Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Episode 32 Recap

by: Raine

I love Joon-ho. I want a whole episode of him and Soon-shin. But I didn’t get it. There was a rather anticlimactic truth reveal and Mi-ryeong is trying to be human. She needs to try harder.

AGB Nielson Nationwide had this episode coming in at 27.9%.

episode 32 recap

Drunk Gil-ja is hysterical over “fox-like” Yoo-shin marrying Chan-woo. She refuses to let them marry and storms away. Yoo-shin can only stand absolutely shocked.

Afterwards, she has to confront her family who is angry that she didn’t tell them that the person she wanted to marry was Chan-woo. Yoo-shin promises to figure everything out with Gil-ja. Granny laments over how rude Gil-ja was and won’t approve the marriage. And she wants Jung-ae to quit the shop.

Mi-ryeong forces Soon-shin to continue the interview, but Soon-shin is unable to make herself smile. She keeps hearing Granny disown her in her mind. When they’re through, Soon-shin tries to leave right away, but Mi-ryeong stops her. She shows Soon-shin her new bedroom where she will sleep some in the future. Soon-shin doesn’t even step foot in the room and Mi-ryeong explains that this is her house now, too.

Soon-shin leaves. I don’t blame her. Mi-ryeong is pushing and forcing and not listening. Who’d want to live there?

Mi-ryeong drinks and asks Hwang why Soon-shin hates her. He advises her not to rush things. Mi-ryeong broods over Soon-shin only talked about Jung-ae. Hwang suggests just telling Soon-shin the whole truth, but Mi-ryeong fears Soon-shin will truly hate her.

Hrm…I vote for hating. I’m all for hating.

Hwang says that Mi-ryeong became weak, but Mi-ryeong swears to have Soon-shin look at her the same way Soon-shin looks at Jung-ae. Uh…try raising her for 25 years and truly loving her.

Soon-shin rushes home and tries to explain about the interview, but Jung-ae won’t listen. Hye-shin explains that something else happened while she was away. She heads upstairs to talk to Yoo-shin who immediately tells her to just live with Mi-ryeong. Soon-shin tries to explain that she did the interview for the family. Then she sincerely congratulates Yoo-shin who only says that she’ll marry and take care of Jung-ae and Granny. Soon-shin should just worry about herself and go to Mi-ryeong.

I hate this. Everyone treats her badly. She needs to marry Joon-ho! He will treat her well!

Yoo-shin says that she’s being sincere, that Soon-shin needs to find her own way. She just needs to do it so Jung-ae can’t see. Guh, some sincerity.

Chan-woo’s family gathers and Chan-woo scolds Gil-ja for grabbing Yoo-shin’s collar. Gil-ja says she wanted to beat her up. Bok-man scolds her for doing it in front of Granny. But Gil-ja is adamant about Yoo-shin being a fox and rude. Chan-woo stands firm and says he won’t change his mind, so she should. He leaves and Bok-man supports Yoo-shin and Chan-mi supports Gil-ja.

The next morning, Soon-shin tries to help her mom with breakfast and gets refused. Granny comes in, angry that she dared to come to their house. Soon-shin shouldn’t have gone even if Jung-ae sent her – she knows how hurt Jung-ae is.

Then Chan-woo shows up to apologize. Granny wants Gil-ja’s permission before she grants hers.

Joon-ho readies for his day, smiling about Soon-shin and taking a peek at their train picture…THAT HE KEEPS IN HIS WALLET! CUUUUUTE!

Downstairs, Yi-jung begs her father to talk to Chan-woo and I want to smack her. How miserable would she be with someone who doesn’t like her at all? Joon-ho guesses that he is marrying “that unni” and I’ wondering when Yi-jung will find out that Yoo-shin is Soon-shin’s sister. Dong-hyuk gets angry at Yi-jung and Soo-jung and tells them to stop hounding Chan-woo.

Joon-ho meets with Soon-shin and tries to keep himself from smiling like a fool. He teases her about Yoo-shin’s marriage, which begs the question, “How do you know about that?” He jokes that he has her in his pocket and tells her now she can only focus on acting. He still thinks she likes Chan-woo.

