Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Episode 33 Recap

by: Raine

We have some progress regarding Soon-shin and Joon-ho. They’re comfortable with each other now, which is very good. He is the only one she can turn to now that she feels cast out by her family and used by Mi-ryeong. Mi-ryeong, Gil-ja, and even Yeon-ah have started to be a little less hateful and a little more understandable because we see some depth of character and reasoning behind their behavior. They’re still annoying though.

AGB Nielson Nationwide had this episode coming in at 23.5%.

episode 33 recap

In a desperate attempt to keep Soon-shin from leaving, Mi-ryeong has just spilled the beans that she is not Chang-hoon’s biological daughter. Unlike before, however, Mi-ryeong immediately regrets being a total butthead and begs for the chance to explain. While she is begging, Joon-ho arrives to talk to her about Soon-shin signing with another agency.

The story of Soon-shin’s birth is as follows: Mi-ryeong was in hell. She was having an extremely hard time. The man who fathered Soon-shin left her while Mi-ryeong was pregnant. She was so discouraged that she wanted to kill herself, but she just couldn’t bear to kill the baby as well. At the last minute, she called Chang-hoon, the only person she could think of at the time.

After that she worked hard so she could repay the sin of abandoning her. Mi-ryeong thinks they’re blessed to meet again and wants the chance to be a mother. Soon-shin looks numb from shock and calls her a liar. She storms out and Joon-ho chases after her. Mi-ryeong doesn’t look happy that he heard her sob story.

Joon-ho wants to talk to Soon-shin who insists that she is fine. He doesn’t believe her and has to stop her from walking away again. He says that he isn’t fine; he is extremely worried about her. Aww, concern for her doesn’t stop her, but the fact that it’s bugging him stops her. So. Cute.

Back at Mi-ryeong’s, Hwang sees that Soon-shin left her bag and wants to return it. Mi-ryeong is still smarting from Soon-shin’s rejection. She seems more human now, but I still don’t like her. Grr. *gnashes teeth*

Anywho, Joon-ho takes Soon-shin to a riverside park and I’m so happy to see that they are really comfortable around each other now. He teases her for wanting to go to the park rather than any number of beautiful places in the country; then he asks if she wants to visit one and she laughs. She assures him she’s fine and he jokes that she’s like a monk, always okay. But an actress should be honest with her feelings.

They fall silent and he pats her shoulder reassuringly. When she looks at him curiously, he awkwardly explains that he was shooing a mosquito. She scoffs at him, but smiles. Aww, why so cute?

Soon-shin says that this park is where her family camped a lot. Her father drank beer with her, too. Before Joon-ho can delve further into the subject, Soon-shin wants him to buy her a drink.

She drinks in earnest and admits that she doesn’t know who she is anymore. Joon-ho declares that she is Lee Soon-shin, innocent and trusted (the meaning of her name). She smiles at that. Then Joon-ho makes her eat some. He notices that she’s nearly ready to cry and tries to play it off as the foods fault. So sweet. But then a teary Soon-shin looks him in the eye and asks what has been weighing her down: how is she supposed to face her family again? He fervently defends that her family always knew she was a foundling and that nothing will change.

I love him with her. He does what’s best for HER. Not himself. Not anymore. He’s growing up and I so happy.

Joon-ho continues, “Live life for yourself, stupid.” Then he wipes her tears away.


The next morning Yoo-shin wakes up and Soon-shin isn’t there. So she calls Soon-shin’s phone and Mi-ryeong picks up. She says that Soon-shin came to the house and Yoo-shin hangs up in shock. She feels betrayed. Granny walks in and Jung-ae tries to make her understand that Soon-shin has another mother and is allowed to see her. Since she can’t win that battle, Granny starts in on Yoo-shin: you can’t marry Chan-woo without Gil-ja’s permission.

Soon-shin stayed the night at Joon-ho’s office. He covers her with his jacket and brushes her hair back while…THE TRACK JO JUNG-SEOK SANG FOR THE OST PLAYS! *freak out**spaz attack**fangirl ‘splosion* OMG OMG OMG OMG Jung-seok oppa is singing! FINALLY! EEEEEEEEE!

