Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Episode 35 Recap

by: Raine

When this show is cute, it is SUPER cute. When it’s annoying, it makes me want to pull my hair out. I don’t know what to say that I haven’t said before. Stop being contrived, show. Be natural, like Soon-shin and Joon-ho.

AGB Nielson Nationwide had this episode coming in at 24.0%.

episode 35 recap

Lee Soon-shin sings and she captivates everyone in the room. Afterwards, the director tells Yeon-ah that he was going to feel Soon-shin, but found that she has the capability to touch hearts. Yeon-ah pretends to be happy and pushes the director again to hire Soon-shin. This is the director that hates that kind of stuff.

Yeon-ah is going to be stupid and stoop low enough to interfere with Soon-shin, isn’t she?

Soon-shin returns home and pretends to be asleep when Mi-ryeong comes looking for her. When i-ryeong leaves, Soon-shin continues to get ready for bed.

Soon-shin’s family is having breakfast and talking about her. Granny thinks Soon-shin looks down on them, but she thinks that about everyone. I’m chalking it up to her being an irrational old lady. Yoo-shin actually defends Soon-shin by saying that it’s hard to come home when Granny is so angry all the time. Then Granny turns on her and blames her for the current stress.

Sexy baker Jin-wook comes out when Hye-shin and Woo-joo do. Things are awkward between them with a capital “A”. He takes his brooding session to the bakery where he decides to move out of Hye-shin’s house.

Soon-shin rushes out of the house, turning down every single one of Mi-ryeong’s requests to hang out. When Mi-ryeong goes to the gym, Dong-hyuk is there. He joined the gym because of her. Guh, this relationship will cause Joon-ho and Soon-shin trouble, won’t it? I wish they would forget this romance and deal with Dong-hyuk and Soo-jung’s marital issues. That could be interesting and relevant. They should explore matched marriages and the results of them. Not make problems for the only enjoyable couple on screen….

The two reminisce about their country childhoods and laugh and go eat lunch. Blah.

Joon-ho paces his office, nervously waiting for the casting results, but they haven’t come out yet. Then he goes to pace in front of Soon-shin’s practice room, looking very conspicuous in the hallway. He peeks through the peephole at her and finally decides to go in. She immediately asks if the results came. He advises her to just pretend that she failed and not be disappointed. He seems ten times more nervous than her.

And then he has a great idea. He knows how they can find out if they got in: a fortune teller.


The fortune teller starts to spout on as they tend to do and Joon-ho gets impatient, ordering a real answer. So the fortune teller tries another tactic: Soon-shin’s love life. A man is very close to her, which makes Joon-ho self-conscious and Soon-shin curious. Again, Joon-ho orders an answer and gets fortune-telling mumbo jumbo.

When they’re through, Soon-shin wonders who the man who is close to her could be. Joon-ho steps a little closer and straightens up. Soon-shin meets his gaze, “Maybe…it’s Young-hoon?” Joon-ho deflates and it’s so adorkable. Soon-shin hits her mouth, regretting it. She can only think of one man close to her and doesn’t even consider Joon-ho, who is currently annoyed at her. He talks crap about the fortune teller who was supposedly supposed to be the best.

Then Joon-ho gets a call. He hangs up, looking rattled. Then he smiles at her, walks over to her, and envelopes her into a hug: You passed the audition! Soon-shin can’t believe it at first, then she freaks out and jumps into his arms. AW! They celebrate together, holding each others arms. AW!

Then they go for beer and snacks at Young-hoon’s restaurant. Soon-shin and Young-hoon compliment each other and converse easily. Joon-ho listens, becoming gradually more irritated that Soon-shin doesn’t even look at him. Because the character is a cook and  would-be singer, Soon-shin asks for cooking lessons to look more real. When Joon-ho cuts in, he gets a dirty look and then ignored again. HA!

Yeon-ah finds out Soon-shin got the role and has to pretend to be happy. She just wastes her own energy hating on Soon-shin. That girl needs a life.

Yoo-shin heads towards Gil-ja’s with wheat buns as a gift. Gil-ja catches her and tells her to stop the act. When Yoo-shin tries to guide her into the house, Gil-ja pushes her away and Yoo-shin falls and the buns fall to the ground. Gil-ja snaps at her and she obviously feels guilty. Chan-woo has seen the whole thing and firmly sends Yoo-shin home.

Then he goes inside for a chat with mom who is very nervous. He decides to marry Yoo-shin without permission from Gil-ja. He doesn’t have enough money for a place, but he can rent or live with Yoo-shin’s family. It’s the only option for him because neither he nor Gil-ja will change their minds. Then he heads into his room, leaving his mother reeling. Bok-man has heard the whole thing and basically tells her, “I told you so.”

Soon-shin heads to a meeting with the director, smiling like a fool. She calls Jung-ae on the way and tells her that she passed the audition. Jung-ae is really happy, but she’s busy so has to hang up. Then Yeon-ah greets Soon-shin, smiling like the Fakity Fake she is and asking if it’s okay to talk to her in banmal. Guh, just don’t talk at all…

Yeon-ah tells her to do well to not embarrass her or Mi-ryeong and says it with a smile. Grr. Then she accompanies Soon-shin to see the director. Yeon-ah sucks up to the director, playing the good unni role and the director falls for it. Soon-shin doesn’t.