They go for food and he trips and falls against the counter. YES! I missed you Mr. Adorable Klutz! When he suggests a food and Soon-shin doesn’t want it, he pouts that she always accepts whatever Young-hoon offers; is she discriminating? Hehehehe, you petty, petty, manchild!

After changing his mind a few times and after hitting his hand on the counter (HEH!), he decides that he will choose their beverage and brings two cappuccinos that have cute designs. Soon-shin quickly admires her design, then mixes the foam into her coffee to Joon-ho’s chagrin. She wonders why he wanted to order the huge two-person sherbert like last time and he makes a stupid excuse. We all know he wanted to share it with her like she did with Young-hoon. Hehehe.

Then he asks if working with with Mi-ryeong is hard. Soon-shin says it’s fine because she gets nice clothes and expensive food – but her face is emotionless as she says it. She hasn’t read over the scripts yet and he angrily tells her that she got into acting for herself and for her family, not Mi-ryeong. Does she want to be remembered as Mi-ryeong’s daughter?

Joon-ho makes a snap decision, drags her away from her cappuccino and promises to buy her another later. He takes her to an underground audition for a musical.

OMG, is IU gonna sing?

They watch a multi-talented actor audition and then Joon-ho shoves IU onto the stage. She tries to leave, but Joon-ho won’t let her – so she drags him onto the stage. Hehehehehe.

Soon-shin is asked to audition and quietly, shyly starts to sing. She drops off the first song and starts another with a dance. She asks to do another and sounds beautiful. The management tell her she’s done, and then one woman recognizes her as Mi-ryeong’s daughter. That earns her immediate admission.

Outside, Joon-ho tells her that she will be facing more of that, hearing that she is Mi-ryeong’s daughter and being accepted on name alone. No merit involved. He tells her to get a hold of herself if she doesn’t want to live like that. When she sighs, he promises to help her. She should laugh, smile, talk and act like she did before. When she doesn’t respond, he grabs her bun and bobs her head from side to side, earning a laugh from her.

THEY ARE SO CUTE! Happiness. Happiness.

My happiness is then blasted away by Mi-ryeong and Yeon-ah. Yeon-ah shows Mi-ryeong a new drama script she’ll be shooting and Mi-ryeong gets a gleam in her eye. She meets the casting director and suggests that he allow Lee Soon-shin to audition. Yeon-ah half-heartedly agrees to it. Mi-ryeong says the drama will get lots of audition with both of her daughters in it. Yeon-ah does NOT look pleased.

Hye-shin is sad because Granny told Yoo-shin not to end up like her – divorced and miserable.

Sexy baker Jin-wook is not doing well studying and can’t get Woo-joo’s disapproval of him out of his mind. Luckily, his assistant comes with news of Mi-ryeong and her daughter. Jin-wook takes a look at the picture and realizes that Soon-shin is the daughter. As they’re chatting, Hye-shin shows up to tutor and asks if he wants to skip class today.

YES! Finally some initiation and reciprocation.

Hye-shin says that she has always wanted to do something and we see them at a boxing gym. He is on good terms with the gym’s owner and they have the place to themselves. Jin-wook shows her the basics and they are so cute. At one point she falls into his arms and I finally see sexual tension between them, not just from him. Then she clocks him in the face and his nose starts bleeding.

They take a break and he compliments her punch. She asks when he started boxing and he says he was thinking of being a boxer in high school. When she asks why he quit, at first he lies, but then admits he got into a fight as a teenager and went to jail. At first, Hye-shin is shocked and he asks if he seems scary. But she sweetly answers that it’s in the past. Everyone makes mistakes, including her. He doesn’t cheer up so she asks him to continue to be her boxing teacher. They can trade lessons.

Awww….yay! Step up, Hye-shin!

He agrees and they get back to practicing.

Young-hoon teaches Yeon-ah and Soo-jung cooking and they go down to the restaurant to try the food. Soo-jung is enchanted by Young-hoon and when Joon-ho arrives, she tells him so. I love how jealous he looks.

