t want him to carry this burden. But at the same time, I really also hope it doesn’t become another issue over which Soon-shin finds that she can’t trust him. That’s my biggest worry: she finds out he kept it a secret from her.

Speaking of her and Joon-ho, she is not only envious of Yeon-ah’s acting career, but that she gets Joon-ho, the man who changed Soon-shin’s life. But it’s envy, not jealousy. That’s the beauty of Soon-shin’s character thus far. That nasty jealousy that makes Yeon-ah ugly hasn’t yet tainted Soon-shin.

I honestly think she’s still reeling from all of the emotional blows. The big reveal of her birth secret is going to hit her hard, as hard as Joon-ho explained it would be. 😦

As for our other couples, I LOVE Jin-wook and Hye-shin and Woo-joo. I want him to win over the scared Woo-joo. She’s already been rejected by her real father and doesn’t want anyone taking her mother from her or being another father-figure to her – he could just run away and leave her again.

And then Yoo-shin and Chan-woo. My interest is waning with these two. I want Gil-ja to just find out already. The hiding is barely cute, and the cute is mostly with Chan-woo. I love Yoo Ah-in and I KNOW she can be cute. I’m just getting bored.

A potential new couple is the Dong-hyuk/Mi-ryeong pairing as his wife, Soo-jung suspects, but I don’t know if I buy it. I think they sympathize with each other, at least he with her, and I don’t know if much will come of it. Maybe it will bring him back to his family. Probably not.

Mi-ryeong. Selfish woman. She has no maternal instinct going here except: I birthed you, you belong to me. She didn’t even try to think of a way to make this easier on Soon-shin. Only herself. I guess her path in this drama is to learn to be a compassionate mother. But right now, I want to roast her over a blazing fire.

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Character introductions.

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