Listen to him sing “완전 사랑해요/I really love you”

Okay I’m done. Joon-ho goes out to buy her some grub and some supplies, all while smiling. While he’s away, In-sung walks in and is startled by Soon-shin on the sofa. She wakes up with a headache. Joon-ho walks in and In-sung wants to know the gossip. Why did they drink together? Did they stay here together last night? LOL, nosy bugger. Joon-ho distracts him with questions about Soon-shin’s audition, but she wants to head home. She doesn’t want to eat the juk he bought her, so he decides to take her home, leaving poor In-sung wondering about their relationship.

Woo-joo says that if Soon-shin betrays them by living with Mi-ryeong, she won’t talk to her again. Aw, poor kid is just feeling abandoned left and right. Then, she brings up Jin-wook: will Hye-shin see him again today? It’s not worth teaching that “Gangster Ahjussi” anyway. And Woo-joo hates that he likes Hye-shin.

Jin-wook is lost in thought as his assistant teases him about his relationship with Hye-shin.

By the way, we have a name for the assistant; it’s Jung-bae!

Jin-wook tells Jung-bae that he wants to quit tutoring. After “the incident” (that got him jailed Im guessing), Jin-wook only trusted Jung-bae and his grandmother. All other people looked nice, but weren’t truthworthy. The second they find out about Jin-wook’s past, they keep their distance or are scared to talk to them. But not, Hye-shin. Not only is she pretty, but she has a good heart. How can a person be that perfect? He starts to cry and says he doesn’t know if he can look her in the eye. He really likes her.

Jung-bae points out that Hye-shin has arrived. She definitely heard something, but pretends she didn’t. She leaves early, preoccupied, and heads home to think. She definitely heard that he likes her.

Joon-ho drives Soon-shin home, but she can’t make herself go in. She asks for a ride to Mi-ryeong’s instead – she wants to go there. He reluctantly takes her.

When Soon-shin walks in, she tells Mi-ryeong she will live there; her face looks dead. Mi-ryeong, again, gets excited while Soon-shin looks like she got her soul sucked out. She asks Mi-ryeong to not tell her family about the fact that she isn’t Chang-hoon’s daughter and hopes that Mi-ryeong will keep her promise this time.

Mi-ryeong fusses over Soon-shin in the bedroom, but Soon-shin asks who her real father is. She quickly takes it back and I’m left praying that there won’t be daddy issues, too.

Mi-ryeong invites Yeon-ah over to chat and I can’t believe these two even have a relationship left. They’re both so selfish.

Anywho, Yeon-ah goes to eat with her “new mom”, Soo-jung. Yi-jung is there, too, looking depressed about being dumped by Chan-woo. She asks if Yeon-ah was with Joon-ho last night because he wasn’t home to comfort her. Yi-jung figured he was out with Yeon-ah. I’m very pleased by how bothered Yeon-ah looks. Heh. There was also a picture of a woman on his phone, but Yi-jung didn’t see it clearly.

Then the conversation shifts to the drama Yeon-ah and Soon-shin will be in together. Soon-shin has to take an audition, which surprises Soo-jung, who thinks Soon-shin is just being shrewd to win public favor. If she auditions she’ll look legit.

It’s sad that the truth is so skewed. Truth is easy to see, but intentions aren’t. Soo-jung reads into bad intentions while her son, Joon-ho, sees that Soon-shin has good ones.

Yi-jung warns Yeon-ah to be careful of Mi-ryeong and Soon-shin. Yeon-ah pretends to defend them, then reports, with a fake sad face, that Soon-shin decided to live with Mi-ryeong. She wonders how Soon-shin could do that to the family she grew up with. Soo-jung thinks Soon-shin is terrible.

You wench. You are clever, I’ll give you that.

Young-hoon overhears and confronts Yeon-ah who is all denial. He wonders if she’s doing this because of Joon-ho. Yeon-ah just gets snappy, accusing him of liking Soon-shin, too. She worked hard to win Mi-ryeong’s affections and she’s really hurt now. She walks away.