Then Yeon-ah tells him that Soon-shin is shooting a drama soon and his expression turns dark. Soo-jung doesn’t like Mi-ryeong using her connections to make Soon-shin an actress – neither do I. It feels like everything she’s done is a lie. Then Soo-jung says Soon-shin looks greedy like her mother. Joon-ho defends her and then leaves.

Chan-mi catches Yoo-shin loitering in front of her house and leads her inside. Gil-ja hasn’t been out of the house because of how upset she’s been. Yoo-shin apologizes and confesses that she really likes Chan-woo. She promises to be good to Gil-ja. Gil-ja doesn’t want it at all. Yoo-shin doesn’t want to be a housewife, but they will rely on each other. Gil-ja tries to kick her out and Chan-woo just happens to return home. He separates them and angrily leads Yoo-shin away.

When he goes back inside, his mother wonders how he could yell at her in front of Yoo-shin. He begs her to listen to his wishes just this once – he’s done everything she’s asked of him. Gil-ja is stuck on Yoo-shin and won’t listen. She tells him to leave and breaks their relationship. He quietly agrees, shocking the hell out of her. She didn’t expect him to comply.

I’m glad. She needs a swift kick in the ass.

He broods and sleeps at his office.

Chan-mi tells Soon-shin about Chan-woo getting kicked out over Yoo-shin. She explains that Gil-ja hates Yoo-shin’s attitude and the fact that she talks back. She wonders what they should do since Gil-ja will never approve the marriage.

Then Chan-mi brings up the interview that came out – when Soon-shin reads it she is furious. Jung-ae reads it as well. (And is it just me, or does it seem like they photoshopped a smile in there?) Bok-man apologizes on Gil-ja’s behalf, but Jung-ae wants to talk in person. She runs into Gil-ja outside. Gil-ja says that Jung-ae doesn’t understand how she feels. Chan-woo is an amazing son and she’s angry that he was tempted by Yoo-shin who flirts with so many guys. She wants Jung-ae to have Yoo-shin send him home.

Jung-ae is furious and declares that she doesn’t like Chan-woo either. Gil-ja is always showing him off and Jung-ae doesn’t want Gil-ja as Yoo-shin’s mother in law.

YES! Gil-ja is getting yelled at for her judgmental mindset and nasty temper.

Jung-ae says Yoo-shin is cherished. And how could Gil-ja do this to her? They’ve been friends for years, so how could Gil-ja treat her daughter like that to Jung-ae’s face? And seize Yoo-shin’s collar in front of her face? Yoo-shin didn’t fool Chan-woo. They’re dating because they like each other.

Gil-ja tries to explain that she has high expectations for her son and Jung-ae scowls. “So the director’s daughter is good enough and mine isn’t? How could you look down on me?” Gil-ja defends that she cared about Jung-ae more than anyone during Chang-hoon’s death and all the incidents going on. Then she realizes she’s stuck her foot in her mouth because Jung-ae ends their friendship, forbids Yoo-shin to marry Chan-woo and LEAVES.

Gil-ja is again stunned to be left alone. HA!

Soon-shin returns home and tries to explain what happened with the article – she was trying to stop the rumors by doing the interview. Jung-ae says it’s all fine and gets annoyed as Soon-shin continues to worry. She wants Soon-shin to stop tiptoeing around her and just be happy.

While I agree that Soon-shin should be more open, Jung-ae is not making it easy for her to feel at ease.

Mi-ryeong calls Soon-shin to meet the president of her new agency.


Then Mi-ryeong hands her a script for the drama she will be in (because Mi-ryeong asked for her to be cast.)

Soon-shin asks to speak in private and when the new agent leaves, Soon-shin says that she wants to work with Joon-ho; she has to work with him. She doesn’t want to use connections to become an actress.

And then Mi-ryeong pulls THAT card, the “You said you would do what I said” card.

But Soon-shin is strong. She tells Mi-ryeong to take responsibility for her like she promised. How will she explain the interview?

