Why my dad is better than a K-drama dad

by: Raine

Dear Daddy,

I don’t think you ever imagined that you would father a K-drama obsessed child, but you did. Here is what you get for it: you will be compared to fathers in K-dramaland. But this is a good thing because you’re WAY cooler than K-drama fathers.

Here is why:

1) You don’t run away from loan sharks and leave them to chase me or turn me into a cabaret singer like,

…Hye-mi in Dream High

2) You haven’t killed off  innocent people in order to rule Korea like,

…Lee Se-ryung’s daddy in The Princess’ Man

3) You didn’t kidnap me and raise me to murder my enemies like,

…Bad Daddy Jin-pyo in City Hunter

4) You didn’t get a scary snake tattoo and then try to kill me…more than once…like,

…Donghae’s daddy in Panda and Hedgehog

5) You didn’t make a deal with a demon for money and use me to kill people like,

…Joo-wal’s daddy in Arang and the Magistrate

6) You didn’t embezzle money, pin it on someone else and cause my boyfriend to hunt you down like,

…Ma Hye-ri’s father in Prosecutor Princess

But you did…

Care for me.

Spoil me.

Teach me.

Play with me.

Jam with me.

Feed me.

Laugh with me.

Have patience with me.

Talk to me.

Love me.


Raine’s daddy with one-year-old Raine


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