I feel a smidgen bad for her. But she asked for it, leeching affection off of a woman like Mi-ryeong. That and Yeon-ah is a bitch. She’s just plain cruel sometimes. That, and she turned the focus of the conversation from her gossiping about Soon-shin, to her wounds. Her wounds are valid, but she still shouldn’t gossip.

Gil-ja is depressed over perfect Chan-woo leaving the house. Bok-man heard about her fight with Jung-ae because, well, they were yelling loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear. The neighborhood said Gil-ja screamed at Jung-ae. Bok-man scolds her for her horrid temper and asks what’s so bad about Yoo-shin. He thinks Gil-ja is flipping out over Yi-jung (and her status.) Bok-man says she’ll lose Chan-woo forever if he marries Yi-jung, but Gil-ja is in denial. She’s not doing it because Yi-jung is rich, but because she hates how foxy and ruthless Yoo-shin is.

I guess it’s good Gil-ja at least has reasons instead of blind hate, but she hasn’t even sat down with Yoo-shin to talk. Not really. They’ve just fussed at each other.

Gil-ja goes to the shop where Jung-ae is cleaning. Gil-ja thought Jung-ae quit and Jung-ae lashes out. It’s not because of their kids, but because of them. Does Gil-ja look down on Jung-ae because she’s an employee? Gil-ja is shocked by that and I am, too. I honestly don’t think that is Gil-ja’s issue.

Gil-ja defends herself: it is Jung-ae who looks down on her. When Chang-hoon was alive she bragged about her daughters and lived off the salary he gave her. Gil-ja on the otherhand, had to work on the street while her jobless husband followed Chang-hoon around. She thought Jung-ae was pretending to be a nice person, raising an orphan child. Jung-ae lived like a princess while she lived like a maid – so now she wants to be benefited by her son’s marriage and live a little easier. What’s wrong with that? She doesn’t like Yoo-shin because she looks down on her, just like Jung-ae. Jung-ae is so upset because she looks down on her.

Bok-man comes in and wonders how Gil-ja hurt Jung-ae, which sends Gil-ja right out the door.

At least we know why Bok-man worships Chang-hoon and Jung-ae so much: they helped him when he was poor. As for Gil-ja, there are so many issues there. I really doubt Jung-ae looked down on her; that’s just how Gil-ja felt. It’s understandable. But why couldn’t Gil-ja just say she wants to marry rich and live comfortably for once. Why must she always lash out? Oh yes, because this is a 50 episode drama and they need problems to keep it going.

Bok-man meets with Yoo-shin and tells her that he likes her. He tries to get her to understand Gil-ja, who is feeling the strain of years of struggling because of money. She worked hard to put him through school. Bok-man explains that Gil-ja is torn and is struggling with this whole thing. Then he tells her Chan-woo hasn’t come home for a few days.

Yoo-shin storms over to confront Chan-woo who says that the problem is between him and Gil-ja. If he doesn’t act like this, she won’t change her mind. Yoo-shin thinks it’s stupid and drags him home, but he won’t go inside. Gil-ja overhears them talking and swears not to change her mind.

They follow her inside, but Gil-ja wants them to leave. While she’s holed up in her room, Yoo-shin makes dinner. Gil-ja is shocked that Yoo-shin went through her fridge. Yoo-shin promises to help clean the fridge out and declares that she’s a good cook. But Gil-ja isn’t fooled by the performance; Yoo-shin’s not the housewife type. She’s the type to beat her boyfriends and Gil-ja doesn’t want Chan-woo in the hospital. She shoves Yoo-shin out of the house.

I honestly can’t blame Gil-ja for disliking Yoo-shin, but her way of behaving is just atrocious.

Gil-ja won’t let Chan-woo go. He has to choose between her and Yoo-shin. The whole family is just baffled.

A dejected Yoo-shin goes home and tells Jung-ae about cooking; even Jung-ae is surprised by her domesticity. Does she like Chan-woo that much? Yoo-shin says she does and promises to win over Gil-ja and restore Jung-ae’s pride.

If pride was left out of all of this, a lot of things would be a lot calmer right now.