Mi-ryeong goes home, defeated. She broods a while before calling Soon-shin back over. Soon-shin lies to Hye-shin about where she’s going and then gets side-tracked because Jung-ae has a fever. Jung-ae shoos her girls out so she can sleep her fever off.

Soon-shin meets Mi-ryeong who has set up snacks and wine for them. Mi-ryeong powers down the wine like the good alcoholic that she is. Then she says there are a lot of things about Soon-shin she doesn’t know that she’ll learn over time.

Then she hands Soon-shin the script and says she won’t force her if she hates it. When Soon-shin calls her “seonsaengnim/teacher,” Mi-ryeong feels sad. Boo-fucking-hoo. She wants to have an acting lesson like the old days, where she found Soon-shin very pretty and cute.

They look at her projector screen of all the movies and dramas she did, the chronicles of all her hard work. She was an orphan who only had passion and no one to believe in her. Soon-shin is trying to be like her, doing it alone with no help.

When offered another glass, a confused Soon-shin wants to go home because her mother is sick. Mi-ryeong hates hearing Soon-shin call Jung-ae “eomma”. She wants her to call her “eomma” just once.

Soon-shin walks away and Mi-ryeong tells her to stop.

Then she drops another bomb: You have nothing to do with that family. You’re not your dad’s daughter. You don’t’ need to go to that house.


!@#$#%!@#!@ DIE MI-RYEONG! How does not being Chang-hoon’s biological daughter mean she has no ties to the house? They LOVE her and she grew up there. She has actual relationships in that house. I hate this show’s take on adoption. I actually dislike a lot of the attitude K-drama has towards adoption. It doesn’t make you any less your adopted parents’ child if you’re adopted. Where did that idea com from? Mi-ryeong abandoned her. I get that she has some motherly feelings and stuff, but she’s treating Soon-shin terribly. She pretends to care about her feelings, but in the end caters to one person: Mi-ryeong.

Soon-shin the character would go home and be with her family in the next episode. But I think the writers are going to make a huge deal out of this. Mostly with Granny and Yoo-shin of course. They’re the ones who freak out over blood bonds.

Gil-ja is annoying. She truly has no reason to be this psychotic over the whole thing. Chan-woo really hasn’t done anything worthy of being kicked out. Not that Gil-ja meant it. She tends to say a lot  of things she doesn’t mean. But she’s a big girl; she needs to learn to control her tongue and temper. I’m glad that Jung-ae told her off. It was so satisfying.

But onto the good stuff: How cute was Hye-shin with Jin-wook? I finally saw into her character a bit. She’s been a 2-D cutout of a pretty face for 31 episodes. Now we see that she’s empathetic, has a sense of humor, packs a strong punch and truly knows how to laugh.

Joon-ho and Soon-shin. I love how happy he is just to be with her. He smiles thinking about her and treats her well and gets jealous at all the right times. He supports her and worries about her feelings. Young-hoon does, too, but he’s not as open about it. And he’s not Jo Jung-seok… Soon-shin always smiles with him without meaning to. He just draws the smiles out of her. They’re also regaining their old camaraderie, which makes me happy. That playful fighting they do is tooooo cute.

I do wonder, however, how Joon-ho and Soon-shin will deal with Mi-ryeong’s insistence that Soon-shin have a new agency. If Soon-shin signs with him, there ain’t nothing Mi-ryeong can do! I think…

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Character introductions.

3 responses to “Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Episode 32 Recap”

  1. Now just up to this episode. The truth: could it be Miryeong’s child (Sunshin) was by another man, and not Sunshin’s father? I think this will be the ultimate card. Plus bonus sacrificial card: Sunshin’s father died sacrificing himself in the car accident. So Miryeong will end of the greatest loser eventually, unless the story shows a totally redeeming Sunshin willing to forgive (again!) – can she live with two mothers?

  2. I have to agree that the general kdrama attitude about adoption is definitely confusing to my American mind. Maybe they are different because there is a greater emphasis on bloodline,but I hope adopted children in Korea aren’t really treated the way they often are on tv.

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