Hye-shin is hauling a heavy watermelon and when Jin-wook sees her struggling, he takes it from her despite her protests. Jin-wook asks if she heard his confession the other day and he pretends it was a joke. She goes along with it. Then, he tells her he is going to quit lessons and is looking for a new home. He doesn’t want to put pressure on her. He apologizes and they continue walking only to be spotted by her ex-mother-in-law, now to be known as the Harpy.

Oh great. More misunderstandings are coming?

The Harpy recognizes Jin-wook as the guy who kicked her out and immediately assumes that he’s dating Hye-shin. She lectures Hye-shin and thinks that Jin-wook is now supporting her. When Jin-wook tries to explain, the Harpy shoves him. It takes everything in him not to explode. I would love to see it. Anywho, it’s actually Woo-joo who saves the day. She doesn’t let the Harpy drag Hye-shin away and orders the Harpy to leave. Woo-joo explains the renting situation with Jin-wook and demands to know why the Harpy is treating Hye-shin so badly. The Harpy tries to lie, but Woo-joo won’t have it. She drags Hye-shin away, leaving the Harpy to badmouth Hye-shin’s mothering.

Gil-ja cries in Chan-woo’s room. Is it sad that I’m laughing? I stop laughing when she finds the dating contract. So she invites Yoo-shin over to present a contract of her own. If Yoo-shin wants to marry Chan-woo she has to 1) Obey and respect Chan-woo forever, 2) respect and obey the in-law’s and live with them and support in-law’s parents forever. Gil-ja doesn’t want Yoo-shin to control Chan-woo and will teach Yoo-shin to be a proper housewife.

If Yoo-shin does agree to it, I see them fighting, then becoming closer. At least that’s what I hope.

Jin-wook comes home from work and Hye-shin is waiting for him to apologize. He walks over to the sandbag and invites her to hit it; that’s what the sandbag is for. He tells her that even a fool like him knows what he wants in life. How can a smart person endure without complaint? Why live like that? He gets really worked up, angry with everything and hurting for her. He leaves her with tears in her eyes.

He’s right though. She needs to stand up for herself. She lets everyone walk all over her.

Joon-ho appoints In-sung as Soon-shin’s manager because he’s the most competent. It’s so funny how unhappy In-sung is about it. He asks if Joon-ho hates him and Joon-ho says yes with the most adorable smirk. In-sung is to also put together a make-up and stylist team.

I see Chan-mi in Soon-shin’s future.

Joon-ho receives a call from Soon-shin and is so adorably happy. He meets her and she quietly, sincerely thanks him. He is pleased as pie to hear it, but talks it off. Then she holds up a CD with a very bad picture of him from his singer days. He looks horrified to see it and tries to snatch it away. She happily explains that she searched everywhere to find it. Soon-shin says that he was really a singer – she liked it. She wants his signature because she’s his real fan. She puts the CD and the pen on the table, thanks him for supporting her and promises to do her best. She also encourages him to trust himself as she trusts him. Again, he pretends not to be touched, but he is. Finally, he gives in and signs the CD.

This was the best scene evar! So cute! Just what he needed. He’s absolutely floating on air. when he goes home he can’t stop smiling and even gets his copy of the CD out. His sister catches him mooning and says that the CD didn’t sell at all. Thanks Yi-jung. That was unnecessary. Then Yi-jung says he seems happy rather than his normal scowl-y self. He says he liked her better when she was silently moping over her rejection. Oh siblings.

Soo-jung finds the health club membership and approaches Dong-hyuk who merely asks why she looked through his stuff. She points out it’s where Mi-ryeong goes. Soo-jung doesn’t understand why he didn’t tell her about Mi-ryeong modeling earlier. He gets defensive. She snaps back, hurt. He basically tells her she talks and does frivolous things that are uninteresting to him. She wonders if he has thing to talk about with Mi-ryeong.

Now while Soo-jung may talk about shopping and celebrities, she’s made of more than that and if Dong-hyuk even bothered to ask, I’m sure he would find something. If he tells her he’s not interest in that, I’m sure she’d look for another topic of conversation. In any case, they both suck at marriage. She is a nag, but he definitely doesn’t give her the time of day.

Soo-jung mopes at the table and Yi-jung joins her. Yi-jung things Joon-ho is acting weird; maybe he’s seeing a woman. It’s definitely not Yeon-ah. Soo-jung, tripping off her fight with her husband, tells her daughter to do something with her life and stop following her around.

Mi-ryeong gives Yeon-ah a belated birthday gift and acts like Yeon-ah is in the wrong for being mad. I don’t like Yeon-ah, but Mi-ryeong is definitely treating her like crap. Mi-ryeong says she’s disappointed in Yeon-ah for not stopping by. She can practice and get along with Soon-shin.