Soon-shin wakes up in her new room after sleeping 24 hours. Hwang says he was worried and I believe him. She also allows him to cut to banmal with her, which he does immediately. Mi-ryeong is happy to see her, but Soon-shin deadly says that she’s going to her house. Mi-ryeong tries to go after her, but Hwang stops her.

Soo-jung brings sweets to the hospital employees and goes to meet Dong-hyuk, but he’s meeting with Mi-ryong, laughing and smiling and flirting. They’re going to go to the cosmetics factory together soon. He also invites her over for dinner with her daughter. Soo-jung runs away before they notice her.

That night, Soo-jung asks about Mi-ryeong, but as usual, gets nothing out of him but terseness.

Hye-shin says that she’s disappointed by Soon-shin leaving without telling them.

Of course you would. Of course you don’t’ understand that all of you pushed her away and didn’t support her at all and then you have to act surprised when she let’s herself be pushed into Mi-ryeong’ shouse.

At dinner, Yoo-shin says she thinks Soon-shin will stay at Mi-ryeong’s forever. Granny is feeling betrayed.

Why? You PUSHED her away. You treat her like shit and now you expect her to run to you with her problems?

Soon-shin comes in during Granny’s rant, surprising them all. Soon-shin has a smile plastered on her face as Granny asks who that person is. She shouldn’t come back; she should live with her real mother.

Now, Granny has JUST said, “LEAVE,” so she has no right to look surprised when Soon-shin says that she’s come to pack her things. But Granny, and everyone else, looks surprised.

Yoo-shin asks why Soon-shin suddenly changed her mind and Soon-shin reminds her that she wanted Soon-shin to leave. She didn’t want to share a room. At Mi-ryeong’s, Soon-shin has her own room. Yoo-shin just feels betrayed. Soon-shin merely says to take care of their mother and that she hopes she can get Gil-ja’s permission soon. It sounds like a goodbye, but Soon-shin explains that she’ll be living in both places, changing when she wants.

She goes downstairs where Jung-ae is packing tea for her. Jung-ae understands her and wants her to call and visit often. She gives her words of encouragement and Soon-shin has to leave before she cries.

Soon-shin heads to the agency and freaks In-sung out with her packed bags. Hehehe. In-sung lies that Joon-ho isn’t there, but he rounds the corner. He and Soon-shin share a smile and head up to his office. Soon-shin says she’s moving in with Mi-ryeong to focus on acting. He asks about her family, but she tells him not to worry. She asks for the soonest audition because she is ready to start working hard.

Yeah, to clear your head of all your family troubles.

Joon-ho wants to pick a role that suits her well, but she knows they can’t be picky in this situation. She just wants a chance to act. He smiles at her enthusiasm and with him, I believe her eagerness to act is real. It’s an escape from reality.

Yeon-ah visits Mi-ryeong who apologizes for not calling – she was busy with Soon-shin. She asks Yeon-ah to ensure Soon-shin gets the role, which ticks Yeon-ah off. She tells Mi-ryeong that Soon-shin won’t get very far using her connections rather than skills to land the roles. Mi-ryeong assures Yeon-ah that Soon-shin is skilled, completely ignoring Yeon-ah’s pain.

Although I don’t particularly care for Yeon-ah, I totally hate how Mi-ryeong uses and drops her at will.

Soon-shin comes in and Mi-ryeong wants Soon-shin to practice with Yeon-ah. But Soon-shin says that she’s not doing the audition for Yeon-ah’s drama, but is taking a different audition the next day with Joon-ho. Mi-ryeong is blown away and chases after Soon-shin, leaving Yeon-ah.

Upstairs, Mi-ryeong is furious that Soon-shin went against her wishes is with Joon-ho. She thinks Joon-ho made Soon-shin come to him and take a different audition, but Soon-shin assures her that it was her choice. Mi-ryeong desperately snatches the script to look it over and calls her stupid for throwing away her once chance of survival in the acting field. Soon-shin should listen to her.

Soon-shin firmly says she’ll decide for herself. Mi-ryeong thinks it’s because she’s mad at her. If Soon-shin is living with her, she should discuss her plans with her. But Soon-shin corrects her.

