Nail Shop Paris Episode 3 Review on Hancinema

by: Raine

Rapist ghost. That’s all I have to say. What writer sticks in a rapist ghost? And then has a bunch of male manicurists save the victim? SERIOUSLY?! Read what I have to say on Hancinema! click the link. You know you want to!

Nail Shop Paris Episode 3 Review!

One response to “Nail Shop Paris Episode 3 Review on Hancinema”

  1. “Despite all of its flaws, this show is strangely addicting” – So true^^ I started watching the drama because of Cheondung (yeah I’m an A+…Can’t help it^^) and well…I am still watching it despite the huge flaws xD I actually can’t believe that there are only 2 more episodes left o_O
    And like you said, despite the many flaws it’s actually an easy watch and really addicting…No brain needed^^ And I think the many other really good shows I’m watching right now allow one miserable one to be watched > No guilt of wasting my time^^

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