Wow, woman. You’re BLIND. Yeon-ah doesn’t like Soon-shin. Soon-shin doesn’t like Yeon-ah. Stop forcing this!

Anyway, Yeon-ah tells Mi-ryeong that Soon-shin passed the audition, which is news to her. Yeon-ah says that she asked the director a favor. Guh, just when I’m pitying her, she does that. Yeon-ah revels in the fact that Soon-shin didn’t tell Mi-ryeong about it and even says she overheard Soon-shin telling her “eomma” that she passed the audition.

Wow, you both deserve each other.

Mi-ryeong confronts Soon-shin as she’s practicing guitar. Why didn’t she tell her about the audition? Soon-shin gives her an excuse and asks Mi-ryeong to leave so she can practice. Mi-ryeong wonders why she came to the house if she’s just going to torture her. Soon-shin reminds her that she came at her behest. She’ll leave if Mi-ryeong asks. Then she starts practicing while Mi-ryeong wonders how Soon-shin could treat her that way. So Soon-shin leaves for a walk.

Is it sad that I LOVE watching Mi-ryeong get a taste of her own medicine.

Jung-ae asks Granny if they can throw a congratulatory party for Soon-shin and after some cajoling, Granny nastily agrees. Aw, yay! Soon-shin going home!

Then, Jung-ae tries to call Soon-shin and then texts her. Of course Mi-ryeong is in the room and reads the text. It congratulates Soon-shin and invites her over for a party.

Oh no, you’re not going to do what I think you are, are you, Mi-ryeong? Because if you are, I will kill you. And Soon-shin will NEVER like you, because you’re pulling high school shit.

She does it. She deletes the text message. When Hwang comes home, she tells him that they’re going to throw a huge congratulations party. They’ll invite the director and other important people. Hwang thinks it’s too close to throw it tomorrow, but she insists.

You know what? I’m not going to say anything. You all know that this lady is nuts.

Jung-ae prepares for the party and doesn’t bother to call Soon-shin again. And doesn’t Soon-shin check her missed calls? Is this really gonna happen? She’s going to be roped into the lame party and miss her mom’s? And then the family is going to misunderstand even though they KNOW how Mi-ryeong is.

I hate this shit.

Joon-ho hears about the party and thinks it’s overkill.

That night, they prepare the samgyupsal and the rest of the food. Jung-ae tells Yoo-shin she won’t work at the restaurant while the marriage issue is still up in the air. They talk about that for a while then Jung-ae reminds them to be nice to Soon-shin. they wonder why she’s not calling and I wonder why they don’t just call her. What are phones for?

Mi-ryeong has prepared a banquet and Soon-shin is blindsided by it. Chan-mi and In-sung show up. Chan-mi introduces herself as Soon-shin’s stylist (called it) and is way excited about the party. Soon-shin goes to change and people start showing up. The family’s party is lifeless and they wonder where she is. They start without Soon-shin. Then Jung-ae gets a call from a very bitchy, very spiteful Mi-ryeong who says Soon-shin is meeting with the director. And she asks Jung-ae for more tea for Soon-shin’s throat because the maid threw it away. How much do you want to bet that she pawns it off as her own? So she asks Jung-ae to bring it RIGHT NOW.

BITCH! @#$%@#$^@#$%@#$%#$

Mi-ryeong greets everyone who don’t seem very impressed; Soon-shin least of all. Soon-shin asks when Joon-ho is coming (d’aw). The director and some lady with him talk about Soon-shin’s singing and want her to sing. In-sung brings her guitar and Mi-ryeong sits next to Soon-shin as she starts to sing. Of course, that’s when Jung-ae shows up with the tea.


I don’t know what to say here. I realy don’t. I’ve said it ALL before. Mi-ryeong is a selfish bitch. Yeon-ah is a selfish bitch. Gil-ja stopped bothering me because the other two were such bitches. We need more cute.

I heard a comment somewhere that Joon-ho doesn’t do his job, but he does. He just spends an inordinate amount of time on Soon-shin. I often see him coming from meetings and stuff, so I don’t care that he’s not the best CEO ever. I just want cute to counteract the bitchy idiocy.

Oh, and Jung-ae’s idiocy. And that whole family’s idiocy. You push Soon-shin away and then expect her to visit you with smiles? And you really think that Soon-shin would just ignore a party? Well, they’ve always been selfish and self-centered. She needs to move out on her own.

I’m a broken record. So is this show.

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Character introductions.

5 responses to “Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Episode 35 Recap”

  1. Broken record? So true …
    – sigh – it’s becoming a chore to finish this show. At least there’s been more Junho-Soonshin moments these past episodes though.

  2. Rainie…thank you for the great recap….kekeke..i’m all happy reading JH & SS’ cute moments

  3. First time commenting here. I really like that you stick to recap this show through the goods and the bads. Thank you..
    I understand that it took more energy since we need to swallow the bratty granny crazy ahjumma parts for the three fourth show and only earned one fourth for the cute.
    Btw.. anxiously waiting for 36 recap. Thanks Raine!!

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