Soon-shin: It’s not because I wanted to come live with you.

Mi-ryeong: What?

Soon-shin: I came because I have nowhere to go. You made it so I have nowhere to go.

Mi-ryeong: Do you hate your mom that much. Do you?

Soon-shin: Don’t call yourself my mom. Did you expect me to call you mom after what you told me? How could you? I would never call you mom. I’m am not mom’s daughter (Jung-ae) or Dad’s daughter (Chang-hoon). But I’m not your daughter either. I’m just me. You should be satisfied that I decided to live here.

Mi-ryeong is stunned. I wonder if she’ll get it through her skull that she’s been awful. But I’m seriously fist-pumping here. That was amazing.

The next day, Soon-shin is nervously rehearsing for her audition. Joon-ho finds her and encourages her. He gives her the most adorable fist-pump and “Hwaiting!” evar! She goes in with determination.

When it’s her turn to audition, she rises and takes a deep breath.



Just so you know, I’m listening to Jung-seok oppa sing the OST soundtrack he recorded and I’m happy. No Mi-ryeong can phase me while oppa is singing. *happy smile* Sing more in the show, oppa. Pretty please? Oh yeah, IU, too. I hear she’s a singer in real life… *shifty eyes* (In case you couldn’t tell, that was a joke. Laugh. Haha.)

I’m also happy because the ending did NOT involve Mi-ryeong, this was all about Soon-shin. Finally. I want to see her act, and sing and dance and perform. Isn’t this show about her becoming a performer? I’m so done with the uber makjang. Give me real  problems and real emotions and preferably a dash of rationality in the mix.

I have a bone to pick with Jung-ae. It’s great that she’s supportive and all, but I really think she needs to tell Soon-shin that she’s wanted. That she’s sending her to Mi-ryeong because it’s what’s right, but that she wants to keep her maknae daughter all for herself. Soon-shin needs to feel wanted. She feels like a total outcast.

That extends to the rest of the family. Instead of making her feel wanted, they push her away.  Soon-shin is not perfect and is making mistakes, but they seriously don’t support her at all. When they found out, they all starting to shun her. Hye-shin is passive, Yoo-shin is loud and disapproving as is Granny. Jung-ae shoves Soon-shin away. Although I think Mi-ryeong should let Soon-shin stay with her family, her family has a long way to go before they’d be considered a “good family”.

I want to focus more on Woo-joo and her issues with the baker. That’s some really juicy stuff. Kids suffering from divorce go through that. It’s a subject full of material for the writer to work with. The ex-con and the broken hearted child. I love it.

And I hate to say it, but I understand why Gil-ja doesn’t like Yoo-shin. Yoo-shin is prickly and rude and wouldn’t support Gil-ja as a daughter-in-law, not like Yi-jung’s status and money would. But Gil-ja seriously needs a new way to express herself besides going off on people all the time. She projected all of her money insecurities onto Jung-ae in an attempt to rationalize wanting Chan-woo to marry rich. I get that she wants to live comfortably, but there are so many other ways to say it, not yell it. Annoying.

What happened to Young-hoon calling all the time? I want more love triangle hijinx!

Then we have Joon-ho’s mother Soo-jung, who is already being set up to dislike Soon-shin because of Mi-ryeong’s flippant, callous attitude. Soo-jung thinks Soon-shin will be the same as her mother, shifty and foxy and doing anything to get what she wants. Mi-ryeong is basically smiling with Soo-jung’s husband when he won’t give Soo-jung the light of day. Not a good thing. I see marriage/relationship protestations in the future. From Yi-jung, too.

I’m always talking about the plot, but that’s because nothing else is really standing out. The wardrobe is fine. The OST is nice. The camera work is serviceable. Dialogue is a little repetitive, but otherwise good. All the actors are strong. Well, Son Tae-young as Hye-shin is kinda bland. She is best when she’s smiling.

Mostly I want the makjang out of the story. Just give me a juicy story, folks. I would be very happy with that.

Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34

Character introductions.

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